US Risks Unleashing Nuclear War With China

US Risks Unleashing Nuclear War With China
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With reports that Beijing is ready to respond to U.S. provocations in South China Sea, China’s defense minister is urging Washington to stop threatening Beijing’s sovereignty and the country’s national and security interests after last week’s incident of a U.S. warship sailing in the South China Sea.

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The warning was expressed by Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan to U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Tuesday in Kuala Lumpur, where the ministers met at the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) defense chiefs meeting.

China’s defense minister also warned the U.S. against sending additional patrols to the artificial islands in the South China Sea, which China claims its own sovereignty.

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Last week, the USS Lassen sailed inside the 12-mile nautical zone around Subi Reef in the Spratly Islands archipelago. Subi Reef is one of seven reefs that China has artificially built to claim its sovereignty over the Spratly Islands archipelago and the sea around it.

China’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement after the incident, saying that such actions are damaging “peace and stability in the region.” China also says that U.S. provocations in the South China Sea threaten the safety of people living on the islands.

More U.S. “provocations” to take place in near future

“In this regard, the Chinese side expresses extreme dissatisfaction and strongly protests,” the statement posted on China’s Foreign Ministry website says. Political experts also noted the similarity in China and Russia’s approach to allegedly defending the ‘safety’ of people living in the areas of territorial interest.

China’s officials have been outraged over the incident with the USS Lassen mission in the South China Sea, accusing Washington of escalating tensions in the region.

The U.S. then replied to China’s ongoing criticism and warning by saying that it will sail and fly wherever it wants in international waters and airspace. Moreover, the U.S. Navy stated that additional patrols could take place in the coming weeks, which raises concerns whether Beijing will be as restrained as it was a week ago or whether it will be prepared to respond militarily.

“The US has conducted naval operations in the South China Sea in recent days and will conduct similar operations in the future,” Carter said.

A few days later, China responded by conducting training for its naval jets around artificial islands in the South China Sea.

China says it is prepared to take military action against the U.S.

China’s foreign ministry said that it was closely monitoring and tracking the movement of the USS Lassen when it “illegally,” as Beijing claims, entered the area near the disputed islands. The statement by the foreign ministry also said that the U.S. decided to sail into the “sovereign territory of China” despite “repeated warnings” from Beijing.

“China consistently respects and defends the freedom of navigation and flight of any country in accordance with international law. However, it firmly opposes any country harming [China’s] sovereignty and security under the pretext of freedom of navigation and flight,” the official statement said.

Beijing also said in the statement that the nation will defend its sovereignty, security and rights in the maritime space. And the Chinese side is “ready to give an appropriate response to any country’s provocations,” according to the statement.

From the words of official Beijing, China is prepared to take military action as a response to U.S. “provocations,” which Beijing consider U.S. patrols sailing close to the disputed Spratly Islands.

U.S. risks unleashing a nuclear war with China

The media has actively been discussing the so-called ‘Taiwan Scenario’, in which the U.S. and China could fight a war over the democratic island-state that China still considers sovereign territory. Authors of an op-ed published in The Age last week – Hugh White and Michael J Cole – argued over the possible consequences of a conflict in the region.

Whether or not the U.S. is willing to eventually risk nuclear war against China over Taiwan was one of the aspects discussed by the authors.

“For most Americans, their commitment to defend Taiwan is close to sacrosanct, especially as Taiwan is now a vibrant democracy whose people clearly do not want to live under Beijing. And failing to stand up to China over Taiwan would do huge damage to US strategic leadership in Asia and beyond, while immensely strengthening China’s regional sway,” White noted.

The author adds that “the harsh reality” is that by supporting Taiwan against Chinese claims on its sovereignty, the U.S. risks unleashing a nuclear war against China.

“U.S. leaders might have to ask themselves whether they are willing to risk a nuclear attack on the continental US in order to defend Taiwan from China. If the answer is no, then Taiwan’s status quo might become harder and harder to sustain,” the author wrote.

China’s army major advances in military equipment and technology

According to a recent RAND study, which is cited by White in his article, the military balance has shifted in favor of China, particularly if a conflict is short.

The People’s Liberation Army has made quite impressive advances over the past two decades, according to the report. As for satellites, China has “been accelerating its space efforts. Its average rate of satellite launches in 2009–2014 was more than double that of 2003–2008, and more than triple that in 1997–2002.”

As late as 2003, only about 14 percent of PLA Navy Surface Fleet “destroyers and 24 percent of its frigates might have been considered modern—capable of defensive and offensive operations against a capable enemy. By 2015, those figures had risen to 65 percent and 69 percent, respectively.”

As for PLA Navy Submarine Fleet, in the period between 1996 and 2015, China has increased the number of modern diesel submarines from 2 to 37, while all but four of these boats are armed with cruise missiles as well as torpedoes.

RAND modeling suggests that “the effectiveness of the Chinese submarine fleet (as measured by the number of attack opportunities it might achieve against carriers) rose by roughly an order of magnitude between 1996 and 2010, and that it will continue to improve through 2017.”

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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    When china gets its butt kicked It will break up into 3 or 4 ethnic / linguistic areas. That scares the hell out of the communist party.
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  38. Before 1971 Taiwan did have a seat but the UN decided to recognize The Peoples Republic Of China instead and gave the seat to them essentially throwing the Republic of China (ROC) under the bus and the reason NK wasn’t invited is because their belligerence since they developed Nuclear weapons hence the red headed step child remark.

  39. Educate yourself first. Taiwan does not have a seat in the UN. Less than 20 small insignificant countries recognize Taiwan as a nation with embassies in Taiwan. Even the U.S. has no embassy in Taiwan.

    North Korea certainly is no puppet to any other government except its own. North Korea was NOT even invited to Russia’s AND China’s 70 year-victory celebration this year.

  40. No chance in hell in a war with America? .Weak China fought the almighty USA to a stand still in Korea. Remember? The sail by was closely supervised by China and was on an overlapping disputed zone shared by both China and Philippine and not merely China zone.

  41. Have you ever known the world without the games that are played, been that way since civilization arose, where it used to be legions or great navy’s it’s now nukes.

  42. Sorry, but Taiwan is a sovereign nation that is recognized by the UN and has a seat there, it’s funny that you won’t admit that North Korea and the Soviet Bloc governments were puppets but yet say this about Taiwan, now why is that.

  43. The Dalai Lama himself welcome the PLA into Tibet in 1950. It was our money and our desire to make trouble for China got us involved in Tibet. And we have been paying for it since 1959 after the failed rebellion.

    Read what our own man said about the Tibet Revolt:

    The CIA officer, Bruce Walker, who oversaw the operations of CIA-trained Tibetan agents,

    1: was troubled by the hostility from the Tibetans towards his agents:

    2: “the radio teams were experiencing major resistance from the population inside Tibet.”[35]

    3: The CIA trained Tibetans from 1957 to 1972, in the United States, and parachuted them back into Tibet to organise rebellions against the PLA.

    4: In one incident, one agent was immediately reported by his own brother and all three agents in the team were arrested.

    5: They were not mistreated. After less than a month of propaganda sessions, they were
    escorted to the Indian border and released.[36]

    The Chinese didn’t even take the invasion seriously. Do you think they will release them to the Indian side of the border knowing they could come back and fight against them later?

  44. Well to fair they did start the war and did some pretty horrible things so I have a time feeling sorry for what happened which I don’t of course and while China might not have been the wealthiest nation they made up for it in manpower and were still a threat to their neighbors even back then remember what happened to Tibet.

  45. A lot of fairly knee jerk reactions in the comments. Does everyone on here think there is t already a war of sorts already going on? This posturing and planning will go for another 5-10 years before anything happens.

    Wars are won before they start – there’s a lot of planning that goes into them.

  46. What country/nation has DF-21D, WU-14, DF-26, DF-31, DF-41,… at mach 10 speed????

    China invented the A2/AD, anti-access, area denial technology.

  47. We killed more than enough Germans to last for generations. Please read up on Eisenhower’s D.E.F. program.

    China only rises to the 21th century the last 30 years. Before that, China was as poor as North Korea. North Korea was never any kind of puppet to China.

  48. And yet, we continue to play the game of chicken with Russia and China!!!

    Afghanistan is like Vietnam. The people continue to live like the days of Alexander the Great in 323 BC, and continue to defy the odds.

