iPhone 7 Configuration Rumors Already Swirling

iPhone 7 Configuration Rumors Already Swirling
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Not long after the release of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, rumors are already swirling about the release of a new Apple smartphone.

Discussions about the iPhone 7 are already making waves online even though we are about to enter the first and last period of festive sales of the existing iPhone 6s. The current generation was released in September but a new report claims that Apple is already making considerable progress in developing the iPhone 7.

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iPhone 7 rumors just months after release of iPhone 6s

Apple has developed a launch pattern in which the iPhone 7 is scheduled for release in the second part of 2016. It is expected to boast a larger number of innovations than the 6s before it. Although the “S” models do represent an upgrade over their predecessors, the non-“S” handsets are usually the ones that introduce a radically different design and new operating system.

If the report is to be believed there are up to 5 different variations of the next generation iPhone currently undergoing testing by Apple engineers. Other rumors concern the possibility that Apple would ensure that the new iPhone would be waterproof to a certain depth, or that new design features would make the handset dust proof and more durable than previous versions.

The report says that its source has also heard that Apple is experimenting with AMOLED displays, but other reports have specified that the first AMOLED iPhone will not hit the shelves until 2018.

Report claims Apple experimenting with five different configurations

Now it appears that Apple may be considering the release of five different versions of the smartphone, allowing users to choose which features are most important to them. One suggested option is the removal of Apple’s own Lightning port in favor of the new USB-C port.

Another possibility is that Apple will build in fast wireless charging technology, and it is also suggested that multi-touch 3D Touch may be included alongside dual camera integration and built-in biometric fingerprint detection in the screen of the new iPhone 7.

Despite the fantastical claims it is impossible for Apple or any other company to release a device which satisfies every consumer’s wish list of features. What Apple can do is develop and include those features that benefit the functionality of the device and differentiate it from competitors.

Rumors should be taken with a pinch of salt

3D Touch has proved to be a success on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, and it seems like a logical progression for multi-touch capabilities to be added on the next generation smartphone. It is possible that an upgraded system would allow users to summon more contextual information and use multiple fingers to perform more complicated tasks.

It must be said that the report does not cite any reputable sources, and there is a danger of being sucked in by pure speculation and rumor mongering. However the reported features do sound quite exciting, as well as sounding perfectly logical given Apple’s past work.

In fact the report contains what amounts to a disclaimer, specifying that the source has provided good information on Apple products in the past but is no means an insider. There is a distinct possibility that even if Apple is experimenting with different configurations of the iPhone 7 most of them will disappear before the new smartphone is released.

Technology rumors becoming an industry unto itself

Alongside the continued rise of Apple a number of supporting industries continue to thrive. One is the seemingly never ending number of blogs and websites devoted to discussing the latest developments from technology giants such as Apple, Google and Samsung.

While certain insiders have amazing records of predicting which features new products will have, other reports are based on hearsay or sometimes just a vivid imagination. One man with a brilliant record is Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned Apple insider that predicts future product features with remarkable accuracy.

A leaked report from Kuo at the beginning of November detailed that there would be 3 different sizes of iPhone 7 which would each sell for a different price. One of the most frequent issues raised by Apple users is the lack of a 4-inch form factor, and Kuo says the company will finally listen with the iPhone 7.

He claims that there will also be more of a significant difference in performance between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, with the larger model featuring 3GB of RAM compared to its smaller cousin. Given his track record it would appear to be a safer bet to listen to Kuo than an unnamed source that even the report admits is not a safe bet.


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