iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 5se [CONCEPT IMAGES]

iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 5se [CONCEPT IMAGES]
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A new series of computer-generated images have given us an interesting insight into the possible appearance of the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 5SE. This is very much not confirmed by Apple, but nonetheless will be of massive interest to those eagerly awaiting the release of these three forthcoming smartphones.

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iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus & iPhone 5SE conceptualized

Rendered by designers at CURVED / labs, the computer images represent what Apple may consider for its iconic, flagship mobile range in the foreseeable future. Thus, some of the design features may not end up in the final Apple handset, with the color of one of the images suggesting a rather more pink appearance than would be expected from the usual Rose Gold.

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Analysts have noted that the design of these devices includes a prominent antenna running around the top and bottom of the device, wrapping all the way around the unit with lines that extended down the back of the smartphone. This would certainly be a departure from the traditional Apple design, but it is an interesting aspect of these renders.

Another notable prediction from CURVED / labs is that Apple will indeed arm the iPhone 7 Plus with a double-camera. This is a feature that has been linked with the iPhone 7 for some time, although it is not yet known whether it will apply to the phablet version of the series, or possibly the smartphone variant as well.

Some observers of the new images have suggested that the layout of the camera in these renders is slightly odd, and unlikely to correlate with the final completed Apple handset. With the lenses and LED flashes in the imagined iPhone 7 Plus being located diagonally from one another, it has been opined that it would simply be more logical for them to be next to one another.

Nonetheless, the images provide the latest impression of what we can expect from the next generation iPhone units, as rumors regarding the smartphone contenders begin to intensify. Another report in the last few days suggests that Apple could upgrade the internal hardware in the iPhone 7 in order to improve the performance of the smartphone.

EMI technology coming

There’s nothing particularly unusual in this, but several sources have suggested that the consumer electronics giant is currently experimenting with electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding in order to unlock more iPhone potential. Utilizing this technique would also decrease the propensity for electromagnetic waves to interfere with processing chips in the iPhone, ensuring that the mobile operated more smoothly.

The technology has already been used in the printing circuit board and connector connector that is contained within the iPhone 6S, but analysts increasingly expect it to be introduced within most major chips when the next Apple flagship handset is released. The depletion in the interference with chips will ensure that the iPhone 7 delivers an improved Wi-Fi and cellular data experience, owing to the reduction in electro magnetic interference.

But another somewhat less obvious benefit is also apparent. Using EMI-covered chips will enable Apple to create more elaborate mainboard designs, ensuring that the California-based company can pack the internal components of its devices closer together in the next generation. This would be particularly welcome, as it would create more space for a larger battery, something that Apple would particularly relish embracing, considering that its range of iPhone products has been criticized for delivering a sub-par battery life.

Additionally, it is widely expected that the iPhone 7 will be slimmer than previous models, as is Apple’s wont, and this will simply place greater pressure on Apple to find a way to package the battery in the iPhone 7 with greater efficiency.

iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 5se [CONCEPT IMAGES]

Headphone jack’s days numbered

Another major innovation expected for the iPhone 7 generation is the dissolution of the standard headphone jack. This could be considered a controversial move, but reports have surfaced this week suggesting how the technology behemoth indeed intends to replace this common function of the iPhone range.

It had been suggested that once the industry standard 3.5mm jack was replaced that the Lightning port in the iPhone would be utilized in order to connect headphones. But an internal research memo from Barclays suggest that Apple has something else in mind for this feature. It indicates that the iPhone 7 may come with a second speaker located where the port would otherwise be, providing the iPhone range with stereo audio outputs.

This would place the iPhone range in line with numerous existing smartphones, including Google Nexus, Sony and HTC contenders, all of which already utilize a stereo speaker setup. However, it is notable that Samsung does not currently offer this feature in its smartphone range, and including this in the iPhone 7 could give Apple an edge over its traditional rival.

Although Apple has certainly dominated the premium end of the smartphone range over the last couple of years, there is no doubt that the Korean company remains its most obvious market competitor. So the fact that Apple has gained another advantage on Samsung ahead of the Galaxy S7 released in the next few days will be a big positive for the corporation.

It was reported days ago that the A10 processor chip expected to be included in the forthcoming iPhone 7 will be manufactured exclusively by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. Apple has partially relied on Samsung to manufacture this recently, but there are now serious suggestions that the market-leader could be ready to ditch its most obvious competitor.

After benchmark tests demonstrated that the new TSMC chip from the Taiwanese competitor to Samsung had outperformed its rival by 3 percent, Apple confirmed this in head-to-head tests, and it now seems that Samsung could be cut out of the iPhone loop completely. Apple will not only gain technological benefits from this, it would obviously have commercial advantages for the corporation as well.

The next generation iPhone 7 is certainly beginning to take shape, and it seems as if there will be significant departures from previous devices in the legendary Apple series.

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