Apple Watch 2 Release Delayed, And Here’s Why

According to Apple’s normal schedule, the Apple Watch 2 would appear this March. But this year things might be different.

The company has led everyone to believe that its products should be updated every year, and the rumor mill consistently whirs into operation. Many pundits thought that the Apple Watch 2 would be released this year, but now it appears that might not be the case, writes Adrian Kingsley-Hughes for ZDNet.

Apple Watch 2 Release Delayed, And Here's Why

New Apple products to be released in March, Apple Watch 2 not among them

The latest rumors say that the iPad Air 3 and the iPhone 5se will be making their debut this March, the Apple Watch 2 might only get a slight update. It is thought that the wearable will get new bands, including a Sports Band and a black Milanese loop band.

Seeing as there is no real pressure on Apple from rival companies, it makes sense for it to wait. There are no other rival products that offer the same features, or are selling as strongly. If sales continue to do well, why would Apple meddle with what appears to be a winning formula?

In addition the company has more long term reasons for holding back on the Apple Watch 2. First off is the fact that the Apple Watch is marketed as a luxury item, and therefore it cannot be seen to change too often. The idea is to keep the Apple Watch as a timeless item that doesn’t go out of date quickly.

Aggressive upgrade schedule would be counterproductive

Another point is that Apple is still working to get new users to buy the Apple Watch rather than plugging an upgraded version to those early adopters. In order to expand the user base Apple needs to release upgrades more slowly.

Finally it is impossible to cram that much more functionality into a smartwatch at this stage, and wearable technology doesn’t have the long-term arc of a smartphone or a tablet. In conclusion it would only end up being counterproductive for Apple to continually upgrade the Apple Watch.

Fans of the Apple Watch look likely to have to wait a while longer for anything more than a minor upgrade to the wearable.