  49. China only has the ability to pick on small weak neighbors.
    America has already sailed close by one of china’s man made islands.
    All China did was squeal very loudly about it.
    Communist China knows damned good and well they have no chance in hell in a war with America. Just a bunch of big mouths. :o)

  50. We still didn’t kill everyone in Germany did we and yes North Korea was a puppet of China for a long long time until they developed nukes, now they are the red headed step child hat China regrets helping.

  51. Buddy, yes Japan survived the two atomics we dropped but they were mere firecrackers to what we have today and the US alone has enough nukes to destroy the world on it’s own, sure some people would probably survive the initial blast, the Radiation, the fallout, the diseases and cancers, the mutations, violence for precious resources, cannibalism which many would perish from when food ran out and finally the nuclear winter that would come but it would be a miserable existence and they would thrown back to time before what we have today and to other dark age.

    Everyone saw the devastation at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and no better than to use them, nukes are nothing more than political chess pieces otherwise someone would have let one loose by now.

    As for Afghanistan will you please quit already you don’t have a clue about what’s happening over there.

  52. Oh!!! yes!!! Afghanistan called our bluff from day one!!!! And Afghanistan continues to call our bluff.

    Japan survived being nuked. Humanity will continue to live on this planet after being nuked many many times.

  53. Germany was basically completely destroyed at the end of WWII. Germany was sending out boys and old men to fight on the western front. Three million young German men died in Russia. Japan would have been completely destroyed if the emperor of Japan did not step in and ordered the surrender.

    North Korea certainly is NOT a puppet of China. There are a lot of tension along the China/North Korea border. From the way it looks, Kim Jong Un will NOT last another 3 years. He has killed too many of his government ministers already, and probably many are plotting to kill him and his family members.

    Politics has a way of straighten itself out. It’s the natural flow of human development.

  54. One of our Ohio Class subs has enough firepower to destroy every major Chinese city all by themselves and we have at least half a dozen or more in the area and let three of them surface recently as show of force, China isn’t that stupid.

  55. Afghanistan never called our bluff you have very little understanding about why we are there and yes no one is stupid enough to start flinging nukes simply because there will be winner only losers and you can’t rule a radioactive wasteland you can’t go into.

  56. Buddy, did we destroy everything in Germany and Japan and kill everyone, no so quit exaggerating already and as for the eastern European countries those governments were nothing but Soviet puppets and remember what happen when first Hungary then Czechoslovakia tried to break away the Soviets rolled their tanks and troops in and squashed it real quick and this proved very useful in keeping the other eastern bloc countries in line and don’t forget who Reagan referred to when it came to tearing dowbn the Berlin Wall, he was speaking to the Soviet President Gorbachev not the East German government and yes East and West Germany were reunited because we won the Cold War round 1 or did you forget that.
    As for Korea well North and South would be one today if China hadn’t gotten involved and stopped us from doing so when we had the North Korean forces beaten back in 50 or did you forget about that as well and which Korea would you rather see today a free Korea with an outstanding economy or the North Korean model where millions have starved to death and their leader is a God?
    Oh and the North Koreans are but puppets of China because without China they would have starved to death by now and wouldn’t even exist.

  57. The old saying was;
    For every escalation we made, the North Vietnam made an equal escalation. Now, what would we do after we killed every Vietnamese, destroyed everything in Vietnam??? Would that be a victory??

    Each of the Eastern European countries had there own government. The USSR didn’t have control on any. North Korea has its own government. Now that East and West Germany were united as Germany, North and South Vietnam as only one Vietnam. North and South Korea should be united as one Korea.

  58. Welcome to the Cold War round II.
    Buddy it’s obvious you are not seeing the bigger picture here, all this began after WWII remember for one main reason the Soviets went back on their deal with us and turned Eastern Europe and East Germany and North Korea into their own private playgrounds instead of rebuilding them and letting them govern themselves as they agreed on, I was in West Berlin during the 80’s and even traveled into East Berlin a few times and Soviet Bloc countries three or four times and can tell you it was miserable there while Western Europe was hopping and productive.

    During the last months of WWII the Soviet army turned it’s attentions east and rolled right through China defeating Japanese forces they encountered and went as far as Korea where we met them in the middle and they even took the Northern Japanese Islands as well and if we hadn’t dropped those two atomic bombs on Japan and made them surrender they would have gone into Japan proper as well and who knows how that would have ended for Japan.

    You seem to forget that the Soviet presence was just as strong as ours during the post WWII years up to the late 80’s and they were everywhere Europe, Asia, Central and South America and Africa and needless to say we countered them which was the initial reason we stayed in Europe, Korea, Japan and were in Vietnam. Remember both the Chinese and the Soviets had people in Vietnam as well especially pilots who flew their jets for them but like I said our politicians were to interested in making money off the arms race, drugs and rubber they lost sight of the reason we were there and we lost, Westmoreland was right in fact if we did like we like did in WWII and millions of troops on the ground the North Vietnamese wouldn’t have stood a chance and the same goes for Iraq, The Taliban and now ISIS.
    How did we beat the Germans and Japanese we first bombed the H out of them day and night and even razed entire cities to break their moral then we put millions of troops and tanks, airplanes an what have you in their faces and simply overwhelmed them from all sides.

    As for Iraq instead of doing what we did we should have sat on them like we did Japan until they came around, but NO we played footsies with their corrupt government instead and made the same mistake in Afghanistan with Karzai.

    South Korea is free today because of our presence there otherwise they would be living like the North Koreans today or did you forget that.

    First there were the Soviets then came Mao and Communist Revolution in China which led to the formation of the nation of Taiwan who we are allied themselves with us and as for Afghanistan yes it has been the graveyard for empires but remember we are not there to rule them or set up and empire we are there to keep the ultra radical Islamist Taliban from regaining power and we have the backing of most the Afghan tribes which is something that former empires never had.

    As for Iraq no there were not a peace you evidently have no idea of what Saddam and his sons were doing over there, they were massacring the Shiite’s and Kurds at will and both of them were fighting his forces tooth and nail, besides chemical weapons use Saddam’s forces razed over a thousand towns on both sides and killed entire populations from the late 80’s on, the reason the Allies led by us put those no fly zones in effect over North Iraq was keep Saddam attacking them with chemical weapons and conventional bombing and we put troops on the ground in Kurdish territory after Operation Desert Storm in order to make a buffer zone between Saddam’s forces and the Kurds.

    Plus, it didn’t matter what side you were on under Saddam’s rule no one was safe and the people lived in fear everyday, oh and let’s not forget Saddam violating the terms of the armistice he agreed upon and kept targeting firing on our planes, firing on our troops in Kuwait and other incidents you will never about and not to forget violating every UN resolution that was placed on Iraq as well especially that little shell game he was playing with idiot UN inspectors who were there to examine his WMD programs.

    As for the Arab Spring and supporting those Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist well that
    was just plain stupid but what can you expect from a closet Muslim who has no idea about how the world works and we saw how that worked out in Egypt didn’t we, thank whomever that General Sissi had the balls to do something about it.

    Actually, if you didn’t know Syria was already having troubles and would have ended up in revolution no matter what even if Obama wasn’t the president because Assad opposition was already in place and ready to revolt over various reasons one being their withdraw from Lebanon and political involvement there afterwards.

    As for Boko Haram we had nothing to do with them and they were around before the Arab Spring, they were founded in 2002 on the Wahhabism tradition and there official name was actually Jam?’atu Ahli is-Sunnah lid-Da’wati wal-Jih?d ????? ??? ????? ?????? ???????, meaning “People Committed to the Prophet’s Teachings for Propagation and Jihad” but they have changed that to Wilayat Gharb Afriqiya, to designate it as a branch or “province” of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) while “Boko Haram” is usually translated as “Western education is forbidden”.

    They have always been active in creating havoc in Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Chad and their main goal is the advancement of Islam and to make Nigeria into one Islamic state today Nigeria is split 50/50 between Islam and Christians, this is part of an ongoing battle between Islam and Christianity in that part of the world that has existed for a long time and even before Christianity showed up.

    As for the South China Sea as I said before that has been in contention between Vietnam, China and those other countries with us being the goal tender long before this and now that China has become an economic powerhouse they are feeling their oats and making moves to cement their claims on the area simple as that, will they continue to do so in the future considering their economy is starting to slip who knows.

