Microsoft Removes Windows 10 November Update Via MCT

In a surprise move, Microsoft has removed the downloadable versions of Windows 10 November update. When the company started pushing out the November update (Version 1511, 10586) on Nov.12, it allowed people to download full copies of the installer using Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool (MCT). The MCT could be used to perform clean installs as well as upgrades. But now users can no longer perform clean installs of Windows 10 November update.

Version 1511 MCT replaced with Windows 10 build 10240

The Redmond-based software giant has removed Version 1511 MCT, and replaced it with the original Windows 10 build 10240 that was released in July. Microsoft said in a statement that these downloads can’t be used to upgrade PCs to the November update. The software giant has been slowly rolling out the Version 1511. Those who didn’t want to wait were using the MCT route to upgrade to the latest version.

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The MCT route was convenient when updating multiple PCs. Users could create bootable, installable media to upgrade multiple devices to Version 1511 without have to download the files to each system. Since clean install to Version 1511 is no longer possible, users have to install the original RTM version and then update to the latest version through Windows Update. Two large downloads would make it more inconvenient.

A major inconvenience for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 users

Microsoft said the November update will be pushed out only through Windows Update over time. With this, Microsoft has limited how users can obtain the latest version of Windows 10. Notably, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users eligible for the free upgrade will have to first install the July version (build 10240) and then upgrade to Version 1511. Each of them is at least 3GB in size.

Users already running Windows 10 build 10240 must wait for Microsoft to offer the Version 1511 via Windows Update. The latest update to the OS brings some impressive features such as 30% faster boot time and new functionality for Cortana. However, users have reported a lot of bugs and glitches in the November update. Some said the bug caused the installation process to get stuck at 44%, while others claimed that it deletes installed applications during the installation process without warning in advance.