Google Unseated As Best Place To Work: Glassdoor

Google Unseated As Best Place To Work: Glassdoor

Google once dominated Glassdoor’s list of The Best Places to Work, but it has been unseated by a very unlikely competitor: Arbnb. In fact, Google has tumbled down the list of large employers to eighth place after other smaller name companies, including Guidewire.

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This week Glassdoor published the results from its eighth annual Employees’ Choice Awards. This year the firm expanded the program to include six categories in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France and Germany and put together two lists: one for large companies (those with at least 1,000 employees) and a second for small- to medium-sized companies.

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Employees who participate in the Employees’ Choice Awards voluntarily submit their opinions on working at various companies. The ratings are based on a five-point scale, with one being “very dissatisfied” and five being “very satisfied.”

Google unseated by Airbnb

At the top of Glassdoor‘s list for large companies is Airbnb, which, interestingly, made it onto the list for the very first time this year. Some of the pros employees gave for working at the company included open-mindedness, collaboration, and innovation, and the firm earned a score of 4.6. Google fell from the top spot on last year’s list to eighth place this year with a score of 4.3 but remains one of just four companies to grab a spot in the top 50 list in all of the annual survey’s eight years. The other three companies were Apple (4.0), Bain & Company (4.6) and Chevron (4.0).

Glassdoor found 13 new companies added to the list this year, including Twitter at 33rd place, Red Bull, which landed in 46th place, Delta Air Lines at 21st, and Expedia at 16th place. Here’s a look at the top ten large companies:

  1. Airbnb
  2. Bain & Company
  3. Guidewire
  4. Hubspot
  5. Facebook
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Boston Consulting Group
  8. Google
  9. Nestle Purina
  10. Zillow

Major tech companies fading in popularity?

In past years, America’s technology companies have figured prominently on Glassdoor’s list as employees praised the many perks they offer, like on-campus eateries and gyms, among others. This year, they do again to some extent, although not as much in years past. This continues the trend from last year, which saw Google as the only massive U.S.-based tech giant in the top ten.

Bain & Company retained its second place position from last year, while Nestle fell from third place and Facebook climbed from 13th place last year. Apple fell from 22nd place last year to 25th place this year, continuing the decline from 2013, while LinkedIn climbed significantly from 23rd place last year and Zillow climbed from 33rd place last year to earn a spot in the top ten this year.

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