War Is Coming: Russia Arms Its Jets In Syria With Air-To-Air Missiles

War Is Coming: Russia Arms Its Jets In Syria With Air-To-Air Missiles
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With reports that a nuclear war between NATO and Russia is “likely,” Moscow is apparently stepping up its preparation for World War 3 by arming its Su-34 warplanes in Syria with air-to-air missiles.

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The Pentagon has already issued its warnings to Moscow that the move can only escalate the already dangerous situation in Syria’s airspace, according to ITAR-TASS.

The tensions that resulted after Turkey shot down a Russia warplane in its airspace last week are becoming more and more worrisome day by day, with Russian President Vladimir Putin warning NATO of “serious consequences.”

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And by arming its warplanes with air-to-air missiles, Russia “will further complicate an already difficult situation in the skies over Syria and do nothing to further the fight against ISIL [aka ISIS, Islamic State] as they have no air force,” Pentagon spokesperson Michelle Baldanza told ITAR-TASS on Monday

Baldanza said the U.S. warns Russia against directing the missiles against aircraft of the U.S.-led coalition, and asks Putin to abide by the Memorandum of Understanding regarding flight safety.

The warnings form the Pentagon come immediately after Russia announced on Monday equipping its Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bombers, aka Fullback, with short-and medium-range air-to-air missiles. This is the first time such an upgrade is performed on the Su-34 fighters, while Moscow plans to test the missiles in Syrian airspace.

“The Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers today have for the first time taken on combat mission not only the OFAB-500 air bombs and KAB-500 guided bombs, but also short-and medium-range air-to-air missiles. The planes are equipped with missiles for their defense,” spokesman for the Russian Aerospace Forces Colonel Igor Klimov said. The missiles are reportedly capable of hitting targets up to 37 miles.

The move comes just one week after a Russian Su-24 fighter jet was brought down by two Turkish F-16 jets. The incident has already been named the most alarming military incident between a NATO member state and Russia in over 50 years.

Russia is prepared for military confrontation with NATO

The air-to-air missiles on Russia’s Su-34 warplanes will supplement the recently deployed to Syria state-of-the-art S-400 missile systems. ValueWalk reported Moscow’s announcement of deploying the S-400 systems to the Russian Hemeimeem air base near Latakia, which is about 30 miles away from the Turkish border, just a day after the jet was shot down by the Turkish military.

The Russia’s bomber was shot down by Turkey in Turkish airspace in the morning of Tuesday, November 24. Turkey said its military issued 10 warnings in 5 minutes to the Russian jet, but it ignored all the warnings and the two F-16 jets were sent to destroy the warplane.

The Russian Defense Ministry then claimed its warplane never intruded Turkish airspace, and was flying over the Syrian territory.

Both the air-to-air missiles-equipped Su-34 bombers and S-400 surface-to-air missile systems are a clear message to NATO that Russia is now prepared to give immediate military response in case a similar incident ever occurs in the future.

“They are following through on [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s orders from last week that all sorties will be escorted with air-to-air capable jets,” Boris Zilberman, a Russia expert at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a Washington, DC-based think tank, told Business Insider.

“The message remains as it was last week from Putin: We won’t let it happen again,” Zilberman said.

Putin says Turkey shot down Russian jet to protect its oil trade with ISIS

Turkey has refused to apologize for shooting down the Russian jet, insisting that it violated Turkish airspace and was warned repeatedly prior to being brought down by the two Turkish jets.

Moreover, Putin has accused Turkey of shooting down the Russian warplane to protect its alleged oil trade with ISIS, according to RT.

Speaking at the climate summit currently taking place in Paris on Monday, Putin called President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to authorize shooting down the plane a “huge mistake.”

Putin claims he has received additional intelligence that confirms oil from ISIS-held deposits is transferred through Turkey on “an industrial scale.” Erdogan denied the claims and said he will resign if the information is confirmed.

“At the moment we have received additional information confirming that that oil from the deposits controlled by Islamic State militants enters Turkish territory on industrial scale,” Putin said at the summit.

Putin added that Russia has “every reason to believe” that the decision to authorize the downing of the Russian plane was motivated by a desire to ensure security of illegal oil delivery routes to ports where oil is shipped on an industrial scale.

Russian officials feeding Putin with ideas on starting nuclear war with NATO

Turkey has repeatedly denied any ties to ISIS, while the NATO member state takes part in the U.S.-led coalition, which carries out airstrikes against the terror group in Syria.

Speaking after Putin at the summit in Paris, Erdogan said he will resign if there is proof of Turkey’s ties to ISIS.

“We are not that dishonest as to buy oil from terrorists. If it is proven that we have, in fact, done so, I will leave office. If there is any evidence, let them present it, we’ll consider [it],” he said, as reported by RT. The countries from which Turkey buys oil are “well known,” added Erdogan.

With Putin warning NATO of “serious consequences,” as well as deploying S-400 systems to Syria and equipping his Su-34 warplanes operating in Syria with air-to-air missiles, analysts have every reason to believe that the Russian President is willing to unleash a nuclear war over the incident.

Despite the fact that Turkey is backed by NATO’s 5th Article, which states that an attack on one Ally shall be considered an attack on all NATO members, the chances that Moscow is going to unleash a nuclear war against the Alliance are very “likely,” according to Pavel Felgengauer, Russia’s top defense analyst, as reported by ValueWalk.

It seems that Russian officials are already feeding Putin with ideas on how to start a nuclear war with NATO. A Russian MP has recently proposed a plan how easy it would be for Moscow to destroy Turkey with a nuclear bomb.

