Twitter Making Big Bucks From Brands On Small Emoji [REPORT]

Twitter Making Big Bucks From Brands On Small Emoji [REPORT]
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Twitter has already launched a number of custom emojis to tie in with the special events, and now it is leveraging the small icons to rake in big bucks from major brands. The micro-blogging firm is reportedly charging the brands a massive $1 million for an official emoji.

Twitter offering advertising packages

Twitter is offering advertising packages that include emojis combined with either promoted trends, moments or tweets, and the biggest advertisers on the platform are willfully spending the seven-figure amount on them, says a report from AdWeek. Super Bowl 50 is near, so Twitter has struck million-dollar deals with the likes of Pepsi and Budweiser. Also Anheuser-Busch has created two distinct emojis for Budweiser and Bud Light.

Speaking to AdWeek, Azania Andrews, senior director of digital connections at Anheuser-Busch InBev said, “We will be the only alcohol, wine, or spirit brand to have custom emojis that will launch [for] Super Bowl when our spots release.”

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She added that custom emojis are a relatively new addition to Twitter, and the company’s excitement is really high in bringing that to customers.

Pepsi’s official Twitter emoji will be a soda can that has musical notes floating out of the top. The custom icon will become available on Super Bowl Sunday. Verizon’s #Minute50 promo will also come with an emoji of its own, and the mobile carrier will distribute prizes on Twitter as part of the campaign.

Interactive sponsored content – another major product

Twitter’s interactive sponsored content is another major ad product. Brands that use the platform for advertising their products or services open themselves up to a 300-million strong digital audience that uses Twitter as a second screen on game day.

Separately, according to a report from The Guardian, some Wall Street experts might be taking advantage of Twitter’s propensity to hype, rumors and news, to air its stock price. For instance, in July 2015, a fake website spread fake information about Twitter’s stock, and this pushed the stock up 7.6%. Most recently, shares were up sharply owing to takeover rumors.

At 10:16 a.m. Eastern, Twitter shares were up 2.36% at $16.96. Year to date, the stock is down by over 27%, while in the last year, it is down by over 58%.

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