    I won’t go into the Ukraine because yes we meddled there, even so Putin had been planning this for a long time especially the illegal annexation of the Crimea for the second time in their history (the first time was in 1783 under Catherine The Great) so he could total access to the Black Sea.

    To end there’s a lot more going than what you realize and not everything is our fault.

  59. Don’t you think China already called our bluff???

    “No nuke war – no one is that stupid”.

    Yes, we are THAT stupid!!!! All you posters are THAT stupid!!!!
    As a matter of fact, you posters are more stupid than you think!!!
    Vietnam called our bluff, and they won.
    Afghanistan called our bluff…
    Iraq called our bluff…
    And Syria…
    And ISIS…

    Uncle Sam IS that stupid continually huffing and puffing…
    And it has NOT scared anybody…
    And in the meanwhile, our national standing is going down, down,…

    England has gone on China’s path…
    France joins China with the construction of nuclear power plant in England.
    Germany is going to Beijing…

    Wake up, Uncle Sam. The world is NOT going our way!!!!

  60. Yes, politics and our own arrogance got where we are today as you have expressed all along about our “U.S. presence”. “U.S. presence” doesn’t worth much today as you can see the whole world is in turmoil and chaos because of the U.S.

    We had over half a million men fighting in Vietnam when the Tet Offensive happened. When LBJ asked General Westmoreland what he needed to get the job done, General Westmoreland said another two hundred thousand soldiers. That was when LBJ announced he would not seek and will not accept the nomination for another term in office, and Richard Nixon’s “secret plan to end the war in Vietnam”. Of course, Nixon’s secret plan was massively bombed Cambodia and Laos, which was unknown to the American public. Young men were escaping to Canada and Europe to get away from being drafted on what was called “The poor man’s war” because if you don’t have the means to stay in college, you’d most likely be drafted for the war in Vietnam. Black Americans were saying LBJ was out to get all Black Americans to die in Vietnam and have them all killed. Anti-war sentiment was high. Many Americans, particularly, Jane Fonda, felt the war was unjust. If we had stay in Vietnam any longer, Vietnamese population would perish completely. Vietnam was a no-win from the very beginning.

    There was a very good reason for the saying of “Afghanistan is a graveyard of empires”. Alexander the Great tried, and he died in Afghanistan.

    Iraq was at peace, and Iraqis themselves said Saddam Hussein was their problem, not ours. Because of our invasion, Iraq today is a mess, and today, Saddam Hussein’s military re-emerges as ISIS and has become a bigger problem than Saddam Hussein ever was.

    “Arab Spring” was another of our creation.
    And Ukraine…
    And South China Sea…
    And Syria…
    And ISIS…
    And Boko Haram…

  61. Ha,ha,ha. Tell them to get the ball rolling. Can’t wait? Ask them to attack the US ship. Russia snd China had alliance since the 50’s, but look such alliance is just for business, nothing else. They hated each other. Besides, Russia cannot even pinpoint what happened with their plane crash in egypt, cannot determined what caused it, relying with the intelligence of the US snd UK to know that the plane crashed due to a bomb. Prompting putin to stop other russian planes to go to egypt. And you say it can destroy the US. Maybe true if Russia can strike immediately with all its arsenal, but the US can likewise destroy russia even the entire continent of asia, particularly China. Ever heard of the USS pennsylvania? Its an ohio class submarine that can stay under the sea for 6 months straight and can go around undetected for 20 yrs. without refueling. Google it and take notice.

  62. Buddy, please get you history straight here, the War in Iraq was going on long before 9/11, Clinton bombed Iraq and signed a resolution for regime change and the only reason Vietnam ended like it did is because our politicians wouldn’t let our military do what needed to done and played politics, as for the Taliban (Who operate out of Pakistan by the way) in Afghanistan they are only one group in the whole country over there and many Afghans have fought and still fight with us because they don’t want the Taliban and Al Qaeda back in power again, if we are not there they would take over again and we would be a square one with them charge and Al Qaeda running around Afghanistan like before.

    As for the Syrians they not fighting us they are fighting themselves, sure we back one side but we have no active combat troops on the ground over there involved in battle, we have special forces operators in Iraq and now Syria who are there to train and support who have rarely been involved in actual combat like that one who was killed saving those hostages recently.

    ISIS only came about after Obama pulled our forces out so there was no US presence, but I will agree we do have some responsibility in their creation considering that they are being led by Saddam’s former generals who went into hiding in Syria during ur time there and I said that from day one.

    As for India, they have expressed a lot of concern over China’s actions as of late and are looking to am themselves accordingly with next generation weapons such as stealth planes and such you might want to be a little more watchful when it comes to them because they are the only country that can fight China in a conventional war on equal terms when it comes to manpower and have done so before and beat them.

    As for China do you think this is the time we’ve butted heads with them before, of course not we have done so many times especially when they were threatening Taiwan back in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s and remember they fully realize that we have more than a few of our nuclear subs in the area especially since we let three of them surface for everyone to see recently, this is a game we’ve been playing with them for a long time and they can make all the motions they want but they won’t actually do anything harmful towards any of their neighbors because they know it would not end well for them.

  63. “U.S. presence” since the end of WWII, but that didn’t stop the Vietnamese from driving us out of Vietnam, or stop the Afghans, the Iraqis, the Syrians and ISIS fighting against us. So what good is this “U.S. presence”??? It certainly is not scaring the Chinese away.

    China is extending their firepower by putting fighter planes in an island called Woody Island. I think it’s half way to those artificial islands. Looks like they are setting up for a fight.

    India has no intention of getting involve in any conflict against China because India knows well it’s against their interest.

    Because of 9/11, we started the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. We created ISIS from Saddam Hussein’s military. The whole Middle East problems are our creation.

  64. US owns an ENTIRE Solar Systems (we actually own the whole Milky Way), including the Earth. We’re letting everybody occupying for now. We need to claim everything back soon!

  65. Yes US presence you know our forces in Okinawa and Korea and our Naval presence that has been there ever since the 45 on and the yes the US Navy can handle itself very well don’t worry about that and remember India and China are not friends either.
    You evidently have no idea about Afghanistan or Iraq because yes the U.S. presence did count is the Taliban back in power, was ISIS around when we were there? No to both.
    What about Syria we never invaded that country, sure our worthless idiot of a president and that witch Hillary thought it was a good idea to support the Arab Spring then train and arm Syrian rebels and pretend to actually be doing something against ISIS but that is not a record that’s just idiotic political blundering like we saw when Clinton was in office but what can you expect from people who have no real idea of how the world works.
    I won’t argue about Vietnam though that was a political clusterf@ck of the highest proportions that costs us way to many good men.

  66. Together, they are Uncle Sam’s Seven Dwarfs. They can only harass China on order from Uncle Sam. India wants no part of Uncle Sam’s bullying ways.

    U.S. presence???? With our sorry records in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, ISIS,… Does U.S. presence really count??? The U.S. has its hands full in the Middle East, then there is the problem in Ukraine. Should China have any problem of handling the U.S.??? The U.S. can’t even handle itself. Ashton Carter’s provocation at the South China Sea is a sorry case of riding the tiger.

  67. Stir up trouble ? It is your China that started all these fake and bogus claim !.. Why would China claim almost the whole China sea including that EEZ of other small Nation ?

  68. @Aquarium7knuclehead! Is that all you know ? ” damn stupid2x, nobody likes your China here and everywhere in the world with your chine’s “Fake and Bogus Claim ! Shame on your Chinese race !

  69. THe writer did not even mention the illegal claim by China. 2nd, the writer did not mention the location of the Chinese man made island so Maybe next time she’ll more neutral or maybe more accurate I should say.

  70. That does’nt mean China owned Thitu island, your China started claiming these waters back in 2009 at the UN with China’s 9 dash line but not one nation voted to be legalize !…get your facts right !

  71. What the heck is China’s sovereignty when China is building a man maid island inside small state EEZ !…..would that be legal to claim small state EEZ when China is 860 nautical miles from China’s Hainan Island ?

  72. 10 years ago was the time to strike. We were capable of destroying both of them then. Now they have caught up to us, technologically.

  73. Since the waters in the China Sea flow to all other oceans and most seas China now claims that all these bodies of waters belong to them and no non Chinese vessels will be allowed to use them.

