World War 3: Russia Is Officially Ready

World War 3: Russia Is Officially Ready
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With reports that Russia is deploying its deadliest weapons to Syria, there are high chances that World War 3 is coming and Russia is among the few ones who is actually ready for it.

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U.S. foreign policy is focused on only one thing: to prevent the emergence of a power or powers capable of challenging U.S. unilateral dominance across the world, according to Brazilian journalist Pepe Escobar, who wrote a piece for Sputnik News.

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In his article published on Tuesday, Escobar argues that the U.S. is losing its “Full Spectrum Dominance” due to recent developments in Syria, particularly – Russia’s military involvement in the Syrian crisis.

Washington is now engaged in a Vietnam-style escalation of boots on the ground across Syria and Iraq, with 50 commands already on the ground in northern Syria advising the YPG Syrian Kurds as well as a number of moderate Sunnis. But the author interprets it as not “advising,” but rather as telling them what the U.S. wants them to do.

Moreover, additional 200 Special Forces will soon be sent to Iraq to allegedly “engage in direct combat” against ISIS (aka Daesh, ISIL, IS, Islamic State), Escobar reminds.

“These developments, billed as “efforts” to “partially re-engage in Iraq and Syria” are leading US Think Tankland to pen hilarious reports in search of “the perfect balance between wide-scale invasion and complete disengagement” – when everyone knows Washington will never disengage from the Middle East’s strategic oil wealth,” the author of the article noted.

U.S. profits from Turkey vs Russia tensions

As of today, there are at least four coalitions in Syria, according to the author: the “4+1” (Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq plus Hezbollah) – the coalition that is actually fighting ISIS; the U.S.-led coalition involving 34 countries; the direct military collaboration between Russia and France; and the newly-created Saudi-led “Islamic” charade.

And these four coalitions constantly encounter a great number of Salafi-jhadi coalitions and alliances of convenience that last from a few hours to a few months, according to Escobar.

“And then there’s Turkey, which under Sultan Erdogan plays a vicious double game,” the author of the article notes, saying that there are no signs that the escalated tensions between Russia and Turkey are abating.

The tensions come after Turkey – a NATO member state – shot down a Russian warplane in Turkish airspace last month. The incident has already been named the most alarming military encounter between NATO and Russia’s forces in over 50 years.

“The Empire of Chaos lavishly profits from it as a privileged spectator; as long as the tension lasts, prospects of Eurasia integration are hampered,” Escobar notes, referring to the United States as to “the Empire of Chaos.”

Russia will use nuclear weapons if necessary

But Russia is prepared for World War 3, in case Turkey provokes one: Russian President Vladimir Putin has already deployed ships and submarines capable of launching nuclear missiles in case Turkey decides to strike Russian positions under the cover of NATO and the Alliance’s 5th Article, according to Escobar.

But “President Putin has been clear; Russia will use nuclear weapons if necessary if conventional forces are threatened,” the author reminds, warning that if any NATO member state decides to destroy yet another Su-24, or Su-34, Moscow will “simply clear the airspace all across the border via the S-400s.”

And Turkey could also draw NATO into war against Russia not only in Syria but also in Europe by ordering the Turkish Army attack Russian positions, Escobar wrote, warning that Russia would respond with nuclear weapons to keep Russian strategic use of the Bosphorus open.

World War 3: Russia Is Officially Ready

Russia can destroy New York in 18 minutes

But NATO and the Pentagon are actually terrified to fight Russia, since they are aware of the “tremendous heavy metal Russia may unleash” if Putin is provoked, according to Escobar. So what’s so terrifying about Russia’s military capabilities?

Let’s take Russia’s SS-18, for starters. The Pentagon has already named the missile ‘Satan’, because it is capable of destroying an area the size of the New York state. The SS-18 missile carries 10 warheads, each having a force ranging from 750 to 1000 kiloton, while some of these missiles have a single ‘secret’ deadly 20,000 kiloton warhead. And that’s 1333 times Hiroshima.

Russia’s Topol M ICBM is the world’s fastest missile at 21 Mach (16,000 miles an hour), and NATO has no defense against it. If launched from Moscow, the missile hits New York City in 18 minutes, and Los Angeles in 22.8 minutes, according to Escobar.

