iPhone 5SE And iPad Air 3: What To Expect On March 15?

iPhone 5SE And iPad Air 3: What To Expect On March 15?
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The latest information on the iPhone 5SE and the iPad Air 3 suggests that the two devices will be unveiled on March 15. Unquestionably, when Apple releases new products this is a major highlight of any consumer electronics year, so went two arrive at once, it is certain to create a major splash. But what does Apple have in mind for the iPhone 5SE and the iPad Air 3? Here is a rundown of all the latest information related to the smartphone and tablet.

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iPhone 5SE

Apple’s next smartphone will be a four-inch device intended to provide an affordable variant for less well-heeled consumers in the Western world, and also advancing the market share of the company in developing economies. With this in mind, Apple will reduce the specs of the iPhone 5SE in comparison with the forthcoming iPhone 7, but it should still be a pretty nifty smartphone performer.

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The design of this device will differ significantly from previous affordable versions of the iPhone range, with Apple focusing on a metallic design as opposed to the plasticky feel of the iPhone 5C. The smartphone marketplace has moved on significantly since the last Apple budget device was released, And the corporation will acknowledge this by ensuring that the iPhone 5SE is presented in an attractive and contemporary fashion. However, it is believed that the device will be similar in size to the previous iPhone 5C.


Although Apple hasn’t confirmed any details about the iPhone 5SE, the fact that the device will feature a four-inch display has been extremely well publicized. And it has been suggested in some quarters that the resolution of the display will be equal to that of the existing iPhone 6S smartphone. This would be pretty impressive if it comes to fruition, and would ensure that the pixels per inch rating of the device is superior to that of the existing flagship Apple handset. Other sources suggest a resolution of 1,136 x 640 is more realistic.


The latest rumors suggest that the iPhone 5SE will deliver performance that is somewhere between that of the iPhone 5SE and iPhone 6S. This suggests that the handset will be armed with the Apple A8 SoC, and some sources have suggested that Apple will include an A9 processor. The latter would ensure that this is an extremely fast smartphone for an affordable unit, but it would also push up production costs.


Apple will not scrimp on the camera included in the iPhone 5SE, considering that this is one of the most important aspects of a contemporary smartphone. However, it is unlikely that the consumer electronics giant will include a camera in this unit that is the equal of the iPhone 6S snapper. More likely is that the iPhone 5SE will include an eight-megapixel camera, although optical image stabilization could be included.


It is obvious that the iPhone 5SE will sell at a more affordable price point than the premium version of the smartphone, but it is not yet clear precisely what this will be. The legendary Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI securities, has suggested that the smartphone will retail between $400 and $500, naturally ensuring that it is a somewhat budget alternative to the existing iPhone range. Kuo has also written that the iPhone 5SE will include a Touch ID sensor and NFC for use with Apple Pay, with the latter a particular focus of this device.

iPhone 5SE And iPad Air 3: What To Expect On March 15?

iPad Air 3

It seems that the next iPad Air device will be an extremely spec-heavy machine, and it has already drawn comparisons with the existing iPad Pro. Indeed, because this week it was suggested that the iPad Air 3 may even outdo the iPad Pro, although it will offer a smaller display than the tablet that was released last year.


One persistent rumor about the iPad Air 3 is that it will feature a quad-speaker setup, coupled with a smart connector, which also featured in the iPad Pro. It is thought that the iPad Air 3 will place a greater emphasis on sound quality and music than previous releases, with Apple hoping to make more of its expensive Beats acquisition over the next twelve months.

Additionally, there have been persistent rumors that Apple is about to drop the headphone jack from the iPhone range, and this could also apply to the iPad Air 3, with Apple possibly utilizing wireless technology. On the other hand, Apple does not generally rush into such innovations, and could instead save this particular one for the iPhone 7 later this year.


Apple is expected to significantly bump up the camera in the iPad Air 3, possibly delivering a unit with an 8-megapixel rating, similar to the camera used in the iPhone 6. It is also expected that Apple will include a flash feature in the camera; the first time that the iPad range has embraced this function.


Recent reports suggest that the iPad Air 3 will feature a 4K display, with 9.7-inches a likely screen size for the device. This would deliver a phenomenal viewing experience considering that the existing iPad Pro offers a 2,048 x 2,732 pixels resolution, with a significantly larger display.

Memory and processor

With Apple including an incredibly powerful display in the iPad Air 3, rumors are abound that the consumer electronics giant will arm this device with impressive memory and processor capabilities. The A9X processor is believed to power the unit, and reports have suggested that Apple could consider including 4GB of RAM in this tablet competitor.

3D Touch

Early reports on the iPad Air 3 suggest that Apple will not include the 3D Touch functionality that debuted in the iPhone range last year. This is also not expected to be a feature of the iPhone 5SE, with Apple keeping it as an exclusive part of its premium iPhone range for the time being.

Ultra slim

The iPad Air 3 is also expected to be the slimmest tablet that Apple has released in this range, with predictions that the device will be around 5mm in thickness. This wafer thin unit will also probably be particularly light, making this one of the most convenient and attractive tablets that the iconic iPad range has encompassed.

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  1. It may well be that using the A9 chip is less expensive than using the A8, as the A9’s M9 motion co-processor is on the same chip instead of being separate as with the M8 and M7. One less chip to manufacture, one less third-party supplier.

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