Google In A Giving Mood, Offering 2GB Of Google Drive Space

Google In A Giving Mood, Offering 2GB Of Google Drive Space

The world’s largest company by market capitalization is offering its users 2 Gigs of additional storage space for simply reaffirming or changing your security settings.

Google gives on Safer Internet Day

While Google already offers 15 gigabytes of storage to its users for free, why not make it 17 gigs? It takes a mere minute, okay perhaps two, and your extra storage space is opened immediately. All you need to to is complete a simple Security Checkup by confirming your phone number or alternate email settings. While I personally use Google Drive each day and keep a lot of writing samples there to use when looking for work, they are simply documents and shouldn’t take up much space. Turns out that my email account uses a lot more space than I would have ever thought at nearly eight gigabytes.

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So, I was using 12 gigs of my available space. By taking a minute I was able to nearly double the space I have available in seconds. Google did the same thing last year for a full week but this year’s offer is good for today only. Strangely, Google has, as of this writing, not tell the world about today. Thankfully, a number of news outlets, obviously including ValueWalk, have made the promotion known to the hundreds of millions of Google users.

It’s estimated that 900 million people use Gmail and other products that require storage space and nearly 25% of American’s use Gmail at work each day. Google is still banned in China or Google’s user numbers would be considerably higher. Each week, Gmail picks up about one million users.

While I’ve said that the offer is only available today, I’m simply repeating the reports of others. It could be that the bonus storage space will be offered all week. With no word from Google, it’s speculation. But again, it takes so little time why miss out on your additional space? Just get it done by following this link.

Better safe than sorry

According to

Safer Internet Day (SID) is organised by Insafe in February of each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people across the world.

With all the scams and phishing in this world, why not change your password? It’s not the worst idea and will take you very little time.

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