Apple Inc.: Kardashian’s ‘Kimoji’ Is Not Popular Enough To Crash App Store

Apple Inc.: Kardashian’s ‘Kimoji’ Is Not Popular Enough To Crash App Store
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Apple has refuted claims that Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji emoji app broke the iOS App Store. On Monday, the pop culture icon issued a public apology on Monday stating that the load of her app was supposedly too great for Apple’s servers to bear, thus resulting in breaking the iOS App Store.

Kim did not break the App Store

Kardashian, who is known to be a master of social media, told her 38.1 million followers on Twitter that she “broke the App Store” on Monday. Kimoji is an app which allows users to copy and paste Kardashian-themed characters into messages.

“Apple, I’m so sorry I broke your App Store!!! We worked so hard on this app & we know there are some issues due to the massive downloads that the whole tech team is so working on!” Kim tweeted on Monday.

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Many news outlets pounced on Kardashian’s tweets, which later proved to be false. For example, gossip site TMZ helped in spreading the rumors by claiming that Kardashian’s Kimoji app, priced at $1.99, generated 9,000 download requests per millisecond at one point. The site did not cite any source for its claims but said it heard somewhere that the tech team at Apple “swooped in and shored up” the App Store, and this was the reason it did not crash fully.

Apple denies Kim’s claim

Apple’s Systems Status page showed that there were no reported App Store issues on Monday. However, there were many fans who complained that the $2 keyboard plug-in wasn’t available for download. Many fortunate fans who were successfully able to download the app complained that it didn’t function properly on various messaging and social media apps. Also many fans looking for the Kimoji app faced troubles finding it on the App Store, but that may be because it takes some time for the company to properly index new apps for search.

Denying many reports and Kardashian’s own claims, Apple told TechInsider that there were no issues with the App Store on Monday. Kimoji now tops Apple’s iOS App Store charts for paid iPhone apps, and what’s interesting is that it’s been available for just one day. The credit for this goes surely to the media firestorm that took place on Monday.

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