“You just chuck one nuclear bomb into the straits, and there’d be a huge flood. The water would rise by 10-15 meters and the whole city would disappear,” said Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the misnamed Liberal Democratic party, as reported by ValueWalk.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. About a week ago, a Russian airforce plane flew Miles into U.S. Territory, via, (West Coast). It flew over major U.S. cities in Califorinia as well as military installations for “observations”. The flight pattern of the jet was very strange, as if the “little bird”was lost. After zigzagging around miles into U.S. airspace, it finally turned west, heading back to the Pacific Ocean. The only rational conclusion, just maybe, United States and Russia got some treaty thang going on which permits each nation to fly into each others back yard from time to time?

  2. you must have 4000 hrs washing planes. first go here and read all the russian bilateral agreements. you will note russia first became a nato joint agression companion in 1995, then exoaned the role in 97, and again in 99. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russia%E2%80%93United_States_relations

    now there have been many more not listed.

    but here is your extreme proof, russia has been involved in joint air campaign with us in yemen, this is not even remotly possible without the mutual use of IFF! to prevent friendly fire, you have to knwo that.. all these countries use a combination of usa and russian aircraft. https://www.rt.com/news/244117-saudi-arabia-bombs-yemen-houthis/

    in order to do this they provide a universal seed, to the iff crypto system. the seed is a authorized seed for campaign. all iffs use programmable seeds. a crypto logic works by putting a randomized offset to the data and encoding it. if you know the initial seed the offset starts with you can decode everything. the iffs are designed so the user can input a seed. this is all done on the depot service level, the pilots have no idea about it.

    incidently the usa claimed they were in pre planning of a joint russia usa syria air strikes. they couldnt even consider souch a thing without the ability to be there first. they have iff systems compatible since the mid 90’s when they joined nato mutual agression coumsel and the IFOR.

    enough sillyness, what i said before is 100% fact, i should not have to bother proving what is intuitively obviouse by the fact they contradict their own selves. the usa said isis was selling oil to fund their war. last week russia said the usa was letting turkey sell the isis oil on black market, so usa could get cheap oil. the usa responded by saying isis does not sell that much oil, and that it was a insignificant source of income for isis. now if you cant see the contradiction of a bold lie of the USA like that being revealed , as they have their cake and eat it too, then you deserve to be a sheep led to the cliff.

  3. Also, I’m not talking about active/passive threat detections the Russians have, the discussion was specifically about IFF. Also, my last sentence was not a slam of E-2 NFO’s. New many of them during my tour at Strike and they are exceptionally smart guys.

  4. And what does ANY of that have to do with your assertion that the Russians have IFF gear in their aircraft that are compatible with our crypto and that we share that IFF info with them? Nothing. So you’re sending me RADAR 101 and basic missile tracking concepts? Nice try. 26 years, over 4000 hours. No, you are correct I am not an E-2 NFO.

  5. Putin is a dictator! Of course he can send his citizens to fight in Ukraine because he thinks its still Russia, Syria is part of Russia too.

  6. Just one United States nuclear submarine, who’s where abouts are more than likely unknown, could eliminate about 20 of the worlds largest population centers in under 30 minutes……….from anywhere…….There are no ideal first strike scenario’s, and there are certainly going to be no winners….”I do not know how world war 3 will be fought, but world war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones”, –Albert Einstein

  7. Bull pucky vince. You couldn’t fly paper airplane. .you don’t know squat about military aviation. I helped redesign the E2C Arps 147 radar pal. you don’t even know what that is, let alone how amraam missile works. Ill tell you , the aircraft radar and the missile continue to comm through the same aircraft tracking radar pulses. Target info is sent to the missile via the radar pulses wave forms. there are two complex conjugate waveform, one represents a zero, the other a one. The target info is real time serial transmitted to missile by the same radar pulses tracking it on the air breather. the pulses are not only tracking the target they are sending missile the z plane coordinates info.

  8. you’re a joker, but this time the jokes on you :) cause the more you write, the more you expose two things, either your flawed logic, or your poor writing.

    The difference between you and me? I get where you’re coming from. You don’t get where I’m coming from.

  9. Just a fiction scenario: What happens if Putin hits with nukes massively, lightning fast and first:
    i) ?he super-volcano in Yellowstone?
    ii) San Andreas Fault, in California?
    iii) New York?
    iv) Washington?

    a) Would the US had, even the opportunity to answer and react accordingly strong or americans would have lose the war before it starts?
    b) Wouldn’t the Europeans surrendered to Russkies without a fight?

  10. “Both the air-to-air missiles-equipped Su-34 bombers and S-400 surface-to-air missile systems are a clear message to NATO that Russia is now prepared to give immediate military response in case a similar incident ever occurs in the future.”
    A2A missiles on the Su-34s I can understand, but why is the S-400 being deployed? Isn’t Russia claiming to be in Syria to fight Daesh? Does Daesh have aircraft now? Last time I checked, they didn’t.

  11. So why would Russia want to nuc NATO and start a war that nether will
    win? What benefit is it to Russia to fight a war that would not destroy
    the world but would end the world as we know it? Even if there was a
    scenario in which the Russian’s won they would still lose most of their
    population and all of their infrastructure. The hundreds of Billions
    that Putin is rumored to have would be no more valuable than leafs on a
    tree. There would be no real why to maintain what is left of their
    military because most of the resources that are left would be difficult
    to mine if it could be done at all so every single thing that they would
    hope to achieve in killing off NATO would be more than lost. The
    countries not involved such a China and India and Brazil would not have
    commerce and little trade.

    China having all their natural
    resources would be the only country to benefit from a nuclear exchange
    because though there would be absolutely no monetary or banking system
    left in tacit. China would still be able to sustain some of it’s power
    do to the abundance of resources and would easily be the only and
    strongest super power left. So why would Russia want this?

    they don’t but they know if they act crazy enough the US will assume
    they are serious and will back down. I doubt very seriously there is a
    Nuclear war coming.

