Why Apple Is Showing iPhone 6s Ads On iPhones

Why Apple Is Showing iPhone 6s Ads On iPhones
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Apple’s strategy of displaying pop-up ads asking users to upgrade their iPhones on earlier models of the iPhone seems to be a failure as users are complaining about them. Since last week, several users have complained on Twitter and Reddit about the full-screen ads that appear whenever they open the App Store.

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iPhone 6S ad agitates users

The ad contains a picture of the iPhone 6s with the tagline “ridiculously powerful” and presents three options: skipping the ad, learning more about the product or upgrading to the new device then and there. John Gruber — a noted Apple blogger — described the ads as “uncouth.”

Most of users of the iPhone 5s or older versions say the ads started appearing only after they upgraded their phones’ software to iOS 9.2. Surprisingly, there was at least one user of the iPhone 6s who claimed on Twitter that even he was shown the iPhone 6s ad. iPhone owners say that it is unfair on the company’s part to display the ads considering its claims “that it’s only interested in getting users to buy its products — not in turning them into a captive audience for advertisements,” says the Verge. One of the users on Apple Insider’s forum compared the ads to being up-sold when buying a new car.

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“[It’s] kinda like buying a low-end/entry level model from a car manufacturer, open up the on-screen owner’s manual, and it has a pop-up recommending you by [sic] the high-end/premium model,” the user said.

Is Apple struggling with iPhone sales?

Apple has established a trend of promoting its products within its own products, and this ad is just the latest example of it. For several years, Apple has been doing the same within iTunes and more recently with Apple Music as well. However, promoting the new iPhones on older iPhones can be seen as a new thing. Such an experiment points to two possibilities. Either the iPhone firm doesn’t want to let go of any chance to promote its new phone or sales of the new phone are not going as expected, so the firm is trying to push it to users.

The possibility of the second option was somewhat supported by a Credit Suisse report issued on Tuesday. The report claimed that there is growing evidence pointing to a subdued iPhone cycle for the next few quarters.

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