Windows 10 Fails To Check PC Sales Decline

Microsoft’s Windows 10 was expected to help the PC industry by halting or at least slowing the decline in PC sales. Unfortunately, even the new OS, coupled with the holiday season, could not check declining PC sales, according to market research firm IDC and competing research firm Gartner, says a report from The Verge.

Not solely relying on Windows 10

It has happened for the first time in the past seven years, that worldwide PC shipments remained below 300 million units. The PC market remained down for a variety of reasons, including competition from smartphones and tablets, according to IDC. Weak international currencies and the free Windows 10 upgrade program are also to be blamed for this. The latter deterred users from buying new machines, the report says.

Along with Windows 10, Microsoft is also ramping its Surface line-up to boost sales. An important point to be noted here is that Microsoft is stuffing Windows into a larger number of devices than it did in the past. Recently, it also ventured into the 2-in-1 arena and has increased its focus on tablets and phones. Such a shift in the focus suggests that the computing giant has guessed the future, in which PCs are all but extinct.

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PCs to rebound in 2016

Nevertheless, both IDC and Gartner are optimistic on a rebound in the PC industry in 2016 owing to commercial adoption of Windows 10 and an accelerated consumer adoption cycle from PC users who have yet to upgrade to Windows 10.

“We continue to believe that a majority of these users will purchase another PC, motivated by new products and attractive pricing,” IDC said.

The firm expects acceleration in the commercial adoption of Windows 10 and hopes to see stabilization in consumer buying by the second half of the year. Apple remained unaffected from any of these issues as its Mac sales continued to grow despite the overall decline in the PC industry. Both Gartner and IDC reported that Apple surpassed Lenovo in sales and is the third-largest PC maker in the U.S. now. Globally, the firms differ from Apple with IDC allotting it fourth place while Gartner gave it fifth place.