iPhone 6s Fix For That Obnoxious Battery Drain Problem

iPhone 6s Fix For That Obnoxious Battery Drain Problem
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Many iPhone 6s owners have been having problems with their phones suddenly dying on them, apparently out of nowhere. This is something that could be expected of the older iPhone models, but certainly not from those in Apple’s brand new lineup. Thankfully, it turns out that there’s a quick but temporary fix for this issue. It’s not a serious one, although there won’t be a permanent fix for it until Apple gets around to it.

iPhone 6s battery suddenly dead

CNET reports that some iPhone 6s owners are finding their phones suddenly dead even though the smartphone showed that 40% of the battery was left immediately before dying. Apple said on its support pages that the problem is that the battery percentage on the phone isn’t updating. Basically this means that the battery is much further gone than the phone says because it isn’t updating the percentage level.

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While restarting the phone does update the battery percentage, it freezes again, failing to register the depletion of the iPhone 6s’ battery. Although Apple isn’t sure why this is happening yet, the company expects to fix the issue in iOS 9.3, so unfortunately iPhone 6s owners will have to wait until the next version of the operating system is pushed out.

How to fix the problem (temporarily)

Even though Apple doesn’t expect to put out a permanent fix until it releases the next version of iOS, the company did provide a workaround to use temporarily. To fix the battery indicator problem with an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, simply reboot the phone and then go into Settings. Next, tap on “General,” and then “Date and Time.” Just check to make sure that “Set Automatically” is selected.

Apple’s support page states that iPhone 6s users who change the time manually on their phones when traveling may be most likely to be affected by this problem. Those who experience this issue but who don’t change the time manually are advised to call Apple.

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