Meanwhile, Russia’s S-500 anti-missile system is capable of not letting enemy’s ICBMs and cruise missiles from striking Russia’s forces. While Russia officially admits that the S-500s will be rolled out in 2016, Escobar suspects that the anti-missile systems may be already operational due to the fact that the S-400s are set to be delivered to China soon.

“The S-500 makes the Patriot missile look like a V-2 from WWII,” according to Escobar.

NATO, do you still wanna go to war with Russia?

And then there’s Russia’s supersonic bomber fleet of Tupolev Tu-160s, which can be deployed from any part of Russia, fly over the North Pole, fire nuclear-equipped cruise missiles from safe distances over the Atlantic, return back to Russia and watch the whole show on TV.

Escobar claims that Russia can cripple pretty much every forward NATO base with tactical and battlefield small-yield nuclear weapons. And given the fact that Russia has tested NATO response times on multiple occasions over the past few months, Moscow is fully prepared for such a scenario.

But in order to get to the S-400s – or, worse, S-500s – NATO would first had to destroy Russia’s Iskander missiles, which travel at seven times the speed of sound with a range of 400 km, the author notes, warning that Russia is capable of arranging defense zones in “nearly every conceivable theater of war.”

And positioning the S-400s – not to mention the S-500s – in Kaliningrad, Russia’s enclave between Lithuania and Poland, would cripple all NATO air operations deep inside Europe.

Escobar concludes the article by asking Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and NATO: “do you still wanna go to war?”

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. Actually you don’t know anything about history. And you are not very bright. And you are probably not that educated as well. So you just like to rant and rave about nothing.

  2. man, do not invent history as it did not exist. You lost all wars but against Japan.

    You are pretty brainwashed and down right idiot at that.
    I do not live in Russia so I know both sides stories.
    I cannot be brainwashed.
    This conversation is terminated.

  3. I live in Canada. I know all I should about you and Russia. I cannot be brainwashed because I see both sides and understand both sides unlike you.

  4. You will never know the truth because you live in a country with a dictator and you are too stupid and powerless to get rid of him. You did the same with Stalin and all he did is slaughter and starve your population. You can’t win any wars. You lost against little Georgia, Afghanistan, the Cold War, the economic war now, your economy is in shambles, Putin had to pull out of Syria rather than face defeat by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, plus you ran out of bombs and money. You have old antiquated military equipment, poorly trained soldiers, low morale. You cannot stand up to the military and economic might of the United States. And you will never know the truth. Go watch RT, I laugh every time I see it. It’s so full of crap, just like you. You argue with ignorance.

  5. No. You had to be supplied with American equipment because your own equipment sucked. You couldn’t even defeat Germany on your own and you are so pathetic it took so many losses for you to begin pushing them back. If the US did not enter the war you would have lost. You are an idiot who thinks he is so smart. You Russians are like the people in the center of the room everyone laughs at because you don’t realize how foolish you are.

  6. haha :) Vietnam was your great victory and so is Afghanistan, cannot leave , because the moment you do, Talibs will be back in Kabul. Iraq? Oh my God. This is how victory looks? You clearly never won as you have no idea how victory should look? Wanna know? It is peace and quiet and goals met.

  7. Wow, now we see the level of your historical knowledge. Please tell me, what major war deciding battles did USA win in Europe? Any? I hear nothing., When did USA landed in Europe? 1944? After what? those Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk, operation Bagration and many many other that were on far larger scale than anything fought by you. You wer ea little sidekick who waited until it was clear that Germany lost and so you landed to share in spoils you did not earn. In the East you dd win against Japan, I give it to you. But that was not easy. It took 4 years against country that had no own resources and small industrial base. Nevertheless, it took you 4 years. and USA did ask Soviet Union to help with Japanese forces in China and those Kuril islands.
    also, do you know how fast Allies were progressing vs much smaller German forces ? 2-3 kms on average per day in 1944-45. Soviet army was rolling at 22 km a day on average. Regarding huge losses, it was the war like no other. You have no idea moron. 18 million dead were civilians killed by Nazis or starved to death. 3 million soviet POWsout of total 9 million soviet soldiers dead were killed by nazis too. It should give you some idea bout that war moron. Go , youtube Unknown war made by USA and USSR back in 1975. Learn a bit than come back and we might talk. Until then, you are fired.

