South Korea Fires Warning Shots At Chinese Patrol Boat

South Korea Fires Warning Shots At Chinese Patrol Boat

Believing that it was dealing with a North Korean vessel, a South Korean boat fired warning shots at a Chinese patrol boat as it crossed into South Korean waters.

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Pyongyang doesn’t recognize the Yellow Sea boundary

Technically, both the United States and South Korea are still at war with North Korea.

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Korea was ruled by Japan from 1910 until the closing days of World War II. In August 1945, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan, and with the agreement of the United States, occupied Korea north of the 38th parallel. At roughly the same time, the United States occupied the south causing a Japanese surrender. Within three years in 1948, two separate governments had emerged with both believing that they were the legitimate government on the peninsula with neither accepting the legitimacy of the other.

On June 25, 1950, North Korean forces supported by both the Soviet Union and China invaded South Korea. The move into the south caused the United Nations to call the move by the north an invasion and called for an immediate ceasefire between the two which was never heeded. As a result, the United Nations dispatched forces to defend South Korea. While twenty-one nations participated in the defense of South Korea, the United States contributed nearly 90% of the forces.

Within a few months of the invasion South Korea was close to defeat until an amphibious landing of UN forces at Inchon changed the tide of the war in September of 1950. The landing effectively cut off tens of thousands of North Korean soldiers who were driven back to the Chinese border at the Yalu river. In October of 1950, Chinese soldiers crossed the same river and entered the war leading to yet another reversal of the tides of war and led to a war of attrition that lasted until 27 July 1953, when an armistice was signed.

What was a Chinese patrol boat doing in South Korea?

According to South Korea’s defense chiefs, the ship which South Korea assumed was a North Korean boat “retreated as the warning shots were being fired.” According to a South Korean Defense Ministry official, the boat was actually a Chinese patrol boat looking for illegal Chinese fishing boats.

Small wooden fishing boats from China often fish in South Korean waters and are generally allowed to go about their business by the South Korean navy stationed there to spot North Korean vessels crossing the Yellow Sea border between North and South.

However, in recent years those small wooden boats have been replaced by large steel trawlers that drop huge nets on the sea floor to meet growing demand for seafood in China. This illegal fishing has left the Seoul government begging the Chinese to step up their enforcement of this maritime poaching. Since 2011, over 2,200 Chinese vessels have been fined for illegal fishing and has also led to an increase in arrests.

Contentious sea “border” is often deadly

The Northern Limit line of the Yellow Sea has been site to a number of naval squabbles turned deadly. In May 1995, North Korean forces fired on a South Korean fishing boat resulting in the deaths of three fishermen. June 1999 saw numerous exchanges of fire between the two nations resulting in a handful of deaths.

In June of 2002, more naval clashes near the line resulted in the deaths of four South Korean sailors as well as the loss of a vessel. The number of North Korean casualties still remains unknown.

The worst incident, or deadliest, occured in May of 2010, when the ROKS Cheonan was sunk near the Northern Limit Line by a North Korean torpedo. While a rescue operation recovered 58 South Korean sailors, 46 were killed in the attack.

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  1. Class???? South Korea sink a south Korean ship, killed the crews and South Korea retaliated by shelling an empty island??? WTF???!! They are just plain yellow.

  2. Some corrections here, my friend-Those weren’t destroyers. They were old minesweepers, frigates, and seaplane tenders donated by the US to the South Vietnamese government. And one (HQ-10) was sunk by gunfire from Chinese gunboats and corvettes. The Chinese had no guided-missile ships in the area at the time-the missile strikes were likely RPGs fired from the corvettes due to the short range of the small-caliber guns on them.

  3. In 1974, China sunk two Vietnamese WW II destroyers donated by USA with missiles fired out of sight from its missile boats to rob Vietnam Paracels Islands . The US 7th fleet was not far away, ignored the Viet call for help or never gave the Viets a single missile to fight back . The 7th fleet did not even come to save the viet sailors from the two sunken ships. Never trust a foreign country to protect our land and people .

