Apple Inc. Employees Getting Lucrative Offers To Share Login Details

Apple Inc. Employees Getting Lucrative Offers To Share Login Details
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Apple employees in Ireland are receiving offers of thousands of euros from hackers to share their company login details with them, reports an employee of Apple Ireland. Speaking to Business Insider on the condition of keeping their identity hidden, the employee said that there are a lot of people who aim to get hold of Apple’s inside information.

Huge reward to share login info

“You’d be surprised how many people get on to us, just random Apple employees. You get emails offering you thousands [of euros] to get a password to get access to Apple,” the source told BI.

According to the source, it is possible for him to sell his Apple ID login information online for an amount of “€20,000 (£15,000 / $23,000) tomorrow. That’s how much people are trying.”

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Another former Apple employee confirmed to BI that hackers are contacting Apple staff and trying to lure them into sharing their login details or company information in exchange for money. Hackers look for employees who have “jumped diagonally into a junior managerial position.” This means they are not looking for a lifer who is working his way up or who has been there for a long time.

Also to tackle such problems, the company launched a scheme called “Grow Your Own,” but what made them choose this name is not clear, says BI.

Apple too strict about security

Apple is very careful when it comes to security, and no one can gain access to Apple’s offices without authorization, the sources said. Even some of Apple’s remote workers have to face difficulty in accessing the company’s offices in Cork where thousands of Apple workers are based. To get inside the building, an individual needs to have a particular coded badge.

What the hackers are actually looking for is not known to the sources. The criminals would get a treasure of valuable data if they are successful at gaining unauthorized access to Apple’s internal systems. The hackers could be after individual user accounts, intellectual property, or corporate strategy data.

Apple’s privacy and security measures make it a lot more difficult for hackers to breach its devices and internal operations. The hackers will probably not gain much even if they gain access to employee information because when it comes to new projects, the company even keeps the staff in the dark.

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