  12. Click bait article — how do you go from arming air-to-air to nuclear warfare in one step? If Russia decides as essentially the proxy for Assad (who is still the recognised STATE party per GC) to wipe out Turkey’s jets that penetrate Syria then NATO is certainly not going to fight over it. We are striking targets in Syria essentially with Russian tacit permission, since we haven’t declared war on Syria.

    If Russia starts attacking Turkish jets over TURKEY it is a different issue, but I don’t see that happening. The US (lets be honest, it is not going to be a NATO call) isn’t going to use nukes over a few aircraft and neither is Russia.

  13. I agree with you, but both sides are using propaganda. Both countries are using ISIS as an excuse to execute their wishes on Syria.

    Unfortunately the United States is in the wrong side of history on this.

  14. lol rereading what you wrote, you just contradicted what you said.

    Explosives not equal to bombs Bombs
    Bombs equal to explosives

    Those are two sentences that are complete opposite of each other.

  15. Turkey is illegally buying oil from Syria to fund Isisl Terrorist. Over a million dollars a month. Putin is blowing up all the oil fields and oil routes to weaken Isil, which is a good thing in order to stop Isis. Syria has found several American parachutes that shows America is supplying arms to isil. This is why Obama is trying to stop Russia with this propaganda.

  16. Hey vince check this out, in my attempt to buttress my argument I found this article. There were actually attempts of the Japanese during WWII to do Air to air bombing! funny.



    This article decribes the Japanese attempts to use white phosphorous bombs in air to air combat.

    On a flight out of Nadzab on a strike at the Wewak airdrome. we made a run over the target in flights of three and were starting to join up as a Group.

    Enemy aircraft were sighted at 12 o’clock high. Our gunners were firing at a plane ((I believe it was a “Val”) and something fell off as the plane pulled up. I thought the gunners had knocked a wheel loose but as I watched it falling, it suddenly exploded in a large white burst with at least a dozen tenticles formed by particles dropping from the object. It resembled a giant octupus – a really colorful display.

    Later during examinations of the planes, it was noted some of them had holes burnt through the wings. Intelligence concluded it a phosphorus or some other flamable metal bomb. Later I witnessed one more such incident but at a greater distance. Apparently it did not work very well since no casualties were reported and I never saw another one after the second sighting of this air to air bombing.

  17. Explosives does not equal bombs. Bombs = explosives.

    Ok – breakin’ it down Barney Style, or rotisserie gold style whichever one you prefer.

    Apple is to fruit like peach is to fruit. You dont call fruit an apple.

  18. What I’m saying is I can argue that you can have an air to air bomb, because the definition of bomb has nothing to do with being dropped.
    Although I wouldn’t use the term myself, and it’s not normal or colloquial, it’s not technically incorrect.

  19. Its not much of an argument. A bomb is an explosive. A missile is an explosive. That doesnt make explosives bombs, that makes explosives explosives.

  20. Remember a year or two ago, when the White House was saying assad was killing his own people, and Obama was trying to sell the war to the American people?

    And the people said F U obama, you’re not going to take us into another war, w/o congressional approval?

    The US people don’t want another war.

    In my opinion, the reason why this administration is going to war is because of the true powers that run our country. Central Bankers and globalists. They are desperately trying to maintain the petro dollar, and our status as the reserve currency of the world.

    also I believe ISIS is nothing more than propaganda to play on our emotions, and convince the people into another war… those videos isis made were all staged and probably fake. ISIS is nothing but a rebranding of the boogyman called Alqaeda.

    General Wesley Clarke also spilled the beans about our intervention in the Middle East several years ago, when he gave his speech about seeing plans shortly after 9/11 about taking out “7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran”

    Way before it happened!

  21. true, just playing devils advocate. and I learned something as well by looking up the definition of bomb. but more likely English is probably her second language.

    How well is your Russian?

  22. In military aviation, a bomb is an explosive that is dropped. A missile is a guided rocket with a seeker head. Bombs dont have a propulsion system.

  23. That would be a ridiculous application of terminology and indicates the user has no idea what he or she is talking about. Missiles have warheads.

  24. And exactly why would we want to wage war in Syria? They have no oil so there goes any “war for oil” silliness. A country led by a minority dictator government that is propped by force is going to fall. All the Rusky’s are doing is prolonging the inevitable.

  25. the definition of a bomb, has nothing to do with being dropped… a bomb is something that explodes.

    So as funny as it sounds, yes, you could have an air to air bomb.

  26. What an irony… Putin’s Russia has become one of the last bastions of Western Civilization, taking moral high-grounds and standing up to Muslim terror, while our own Country under Obama/Clinton Islamic duo sided with, armed and unleashed Muslim terror around the world.

    This Islamic duo, undermined almost every secular government in the Middle-East, armed ISIS, and other Muslim terror groups, and now is importing and unleashing Muslim terror on our own Citizens.

    Thank you Putin for bombing ALL Muslim terrorists, not just only those approved by Obama/Clinton.

    Contrary to Obama/Clinton scourge, there are no good terrorists, they all are bad, including so called ‘Free Syrian Army’, ‘Hamas’, Al Qaeda, etc., and need to be exterminated.

    Putin is right!

  27. the real question is why are we risking WWIII with Russia over Syria? To topple a dictator? Why topple that dictator when half our allies are dictators… Saudi Arabia chops more heads off than ISIS, Saudi Arabia was responsible for 9/11 and this recent mass shooting in California.

