Apple To Supreme Court: Samsung Had Its Day In Court

Apple To Supreme Court: Samsung Had Its Day In Court
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Apple filed its arguments with the Supreme Court on Thursday, telling the highest court of the nation that it should not take up Samsung’s appeal in the long-running patent dispute, saying there is no reason to do so. Apple has already received $548 million from Samsung in this case. However, Samsung continues to fight the jury’s verdict because it believes legal principles are at stake.

Samsung’s appeal is baseless: Apple

In December, Samsung made its case in a filing, saying there was a range of issues around design patents, specifically, how damages are calculated, and the court could help settle those. Google and Facebook supported Samsung and filed arguments to encourage the court to hear the appeal.

In its Thursday filing, Apple argued that the method of awarding damages is a settled issue and hence not worthy of a Supreme Court review. The iPhone maker said it might be a high-profile case, but it is “legally unexceptional,” and Samsung has not given any reasons to the court for prolonging the case, says a report from Re/code.

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“Samsung had its day in court — many days, in fact — and the properly instructed jury was well-justified in finding that Samsung copied Apple’s designs and should pay the damages that the statute expressly authorizes,” Apple said.

Will set a wrong precedent

In response to Apple’s filing, Samsung pointed to the tech companies on its side and said that “if the legal precedent in this case stands,” then it would lead to a number of problems, such as discouraging innovation and stifling competition and could lead to negative effects throughout the U.S. economy because of opportunistic lawsuits.

A Supreme Court review of the case could lead to a redefining of design patents and limits on patent troll’s ability to cash in on intellectual property. Dozens of legal experts, non-profit organizations and technology companies have taken an interest in the case and have together filed six amicus or “friend of the court” briefs in Samsung’s support, urging the Supreme Court to consider the case.

Samsung and some of Silicon Valley’s biggest players argue that the lower court ruling has heightened fear of legal challenges and thus could have a devastating impact on the introduction of new products. If the Supreme Court decides to take the case, it could have a ripple effect on the technology industry.

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