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A Private Apple Inc. Museum Is Open In Prague

A private Apple Museum was opened by a mysterious collector in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The museum claimed to have the world’s largest private exhibition of its kind including the Apple Lisa, Macintosh TV, as well as the business cards of the late Steve Jobs at NeXT and Pixar.

The private Apple Museum has 472 exhibits, which are housed in three buildings in Prague’s old town. The entrance fee to the museum is €11 for adults, €8 for students, €5 for children, and €26 for the family.

Aside from the museum, a raw vegan restaurant called Steven’s Food is expected to open in the area. The restaurant will probably serve foods enjoyed by the late Apple CEO and co-founder.

The website of the museum stated that Prague is the “the first city where you can see this unique exhibition.” Based on the statement, there is a possibility that the person behind the exhibit may have plans to show his collection in other cities.

Apple has no official Apple Store in the capital city, but it has a store-within-a-store branch at Alza. The tech giant also has authorized resellers and repair centers in the capital city.

No official Apple Museum

Currently, Apple does not have an official museum for its products. The tech giant previously had one, but Jobs decided to shut it down when he returned to the company in 1997.

There are several unofficial virtual and brick-and-mortar Apple museums such as the All About Apple in Savona, Italy and The Apple Museum, a website dedicated to cataloguing the tech giant’s products and people.

All About Apple also claims to have the world’s largest collection of Apple products. It has more than 10,000 exhibits including computers in full working order, printers, among others.

Apple iPhone 7

Meanwhile, Daniel Ives, a consumer electronics analyst at FBR Capital recently suggested that the iPhone 7 will be probably the last smartphone from Apple. According to him, the iPhone 7 could “be the last hurrah in terms of blockbuster upgrades.”

Many suggested that the smartphone market already reached its peak. Major manufacturers in the industry are already experiencing diminishing returns from smartphones. Ives believed that Apple will focus its attention on other innovations after the release of the iPhone 7.


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