  28. This article is fabricated garbage, just like any others she writes. She charges .01 a word and writes articles with shocking headlines just to drive traffic. It’s all one big ad, in hopes you will click on a sponsor. It’s fishing at its worst. Value walk has nothing but garbage on their site. Only way we can rid ourselves of this trash is to not click on it. If it says value walk under the link, don’t click it.

  29. nah, I believe ISIS was an excuse for the US to be involved . Remember when the public said FU to Obama when he said he wanted to bomb Syria w/o congressional approval a year or two ago? He couldn’t get his way so he created ISIS

    Russia saw that the US wasn’t really attacking ISIS but using ISIS to topple Assad… so they used our game against us, and said they were fighting ISIS as well… but in order to prop up ASSAD.

    So no I don’t really think ISIS is a threat at all because it’s a made up excuse to just be in Syria by both the US and Russia, a rebranding of Alqeada that was already in Syria and IRAQ.

  30. Not bad an idea. Makes great sense. Nuke would be just backup. The US armed the Talibans and now the Syrian opposition, it’s high time Russia did the same!

  31. You really believe Putin is at war with ISIS? You Russians learned a few years ago that just about everything you were told during the Soviet era were all lies. It’s happening again. Open your eyes. Putin and Assad are doing business with ISIS. It’s the other rebel groups they’re targeting, not ISIS. They’ve got you poor Russians convinced that everyone that’s not part of the Assad cabal are all ISIS. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  32. So we’ve been ‘bombing’ them for a year +, and it’s only after the Russians start their campaign against ISIS that the US starts targeting ISIS’ oil infrastructure? THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ONE OF THE FIRST TARGETS!

    You really believe we are at war with ISIS? You probably believed in the WMD that iraq had as well huh? You know they recently declassified that the Gulf of Tonkin was a hoax right? Probably all our wars since WWII were based of false info. You want to be suckered again? I dont.

  33. if you define secular Turkey, as the slave of the West it is not anymore but in its true meaning religion has no part in real Turkish politics in fact it hasn’t been since 1800s since the time of the Sultans when there was a constitution and a parliament “meclis” Sultans were figures similar to today’s queen of UK.
    Turkey is Still secular, don’t worry, it is just the headscarf of the new elite that gives that image, they were always there but not under the spotlight, which is probably the only thing that can be used against Erdogan by his foes that image. I am old enough to have seen before Erdogan and after, though I had feared at the beginning when he was elected in 2002 its more secular now than before, Turkey has passed that critical point of no return in that aspect.

  34. Ohhhh I can feel the song prophecy -Bye Bye American pie – Don MacClain – coming on. They better get on the peace train. Its about to leave, YOU CAN FEEL IT IN THE AIR!. If Russia isnt bluffing,which, why would they buff about something like this? It seems the prideful will be fooled

  35. Its just rhetoric! Putin is a smart man and knows that a nuclear war is a lose lose for him and everyone else. I believe a mano to mano war could hit though

  36. Message from triumph the insult comic dog: “Too bad this article was not printed on paper because it would come in handy for me – to pooop on.”

  37. Lets face reality,my question is who caused this war in midle east and north africa is arab or out side force ?is russia or EU or USA then we start to blame one onether we knew this war is about oil on arab world leave them to make their own dessision if go they will be realize that they are brothers and sister give them what they need and take what you need from the stay away with their world

  38. Message from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog: “Too bad this article was not printed on paper because it would come in handy for me – to pooop on.

  39. Valuewalk is the only website that talks nonsense if this article was true it will be all over CNN and FOX news i been monitoring Valuewalk for 3 months and noticed this site talks alot of Crap, my goodness

  40. What is the US doing ? To protect Turkey as this country is known to be in cahoot with the ISIS . The US and NATO is blind and cannot see the true colours of the Turks . Turkey’s President, Erdogan and his family is enriching themselves from oil stolen from Syria and Iraq and both the US and NATO is turning a blind eye. Unless OBAMA is benefitting from it too.! I urged Russia drop a nuclear bomb into Turkey and let them learn a bitter lesson not be back stabbed any country which is fighting the ISIS and other terrorist group.

  41. Uh we instigated the rebellion! We also went back on all our promises we made Russia to get the wall down. We told them we would leave that area of the world alone. Ha. ha. the Arabs want a pipeline through Syria to undermine Russian oil in Europe. Without Arab support our dollar would not be the superpower we are today. so the new world order is Opeck countries running the world with America as their hitman. We are the bad guy. I read one of these articles stating that all our leaders believe war will come in less than a decade.either with russia or china.

  42. Ms.Tikhonova needs to learn the difference between a bomb and a missile where aircraft are concerned.

    Bomb are devices dropped by aircraft explode causing damage to ground structures.
    Missile: launched from an aircraft to strike something at a distance including other aircraft

  43. Turkey is the NATO country and it is seen that the US comment is favorable for Turkey but very formal. But the devil is in the detail.

  44. So why would Russia want to nuc NATO and start a war that nether will win? What benefit is it to Russia to fight a war that would not destroy the world but would end the world as we know it? Even if there was a scenario in which the Russian’s won they would still lose most of their population and all of their infrastructure. The hundreds of Billions that Putin is rumored to have would be no more valuable than leafs on a tree. There would be no real why to maintain what is left of their military because most of the resources that are left would be difficult to mine if it could be done at all so every single thing that they would hope to achieve in killing off NATO would be more than lost. The countries not involved such a China and India and Brazil would not have commerce and little trade.

    China having all their natural resources would be the only country to benefit from a nuclear exchange because though there would be absolutely no monetary or banking system left in tacit. China would still be able to sustain some of it’s power do to the abundance of resources and would easily be the only and strongest super power left. So why would Russia want this?

    Maybe they don’t but they know if they act crazy enough the US will assume they are serious and will back down. I doubt very seriously there is a Nuclear war coming.

