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Aswath Damodaran Data Update 2016

Aswath Damodaran Published on Jan 6, 2016

Each year, I update industry averages for corporate financial and valuation metrics across global companies and my estimates of risk premiums (for the US & other countries). My 2016 update is just done and can be found at…
I hope that you find it useful.

Welcome to my data page. This page contains links to almost everything you ever wanted to know about the data that is available on my site (and more). I have broken the page down into five constituent parts to make it more naviagable.

  1. About Data: I lay out the history/philosophy of my datasets, the timing of the data, the sources I use and some caveats/rules for data usage.
  2. Data Breakdown: I explain how I break the data down by variable, by industry, by region, by time and by company.
  3. Current Data: This is where the data resides, broken down into corporate finance, valuation and portfolio management sections.
  4. Archived Data: If you need the data from prior years, you will find it here, broken down into corporate finance, valuation and portfolio management sections.
  5. Webcasts/Tools: These are webcasts, tools (spreadsheets), blog posts and writings about data analysis.

The data is updated in the first two weeks of every year and the most recent update was on January 5, 2016. The next major update will be in mid-January 2017, though a few of the data sets will get updated more frequently. The data is broken down by an industry categorization that is my own, but largely derived from industry grouping by my raw data providers. While I would love to share the company-level data (like I used to), I am afraid that I am no longer allowed to do that by the data services.


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