Google Inc Uses Homepage To Advertise iOS And Android Apps

Google Inc Uses Homepage To Advertise iOS And Android Apps
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Google has lots of apps for both iOS and Android devices, and this is what the Internet firm wants smartphone users to know this holiday season. To advertise this, the company — for the first time — used its homepage.

Google uses homepage to promote its offerings

On the homepage, above the wrapped present icon, there are links to Google apps that are in its Play Store and also in the Apple App store. A short message reads, “Unwrap the best of Google for Android and iOS.”

If you think the search giant does not do enough for iOS users, think again. The Internet firm has 62 different iPhone apps and 47 iPad apps. Google and Apple are arch rivals when it comes to the mobile space even though the company has developed several iOS apps to date, including mainstream apps such as Gmail and also apps for webmasters and YouTube content creators that are more back-end focused.

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With such a promotion, the company aims to take advantage of “one of the biggest download times of the year,” says Re/code. Christmas leaves lots of time for people to fill their newly owned devices with content, and the Internet firm knows this very well.

Which will be the first trillion dollar company?

Apart from the race to dominate the smartphone world, Apple and Google are also in the race to become the first trillion dollar company. Though Apple was the favorite in the race, a recent drop in its stock price has allowed Google parent company Alphabet to make a comeback.

Apple was valued at nearly $775 billion at its peak price earlier this year. Fears among investors that iPhone sales aren’t growing have resulted in a massive decline in the share price. The popularity of smartphones running Google’s Android operating system is also responsible for this in part.

Though Apple remains the world’s most valuable company, Google is not far behind and is growing at a brisk pace. The market value of Apple and Google is $605 billion and $527 billion at present, respectively. A gap of $80 billion may sound big, but the search giant’s valuation only needs to go up 15% to beat Apple’s current valuation.

Above all, momentum is also with Google with its stock up 43% this year versus Apple’s decline of 2%.

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