Its Hard Not To Break Rules To Watch Netflix

Its Hard Not To Break Rules To Watch Netflix
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Netflix’s U.S. catalog is the biggest in the world, but despite that, it is not the first to get all content. Thus, it has become even more difficult for some U.S. users to resist breaking the rules because of a big score for European subscribers, says a report from BGR.

Reason to use VPNs

At present, AMC is among the hottest networks in the world, and hits like Mad Men and Breaking Bad have helped it rise explosively. Ongoing shows like The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul have helped it maintain momentum. The second season of Better Call Saul has started, and Netflix has succeeded in gaining access to the new episodes.

The first episode premiered on Feb. 15 and is available for streaming on Netflix U.K, says a report from Engadget. The Verge says that the episode is available for streaming in other European countries as well. A few weeks ago, a few outlets claimed that the U.S. firm would be streaming the episodes of the second season the day after they aired on AMC, and this created quite a stir among Better Call Saul fans.

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But it turns out that the deal made was for the international rights to Better Call Saul. So U.S. users could either wait for the show to be available for streaming or use VPNs to access the show from the country where it is legally available.

A war Netflix may not win

Netflix started a cat and mouse game late last year that may not end in the coming years. The video streaming company was under immense pressure from content owners, who demanded it crack down on users who used VPNs to illegally watch shows that were not licensed for their regions.

So why do users use VPNs to access Netflix? The reason is the company is required to negotiate content licensing in each region; hence, differences from region to region are inevitable. For instance, some content in the U.S. might not be available elsewhere.

VPNs provide an easy way to gain access to Netflix catalogs in other countries. To access Netflix’s extensive U.S. catalog, people around the world typically use VPN services, but the big score for Netflix in the U.K. and elsewhere in Europe might soon bring about a considerable change.

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