Facebook Inc Aims To Map Every Building On Earth

Facebook Inc Aims To Map Every Building On Earth

Facebook is working on developing the most detailed map to include every human-occupied building on Earth. The social network is doing this so that in the future, everyone can know what it’s like to be on Facebook–even those living in the most undeveloped areas.

Map to help Facebook get everybody online

Facebook’s Internet.org Connectivity Lab, which aims to improve internet access in developing countries, will handle the mapping project. Almost 10% of the world population is living in inactive and undeveloped areas with no Internet connection.

Already the project has analyzed 21.6 million square kilometers’ worth of satellite imagery, which is almost 350 terabytes of data. The process has helped in getting a more certain idea of the location of buildings in rural and remote areas. This will help the social media giant figure out the best way to give the communities access to the Internet by learning where people live in relation to each other.

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