This week’s Pickens Podcast is a conversation with Carl Icahn. Carl and Boone were pioneers in the corporate restructuring and shareholder rights movement dating back to the 1980s.

Since he started Icahn & Co in 1968, Carl has been a leader in increasing the value of the companies he has been involved with and, at the same time, making certain the owners – the shareholders – have their voices heard in the boardrooms.

During the conversation, the two men discussed energy security, including the effect of Saudi oil exports on America’s production, Carl’s views on the markets and much more.

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Dallas, TX, December 3, 2015) Boone Pickens, in his continuing podcast series, sat down with legendary businessman and activist shareholder, Carl Icahn, where the two men discussed energy security, including the effect of Saudi oil exports on America’s production, Carl’s views on the markets and much more.

Excerpts of his interview with Icahn ran this morning on Bloomberg TV’s Bloomberg (GO), anchored by Stephanie Ruhle and David Westin.

The T. Boone Pickens Podcast Channel, which launched eight months ago, has featured other nationally known thought-leaders such as former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, former CIA Director James Woolsey, former National Security Advisor Bud McFarlane, plus several other notables. Over 67,000 listeners have tuned in to these informative, engaging podcasts to learn more about energy security.

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0:00look hot Jhankar know I could just a lot of younger job where he was when he was
0:12James Watt and use their global this technique is right at the very least I
0:19would go down the street they are no question one powerful voice in corporate
0:35America to say that
4:19and he’s well I go home he has always insisted that even in the system like
4:59the secretary assistant at work I’ll call while mister get all these lawsuits
5:06sure enough as they came out lawsuits will come up reply he did not get out
5:13that they have to do what it do another just how he would get to do it every
5:17quarter he went into oklahoma
5:21the mall so now I’m there we ought to start and had to do something I could do
5:27whatever the hell they did so and we will make money ok so now I’m really
5:35happy but I get a bill from this lawyer who work with me one day longer add
5:42edition of the book but we made a great deal of money and I call my neighbors
5:52say jurors are so much joy so I guess I think you have what I gradually you
6:06didn’t bring jobs back
6:08and I said what does one have to ask you to live here to stay
6:12I’m looking at you and you know who’s only you could ascertain whether you
6:18know how is that right I said yourself you know what measures go boom that’s a
6:30get rid of it said that’s right that’s true I said but still can I see your
6:38time shoots so I said I’d ask you about deaths good that’s good to know but you
6:51know I know you’re busy man I’m a busy guy I didn’t cause I want to
6:57congratulate you get what I said ok and carrot or going back and then a high
7:32to get rid of the James Wallace James boy got really good book
7:54by the way to show it was getting was the idea his ODEs goes we all do
8:16yeah she’s a she’s not because republicans are good that’s kinda same
8:33place today
8:35ok now this election presidential election 77 counties where republican
8:47whole plane was I last talked about this ok they use deals take these positions
9:06like we are all week for two years ago
9:11go we pulled it off shortly after the investment bankers and log in those
9:16takeover deals we did you know she served with all those four we pulled a
9:23gas can never did take and we got together my range for two days and we
9:31will take into account the end came up with built in a proper that we had to
9:48have a proxy and we’re afraid of how we’re always here we do you feel you did
10:00you have you left me i dont stock in it and you remember this but W you will you
10:07deliver so everybody do it doesn’t satisfy you with their situational guys
10:13and the CEO is it one of those you mentioned you come out
10:19graphs see you guys soon as you go
10:28jamison that it was chosen let’s look at those institutions / AP is downtown
10:41reduction ratio down down down live @ you call us let me look at your revenue
10:52down down down there don’t feel like okay that they had the highest fine yeah
11:08yeah yeah
11:09$40 or $50 off $200 orders and they get there but what part of the cost and so
11:39it was really good by me all three years on and off and we always do great except
11:50now obviously with rice oil now is pretty bad so you know I think it’ll
11:57work out eventually but I don’t know what I think it’s gonna be tough
12:01well I think we strive to show cause flash in one day
12:12when you look at what’s happened to her and the reason it happened
12:17sad he wanted a us-produced oversupply by Mark shail
12:29ok so they wanna stop you know for sure
12:371693 down by 14 Rich Dad Poor Dad took a day off 66 taking other girls prep work
12:56ok to her and so they’re real quick
13:10ok it also shows a bridge right ok who else to her opaque and here by the
13:22company believes she does say look what I got all these things right and sure
13:35the company’s own side only thing about this but a way out there today
13:59it’s even better than that because you could argue to his life to another
14:05conclusion so they put now everybody’s love them so they need a license so I
14:16can imagine so let’s screw around with the oil price that could be true that
14:23could happen
14:24yeah there the whole and so they weren’t so far later yeah but it depends on how
14:32long because it’s working maybe for both of them because then they see more oil
14:36down for a while and then put everybody out of these guys out of business
14:41associate attorney is favored by God with all this stuff so make sure you
14:48know you like exploration well thats so glad I did not get out how we’re just so
14:56then then they will get up in japan’s let you know how they look at these guys
15:01in oklahoma
15:02and they said well how much money the holdout silence to six months of you
15:09don’t let it be $7 within six so I think that’s a lot of time on it I hope you’re
15:21right we’ve helped me alot too I mean we thought and I’m sure it’s a while
15:30self you know I made a few books there but I’m losing you know you could I
15:38think you gonna be right
15:40will want to be sure how soon I am Not sure you go back and look at my record
15:49we’re driving and direction that

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