  74. It won’t be a Korea, ting.
    It will be China defeated militarily and then it will break into the 4 major ethnic areas.
    The Chinese military is weak in all areas except for men.
    China knows damned good and well that it will lose any war with America resulting of the collapse of the communist ruling party and the division of China into smaller states.

  75. Sure, we should take all 6 million in… And, rightfully take them to the closest island, drop them off and give them 48 hours to turn over all the terrorists in the group. Or, we will nuke the entire island. I bet those terrorists wouldn’t have a chance. The people know who the terrorists are. Because they are family members, friends, friends of a friend, etc. Very close culture and they know who is who. They would turn them over in a second too knowing the island is going to be nuked. Then we could relocate them within our country. Put them on an assistance program, give them Obamacare, and loan them money to buy up all the rest of the 7-11’s, Subways, Dry Cleaning, Tractor Trailer Trucks, and gas stations. I’d prefer to just nuke the damn island and call it NWO

  76. When we want to we win wars. We don’t win wars anymore. But, this war, will be to win. So, let’s fight it!!

  77. I love your comment!!! First one that I’ve seen like it with the perfect words. Let’s give China the Chinese New Year that they so deserve. If you have been to Shanghai during New Year you will know what I mean. One that they have never and will never again, see bigger. Send in the nukes!! Send in the Nukes!! I agree, US wins and about a billion or more will be dead. Probably leave just enough where we can display them like monkeys in zoos.

  78. It don’t have to be!! It could be made right MF here. Very easy and probably coming in the near future if my main man DT gets elected. If we Americans pulled together and supported American Made it would do amazing things for our country. If the stock market and the shareholder did not require such a greedy profit and brought the jobs home and paid us a decent wage, it would do amazing things for the country. It’s coming, Tax their ass Trump!! Tariff their ass Trump!! Then the jobs will come home and things will be Made in American again. On another note, screw it light em up. Before they do us!!! It’s who throws the first punch and makes it count better, will likely win? What are we waiting for!! NWO people!! Wake up!! It’s coming!!

  79. Who cares…… That is not what current international law is today, 2015. Thanks for the history lesson though. You and China should exercise some restraint that these waters will remain open for international trade and we will sail through them any time we want under international law. China might be able to bully the other smaller countries in the area, but obviously they cannot bully us. Example: The U.S.S. Lassen. More to follow in the coming weeks!!

  80. Let’s get this party started. Send in the Ships Obamallama, Freaking grow a pair. I’d like to see them do something to one of our ships. Don’t think there are not many submarines under the water. One both sides. But, who is better at the game. China just learning!! It will be ugly for China, but maybe that is the over all plan in the end. NWO!! Russia will be sided with China. The rest of the world will have no choice but to participate in this High School game of kickball and choose sides. Because the whole world is F’d. Do it anyways, we always seem to repeat history and not learn from it. At least, the Chinese don’t anyways. Sleeping Giant!! Remember China!!

  81. Let it be, let it be, let it be, Send in more ships into the SCS. OBAMALLAMA has no balls. He won’t do it or maybe he will. Maybe he is smarter than all of us think and will issue martial law. Then the Trump, GOP. and Hillary Bullshit will have been for not!!! That is my speculation he is going to get us into a major global conflict, if not one, two other world powers. Planned? NWO? Sounds like the start of something like that!!

  82. The winners are the people who know how to and do survive the nuclear War and Fallout…..Sure, life will change as we know it, but shit, are we gonna take it in the butt and not do anything. That’s the problem. We have lost respect around the world. In so many areas. It is a shame……But, I agree with you on the author of this headline and many others on Nukes. Screw it let’s start nuking!!

  83. With this rhetoric that China is blowing out their ass, our President Obama should be coming on Television for a special announcement against China. He should calling on all Americans to stop buying Chinese and for the fact that they are hacking our systems still and blowing smoke out their ass that they are threatening WAR, Obama should be preparing the American people for this. Instead, it will be hushed and only news in articles like this, he has no balls, and we will continue to listen to these little zips say it’s for their sovereignty. Grow a pair Mr. Obamallama and say another threat, any more bullshit about these islands and we will make Shanghai glow and Beijing scream for mercy to stop. WTF…… Obama you suck!!

  84. get this dumb moron: the Spratly Island is 600, repeat, 600 miles from the chinese nearest land mass…!!!! Granting that your stupid argument is rigth, why don,t china participate and answer the Philippines complaint at UNCLOS…????

  85. The bigger bully, the U.S., can’t even win against Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, ISIS,…
    What make you people think we can defeat China????
    Don’t you think it’s possible China can defeat us????
    China has mach 10 weapons we don’t have!!!!

  86. True, by themselves they are weak but together they could give China a fight and if India baked them China would have no choice but to back down and then there always our presence there. As for Japan never count them out because who knows what nasty surprises they could have waiting for them.

  87. There can be no winner in a war between China and the U.S. Both countries will be destroyed. Russia, by staying on the side line, will be the winner.

  88. At present Vietnam and Philippine occupied more features in SCS that originally don’t belong to them than China. So they are the true aggressor.. USA just do that by its FONOP

  89. Today, Japan is no match for China.
    Vietnam is primarily land based.
    Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia are perennial weaklings.

  90. I think this author gets off on nuclear war!! She posted an article earlier today about Russia using nukes, and many others within the last few days. This article and articles like this she writes should be taken as a grain of salt. Because it is an attempt by the Russian propaganda machine to stir up fear… everyone would lose in a nuclear war, even the “winners”!

  91. I follow the PRC very closely and am well aware their capabilities their goals and how they engage in espionage against out defense industry stealing and copying everything, but there are a few things yall havent stolen yet And never again will an American President selk out his nation to yall

  92. Don’t tell me what I mean.

    Whatever you think, the fact is that China is the aggressor here, and all your BS and rationalization and criticism of the US (accurate as some of it might be) won’t change that. If China weren’t claiming ocean that doesn’t belong to it, there wouldn’t be a problem. If the US decided that an area just outside China’s territorial waters belonged to it and threatened others “endangering its sovereignty,” you wouldn’t be able to decide whether to be amused or enraged, and would probably settle on both.

  93. Time to call their bluff or get this over with. China has decided that most of the asian Pacific is theirs and it’s time for everyone show their cards. Have our carriers orbit the island . . if we buckle now it’s like Sudetenland all over again. China has yet to be called on the carpet for their aggressive behavior. Sadly, I think our weasel-in-chief will allow China to do what they want after we ultimately fly the white flag, tuck our tails, and sail off. No nuke war – no one is that stupid.

  94. Then China has two options.
    1). Continue to cry like a baby about international law while the world looks on in disgust.
    2). Man up and work with its neighbors in a group setting to negotiate a resolution.

  95. USA has been warring around the world for a very long time. It is still fighting in the Middle East starting from Iraq. So it is more likely that USA will also start fighting in the SCS.

  96. USA, being so confident of its superior military power, is going to start a war with China that, subsequently, USA realizes it can’t win just like the Korea war.

  97. Ignorant statement will make you more ignorant. China said, Lim-Ma-Hong and Kublai Khan, pee in that coral, and that is china.

  98. I remember an article a while back about the US getting circuit boards from China used in their military hardware. If that was true a war with China could end with the flick of a switch.

  99. Alasni
    China is already been taken out of world market as we speak! Nobody’s buying Chinese goods now. They have ballooned surplus cos no one has interest on them! There are other source of supplies outside China, the much preferred consumers nowadays. I for one don’t buy China made products anymore.

  100. China fully knows that US will not be a victim and play dead if China attacks US forces with nukes. US has the resources to erase China from the face of the Earth, so why push US to go there? Only an idiot would try that. Don’t play fire against a greater flame or you’ll get burned to your annihilation. Foolish pride.

  101. Google Taiping Island in South China Sea to learn some history:
    1) With Americans help, China chased away the Japanese and formally restored sovereignty over south China Sea in 1946. USA Navy provided ships for China to send soldiers to those islands in 1946. Taiping island named after the USS Decker’s Chinese name in honor of the ship.
    2) Vietnam was a French Colony until 1954 and Philippine an USA colony until 1947.
    3) The international law for 200 mile exclusive economic zone was not implemented until 1982.
    4) The current world map was drawn at the end of WWII.
    5) China has been in that region for a long long time, one of the oldest civilization.