  4. I take it that you didn’t bother to read the article. The boat at which the SK Navy fired warning shots was a patrol boat that was trying to stop other vessels from fishing illegally.

  5. China cannot learn “not to be a thief”. It was born to be a thief, so you see them stealing technology, land and sea and other things

  6. So perhaps two governments are, for whatever their reasons, trying to do the right thing in a very tense area. May they find success that can lead to other understandings.

  7. “True history”, like “truth”, is never so simple, S_grant. The Soviet Union was trying to pressure the US occupation in Japan after harvesting So. Sakhalin/Karafuto and the Kurile Islands from the Japanese in the last prostrate days of Imperial Japan. MacArthur and the Dai-Ichi had refused them the occupation of Hokkaido. Kim il Sung invaded So. Korea in a bid for quick victory because Rhee was rolling up the Communist networks in the South with American support after they directed a failed uprising to derail So. Korean Interim gov’t elections. Neither side ever really accepted the trusteeship arrangement between the Soviets and the Americans. There never were non-communist Nationalist Koreans in the old Korguryo North since it bordered the Chinese Communist occupied Manchuria from even before WWII, and their Peoples’ Commitees were already established there in the transitional period from Japanese administration.
    The US divided the Korean peninsula in an interim agreement to protect their occupation of Japan until the Treaty of San Francisco was signed over Soviet and the PRC protests later. The differences you describe are not “lies and bs”, but differences over territorial influence that continue to resonate today over issues of Taiwan’s sovereignty and the contested islands of the So. China Sea (Spratlys, Paracels, etc.) and even the Daiyou/Senkaku Islands. THESE are the facts of this regional history. Don’t masquerade your interpretation as facts, please. That makes you as guilty as the ignoramuses here.

  8. Maybe their 9 dash line is actually 90 dash line LOL. Well people thinks that how US does things are wrong don’t wish for China to dominate in the military world power, you wouldn’t want a communist country to police the whole world i tell you.

  9. technically s-korea is still at war with north. An armistice is in place to end the conflict. Look it up if you don’t believe it. Mark is right.

  10. Well if China’s patrol boats were looking for actual illegal fishing going on from their own people then I could see this being a general mistake. I don’t understand why the author of this article decided to comment that the US and South Korea are at war when we’re not.

  11. I do not think Chinese patrol looking illegal Chinese fishing boats but the reality is China want to expand territory and that’s true.

  12. so, SKorea is begging China to step up their enforcement against their own for illegal fishing ??? LOL Hello ! SKoreans

  13. There was no treaty with North Korea ending the hostilities, as everyone knows, but not talked about is there has not been one with that other belligerent, China, eiher.

  14. I really like this news.This what the world is waiting for. A Japan-South Korea tandem to deter China. China is already abusing looks like they think of themselves as Lord of Asia. Not anymore.

  15. china encourages their fishermen to do illegal fishing on the West Philippine sea and all parts of the Pacific ocean , in order to displace other nations attention to that ,instead of what they are really doing , making fake islands .

  16. Actually the US-backed dictatorship in South Korea from 1945 to 1950, imprisoned and killed all opposition to their vicious rule. The Soviet Union did not start the Korean War. Kim il Sung, a WWII anti-Japanese guerrilla commander, hero and leader of North Korea, launched an invasion of South Korea due to the fact that his supporters, and potential voters, were being thrown in prison and killed by the thousands. Do a little more reading about the history before spewing your lies and propaganda. It was the US that divided Korea at the 38th parallel in the closing days of WWII, then they demanded the Soviets accept the division. That is the true history. Not lies and bs.

  17. Because there is no American bases in Vietnam. If Vietnam is truly free country the people of Vietnam would not have to endure this shameful act of cowardness caused by the stupid communist party of Vietnam.

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