The Kingdom Of Scranton

The Kingdom Of Scranton

The Kingdom Of Scranton
The Scranton people are bank rolling a government with a budget of 130 million dollars. Let’s be clear about this, the Scranton government does not produce anything. It is a “service” institution. What do you feel about its service? What can you say about the service you receive from the Scranton government? The roads are decayed, homes are blighted, shops closed repeatedly, and there are zero job prospects in this city. The local Scranton people have to contend to make this city sustainable, and have been working amazingly to do so, without any support from the corrupt local government. The Scranton government does not produce the services that warrant the Scranton people tax dollars. When you go a restaurant to order a burger and some fries, do you expect them to give you coal and dirt? Imagine having them give you coal and dirt then telling you to pay for it. This is the same thing with the Scranton government, why pay for their services?

It’s getting better

The government of the city is designed to cater to the government of Scranton. The best jobs belong to the government with pay compensation packages totaling six figures on average. (The Scranton Government Payment Package) They do not have an interest in the very people who fund their operations. If so, Where are the jobs? Where are the small business loans? Where is the venture capital? Where is the tourism? Where is the innovation? Where is the progress? Where is the opportunity of the countless young people who go to the local schools to get an internship? Where are the businesses? I have been told on many occasion that working for the government job is a first class ticket to easy street. I was told that people want their children to be fireman and policeman in order to get the best benefits. Benefits? Young adults do not need to be worried about benefits! We should never prepare young people for retirement. They are capable of amazing things! We should always expect more from our children. We should expect more from our young people. We have a 19 trillion-dollar economy. We have 20 year olds making technologies that are worth billions and in halls of Scranton government all we hear about is pension and benefits. The Scranton government is locked in a time warp. It functions like a medieval kingdom when the only think you can hope for is bounty from the land that is worked on by the peasants. And we the people play the part of peasants.

Scranton – Keep what you have

The people deserve to keep every penny they have until the government proves itself worthy of those pennies. The people of the city must stand united and do what they know is right. There is neither grey line nor common ground that can be reached between a corrupt/defunct government and the good people of the city. The people must unite. It is clear that the goal of the government is to create some grand ponzi scheme where they can live on the public dole forever at the expense of the very public that supports the government financially. The problem with this is that this scheme has caught up to them. The people of the city have had enough. They are ready for change.

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