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Google Said 9to5Google Violated Trademark

Google, after five long years of continuous operation, decided that the tech site 9to5Google was violating the trademark code by using its name. The search giant temporarily barred the site from using its AdSense network, through which 9to5Google says it makes quite a lot of money. The search giant advised 9to5Google to source ads from third-party operators. The reasons for this sudden censure is unknown, although later the website updated its post to say that Google had changed its mind again.

Google sees trademark violation

9to5Google’s post “Google wants us to change our name from 9to5Google” described the situation when the site’s ads stopped functioning yesterday around noon. 9to5Google contacted the Internet firm about the problem and was informed by a representative in Google’s ad team that the legal trademark team made the decision. The representative told the website that even though they have been operating the site for many years and have even attended several Google-hosted events without anyone ever bringing up an issue, the site ads would cease to function onwards.

“We recognize that the situation is both shocking and frustrating and we’ve advocated on your behalf as much as we can,” the email from the ad team read. “Since they will not grant us an appeal, we want to provide you with information for how you may legally use our trademark and if the conditions are reasonable, for you to submit a request.”

9to5Google later posted this update to its website to tell readers that the ads are back. Again it’s unclear what changed Google’s mind:

“Our Policy Team has taken another look at this and decided to reinstate ad serving to your site. No further action is needed. Please reach out if you still have any issues with ads on your site.”

9to5Google may have to change its name

9to5Google said it intended to appeal the decision, although there was and still might be chance that they will have to change the site’s name. The site is on Google+, News, Apps, Ads and just about everything else. 9to5Google says it is a news site dedicated to covering Google, “not trying to masquerade as Google.”

For the ease of the use of users, 9to5Google was redirecting users so they could can enter 9to5google.com in their browsers and not update bookmarks, feeds or Twitter or anything else.

Meanwhile, 9to5Google has asked for suggestions in case it changes the name. The site says, “9to5G.com is probably the easiest. But perhaps we should embrace the bigger company name: 9to5Alphabet.com. Obviously that has the same risks.” Another name suggested by the site is 925.com, Or 24/7.


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