Block Donald Trump With This Google Chrome Extension

Google has come up with a new add-on for Chrome users that will make it possible for them to eliminate mentions and photos of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump online. In simple words, the tool will create a Trump-free internet experience for users.

Spectre not earning anything from this Google Extension

Rob Spectre created this app, and it was launched on Dec. 24. The Trump Filter extension is “a part of the ‘antidote’ for Trump’s ‘toxic candidacy,'” according to a description of it. Spectre told CNNMoney that he hopes “folks will take this opportunity to learn more about the wide field of candidates out there.”

Spectre said he created the extension to take the spotlight off Trump, adding that he wanted to offer concerned citizens an opportunity to focus on other candidates and get informed about issues. According to the explanation Spectre has given on the website, he has not been asked by anyone to create this extension, and he is not going to make any profits from its release either.

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“Nor was I put up to this by the Republican or Democratic Parties, the Obama Administration, my mother or any other possible sphere of influence,” Spectre said, adding that a “profound sense of annoyance and patriotic duty” are the only factors that pushed him to create this Google extension.

Erasing Trump from the internet

Explaining in detail, Spectre said the Trump Filter is a unique Google Chrome extension that will identify parts of web pages that can possibly contain Donald Trump mentions and erase them from the Internet. He then advises people to share this extension with their friends and eliminate “the only currency Trump can spend to win: brand recognition.”

The Trump filtration extension comes with three levels – mild, aggressive and vindictive. The default level is set at mild, which is fairly strong as it makes Trump’s entire Twitter page go blank. On “vindictive,” entire news sites are blocked including CNN, Google News and even InStyle. However, the app excludes the Google Chrome app store and the Trump Filter website so as to make the extension searchable and shareable.