  45. We launch , they launch
    Iran launches ,israel launches
    China launches , Japan launches
    North Korea launches ,South Korea launches .

    We all die. And the roaches have to restart civilization

  46. Why does Russia have to nuke Turkey? Why couldnt they just arm the PKK to attack the Turkish elite. Let them devour each other?

  47. I’m sorry, did you write, “air to air bombs”? Are you kidding me? How old are you, three? There is no such weapon as an air to air bomb. They DID invent a weapon call a missile for air to air combat though. Jeez…

  48. Understanding their long history of wars makes that all a tad more understandable. I think they’re one of the few nations that have ongoing tensions betwixt them that have lasted over a hundred years.

  49. You just chuck one nuclear weapon on the straits, and we launch a full strike nuclear barrage that you cannot stop. I swear this kind of nuclear war mongering is stupid and a waste of time. I hope the aliens show up in time to put an end to this circus.

  50. Ok that is the glorious talking point RT and other Rusdian propaganda says. The truth is that Putin knows his limitations and was exposed.

    Turkey had warned Putin and they finally had enough. You will not see anymore Russian planes violating Turkey’s airspace, unless Putin is ready to bring his country a humilliating defeat in the middle east just for Assad.

    By the way what happened to the Jamming tech and the S400 if its planes need to rely on the old dogfighting skills? :)

  51. They have missiles and with their numbers some will land, and any that do will cause inconceivable havoc, chaos, destruction, and the blight that will follow will make those silly apocalyptic, and zombie flix look like central park on a sunny Sunday afternoon. This world needs reverence and prayer. God help us! smokersodysseycom

  52. She’s a Kremlin propagandist. Her only function is turn churn out tripe like this in the hopes some fool will actually believe it. Fortunately most people reading it know better or are trolls from the St. Petersberg troll factory who are paid to support Russian propaganda like this.

  53. True professional work on v0lue w0lk.. P0lina makes it look good.
    whats funny that they try to sensor posts when you call their authors or name of web site out. pathetic dirt balls.

  54. Every article i click on by this writer is about nato and russia going nuclear. Fire this troll before she brainswash more people.

  55. What is an air too air bomb? These idiots are just unbelievable. This shows just how little they know of which they speak.

  56. All Turkey did was ambushing a pilot that could not defend himself because jet did not have air to air missile, was on it’s way back to air base after completing it’s mission.. Russians put S-400 and supplied jets with air to air missile.. Turkey stopped flyingg to Syria.

  57. What’s likely is more stupidity from the author. Why is Putler crying about one dead pilot in Turkey when his Military murdered so many Ukrainians? Hmmmm, why?

  58. Oh heck this is SOP for the media. They make it up as they go along these days .. and most of them have an agenda and float stories about how their boy is there to save the day (of course he needs a phone booth and these days they are hard to find .. cell phones an all.. so where can he change into a caped uniform so he can fly .. faster than a speeding bullet?) Well . maybe the elevator. whatever.. there are 5 dimensions in the Twilight Zone!

  59. the statesmen who yields to war fever must realize that once the signal is given, he is no longer the master of policy but the slave to unforseen and uncontrollable events- Winston Churchill

  60. When Greece and Turkey joined NATO in 1951 it was actually a major coup, as it gave NATO control of the waterways leading to the Black Sea and the Soviet Union’s only warm-water port. Of course Turkey was mostly a secular country then. The decision to admit them wasn’t a mistake, and worthy or not, NATO is not going to force them out any time soon.

  61. You and I are perfectly logical but I am not so sure about everyone else. We have been seeing so real dumb stuff for at least two decades (and not limited to the U.S., NATO or Russia). I figure if a country HAS nukes they have some kind of plan where they use them. Same for bio and even monetary weapons. Sooner or later somebody will raise the ante (they always do) and somebody will see their bet and raise it (generally) .. and soon we have ignition and lift off.

  62. Does this author have nothing better to do than to make it her own personal mission to incite war between Russia and NATO? She has certainly been one busy beaver in writing articles like these, and she is very loose when it comes to the veracity of her “sources”. I think that it’s about time mainstream news stops printing what she writes.

  63. Gee…. Russia’s putting air-to-air missiles on its fighters in Syria. Does that mean they’ve been flying without them up to now? I don’t think so. I suspect Russian fighters flying around Syria have always been armed. The SU-24 that the Turks shot down was likely not armed with air to air missiles… but that’s because it’s not a fighter. It’s a ground attack/close air support bomber of similar capabilities to the American FB111 (a Viet Nam era jet), but with strictly a ground attack mission.

  64. I think you meant North Korean paper launchers and Cardboard missiles. Those Soviet missiles were and are still there just not the Soviet union. You might want to rethink that idea.

  65. Another article by the idiot Tikhonova. There’s more chance of Hillary winning the Miss America contest than there is of nuclear war between NATO and Russia (and ‘hint’ Democrats…. that means neither one is going to happen.)

  66. NATO is strategic Alliance not religious Alliance. Turkey hosted Nukes during the height of the cold war. So if you are looking a religious Alliance not look further than EU.

  67. A WW3 would be stupid. Heck they can’t beat ISIL. What are they going to win with a nuke. A country that is radioactive and the fallout will be blowing in the wind back to Russia. Real smart Putin. Plus you know the world isn’t going to give up to Russia. Before defeat they will destroy the planet before handing it to the Russians. Of course maybe this would straighten the world out. Eliminate billions of people and animal life and plants. What crawls out of the ashes gets to try to live in the radiation & fallout. Looking for food and living like a cave man for the next 100 years , if there’s anything left to find .

  68. Air to air bombs? Hello Polina, they are called Missiles, not bombs. Bombs are something that have no propulsion after being deployed.

