Charlie Munger Speaks At The 2016 DJCO Conference

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2016 DJCO Conference

Right now Charlie Munger is about to start speaking at the Daily Journal Corporation (NASDAQ:DJCO) annual meeting. The meeting of Munger fans at the small newspaper firm’s event has became a sort of mini Berkshire Hathaway pilgrimage for the most dedicated of value investors. This year will be extra interesting to observe and that is why we will be bringing you live updates.

Warren Buffett is a bit more diplomatic in his language and manners, but Charlie Munger just lets it all out in a polite but blunt manner (which I personally enjoy!). After recent comments by Munger on Valeant and a spat between some of Berkshire’s greatest proteges, Bill Ackman, and Charlie Munger on Valeant all eyes will be on the VRX ticker. Stay tuned for live coverage of the event and as always we will be posting much more detailed notes and hopefully a recording of this year’s event. In the meantime get up to date with prior notes from Charlie Munger’s previous DJCO remarks as well as the “fight” (details still seem a bit unclear) between Berkshire and others over Valeant, its accounting and more.

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2016 DJCO Conference latest – please check back for more coverage as it comes in and follow us so you can get our after-event coverage. Note, we are embedding tweets of only people who are reliable sources of information – that said nothing should be taken as a verbatim quote.

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