  8. I know history a lot better than you buddy. You have not provided a single fact. Tell me history buddy., Tell me something, do not be shy. I kow that USA played major role and defeated Japan in Pacific, what else. But USA did lose all other wars after 1945. Not meeting war goals means to lose the war. Hence, Iraq war – lost, Afghanistan- lost, Vietnam – lost.

  9. I do not know nothing about WW@? I have to admit my knowledge of Pacific war is limited but not about major theater of WW2 which was Europe. so, what am I missing? WW2 was decided in the West, not East.

  10. And you are free ranging cattle before the slaughter by 1%?

    You are repeating what you are told by your media and your media lies. it is the only thing it is doing now.

  11. Again, this is how your government lies to you. And you are too stupid and helplessly weak to do anything about it. You are nothing more than serfs and slaves to Putin and all of his lies.

  12. You are such a crying little whimpy baby, just like your leader Putin who will only destroy you and take everything from you and you are just too drunk on vodka to do anything about your miserable condition. I know many Russians who come to the US and then their eyes are opened and they never wish to go back to Russia.

  13. See, you said something that is totally untrue. Because your government only feeds you lies. You know nothing about what really happened in World War II.

  14. You will never know the truth because you live in Russia. You could not even defeat Germany on your own. You were supplied with American weapons because your own weapons suck. You had so many of your population and soldiers killed by the Germans because you suck at military operations. World War II was only won because the US became involved. You never helped us with Japan. We defeated Japan easily on our own. We were the only country in World War II that had to fight on 2 fronts and it was only because of the US that we won World War II. You live in a country where you will never know the truth.

  15. No, you are wrong. You believe your own BS. Russia met the limited goals set from the start and left with option opened to come back if there would be the need. In the fall of 2015, Russia stated that operation was going to last 4-5 months if necessary. Itt ook 6 months.

  16. Enlighten me. I kow enough of your war history to tell what I told. You cannot fight wars with equals. I tis all in your track record. You frankly never fought peers on your own. Japan was near peer and it took you very very long time, nuclear bomb and Soviet help to finish them. No other peer you fought in decisive moment alone. Better check Russia. That’s a very different story.

  17. Your military sucks and you know this. It is all in your pathetic track record. No wars won so far on your own. Loss upon the loss.

    Super power having half million land forces spread over 800 bases. You ar enot capable of taking on peer nations.

    Your population :) Psychopaths and degenerates.

  18. Russia bombed everybody who was against Syria legitimate government except for women and children. It is what USA specializes in. You are repeating the drivel spread by your prestitute media. Better check your own track record of bombing wedding parties and hospitals with precision munition .

  19. See, you know I’m right. Russia had to leave Syria because it is out of supplies and money. Your country is crumbling and falling apart before your eyes. You will assume to just starve to death and lie to the world saying how great your life and country are, because you are so stubbornly stupid.

  20. You are the typical Russian who is fed lies and propaganda by your government. I know first hand. Your press does nothing buy lie to you. You don’t know of any truths.

  21. Cretin, Russia is not going to invade USA. USA is safe due to nice location, not due to some martial qualities of US population which are rather pathetic.

    Hence, why USA needs such a military. Obviously for racketeering purposes. You track record says it all. Do tell me about peer to peer conflicts USA won on her own? anything? How many wars lost and goals not met? A plenty. Now, i am afraid, but USA will most probably get into fight with Russia i Russian back yard. God forbids, but it will end with your head up to your back side. as usually.

  22. You Russians are no match for Americans. You live in a country that only feeds you bullshit propaganda. Let’s see Russia try to invade America. Our National Guard would take you down. Then our Police forces would take you down. Then every American armed to the teeth would take you down. You are nothing without your nukes. You are nothing but a rust bucket military.

  23. No, Russia is leaving because Putin realizes he will be humiliated by Turkey and Saudi Arabia if he stays. And he has no money and no supplies.