  69. It is indeed wrong not responding to Turkey’s warning but shooting a plane that you know for sure is “friendly” is too much. Especially when the plane is not showing any aggressiveness during the whole incident

  70. Keep reading Miss Tikhonova’s articles and can’t stop wondering if she is just freelancing or is employed by the KGB full time :) We got the message, Mr. Putin has nukes and “not afraid” to use them. Now, go get a life!

  71. I am a expert in our systems, having designed many of them. you are a idiot I worked for dod almost all my life as a system designer and technical director, with a secret clearance. , i worked on every missile system we have, including amraam missiles, targeting and fire control radar systems designs i created are in many of them. f 11- f20 program, f15, f16, f117, E2c, AND many more. i know exactly what russia has and the usa. they do share IFF codes you fool. The USA and Russia have had joint strike efforts in the past using them. This whole thing is a freaking LIE. a scam on the people.

  72. I never understood NATO allowing a muslim country to become a member come into its fold of operations.So the muslim country gets NATO and the U.S.A get sucked into ww3. I stated this was going to happen when they were allowed in.They can not be trusted are liars,evil and this is what sharia law and their religion teaches them to do. So they are just following what they are commanded.Stupid naive ignorant people can not learn from history or take a lesson from it. So we are doomed to repeat it.

  73. “Fire will rain from heaven!” Mary’s words at Fatima. Indeed if this escalates, and there is WWIII, nukes will fly and there will be fire from heaven.

  74. Ok first of all why arming and ensuring protection for their bombers arming them with air to air missiles not bombs (first error) you just have to call it WW3 are you nuts or what, why your writting tends to let the reader to be full of fear, this is an infamous editing and irresponsible, why do you want to fill with fear the public reading this, my God are you eager to go to war darn it yo should be ashamed and fired.

  75. This war monger promoter is so a bitter heart that can’t sleep..dreaming and promoting war 24 hours/day. Get a job instead of being busy in fantasyland Polina

  76. Russian plane posed no threat coming back from bombing ISIS, had no air to air missiles, had no ground support, had not really cross Turkish air space.. Plane was destroyed on Syrian land for crying out loud. Get real.. Now.. Turkey are not flying anywhere near Syrian border. They know better.

  77. it will not happen again.. Russians put S-400 in place their plane also started to carry air to air missiles.. Russian jets planes can defend and attack back if they have to.

  78. I only clicked on this article because the teaser headline said “air to air bombs” and I never heard of an air to air bomb. I see by this headline that they meant to write missiles.
    I usually don’t bother with these ‘chicken little – the sky is falling – we need to spend trillions more on defense’ type articles from business news web sites.

  79. This shows how weak and helpless Russia really is. Threatening to use your nuclear weapons because you know you would be defeated and humiliated by TURKEY!!!!!!

  80. It’s not Americans committing terrorist acts all across the globe, it’s Muslims. You don’t see Americans running planes into buildings, blowing up and shooting innocent people. It’s Muslims. It’s the Americans who are trying to help prevent all of these terrorist acts. Get your facts straight.

  81. It won’t be nuclear war, as all the nuclear powers KNOW that ALL critical mass detonations are predictable based upon space/time. The war will be conventional, and likely will result in NATO’s destruction, as the Soviets will use their EMP technology to take out all NATO electronic technology. Prepare for the stoneage folks.

  82. I would say Russia is a shell of its former self. But in all honesty Russia was never as strong as they let on to be and the United States knew it. Russian grand parades to show the world their military might were filled with cardboard missiles and paper mache launchers.Sure they had nukes but not as many as they were leading the world to think.If we were to go to war. the Unites States would level Russia within a year.

  83. Useless americans are no match for even AFGANS. See the american losses in War. 2015 witnessed 355 mass shooting in US this year…Nothing new….Each american can own assault rifle and feel safe and Gun makers are building fortunes selling them…This is the most advanced democracy of the world. wat an useless country Umerika

  84. Useless americans are no match for even AFGANS. See the american losses in War. This is one of the 355 mass shooting in US this year…Nothing new….Each american can own assault rifle and feel safe and Gun makers are building fortunes selling them…This is the most advanced democracy of the world. wat an useless country Umerika

  85. history is made when the opportune time you fire . Erdogan with his big mouth has few followers, Putin is riding on the old soviet mentality of patriotism both leaders want to drive a point one to the Ottoman past and the other to the orthodox Byzantine , times have changed but not the theme

  86. Stop warmongering!How far is it possible to go frightening people with nuclear destruction?Yahoo, do not publish those threats any more and stop promoting Zhirinovski who calls for annihilation of Istanbul and Turkey like he promised to turn America into a radioactive heap.This guy is a madman.
    I do not believe Putin wants to destroy the world including his own country.

  87. Calling the people in power in the U.S. “leaders” is a bit of a stretch these days!
    “Morons” might be a more appropriate label.

  88. The editor of this piece is a DOOFUS!!! The headliner on Yahoo says the Russkies were arming their jets with air-to-air bombs!!!! THAT would be a first!!! Wonder how they plan on bombing other aircraft in flight? SECRET STUFF, right??!!

  89. All this talk about Russia Invading everyone’s airspace. What about us the US, not only invading everyone’s airspace, we just take out leaders of countries we don’t like. Iraq (WMD’s????) Afghanistan?? Libya?? The whole of Africa, Just to name a few. What about taking out the country that all those Terrorists came from, Saudi Arabia instead. There’s a friggin’ plan that would have shown the world we don’t care who you are or where your from. Don’t F*ck with the USA. We have our “Super-power” nose buried so far up every Countries Ass, because we’re the USA and we can do what the Funk we want. B.S. Now O’bummer is gonna come get your guns under false flag pretenses and make us all his “puppets”. Fight back Now! ya, ya, I know everything you losers are gonna say….Conspiracy, We were just protecting those innocent people, I’m a nut job. Save It and go back to watching NASCAR, and your favorite NFL team. While some of us are gearing up to stay ALIVE. If not I’ll have plenty of food, medical supplies, and weapons for a lifetime for me and my family to live very comfortably. Have a nice day!

