Within the last hour the Naval Medical Center in San Diego posted the following message to its Facebook page:

“**!ATTENTION!** An active shooter has just been been reported in building #26 at Naval Medical Center San Diego. All occupants are advised to run, hide or fight. All non-emergency response personnel are asked to stay away from the compound, located at 34800 Bob Wilson Drive, San Diego, CA 92134.”

The San Diego Police Department has confirmed that shots were fired within the center that is made up of more than 6,500 military, civilian, contractor and volunteer personnel. The center’s campus is laid-out on over 75 acres about 2.5 miles from downtown San Diego.

The Naval Medical Center San Diego’s website calls the facility  “the largest and most comprehensive military healthcare system in the Western United States.” It has eight clinics for active duty personnel and nine primary care sites for their family members.

Active Shooter Reported At Naval Medical Center In San Diego

The center urged those in the facility to “run, hide or fight” earlier this morning.

At around 8:30 Pacific Time, two California Highway Patrol officers entered the facility while a number of other police vehicles streamed into the area.

At about 8:45AM, a SWAT truck was seen approaching the facility according to NBC 7 is at the scene.

We will update this story as more details are made available.

UPDATE: 9:14 Local Time

CNN is reporting that there were three gunshots fired in the basement of building 26 in the massive complex that is the Naval Medical Center.

Naval Base Point Loma has been placed on lockdown, according to military officials. Local police have also reportedly set up a perimeter around nearby San Diego City College but it has not been put on lockdown.

With police closing exits on the highway, large traffic jams are being reported around the facility in Balboa Park on both the I-5 and I-805.


CNN is reporting that police are interviewing the person who first reported hearing the gunshots at the medical center.

CNN and local news continue to report that no official statement has been made by the Naval Medical Center since its first call to “run, hide, or fight.” No injuries as of now have been reported.
With over a hundred law enforcement officers inside the building where the shots were reported, no evidence of a shooting exists. Without apologizing for the reporting of a breaking story, ValueWalk is happy with the outcome of a story that gripped the news for a few hours.