  24. You live in a country that only provides you with false information. Your country’s military is crap. It cannot stand up to NATO. The US and NATO will crush Russia. We crushed every opponent we have been against. In Korea, we were trying to get a truce. We had no direct reason to crush Korea. In Vietnam we crushed the Viet Cong, but moved out of the country because after defeating their military, the communists took over politically. We won in Iraq. We won in Afghanistan. We can come and kick your little Russian whimp butt anytime we like. Your leader Putin is a little pussy.

  25. Russia met stated goals. Why to stay. You know, fly like butterfly kick like a mule. Check Russia stated goals.

    Regarding Afghanistan, USSR did not lose and did not win. Soviet troops left in 1989 and pro Soviet government was left. It fell because Soviet union dissapeared and government lost all help. Currently you lost war in Afghanistan and cannot even leave after 15 years. You lost while Russia was actively helping you :) Also, by helping those mujaheddin you created troubles for yourself that later resulted in 9/11 and put you $trillions more in debt. You are so pathetic , cannot even see beyond your own nose. You ug hole for USSR and fall into it yourself and yes, lost all wars since 1945.

  26. Your pathetic track record states otherwise. You cannot win even against third world nations. The moment your guys start arriving in body bags in hundred thousand and millions you will run with tail between your legs.
    You would benefit form learning Russian history and what others had to say about Russian character which is formidable.
    Russia beat who is who in military world by herself, USA only defeated Japan with Soviet help at the end and lost almost every single engagement since 1945.

  27. No, you do not get it because you have American way of thinking. This is why you always lose. You cannot win. You cannot think well because you never was beaten hard enough. Once you are badly hurt, you start really think and calculate costs adn effects and start being careful.

    Europe and Russia are so careful and calculative because their histories drenched in blood, while yours is plainly dance between daises.

    Russia met stated goals, propped Assad regime and changed dynamics. It is time to pack bags.

    BTW , Putin stated that Russian forces can be back in few hours if need arises… Meanwhile, it is mission accomplished unlike yours.

  28. Furthermore, why is Russia pulling out of Syria? Because it realizes if it stays it will be defeated even at the hands of rebels armed with anti tank weapons and anti aircraft weapons. Just like in Afghanistan for the USSR. The USSR got its butt kicked in Afghanistan and had to leave. We crushed the Taliban in Afghanistan and were requested by the Afghan government to stay to prevent any further uprisings. The US is the most dominant superpower the world has ever known and no country can match it. Moreover, I would like to see Russia and China invade the US so that they can see how our ordinary citizens will send them home in body bags.

  29. No, Russia is a paper tiger. The only thing Russia has is nukes. The US would obliterate Russia in a month with its conventional forces. Russia is nothing more than a bully. And its economy is crumbling. It is a nuisance to the rest of the world. The best thing to do would be to just go ahead and crush Russia and be done with it, nukes or not.

  30. Hardly. Why do you think Russia is pulling out of Syria? Because if they stay they will get their ass kicked by the US and its allies. Look at Afghanistan. USSR lost! US wins! You loser.

  31. Bullshit for idiots. Putin threatens to bomb place where his daughter lives? His ex wife lives and new young lover who just delivered a child ? really? you think so?
    Most people in Russian government have all of their families abroad and their money abroad. about 200 billion of Russian oil and gas profits go abroad and sit in western banks.

    This war is against humanity ,launch by super elites. Putin can destroy New York? well NATO can destroy Moscow in under 6 minutes. so what?

  32. Stupidity and Foolishness magnified, augmented and squared. Dear Polina, there will NO winners in a nuclear exchange. Russia will be gone, the USA will be gone. Europe will be reduced to rubble. What is left of the remainder of the world will be plunged back into the brutal dark ages. The nuclear arms race is a suicide race that can end the human race. Such people that write such rubbish to boast and celebrate their national nuclear murder machines have not even a clue or hint of frontal cortex capacity. They should be compelled to visit Hiroshima to get a wake up call. The only hope for humanity is that reason will somehow prevail and that nuclear disarmament will be effected before it is too late.

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