iPhone SE Will Likely Be The Name Of Apple’s 4-Inch Phone

According to a report from 9to5mac, Apple will likely be dropping the “5” in the 5SE that 9to5mac called for in January and simply go with iPhone SE.

iPhone SE Will Likely Be The Name Of Apple's 4-Inch Phone

9to5mac has a pretty good prediction record

In January, the website suggested that Apple would be releasing a cheaper 4-inch iPhone that would essentially be the iPhone 5s from 2013, with a number of internal upgrades. The suggested “iPhone 5se” would work to ways. It could mean an “enhanced” iPhone 5s, or “special edition.” Now the site is saying that they’ve heard that Apple will ditch the “5” and simply go with iPhone SE. It makes sense because for many, at least psychologically, the use of the “5” does kind of make you go back in time when Apple is really trying to go forward with a brand new small-screen phone.

Some people just don’t want or need a large-screen smartphone. As someone who almost exclusively wears jeans, I find anything much bigger than a 4-inch screen a bit much for a front pocket and they often force me to wear a jacket with an inside pocket when the weather is to warm for it or the situation to casual to be comfortable with a suit coat.

iPhone SE specs

The iPhone SE will likely still look like the iPhone 5s, but the report is calling for curved edges unlike the rectangular iPhone 5s. The phone is likely to feature an A9 processor with an M9 chip for fitness tracking. The camera should be updated to 8-megapixels and support Live Photos. It will also include an NFC chip necessary to support Apple Pay while being sold with 16GB or 64GB of storage space.

If indeed Apple is planning on the iPhone SE it will be introduced at a March 15th event in San Francisco and could go on sale within days of its unveiling.