How to pass the CFA

How to pass the CFA

How to Pass the CFA – advice for all three levels

How to Pass the CFA Exam level I

Published on Dec 9, 2015
Dr. Carl Crego, CFA, has been helping his students reach their goal of earning the coveted CFA charter for the past 24 years. In this video, he shares some tips on passing the CFA Level I Exam. Dr. Crego is the Level I CFA instructor at the New York Society of Security Analysts (NYSSA). Visit to learn more about NYSSA’s online course videos.

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How to Pass the CFA Exam level II

Published on Dec 9, 2015
O. Nathan Ronen, CFA, lead CFA instructor at NYSSA gives an overview of the Level II CFA exam and tips for passing the exam. He has been teaching CFA Levels I, II and III for 19 years and has helped over 20,000 candidates pass the exam.

How to Pass the CFA Exam level III

Published on Dec 9, 2015
O. Nathan Ronen, CFA, is the lead CFA instructor at NYSSA and has helped over 20,000 candidates pass the CFA exams. He has been teaching CFA Levels I, II and III for over 18 years and has a unique understanding of each level. For more info visit:

How to Pass the CFA Exam auto-transcript

0:06my name is called Creek oh and I am the straw
0:10with a CFA
0:11table 1 review courses here at and why I say in this video we’re going to be
0:17talking about how to prepare for the CFA level 1 exam there are 18 study sessions
0:26for the level 1 examination the CFA Institute believes that you should study
0:33at least 15 to 20 hours per study session so your total study time will be
0:39somewhere between two hundred and seventy two three hundred and sixty
0:43hours of prep that means that you can get to dedicate a lot of time out of
0:50your schedule to prepare for this exam give you some tips on how to begin to
0:55prepare for the test as soon as you’ve registered with the CFA Institute
1:00receiver study materials and you should begin immediately to review a topic area
1:08I recommend that you start with ethics ethics is one where there’s not a lot of
1:15math involved whether by factors not something that you probably have some
1:21experience with you work and you can then begin to look at the standards of
1:27professional conduct our code of ethics and see what your requirements are under
1:32that as a CFA can they do not memorized the standard numbers with area code of
1:38ethics have to concentrate on how to apply them to factual situations another
1:44thing is to use be able to use the calculator required for the exam there
1:52are only two calculators on the test the HP 12 C and the TI be a two plus now we
2:05do you offer courses here at and Issa on how to use these two calculators you can
2:10check our website for they time those offerings of those courses in another
2:18area where people have some difficulty
2:21should be looking at it squad and financial reporting and analysis the
2:32calculators are used a lot in quiet so you’re getting double coverage there
2:38with that and with financial reporting and analysis you need to have a good
2:46understanding of basic financial accounting so you need to review debits
2:51and credits income statement balance sheet statement cash while this will
2:58give you a solid foundation then to do the applications are required in the
3:02curriculum itself and again with regard to the we’re offering one day courses
3:07here as a background for both quantitative message and financial
3:12reporting and analysis to prepare you for the material that you need for the
3:16CFA critical another area and one that is very important as well as to always
3:25check for iraq this is especially true with the CFAs exclude they have already
3:33posted about a page and a ride up for the curriculum for next year and it is
3:41imperative that you check with us because you’ll be reading and in some of
3:46the number will come up and you don’t understand it and that’s because it’s a
3:49typographical error and needs to be corrected so please make sure that you
3:54do that from time to time
3:57another thing you can get into that would be useful as a study group
4:06check with your local society to determine their farming study groups we
4:12do this here in NYC as a service to CFA candidates and it as a way of getting
4:17together with other people going over notes going over the curriculum and
4:25filling in gaps that you may have your knowledge of someone else may be an
4:29expert in so these are the key things that you can do to begin to prepare for
4:35the exam you should start now I can’t overemphasize the fact that you should
4:39begin now with your preparation and if you start with something and if you
4:44don’t wanna do ethics right now that’s fine if your weekend quant or financial
4:51accounting you could be do some basic review there or I go to an area that
4:58you’re strong in if an equity analyst read the section on equity analyst if
5:03you’re in fixed income reduced re sessions on fixed income if you like
5:07portfolio management or had a course and portfolio management perhaps an
5:11undergraduate or graduate education read the material on that be careful as you
5:18go through this material

How to pass the CFA

5:19look at the LSE’s now the LSS taste and for learning outcomes states they are to
5:29be getting of each reading and that tells you what you should focus on in
5:34that particular reading the examination questions will be drawn from the areas
5:40covered by those learning outcomes statements so you want to focus in on
5:44that material that is covered by the OS so when you’re looking at a study
5:50session reading for study session
5:52read first the OS’s do the reading go back and check to see have like covered
5:59what I’ve outlined or what I’ve highlighted the material that covers
6:05each and every one of those LSE’s look at the command works if it says
6:11calculate expected to a capitulation on the exam covering that topic area that
6:17LLS if it says described

How to pass the CFA

6:19you’re not really going to be describing but you may have to apply a concept to a
6:25particular situation so the exam will basically be probably between 20 and 30
6:31percent quantitative questions calculations and somewhere between
6:36seventy to eighty percent will be qualitative like questions so be careful
6:42what do I need to calculate what formula so I need to memorize the formulas to I
6:47just need to have a conceptual basis on this will also help you with your study
6:51program one of the other things that you can do that so would be a big help is
6:57within financial reporting and analysis we have ratios that you are expected to

How to pass the CFA

7:06now such as the current ratio current assets divided by current liabilities
7:10you can put those on no cars and then begin the process of memorizing those
7:15you won’t need those for the exam most likely in conceptual type questions as
7:23opposed to the actual calculating of many others ratio so another point
7:32within the financial analysis as you go through what make sure that you
7:36understand the differences and similarities between what you asked AB
7:41says which is the accounting rules for the United States forces I first
7:47international financial reporting standards because they will probably ask
7:56questions compare contrast in a multiple choice format remember for level 1 exam
8:01there will be two hundred and forty multiple choice questions one hundred
8:07and twenty and thus we r morning session 120 and III our afternoon session so
8:13you’ve got about ninety seconds to answer each question this should give
8:18you a good foundation to begin your preparation for the program and is
8:25essential as I’ve said again and I can’t over-emphasize enough please
8:31now you can’t wait until the very end there simply too much material to go
8:37through to wait a month or month-and-a-half before the exam to
8:43begin to prepare this is a race that goes to those slow person as the sailor
8:48one who chipped away at each and every day or each and every week and this is
8:53what you need to do now I wish you the very best with your study program and
9:00hope that you’ll be successful at it in the coming year

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