  102. A war with China……how can we risk a nuclear war against a country without a military? The “military” in China is not China’s military. It is the Armed Branch of the Communist Party, Its like if the democrats had their own military. But we can call them China’s military. When was the last time the Chinese Military was deployed. Neither the soldiers nor the people running the military have any combat all. They dont have what they would need to be able to deply their military outside of their region for an extended period of time. Hell, they finally just built their first aircraft carrier just as we started taking off and landing unmanned air craft on ours….You also have to consider the difference in how the 2 militaries are positioned around the world. We have carriers patrolling every region on the planet, nuclear capable subs under the water, Military Bases all over the planet, more than a few countries also allow us to keep nukes there. For all intents and purposes we have China surrounded. We are already there…and if they want to get here they have to go through 8000 miles of ocean fighting 11 carrier battle groups the entire way….lol, China doesnt even have a joint command… the branchs of their militaries dont work together, they operate independantly…So,, china can go to hell…They just need to learn to live with the fact that they are not the dominant military in the south China Sea, and the US is and will continue doing whatever they hell they want to do there because China is not going to do anything about it

  103. Just remember this, US will not stop until China is totally destroyed if this crisis in Asia Pacific becomes nuclear. China can barely touch US homeland but US can bring Armageddon to China’s borders.

    Self imposing China’s been trying to assess its own supremacy in South China Sea pretending she is the rule of law, and this is the very triggering point of her total destruction in the end. Take out one US carrier with a nuclear missile? America will make sure nothing will remain standing in China.

  104. We made war against Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, ISIS,…
    Today, they are still here, alive and well. What make you think we can do better against China????

  105. Do we know international law or follow international law???

    Can we tell right from wrong???

    We don’t follow international law either.
    We cannot tell right from wrong either.
    We sent marines to throw out the queen of Hawaii and took Hawaii by force.
    We make war against Mexico and took all the western states from Mexico.

  106. We fought a war against Vietnam for 8 years. We cannot destroy Vietnam. What make you think we can destroy China??

    How about the war in Afghanistan?? in Iraq??? In Syria??? against ISIS??? Have we been able to destroy any of these countries/enemies????

  107. Face the truth.
    If we nuke China. Don’t you think they can nuke us back???
    They have ICBM. They have nuke.
    Do you think they will just let us nuke them and not do anything about it???

  108. china better buy some homeopathic butt cream,as uncle sam coming for you with a basebal bat and it will hurt if china dont have homeopathic butt cream to smoot the shocking penetration

  109. China would be the biggest loser economically. I say bring on the war. The US needs to start making things there other than restaurant food.

  110. good, those fools from UN should enforce the UNCLOS. China clearly declared those claims, see bullet point #3, when she sgined on. No one, including the UN, made no fuss about the claims back then? Way to change the rules of the game when the game was outplayed. Otherwise, the UN is a joke and should be dismantled.

  111. imbred, big talk huh? I’ll sick ISIS after your a$$. you ballness cowards are pretty good at cowarding down and running away.

  112. The US, japan China that matter are not going to war, it would cripple their economies to do so given their economies are too heavily intertwined.

  113. Let it be understood: The UNCLOS Tribunal has exercised jurisdiction on the determination of the nature of disputed features (see Article 121: Rocks which cannot sustain human habitation or economic life of their own shall have no exclusive economic zone or continental shelf) such as Scarborough Shoal as well as mischief, Gaven, McKennan, Hughues , Johnson, Cuarteron and Fiery Cross reefs; the environmental impact of China’s activities near Scarborough and Second Thomas shoals; and aggressive maneuver against Filipino vessels near the Scarborough Shoal.

    In the coming months, the Philippines will have an opportunity to give further arguments to the Tribunal, asking it to exercise jurisdiction over its other arguments, particularly with respect to the validity of China’s concept of historical rights, its aggressive posturing within the Philippines’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), and massive construction activities across the Spratly chain of islands.

  114. The UNCLOS Tribunal has exercised jurisdiction on the determination of the nature of disputed features (see Article 121: Rocks which cannot sustain human habitation or economic life of their own shall have no exclusive economic zone or continental shelf) such as Scarborough Shoal as well as mischief, Gaven, McKennan, Hughues , Johnson, Cuarteron and Fiery Cross reefs; the environmental impact of China’s activities near Scarborough and Second Thomas shoals; and aggressive maneuver against Filipino vessels near the Scarborough Shoal.

    In the coming months, the Philippines will have an opportunity to give further arguments to the Tribunal, asking it to exercise jurisdiction over its other arguments, particularly with respect to the validity of China’s concept of historical rights, its aggressive posturing within the Philippines’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), and massive construction activities across the Spratly chain of islands.

  115. bullet 3 you dumb idiot! now put one in your head and get rid of your loved ones since they are a mirror of your dumba$$!!

  116. Why has it taken that long for the USA to stage a war game in this region since it has known the South China Sea matter ages ago?

    Of course, the USA Military and Obama are trying hard to stage a new World War of Nukes in order to calm its ballooning debts of USDxx Trillion mark. Whereas, it is unable to challenge Putin’s Russian war power face to face in other regional conflicts; and hence, have to look for a softer spot as in this South China Sea region against a rising China.

    Sorry, many many many have to go and disappear in this world when nuke trading and nuke trade-offs begin as seen in real life Wall Street HFT scenarios ! Too easy to die, men!

  117. Sorry, China doesn’t get to build islands then claim no rights to sail within 12 miles of their man made island. Does China man understand?

  118. This has all to do with obama_military’s damn Asia_Pivot programme by encircling China for nothingness while he is uselessly unsuccessful in defending his own Africa American kind in his own turf. Secondly, he is allowing his other field commanders to play about and stir up troubles in the South China Sea region as an umbrella or shade to hide those shameful and very disastrous refugee crisis happening in the mid-east region which is affecting the EU and Arab states very badly.

    US’s obligations: The Arab World wars and conflicts were the works of the USA. NATO was fooled by it, very naively! Thus, the US Naval Commanders and Obama as Commander_in_Chief of the USA should be ferrying all those up to 6 millions fleeing refugees in the Mid-East region back to the USA instead of playing those damn silly war games in the peaceful and prosperous Far East Asia.

    Alas, the Malaysian Naval Chief and politicians aren’t that bright either while all their so-called Islamic family members in Mid_East are dying and driven away from destroyed homes by wars and conflicts as mentioned earlier!

  119. War mad carter’s misadventure in CHINA’s South China Sea has reached the
    point of mischief, childish and hysterical. Has he any SHAME? He can
    continue to dupe and please his dwindling circle of rogue allies Japan,
    Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, but he can never override the
    historical claim of CHINA and fool the world community, law will not allow that, even more so PLA
    will crush any attempt from akino, abino, carterino. There is no mistake

  120. China keeps on lying about the maps wherein their ancestors drawn it themselves but still will lie to the face of the world. The maps states the limitation of China’s territory up to Hainan province, beyond that is out of their jurisdiction. imoa(dot)ph/imoawebexhibit/ change the (dot) into . to go to the site

  121. here u go dipsh!t:

    “China 14, 15Declaration:
    1. In accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the People’s Republic of China shall enjoy sovereign rights and jurisdiction over an exclusive economic zone of 200 nautical miles and the continental shelf.
    2. The People’s Republic of China will effect, through consultations, the delimitation of boundary of the maritime jurisdiction with the states with coasts opposite or adjacent to China respectively on the basis of international law and in accordance with the equitable principle.
    3. The People’s Republic of China reaffirms its sovereignty over all its archipelagoes and islands as listed in article 2 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone which was promulgated on 25 February 1992.
    4. The People’s Republic of China reaffirms that the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea concerning innocent passage through the territorial sea shall not prejudice the right of a coastal state to request, in accordance with its laws and regulations, a foreign state to obtain advance approval from or give prior notification to the coastal state for the passage of its warships through the territorial sea of the coastal state.

    25 August 2006

    Declaration under article 298:

    The Government of the People’s Republic of China does not accept any of the procedures provided for in Section 2 of Part XV of the Convention with respect to all the categories of disputes referred to in paragraph 1 (a) (b) and (c) of Article 298 of the Convention.”

  122. unclos wont lie moron!

