Global Value Investing And Clone Investing With Meb Faber

Mebane Faber Meb Faber

Global Value Investing And Clone Investing With Meb Faber by The Investors Podcast

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Executive Summary

On today’s show, co-founder and CIO of Cambria Investment Fund, Meb Faber, discusses a global value investing approach with Preston and Stig. Although the US stock market has recently dropped significantly at the start of 2016, Meb suggests the market might still have more to fall. Meb also reveals how he is invested, and which returns he expects for US and emerging stock markets in the years to come.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • In which regions the international value investor should look in 2016
  • Why Meb Faber thinks the US is not in a bubble, but is still overvalued
  • What the Ivy Portfolio is, and how you can beat the market by investing with the greatest investors in the world
  • Why the best asset allocators in the world recommend the same asset classes for the optimal portfolio
  • If Japan is something Meb Faber is looking into after the recent crash in their stock market

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Books and resources mentioned in this episode

Meb Faber's Research on the Stock Market:,

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Meb Faber's book, Global Asset Allocation - Read reviews of this book

Meb Faber's book, Global Value - Read reviews of this book

Meb Faber's book, Invest with the House - Read reviews of this book

Meb Faber's Fund:, Cambria Funds

Elroy Dimson's Book, Triump of the Optimists - Read reviews of this book

Global Shiller P/E Valuations:, Click Here

Meb Faber giving a speech at Google about Global Value Investing

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