Twitter Lists Tricks To Win Users Who Are ‘Early Adopters’

Twitter users’ brand friendliness and their progressiveness have been the subjects of a series of recent studies by Twitter, MarketShare and Millward Brown. These studies found that a majority of wireless shoppers consider themselves to be early adopters, and their willingness to recommend a brand is higher if they have a positive customer service experience.

Twitter users or potential customers?

One of the studies found that of all the Twitter users polled, 53% believed themselves to be early adopters. The number is double that of non-users. The study also found that the majority of polled users were open to new experiences or customer service pitches via the service.

Of the users looking for a good deal on a phone or carrier, the majority said they were considering switching providers this year, while 34% said they check Twitter when looking for reviews and other information. When users need to research a product, the majority of them turn to Twitter to ask questions or to see if there are others talking about the same product.

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On having a friendly and personalized customer service interaction, 76% of the polled users said they are willing to recommend a brand. The study also found that the tendency of switching wireless providers was higher among Twitter users who engaged with an ad for a wireless product compared to non-exposed users.

How to win wireless customers?

Twitter recommends reaching out to users who have identified themselves as early adopters, while the next step is to turn them into “champions for your brand.” This can be done by giving them early access to news and products, soliciting the feedback they give and giving them an invitation to share their knowledge and opinions.

“The takeaway for brands? To win customers on Twitter, it’s crucial to invest not only in sharing special deals, but also in cultivating a large, vocal group of advocates,” the micro-blogging firm said in a blog post.

Satisfied customers should be given incentives for being vocal about their experiences so that the chances of people finding positive tweets about your brand increase. Liking or re-tweeting their comments are the simplest ways to do this. To identify shoppers on Twitter, the brand should make use of social listening and then reach out to such users to offer assistance, the micro-blogging firm said.