  90. This Russian blogger is making money in US currency by trolling US via cheap Value mag and Yahoo which resurrected itself on a strategy of re-printing yellow journalism with trolling blogs to get readers.

  91. Assuming that neither he nor his advisers have been convinced by their own propaganda that their military surpassed that of all of NATO combined years ago and that it is only by the mercy of the Kremlin that Europe remains in tact. A mercy for which, of course, all of Europe must be forever grateful.

  92. agree….100 %…. remove Turkey from NATO..Turkey harboring terrorist, Turkey a friend of Pakistan.
    A days ago, Russian Plane fly to within Israel’s air space…Israel did not shot them, instead Israel’s just said -> Heyyy men, what you’re doing there, want to eat some pizzas….why Turkey behavior so bad..

  93. You’re forgetting Russia’s bully attitude and hypocrisy.
    It is all well and good when Russia throws diplomacy to one side and immediately resorts to using military force to ‘defend’ ethnic/linguistic Russians in a foreign country, but it is bad when any other country in the world follows Russia’s lead.

    They just can’t take in what they give out.

  94. Turkey (like every other nation) has the right to defend the integrity of its airspace. The US has confirmed that the Russian plane did violate Turkish airspace after being warned. End of story.

  95. The skies over Syria are getting crowded and Putin’s Russia hasn’t learned to play well with others. It’s only matter of time before Russian recklessness and arrogance leads to a serious incident. Shortly thereafter, Russia will learn just how weak its position really is.

  96. Putin is living too good to commit suicide and turn Russia into dust. It’s simply propaganda and rhetoric from a guy that’s paranoid of NATO.

  97. Right after Russia apologizes for instigating a rebellion in the Ukraine which resulted in the shoot-down of a civilian airliner by Russian backed seperatists, or turning a not so insignificant portion of the Ukraine into a nuclear wasteland with their incompetent regulation and unsafe criticallity design of Soviet era RBMK nuclear reactors via the utter buffoonery by the engineers who stupidly designed a positive void coefficient into the reactors vs a negative coefficient which would have made the reactors much safer.

  98. ‘Any guarantee that it will not happen again?’
    Russia already gave a guarantee that its aircraft would not violate Turkish airspace again, then they did it again anyway, thus the offending plane was shot down.

  99. So they can drop bombs on low flying helicopters :)..
    Really who thinks they can drop low altitude bombs on a civilized country without a fighter escort, that’s just stupid.

  100. Yes, the major players in the region are sharing IFF protocols at the moment. That is why Putin called it a stab in the back.

  101. Russian has violated Turkey’s airspace at least twice while in Syria and Russia was warned numerous times not to do it again so maybe Russia shouldn’t have pressed its luck in the first place. Putin’s words are the last words to believe just look at all the BS he spewed about Russia not backing the rebels or having soldiers fighting in Eastern Ukraine.

  102. Air To Air Bombs… please know your subject before professing to be a master. This is why we disdain the media today… they are experts at nothing but give us all the lectures

  103. There is no such thing as a air to air bomb, but that’s what you fools get for reading this garbage. You are the very people that keep “The Enquirer” in business. Keep on sheepin on.

  104. Wordy, but not convincing. And if you think Russian pilots don’t practice, and all that jet fuel is just sitting around in drums with hand pumps attached, think on it some more.

  105. Russian plane did not cross the border with Turkey or it was not shot down over the Turkey territory. This is what Russia and USA say. Turkish plane crosses Syrian border. Russia and Turkey were in good or even very good relationships. But Turkey shot the plane which has no threat to Turkey. And no Turkish apology for this event. It is similar to declaring a war or at least it can be considered as a hostile activity. Then what you can expect from Russians. Any guarantee that it will not happen again?

  106. For twenty years Putin has invited ‘western’ military and governmental heads to Russia to show them the advances in arms the Russians have made. The military leaders by and large were forbidden to go, and the government leaders who visited were forbidden to look. Western leaders must rely on ‘intelligence assessments’. Russia has made it clear they will protect their territory and their sphere of influence. Pretty soon they may ‘light things up’.

  107. I think Vladmir Putin is only appropriately responding into our hypocrisy of our support of the ugly over the good and our (NATO) provocative actions that are becoming increasingly hostile to Russia. Sadly our leaders in the U.S. who are suppose to de-escalate the tensions are flaming reckless comments. What do you expect? for Putin to sit down ad fold is arms when he has already clearly seen the warnings that he could be next? No way Jose.

  108. k, look you effing morons of the lying marxist jewist press:
    1- air to air missiles are not air to air bombs. try speaking the truth- that’s a novel idea, eh?
    2- war isn’t coming, war is HERE!!! YOU’re IN IT and YOU started IT!!! Now you drag the entire world down into your SEMITIC CIVIL WAR which is a RACE WAR/RELIGIOUS WAR.
    3- WW III doesn’t START when nuclear weapons are used. WW III ENDS when nuclear weapons are used. As does civilization and humankind. You’re in WW III NOW.
    4- Have a nice day, you satanic bastards and destroyers of worlds.