    “China 14, 15Declaration:
    1. In accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the People’s Republic of China shall enjoy sovereign rights and jurisdiction over an exclusive economic zone of 200 nautical miles and the continental shelf.
    2. The People’s Republic of China will effect, through consultations, the delimitation of boundary of the maritime jurisdiction with the states with coasts opposite or adjacent to China respectively on the basis of international law and in accordance with the equitable principle.
    3. The People’s Republic of China reaffirms its sovereignty over all its archipelagoes and islands as listed in article 2 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone which was promulgated on 25 February 1992.
    4. The People’s Republic of China reaffirms that the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea concerning innocent passage through the territorial sea shall not prejudice the right of a coastal state to request, in accordance with its laws and regulations, a foreign state to obtain advance approval from or give prior notification to the coastal state for the passage of its warships through the territorial sea of the coastal state.

    25 August 2006

    Declaration under article 298:

    The Government of the People’s Republic of China does not accept any of the procedures provided for in Section 2 of Part XV of the Convention with respect to all the categories of disputes referred to in paragraph 1 (a) (b) and (c) of Article 298 of the Convention.”

  123. wow and my comments getting erased for posting links of the truth of the ancient maps that China keeps on lying about GOOD JOB you yellowsubmarine Russia and Chinacom

  124. China won’t start any wars. I can personally guarantee you that. I have been to china 28 times. Example #1. When the Japanese nuclear reactor had a melt down 3 years ago. In china TV, hundreds of millions of Chinese were buying up salt in the supermarkets. They think salt will prevent radiation poison. They are very afraid of death. Especailly , with all the new buildings and new rich economy. They won’t risk anything. Example #2. Last year , when china and japan are arguing over the Dia Yu Tai islands, and china send ships to the island every week. The captain of the Chinese navy was complaining in public, ” It is really hard work, we can’t handle sending ships to Dia yu tai island” . I was laughing soooooooo hard. That island is only 80 miles away from china’s shore, and they can’t even handle that. That is NOT EVEN WAR, and their general is already complaining of the hard work.
    Do you think these Chinese have the courage to actually go to war??? HA HA HA. What drug are you smoking. Because I need a lot of it too. They won’t do NOTHING!

  125. eat that mike dick!! do research first moron before you troll. ask your master CIA for help idiot!!!

    “China 14, 15Declaration:
    1. In accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the People’s Republic of China shall enjoy sovereign rights and jurisdiction over an exclusive economic zone of 200 nautical miles and the continental shelf.
    2. The People’s Republic of China will effect, through consultations, the delimitation of boundary of the maritime jurisdiction with the states with coasts opposite or adjacent to China respectively on the basis of international law and in accordance with the equitable principle.
    3. The People’s Republic of China reaffirms its sovereignty over all its archipelagoes and islands as listed in article 2 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone which was promulgated on 25 February 1992.
    4. The People’s Republic of China reaffirms that the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea concerning innocent passage through the territorial sea shall not prejudice the right of a coastal state to request, in accordance with its laws and regulations, a foreign state to obtain advance approval from or give prior notification to the coastal state for the passage of its warships through the territorial sea of the coastal state.

    25 August 2006

    Declaration under article 298:

    The Government of the People’s Republic of China does not accept any of the procedures provided for in Section 2 of Part XV of the Convention with respect to all the categories of disputes referred to in paragraph 1 (a) (b) and (c) of Article 298 of the Convention.”

  126. Why is the US always wants to start a confrontation. I should be no US business over the Island. Worry about your own Country. I don;t see Phillipines, Taiwan or others scrambling around the Island with the exception of the US. Let them Countries patrol around near the Islands. We could sit and watch what happens. Spending millions on nothing. I am a Vet and ive been waiting for my retroactive pay over a couple years!!! OHHH Ok we can spend money on some other SHIT!

  127. nah…lets butch moronic family first you warmonger. peaceful humans do not want you and your clan to be alive!!!

  128. I think this class of writing used to be called “yellow journalism.” She is Russian/Ukranian, is she not? She takes as her starting premises points that are only claims. And the quotations from the Chinese are of the alarmist variety, designed to give their masses the impression that they are tough guys indeed. Everyone knows that the Chinese are doing the old “empty fortress” maneuver, trying to make a show of strength from a distance, which is in fact hollow.

  129. The Chinese had no “control of those waters,” in ancient times or in any times. Some old Chinese boat sailed through part of them once upon a time and they made rough map. They called places Chinese names — because they speak Chinese. Give me a break.

  130. Yes, check that consequence in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, …
    South China Sea will prove to be their final resting place.

  131. Straighten your stubborn skull for a change, Hawaii is half the ‘world’ away.

    Let me quote Buddy Frank for your shadow skull,

    “Yes, we took Hawaii by sending marines to throw the Queen of Hawaii out.

    We declared war on Mexico and took all western states from Mexico.

    why not???? Ashton Carter is sending the USS Theodore Roosevelt
    (CVN-71) to the artificial islands to test out China DF-21D, and dare
    China to attack it. It’s a wonderful opportunity for China to have a
    real-live test of their DF-21D!!!!”

  132. This is Tikhonova’s best ‘prophesy’ of a looming WW unleashed by US against their own GHOSTS around the globe. However it cannot be the fault of China or even Russia. The real culprits are the kinds such as carter and his rogue allies akino, abino and ‘thieves’, certainly not PLAN, PLAAA or even putino.

  133. China cant see the problem coz of their small eyes and pea size brain, all they have is big mouth like nokor, if they ‘d just kept they’re hands off on those islands theres no issue theres no problem, and they cant see that if they want war then i thinj its about time to shut their mouth and open their eyes U.S and all the allies will eat china for breakfast

  134. t how is a warship proceeding on it’s lawful occasions in international waters provocative? also why would China respond with a nuke?

  135. sovereignty my ass..these Chinese has no sovereignty over disputed island…They steal those island and threaten all the small neighbor country,and when someone as big as they are challenge their claim,they cry like a baby…Stupid…Threatening even nuclear war…

  136. Its not whether you are in control, its who lives there. Lets take the Palawan islands, according to the ancient chinese documents this is also chinese. This is crazy considering Filipinos have been living there from the beginning of history. Or lets say how Europe has taken ownership of the americas when people were already living there. I hope you see my point.

  137. Sailing in international waters is what China wants to stop by creating sand islands in the middle of the ocean.

    5/26/2015. China Warns of ‘Inevitable’ War with US Over South China Sea

    6/24/2015. War ‘Inevitable’ Between US, China: Chinese Media

    8/11/2015. Cramer: China has launched a trade war on the US

    10/27/2015. Taiwan military says China preparing for possible attack

    10/28/2015. South China Sea: Beijing ‘not frightened to fight a war’ after US move

    China continues to raise tensions by saying it wants to go to war. This is a dangerous plan to save the Chinese Communist Party.

  138. The article written by Miss Moscow is one of an alarmist but more importantly based on the premise that the U.S. is provoking or doing something illegal. Just because China makes a claim to a territory doesn’t make it theirs and the U.S. HAS THE RIGHT to navigate in international waters just like every other country.

  139. China doesn’t even have a military the Chinese Communist Party does. When soldiers pledge in China it’s NOT to defend China, it’s to defend the CCP. ALL of China’s weapons are shitty knock off of American masterpieces of war. China has never won a war. China has not faught of war since the Korean War. The communist party barely fought in WWll, the Japanese slaughtered the Nationalist who then fled to Taiwan while the CCP hid in the shadows with Mao Zedong and the other pussies. They’re military training is a joke. They’re soldiers and malnutrition and weak. They only have a lot of people and that won’t work. China is a bully, and a BIG BIG talker that still lives in the past.

  140. Communist China has no sovereignty in the Spratly islands..! They were late in coming to the Spratlys that is why they are building their own island now and claiming they have sovereignty over the sea and islands occupied by Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan..!! This the height of arrogance and bullying of the commie chinese…!!! The world should stand up against china before it is too late…!!!!!

  141. China has no right to restrict the U.S. or any other country from sailing in international waters. You are quite the alarmist as well.

  142. another Chinacom troll. Here is the maps from ancient times that some are drawn by your ancestors. I just dont know if you’ll deny these, if so they you’ll be saying your ancestors are liars. Check this different maps

  143. i think we’re being foolish to take china on on behalf of other nations. if vietnam, japan, and others want to lay a claim, they need to bulk up. it shouldn’t be america’s job to watch over someone else’s oceanic claims. let japan loose to do what it feels it needs to and focus on our own problems for a change.

