Tesla Motors Inc CEO Calls Steve Jobs ‘Kind Of A Jerk’

Tesla Motors Inc CEO Calls Steve Jobs ‘Kind Of A Jerk’
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Tesla and Apple are in some ways similar, but the two men who may be most closely associated with the two companies (Elon Musk and Steve Jobs) have apparently butted heads in the past. Recently Tesla CEO Musk said he met Jobs just once, and, “He was kind of a jerk” then.

Tesla CEO too outspoken

Musk made this remark when asked to comment on Apple’s former CEO by GQ magazine. Musk was about to say more, but then he stopped himself, and asked to “withdraw” his comments, saying it was a “personal experience.” The Tesla CEO further told GQ that Google’s Larry Page introduced him to meet Jobs at a party long ago, and Jobs was not aware of who he was.

Musk told GQ, “The last thing I need is to generate animosity, you know.”

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Musk was asked if the manner in which Job’s legacy is being fought over ever makes him reflect on how he is thought of or how he will be in the future. To this, Musk said “actions” are the only things that matter and not what people think of him in the future.

“I’ll be long dead. But the actions that I take, will they have been useful?” Musk said.

Not the first time

Musk criticized Jobs earlier as well. Last month, Musk gave an interview to German newspaper Handelsblatt. The resulting article included an exchange relating to Apple’s rumored move into electric cars. Musk said he is not at all worried about competition from Apple’s electric car project, Project Titan. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple plans to ship its first vehicle in 2019.

When asked about Apple poaching talent from Tesla, Musk said Apple is a “Tesla graveyard” because it is full of all employees who had worked for Tesla in the past but had been fired because they could not perform well. In the last few months, Apple has hired a number of engineers with a background in automotive and battery design, including a senior engineer from Tesla.

And not just this, as Musk even mocked the Apple Watch and the company’s ambitions at creating an electric car as well.

“No, seriously. It’s good that Apple is moving and investing in this direction. But cars are very complex compared to phones or smart watches. You can’t just go to a supplier like Foxconn and say ‘build me a car,’” Musk said.

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  1. Arthur, its pretty clear you haven’t read enough about Elon Musk and his “Vision”. Its way beyond Model S cars. He is trying to make humanity independent of fossil fuel using a combination of solar and battery technology (Solar City and Tesla). He want us to get off of traditional road/train transport system which is highly inefficient (HyperLoop). He also want us to go inter-planetary (SpaceX). Steve Jobs…mehhh…just a phone is all he did.

  2. ..you’re not worth the effort….so I’ll just use a generic statement…”calling you stupid would be an insult to stupid people”

  3. So you don’t think any other one of the many thousands of chemists would have been able to figure out chlorination? What I want to know is which idiot decided to add fluoride to bottled water a decade ago that probably sickened millions of kids by destroying their digestive system…but hey..at least they had nice clean teeth…right? Must have been the EPA or the FDA that came up with that idea. Then…the entire fluoride experiment on children went away almost overnight. Anyway, it is a good thing that modern water supply systems rely much less on chlorine nowadays and use technology such as UV to sanitize water.
    Then you say complete nonsense like: “Elon Musk will reduce our dependence on Saudi Oil and drop the world’s carbon footprint” Man….looks like you’re still drinking that fluorinated water. First, the USA gets most of its oil from the Americas. Our #1 source is good ol USA. Our #2 source is Canada. Most of the rest comes from other parts of the Americas.
    Regarding the environment: Battery electric vehicles are very easy to make….the reason why major manufacturers have to be forced by the EPA to make these is because everyone in the auto industry knows that there are health risks associated with placing human brains in very close proximity to powerful electric motors….the only unknown is how bad the health effects are and for what duration of exposure. Also, in this day and age, an electric vehicle requires far more energy to operate than a comparable ICE automobile. The best comparison is the Honda Civic CNG and a Kia Soul EV. Our #1 source of electricity is coal…our #2 source is natural gas…and both of these together get us 70% of our electricity. Most of the rest is from Plutonium. So, since natural gas is the best of these three sources, lets assume the electricity in the Kia’s battery was produced by a natural gas power plant. You burn 10 gallons of natural gas (yes I know that the standard unit is CF or M3, but lets keep it simple) at the power plant at 40% efficiency and you’ve got 4 gallons leaving the plant as e-juice. The big substation at the plant will be at least a 1% loss, another 5% to 25% loss in transmission and distribution and a minimum 10% charging loss and you’ve got at best 3.36 gallons of e-juice going into your Kia’s battery (I was nice and assumed the minimum 5% transmission/distribution loss). Now Americans put on many more highway miles than city miles, so the EV Kia that is rated at 92 MPGe highway can actually only travel 31 miles per gallon of natural gas burned at the power plant. Also, this is only feasible with a brand new battery. The battery will degrade by 5% for every 20k miles. So, if we use 60,000 miles as an average age, you’re averaging 26 miles per gallon burned at the power plant. Also, if you’re driving in a hot or a cold climate, you will experience another 30% to 50% loss, so now you will be at best at 18 MPGe. Finally, if Hillary becomes president she will force all fossil power plants to burn twice as fast through our children’s natural resources due to regulations so she and her friends can make money on their alternative energy stocks while our kids get left with fewer and fewer resources. Anyway, what that means is another 50% loss so now your Kia EV is at 13 MPGe at best, or 9 MPGe if you’re in a cold or hot part of the country. The Civic CNG gets about 38 MPGe. But lets not go 1 year into the future where the EV will be even less efficient due to Hillarious regulations. In this day and age, your Kia is at 18 to 26 MPGe, so much worse than the CNG Honda.
    Also, it has been shown that small displacement CNG engines outlast petrol engines, so the little Honda should be good for 500K miles. Should we now talk about the environmental damage from the five or six batteries your Kia will need to get to 500K miles?
    By the way, the USA has the largest reserves of fossil fuel in the world. Also, you would be surprised at just how many Americans and others from all over the world view Steve Jobs as one of the greatest Americans of all time.

  4. In fairness, both Jobs and Musk made major contributions that have changed or are changing the world. However, my hope is that Musk will be seen as the person who did the most to help mankind change paths towards a more sustainable society. We are in what will surely be seen decades from now as a true turning point.

  5. I agree with Combo185. To say that Steve Jobs was “one of the most important Americans of all time” is being completely ignorant of what a true contribution to society is. How about John Leal who first chlorinated the water distribution system and reduced child deaths by 50%. And Elon Musk will reduce our dependence on Saudi Oil and drop the world’s carbon footprint. You seriously think the iphone/ipod/mac/apple tv are important inventions? If so, I think the world has its priorities upside down.

  6. Elon Musk’s Vision??? You mean those Model aSses that on average use up more fossil fuel than full size SUVs and cause all sorts of additional environmental damage on account of the huge batteries?

  7. Steve Jobs can’t even come close to what Elon Musk has done. The whole world knows that Jobs was arrogant and rude (“Jerk” in short). Elon has a vision of green energy is a million times grander and worth than Jobs pesky little phone.

  8. Steve Jobs was one of the most important Americans of our time, and probably of all time. He is definitely #1 in my book….and has been for a long time.

    Musk….well…I think the fact that he is trying to have as many Americans as possible place their children within inches of 400 HP electric motors says a lot about his character. Nope…there is no effective shielding.

    Steve was definitely a great judge of character, which explains his gut feeling towards Musk. Hopefully Tim will shake off the plague that seems to have spread through Silicon Valley and has everyone captivated as if something PRECIOUS out of a Tolkien book has taken over their minds.

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