Facebook Hidden Chess Game: How Can You Play It?


Facebook already has one of the most popular smartphone apps, and it just added a new feature that could make it even more heavily used.

Facebook Messenger now boasts a hidden chess game alongside the expected text and media features.

Facebook Hidden Chess Game: How Can You Play It?

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Secret chess feature hidden inside Facebook Messenger

Most people were not aware of the feature, and the chess fans among you are probably wondering how to activate it. While there are many chess apps available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store, the sheer convenience of playing via Facebook Messenger will surely win the day.

Times could get tough for the dedicated chess games now that Facebook has swooped in to make the experience more personal. Below you will find a step-by-step guide to activating the chess feature.

Simply open a conversation with your preferred opponent, type “@fbchess play” without the quotation marks and hit send. The command will open the secret chess game against your chosen adversary.

In-conversation chess board appears on screen

The game itself randomly selects you or your opponent to make the first move, which you make by typing “@fbchess” and then the letter that refers to the piece you want to move. R is rook, Q is queen, and so on. Now add the tile you want to move to, for example “@fbchess Rc4,” and hit enter.

For a full set of possible commands, enter “@fbchess help.” Select the move you want to make and send the message. Keep playing until one of you wins, or try “@fbchess draw claim” to claim a draw, “@fbchess draw offer” to offer one and “@fbchess resign” to quite the game.

Instead of downloading a dedicated app, use the convenient Facebook Messenger chat feature to get your chess fix. Could Facebook help to encourage a new generation of chess players?

The feature is completely free and works across group chats, Android and iOS apps. Facebook keeps adding new features to its Messenger app, making it more and more similar to WhatsApp, but now the company has a unique feature for its loyal fans. Try it out for yourself!

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