Bernard Baruch’s 10 Rules On How To Invest [INFORGRAPHIC]

Bernard Baruch’s 10 Rules On How To Invest [INFORGRAPHIC]

Baruch became a broker and then a partner in A.A. Housman & Company in 1881, With his earnings and commissions, he bought a seat on the New York Stock Exchange for $19,000 ($542,857 in 2015 dollars).

Bernard Baruch’s 10 Rules On How To Invest

Infographic source: Insider Wealth Alert

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In his more than 30 years of recommending stocks, Charles has knocked the cover off the ball, and has compiled an amazing record of success. He is the editor of <a href=""><i>Hidden Values Alert</i></a> and the <a href=""><i>Inevitable Wealth Portfolio</i></a> newsletters. <i>Hidden Values Alert</i> has been named one of <b>’s 10 Best Advisors from October 2007 to January 2015</b>…a period that included the Financial Crisis of 2008 and the subsequent bull market that began March 2009.   While many gurus boast of astronomical rates of returns over very short time spans, their claims don’t stand up to scrutiny. Instead, their “returns,” when reviewed by an independent third party, melt away faster than ice cream on a hot summer day. The returns that Charles has racked up are certified by Hulbert Financial Digest – the fiercely independent rating service that tracks the performance of financial newsletters. Charles is also the author of the highly acclaimed book, <a href=""><i>Getting Started in Value Investing</i></a> (Wiley). He also writes a blog on investing <a href="">Insider Wealth Alert.</a>
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