Iowa Caucus Results – Sanders, Clinton, Trump, Cruz [LIVE]

Iowa Caucus Results – Sanders, Clinton, Trump, Cruz [LIVE]
Iowa Caucus Results

Iowa Caucus Results  are coming in and it is a really close call. To recap, on the Democratic side we have Bernie Sanders versus Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz versus Donald Trump for the Republican Party. Many observers note that while Iowa does not always predict the candidate it is key as the first “vote” for who will win the primary. On the Democratic side, Sanders has built a coalition of young and more progressive activists, while on the GOP side Trump has rallied nationalist and disfranchised to his cause.

Some are already calling the Iowa Caucus results at least on the GOP side for Ted Cruz, but most outlets have not made a call yet. Below is one of the pundits.  However, it does appear that Ted Cruz has a slight lead over Donald Trump according to the numbers coming in from the polls.

The Democratic race seems like a real nail-bitter – here are the latest numbers via The Hill.

Bernie Sanders was viewed as a long shot so if he wins tonight it is a big defeat for Hillary Clinton. Many are already comparing this race for Clinton to 2008 when an “outsider” and far-left Democrat took her on and won the primary and the elections.

Who do you think will win? Who do you want to win? Will it matter for the primaries? What issues are important to you? Readers can weigh in below!

Iowa Caucus Results – we will have live coverage until we have determined winners for both sides so stay tuned and make sure to come back or click refresh on the page.

A very close race with a strong showing by Marco Rubio but looks like we have our first winner now and it is Ted Cruz edging out Donald Trump on the GOP side. Now we await Sanders Versus Hillary results the latest numbers are below.

Although it was still a close race Ted Cruz has been declared the winner in Iowa – this is a big win for Cruz and he needed this win to help blunt Donald’s momentum. For the Democractic Iowa Caucus results it is still too close to call and the margin between Sanders and Clinton is even closer now – stay tuned for more on that race!

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