OnHub Offers Custom Router Shells For Design Fans

While the Internet is undeniably a modern-day necessity, little thought is given to the equipment which provides such a vital service in our homes and businesses. OnHub aims to change that.

Internet routers only get our attention when they stop working, and the rest of the time are largely hidden out of sight. Now the ungainly boxes are set to get a new lease of life thanks to a partnership between OnHub and TP-LINK, writes Marilyn La Jeunesse for Mashable.

OnHub Offers Custom Router Shells For Design Fans

OnHub custom shells make internet routers less of an eyesore in the home

OnHub is a WiFi router from Google which will now have three interchangeable shells which add a bit of life to a boring piece of equipment. In order to promote the shells, OnHub invited artists and designers to stretch their creative muscles in imagining their own shells.

The project launched on Tuesday and is known as OnHub Makers. Participants include popular Brooklyn design team Adam Frezza and Terri Chao, as well as award-winning artist Maya Freelon Asante. Now members of the public can also make their own shells.

The company has provided CAD files, 2D outlines and guidelines for curious individuals who fancy designing their own router shell. The materials are available for download from the OnHub website.

Design-conscious internet users can build their own router shell online

Use the hashtag #OnHubMakers to share images of your creation on social media. Certain shells will then be selected to appear in the Maker Gallery online. Google itself will release three limited edition shells in bamboo, black and silver, and white and gold colorways.

OnHub says that the project is part of a drive to make routers less of an eyesore in the home, while also ensuring that they can stay out in the open. Hiding routers in cupboards and drawers can weaken WiFi signals and have a negative impact on the performance of your device.

According to the announcement the custom router shells are available from Wednesday onward and cost $29-39. Those with a keen eye for design, or perhaps simply a desire to try their hand at making their own shell, can now get their creative juices flowing at the OnHub website.