Now Use An Apple Watch To Summon A Tesla Model S

Now Use An Apple Watch To Summon A Tesla Model S
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Tesla widely released its Summon feature last month, and now iOS developer Allen Wong from Rego Apps updated his popular Remote S for Tesla app to allow Model S owners to use the Summon feature with the Apple Watch, says a report from 9to5 Mac.

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Remote S updated to include Summon

Tesla released its latest Autopilot update (v7.1) last month, and it was covered intensively. But for the people who aren’t up to date with Tesla’s latest software, the Model S Autopilot includes a new feature called Summon, which makes it possible for Tesla owners to remotely move their vehicle without anyone in it.

Presently, the prime usage of this feature is to get the Model S in and out of a garage easily. In the future, it will become possible for owners to summon their car from across the country while it is charging itself at a Tesla Supercharger, CEO Elon Musk said

The latest update to the Remote S app has made several things possible, such as making the feature work on the Apple Watch, which was not possible with the official Tesla app, and Wong also managed to get around the 39-foot range limitation of the feature. The feature used to work only when a Tesla equipped with the Autopilot hardware is within the range of 39 feet of its parking spot.

Wong mentioned in the release note that no such limitation is there when owners use the Remote S app. However, a recent test shows that it is still mandatory for the key fob to be within the range of the vehicle, the report said. But Wong again confirmed that if an owner presses the Keyless Start button before using the Summon feature, there won’t be any need for the key fob to be near the car.

Apple Watch used to summon Tesla Model S

Mark Schey, a YouTuber, posted a new video that serves as an eye opener for many to let them know what it means to have a mini-computer on your wrist. In the video, he uses an app on his Apple Watch to summon his Tesla.

In the video, Schey is seen surfing the GPS screen of the Remote S app on his Apple Watch, pressing hard on it, and choosing the “Summon Reverse” option. Immediately, Tesla sends a signal to open the doors of the garage, after which it turns on slowly and backs itself out, and once the car is outside the garage, it shuts the door.

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