  109. dictators Putin and ASSad should get out of Syria so the
    coalition can crushed and flushed out ISIL in their rat holes….TURKEY, U.S.,
    & NATO knew it was a Russian jet…dictator Putin is the bully here and
    provoked Turkey so that he can install his missile defense system in Syria
    after having a secret meeting with ally dictator ASSad behind closed doors.
    Putin is a smart man with strategies like in chess, but Putin can’t be
    supported/trusted coz he’s got evil plans under his sleeves : he wants to build
    his forces in Syria to control and have superiority in the MIddle East. Putin
    wants to probe NATO countries around the world in a systematic and dangerous
    ways. Russia’s economy and military is bad that the only way out is for Putin
    to go to war !! PUTIN = END TIMES
    (Russia Bear is described in the ancient Holy Bible prophesies…book of
    REVELATIONS )… if people really knew what ‘LOVE’ is (GOD is LOVE), we won’t
    have crime, violence, turmoil, wars !!!!!! May God bless us all !

  110. “And by arming its warplanes with air-to-air missiles, Russia “will further complicate an already difficult situation in the skies over Syria and do nothing to further the fight against ISIL [aka ISIS, Islamic State] as they have no air force,” Pentagon spokesperson Michelle Baldanza told ITAR-TASS on Monday

    Baldanza said the U.S. warns Russia against directing the missiles against aircraft of the U.S.-led coalition, and asks Putin to abide by the Memorandum of Understanding regarding flight safety.”

    Was it not a NATO country that shot down a Russian aircraft with an air to air missile?
    Russia is acting prudently to protect its people and assets in Syria, I am sure had the roles been reversed the US would do the same.

    Stop this anti Russian bull.

  111. Democrats are saying, truthfully, that the Iraq invasion led to the creation of ISIS, not that it was an intentional act. GWB’s grand adventure in Iraq had many repercussions that we’ll be paying for for years to come. Some U.S. military experts are saying the same thing.

  112. Russia deploys to Syria (a fairly small deployment by our standards) and wants to be seen as a superpower again. This is Putins ego, nothing more. Putin should concentrate on the job at hand to avoid anymore incidents. Russia will certainly lose more aircraft if they continue to push this.

  113. Is that what they’re telling you on RT? Putin has managed to convince the Russian people that anyone opposing Assad is a member of ISIS, therefore anyone supporting any of the various groups is supporting ISIS. That’s why he’s claiming he’s bombing ISIS when he’s actually ignoring them.

  114. I mean despite all that I still respect Putin. But last time I read an article in here about apparently a Russian war tactician making suggestions about wiping out Istanbul with a nuclear bomb. Even if it was a mere spill out of the tongue, what the fuck is wrong with people…

  115. I doubt we’re really bombing anything, except Syrian infrastructure there. ISIS was created by us, and they work for us as an excuse to wage war in Syria.

  116. You have no idea what you’re talking about. The US and Russia have completely different IFF equipment. They don’t issue the same encryption either even if they did. No way the US or NATO is giving Russia our IFF encryption. And it doesn’t matter, the US, nor did Turkey, need it to determine the planes were not friendly.

  117. How silly this whole article is. First of all I guarantee you every US fighter flying missions against ISIS has some sort of Air to Air loadout, everyone. The problem with the Russian planes, the downed SU-24 is an example, is they were flying in a relatively small air space and operating near the border. The plane and many of the Russian jets, do not have modern Situational Awareness tools like moving maps that would have allowed them to avoid the border and execute their missions. Unlike US pilots the Russians haven’t had 25 years of nearly constant Air Combat over the skies of Iraq and Afghanistan. They have an entire corps of pilots who’s last combat experience was Chechnya decades ago and possibly some Ukraine border action today. It’s hard for them to strike a target using weapons they have deployed only in training (which they can’t afford much of) and in tight airspace. The little finger of Turkey they crossed (and had been crossing for weeks at that point) was a real nuisance to go around and line up on their targets so they went through it, time and time again, until the Turks got mad and laid a trap to make a point. Russia was just as much at fault as the over-reacting Turks, but the Turks couldn’t continue to let Russia or any other country invade it’s airspace, lets given an inch, they take a mile…literally.

  118. this whole thing is a terrible lie. the usa and russia are planning war on purpose, and making it look like it is authentic confrontation. the proof is very very simple to see. russia has IFF systems in these aircraft. all of them , so does the usa. identification friend or foe systems that can be programmed with a universal code, they can pick and they agree on to share that lets every pilot know the aircraft they are looking at is friend or foe. these systems are in all military aircraft and russia had them for decades when they were sharing military technology up until only 5 years ago before the sanctions and ukrain invasion. this is all some kind of evil debothery planned by thease leaders to have a fake war . they can easily share a IFF code. you are all being manipulated and lied to. this all is evil trickery , play acting , choreogrphed lies by these leaders.

  119. Its taking way too long to get outta bed with Turkey. Dealings in this area of the world are so convoluted you just don’t know who’s side anyone is really on.

  120. Because we’re blood-brothers with our former Cold War enemy? I don’t know personally. I’m on Turkey’s side. Russia’s been flouting international airspace for decades. It’s about time someone actually followed through with defending themselves instead of politely escorting them out of the area. It would take a centuries-long enemy like Turkey to do it, too.

  121. Air-to-air WHATS? Bombs?! Please, if you have no clue what you’re writing about, don’t write about it. You sound like an author over at the DailyMail that claimed a police AR-15 derivative had an effective range of 300 feet because they couldn’t hack the units conversion from yards to meters…

  122. Whats with the increasingly growing anti-turk sentiments across every form of mainstream media? I’m starting to think Erdogan was the correct choice for Turkey’s election… he is obviously doing something right if everyone feels so butthurt.

  123. How could the Turks have warned X times in 5 minutes, when the plane was in Turkish airspace for a maximum of 17 seconds (7 seconds or less by independent studies)? The Turkish story stinks to high heaven.

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