Periscope Is Popular Among Ad Agencies, But Twitter Doesn’t Act Like It

Twitter Inc’s depressing growth numbers have been leading to criticism from Wall Street, but its live-video app Periscope is one thing it can be proud of. The just 8 months old service has become a hit with ad agencies, says a report from Digiday.

Periscope Is Popular Among Ad Agencies, But Twitter Doesn't Act Like It

Periscope preferred by many agencies

Twitter’s live-video app has caught the attention of ad agencies, who are pleased with the app because it is interactive and raw. They see it as a vehicle that creates a sense of urgency, thus attracting users’ attention.

Periscope is the choice of many major brands – Target, BMW and Benefit – and all have used it to tease product launches or go behind the scenes in their offices. Deutsch made use of Periscope to stream a live “press conference” for Taco Bell’s Breakfast Defectors Day. EVP and director of digital strategy at Deutsch, Zach Gallagher, said, “The possibility of a show going off the rails is compelling. Being there live for something that wasn’t planned is real social currency.”

Rob Fitzgerald, the President of We are Social U.S., said that Periscope ideas are in great demand among clients looking for innovation. Periscope offers a real-life approach that most of the other platforms are beginning to lose as they grow, according to Emily Canan, the senior strategist at Iris.

Inconsistent approach from Twitter

Overall, there is a consensus that Twitter’s sales approach with Periscope has not been consistent. In October, a small event #VideoNow was conducted to present all of Twitter’s video offerings to brands and clients. Many agencies feel that Twitter is not giving sufficient importance to Periscope by presenting it as just a part of all the other video features rather than showing it as a separate product, the report says.

“Our crew has been seeing it sort of tacked on at the end of Twitter decks, and even when it seems like a perfect fit for an idea, no one is really pushing it on us. We have to ask for it,” Gallagher said.

Facebook Live is picking up at a fast pace, and ad agencies firmly believe that Twitter needs to do a lot more so that Periscope also grabs the attention of businesses. Who knows, Periscope could even be a part of Twitter’s solution to the installed user growth problem.