BlackBerry May Come Up With Bike-Riding Case For Priv

BlackBerry May Come Up With Bike-Riding Case For Priv
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The BlackBerry Priv was released only recently, and to push its adoption further, the Canadian firm has already started looking for case and accessory ideas. The company recently launched a competition for students in which they were required to give ideas, and the winning proposal might be converted into a real BlackBerry product.

BlackBerry Priv carrying case for bicyclists

Students from some of the best design colleges and universities participated in the PRIV Carrying Solution Design Competition. But the winning idea came from a student named Benjamin Miller from Carleton University of Ottawa. Miller created a carrying case for bicyclists called the PRIV+RIDE.

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In his contest entry, Miller wrote that it is very tricky and dangerous to ride a bicycle and use a smartphone at the same time, but most avid cyclists still do that because it is very important for them to remain connected while riding a bicycle. To overcome the risk, the PRIV+RIDE will allow cyclists to use all the phone functionalities “without the need to look at it.” The case also reduces the chances of dropping and damaging the device.

The PRIV+RIDE carrying case is attached to a jersey that can be worn while riding a bike. The case securely seals the BlackBerry Priv in a rubberized, waterproof pouch on the user’s back. On the front of the jersey, there are volume, call and music playback buttons.

Miller will get a BlackBerry Priv and $1,000 for his winning design. If BlackBerry goes ahead and makes Miller’s carrying case, then all proceeds from its sale will be given to Carleton University as a donation.

Priv’s Aluminum Bumper Case – the runner-up

The runner-up was North Carolina State University’s Koji Tokushige, who designed an Aluminium Bumper Case for the Priv which protects the device, but does not cover it up. He received $500 and a Priv as an award.

For each entry, the judges had their focus on four qualities: aesthetics, innovation, features and function. Cortez Corley, BlackBerry’s Senior Industrial Designer, who was among the judges, said BlackBerry wanted to preview how the next-generation of designers would approach solutions for the Priv, and for this purpose it launched the competition.

“The student designers also had to leverage the unique form factor and functionality of the Priv to create thoughtfully designed product solutions,” Corley said.

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