BlackBerry Ltd CEO To Apple Inc. – ‘Criminals Don’t Deserve Privacy’

BlackBerry Ltd CEO To Apple Inc. – ‘Criminals Don’t Deserve Privacy’
jieyirain / Pixabay

BlackBerry CEO John Chen took a dig at Apple’s approach to the privacy of users in a blog post, saying, “Our privacy commitment does not extend to criminals.” Even though Chen does not name Apple directly, he links an ArsTechnica article which reports that a New York federal judge is not happy with Apple’s stance in a case related to an iPhone belonging to a suspected drug dealer.

Apple open about its privacy approach

Apple has always been saying that its approach towards privacy is fundamental and that it will not comply with government agencies when it does not have to. Chen feels that Apple must not restrict it such a stance.

“For years, government officials have pleaded to the technology industry for help. Yet [the requests] have been met with disdain,” Chen said.

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