  144. Actually hes not, the Chinese HAD control of those waters in ancient times, but not recently, i still dont know what the chinese hope to accomplish. If they want to start a war, they are either foolish or dumb. The only thing a war will bring is the complete and total destruction of the chinese navy air force , and military.

    They dont want the Black Operations weapons brought out on them. The chinese ships will just vanish off the radar without a shot fired from them.

  145. Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam have solid claims to that area as well. China has no right to be building military bases in that area.

  146. the korean war? you mean the one where the North Koreans started murdering there own people and then got there asses handed to them all the way up to the river where the chinese than came in and stabbed the United States in the back? Or was it after the Vietnamese kicked both the french english american and chinese militaries>? Kind of hard to tell.

  147. Historical (lies) facts is what drives China’s assertion on the disputed area. Since it is the backbone of their claim lets go to history where their ancestors drawn the map which limits its territory to its southernmost province which is Hainan excluding Scarborough Shoal and Spratly Islands. Here is the link of the truth that they are trying to cover.

  148. you my fine Chinese man are full of lies. Can you substantiate your historical claims? Even if we agree to the premise of the argument of historical claims, that is not enough to say that artificially creating islands is just. Pushing out the inhabitants of this region for your own riches are simply greedy. Those poor countries that are unable to defend themselves and are intimidated so you can steal from. This is even true from a longtime Chinese friend in Vietnam.

  149. Quite not true, it is US and neighboring countries invaded China South China Sea (which has managed and adminstrated for thousand years). US is very provocative, as US does not join International Maritime Law, but keeps using the International Law to provoke China, as every one knows there is no problem for anyone navigating in South China Sea as long as you are not on purpose sailing into other countries 12-mile limit. US is just on purpose doing it, while Vast South China Sea you can free navigate.

  150. True. Currently China don’t have the nuclear stock pile like the US. It never did needed them, but now it is forced into an arms race once again. The US has way too many nuclear stock pile to end civilization. Is that what theUS wanted?

  151. Nuclear weapons are show of strength nothing else and no one with any sense will eve use them because they know there will be no winners and Chinese have way to much going for them today to even want to risk such a disaster.

  152. Since when has Yahoo started posting Communist propaganda? It is China who has been provoking conflict in the South China Sea, with the US, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and other regional nations who feel threatened by Beijing’s actions, Not that these facts matter in the big picture, since a nuclear war is a tragedy regardless of the instigator.

  153. US always wants dominance where they do not have a writ. USA has no writ to rule the world by whim and caprice and it seems to me that the President Of the US is subservient to the Military Generals. These provocations will lead to a war with China that will be nuclear and the destruction of humanity. Very iresponsible and without concern to humanity

  154. urging Washington to stop threatening Beijing’s sovereignty and the country’s national and security interests?

    Those islands are not Beijing’s sovereignty. vote Trump!

  155. Nah. This is China’s way of testing to see if the U.S. will really do anything to contain their expansion plans. If the U.S. allows them to build islands and claim them, they will start one inside of our twelve mile limit to see if we will do anything about that. I don’t see the nukes falling over this. If China decides to take Hong Kong and Taiwan that could be nuclear. Hopenchains will never use nukes. He is a feckless leader and a war would not allow him to golf in Hawaii.

  156. You have a very good military strategic mind. But you should not have said it. I was thinking that the Aseans with the US could eventually annihilate China for being too egotistical and have these American companies suffer for nurturing an evil nation.

  157. If war really happened. China is a country that not strategically located. These countries are small but their location is crucial. 1. Japan 2. Philippines 3. Singapore 4. Indonesia. Vietnam, Korea’s. China’s submarine ca’t go to pacific undetected, because chain of islands from the tip of Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan are interconnected with sonar array planted by U.S decade ago. China or Russia cannot go to India ocean without detection. Mallaca strait in Indonesia and singapore are important Area for Western and U.S allies. If war erupted between these 2 countries 800 million Chinese people starved to death in 3 months. No meat food supply from United Kingdom, No milk from New Zealand and Australia, No Fruits from the Philippines, No Rice from Thailand and Vietnam. Chinese neighbors like Mongolia, kasakhstan, Pakistanare not food basket area. On the other side is Vietnam and Myanmar are all treacherous mountains area. So where China gat their gas,Crude, oil food supply when those passage will be closed? War is disaster for China.

    On the other hand, when America go to war with China, the first wave of defense is Japan, Philippines, then Guam and Hawaii. China must destroy first Japan and American armada stationed there, Guam, Hawaii. The problem for China is India,Canada New Zealand and Australia they had bigger navies and Nuclear powered India. In short China is the biggest loser in Nuclear show down with America.

  158. If China will forcefully respond to the US, it will be within the next year…while Obama is in charge of US forces. It knows that Obama is indecisive, uncommitted and weak. It is aware too that the political vetting of the military general staff has neutered a once powerful band of capable officers.

  159. China did that already when they first drew an aerial line of threat west of mainland China. If they do deviate, it is time to annihilate China’s military before their military becomes too sophisticated.

  160. Putin’s alliance reminds me of the Stevie Wonder school of driving, the blind leading the blind. The murderers of Tienanmen Square are now allies with the pillagers of Russia. Russia seems to be unable to even control the part of the Ukraine that they continue to reoccupy.

  161. According to the author, China showed “restraint.” Restraint implies China resisted a provocation, and the US did the provoking. Provoking implies that China’s rights or sovereignty were trampled and that the US was the aggressor. The US exercising its privileges and rights is never aggression; in fact, the non-exercising of those same rights could be interpreted as acquiescence and lead to the loss of those rights and privileges. The author has worked for too many “Russian media outlets.”

  162. More Russian disinformation. There is no long term effect that prevented the rebuilding of Hiroshima or Nagasaki. I wish people would stop the fear mongering and plain lying. Putin = Stalin = Hitler. These kinds of savages must be defied and destroyed or they will start world wars, just as Imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in response to Roosevelt’s stupid economic sanctions, while US diplomats were negotiating.
    The lesson was don’t wait for the enemy to shoot first. Crush enemies before they grow stronger. Force must be countered by force. Idiots just run on their mouths, while savages like Putin see weakness and opportunity.
    Recently released Soviet analysis showed that the Soviet military knew that they would lose a nuclear war, and that their second strike capability would not survive the first US response to any Russian attack.

    It was more out of humanity and mercy that the US did not want to kill tens of millions of innocent Russians by blowing the Soviet Union off of the face of the Earth. Putin is doing his very best to prove that US mercy was a mistake.

  163. Russia getting closer to China because of Western sanction. But in reality Russian doesn’t like China. China step by step encroaching Russian land. Chinese people dominating,intermarriage controlled south-eastern Russian border. You cannot threatened America by such things. They’re well-prepared in any kind of eventuality. Soviet-era is more powerful with China and other communist satellite countries 30 years ago. Now, is game had changed. U.S and its allies are more powerful, coordinated, and are in strategically located. Mark my word Russia or China has no loyal friends all over the world than U.S does. U.S are everywhere.

  164. Imperial Japan thought that a good hit on Pearl Harbor would send the US crying to surrender. The Japanese people shared a terrible price for the lesson that Russia, China, and Iran may need to be taught.
    After we have seen that Hiroshima and Nagasaki are completely rebuilt, not ruined for thousands of years, we know that our nuclear weapons will destroy Russian and Chinese cities, but will not cause any lasting damage to the Earth.
    The massive fires in Florida Everglades some years ago, caused great fear that the smoke would cause the same nuclear winter effect as burning cities. The result was unexpected rain, which cleared the smoke from the air.

    While we do have the means to kill ourselves and to reduce great cities to rubble, just as Russia is now doing in Syria, we do not have the means to destroy the world as some propagandists try to claim.

  165. In a nuclear war, china is way undergunned. china doesn’t have the guts to fight a nuclear war with anyone. One hit on the 3 gorges dam will render bomb shelters useless.

  166. Get your weak ass back to that backward country of Romania. You and your country will always be USSR bitches…………………..enough said.

  167. Hey we have Guam in the West Pacific… Is it your suggestion we act as if we have no US territory in that hemisphere or perhaps we should denounce it as territory and let them fend for themselves..

    If you look, Guam is not to much further from the Spratly Islands than mainland China…. So poking around in someone else’s back yard? Do you forget about the countless American lives lost defending this so called backyard 75 year ago…. That place is a memorial and I’d be damned after all of our sacrifices for these damn Chinese that they have the nerve to tell us “Go now, doesn’t concern you!” To hell with them!

  168. You don’t know international law, and you can’t tell right from wrong either. We are really sick of Chinese internet trolls like you! Get a life. How much do they pay you? 50 cents an hour?

  169. I have seen more pro Chinese commie articles from this website than any other outlet. I wonder who actually owns “ValueTalk” or are silent partners, contributing to this tabloid of Chinese garbage.

  170. US is not the best but with out the USA this whole is ended long time ago. Especially, with China, Russia, or Iran.

  171. If these clowns seriously going to risk war over some silly islands? Taiwan and the islands are just an excuse used by the US to snoop around in someone else’s backyard, as usual.

  172. China, if you messing around with the world? We will cut you up in 5-9 dashes to gives it to your neighbors.

  173. Once again: I am urgent you the China you must stop threaten the world peace and the region, or we are going to put you back to the stone aged or a 5-thousand yours again. You don’t have to believe what I said but that will come down to.

  174. Let’s face it…Obama doesn’t intimidate anyone except Conservative groups trying to form Non Profits before an election. Can you imagine if he was president when WWII started? German and Japanese would be our native languages.

  175. Ridiculous. Any dust up with China will result in this whole global economy thing coming to a screeching halt. Chinese manufacturing would cease as America stops buying their crap. China has much more to lose than we do.

  176. Agreed; they will only get stronger over time. I would expect/anticipate Japan assisting us as it will also help them. Not sure about SK or Australia, as they have different priorities.

  177. Not to mention the Anti Missiles Defense that the U.S. invested for past decades (Patriots, THAAD and Aegis).Israel built their own (Iron Dome).All U.S. Air Force stealth bombers carries THAAD anti missiles. All Ohio Class U.S., Navy Subs carries Aegis and THAAD.Most of Western Europe U.S. Allies been deployed with Patriot Missiles.So let them know to pick their choice.

  178. But your Russia is like a basketball game is “ALL OFFENSE, NO DEFENSE”. The best offense is employing best defense. The U.S. had invested and perfecting the anti missile and interceptor for decades. Russia did not even as of this writing just like China. Did you hear that words, Patriot, TAAHD and Aegis? These are the U.S. Anti ICBM missiles system that will explode your ICBM while they are still in space. All U.S. continent, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Guam even few in Europe been deployed with Patriots Missiles. All U.S. Navy Ohio Class Subs were armed with this type of anti ICBM and all U.S. (B1,B2 and F117 bombers) are all armed with the same. So pick one?

  179. Your post would make a lot of sense if it were referring to the U.S.

    “Then it is better to terminate the American bastards now than later. Hundreds of countries would live much better then. Just look at the refugees fleeing the Middle East. Which country is behind all these turmoil and chaos in the Middle East? Answer: the U.S.”.

  180. Prediction for the next president, I see.

    No, I don’t think war with China or Russia will last 4 years. The destruction will be too great to last 4 years. After the ships and planes are destroyed and run out of missiles, the ocean separation is too great to continue the war.

  181. I’d love to see China respond militarily. The US and China have been doing this stupid economic dance for decades while China blatantly steals every bit of intellectual property that it can get it’s hands on. At least with a military response, there would be no more silly facade that China is an ally to the US.

    The problem with these islands is nothing new. They’ve been pulling crap with the Spratleys since Clinton was in office. Bush’s weak response to the Hainan incident only empowered them even more. It’s nice that the US has said enough is enough and is finally contesting their bogus claim to international waters.

    Regardless of the outcome of a military response, the crushing economic repercussions to China’s economy that would follow would certainly bring a smile to my face.

  182. Let’s all learn to spell ‘Global thermo-nuclear War’… Lets end all life on the planet…. End of mankind ….
    That way we can test Reagan’s Star Wars system…. lmfao….

  183. The usual pro-China, pro-Russia, and anti-US rhetoric from ValueWalk. Nothing new to see here folks. Move along, move along.

  184. No, don;t blame Bill Clinton. We deported Tsien Hsue-shen, father of the People’s Republic of China’s missile program, after being under house arrest for 5 years in the U.S. for finding his name in a communist list.

    Incidentally, Tsien Hsue-shen was also the founder of JPL in Pasadena, CA.

  185. America’s intrusion into SCS islands dispute will endanger the whole world, let’s hope the U.S. will not start the war just by showing who’s the boss around that part of the world. Let them deal with their own problem even if there’s a call from involved countries specially the Phils. who kicked out the Americans from their bases.

  186. Yes, same as in the U.S. As you can see from the posters here, almost all are very bias against China.

    We cannot beat Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, ISIS,…
    What make you people think beating China is a cake-walk???? China is huge, four times our population, China has the capability to make weapons of its own. China has nukes, ICBMs,…

    China will not be easy to beat, if it’s even possible!!!!

  187. Yes, we took Hawaii by sending marines to throw the Queen of Hawaii out.

    We declared war on Mexico and took all western states from Mexico.

    Yes, why not???? Ashton Carter is sending the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) to the artificial islands to test out China DF-21D, and dare China to attack it. It’s a wonderful opportunity for China to have a real-live test of their DF-21D!!!!

  188. Well If you haven’t been paying attention Russia and China formed a Military and Financial Alliance in 2015 google it, Also you don’t wanna mess with the Russian Federation which now has the most nuclear warheads and can destroy USA and its EURO NATO alliance, Russia and China you don’t want to keep annoying them

  189. Hu Jintao’s family had absolutely no CCP tie. He joined the CCP and rose to the presidency on his own merit. Today, China is truly a land of opportunities. If you have the drive and ambition, you can go as far as the highest office in China, as Hu Jintao himself had done!!!!

  190. It is as if the US can be scarced with this publication. As I said, Chinese will not do this, it is just all barks and no bite. Knowing fully well, if they unleash nuclear, it will be their very end as a country. Good riddance. Try it, get the ball rolling and start the war, the US will continue to sail, fly and operate in the SCS under international law. The Chinese cannot put 12 nm coastline as soveriegn in the spratlys since those are submerrged rocks and reefs under UNCLOS and China knew this when it signed and became member of the organization. Ops, wait a minute, this article appeared under the banner of Value Walk? I don’t know, but I don’t believe what this publication/group publishes. Anyway, I just have my doubt. I do not believe this.

  191. Nuke them!!! I thought we wont use nukes. a wonder why every one want nukes, see!!! we tell others not to have it , yet we turn around and we want to use it.that is why Iran don’t trust us. they know we are evil and liars

  192. This not about China and the US. It is about China and its neighbors; Korea, Japan, Viet Nam, the PI, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia,,,,,, and then there is Taiwan. In particular, in terms of economic competitors, Japan and Korea are Chinese targets and control of the region’s access to oil is certainly a nice tool to bend others to your will. Our biggest problem with dealing with China is one of numbers. The current upside of the situation is China’s lines of communications to the contested areas will require significant defense. In terms of geography, the defense of Taiwan is abetted by Taiwan’s north/south eastern mts which can shelter a naval task force from normal detection methods. Cruise missiles can be launched undetected.
    Further, in terms of experience, the US Navy has been a going concern since its birth almost 250 years ago.
    Regarding the use of nuclear weapons. Currently, and for sometime to come, China does not have the nuclear arsenal and the diverse deliver systems to take war to this level. If you really hope to defeat the US in the nuclear context you need a minimum of 50 ICBMs employing MIRVs with each warhead a megaton weapon and you have to accept that you are not going to exist within 45 minutes of your launches. An exchange of this level might well render life on the planet impossible. In this context, it would be helpful if the 4th estate took seriously its responsibility to not give encouragement to the use of nuclear weapons.

  193. I guess we are done with Arabs and Muslims since Meddle East is destroyed. we achieved are goal!!
    NO lets turn to Asia, if we go to war with chines, are we gonna discriminate against them here at Home? are we gonna call them Terrorists?? Remember now!!!!! you went to them, they didn’t come to you!!! Just like the Meddle East right??? oh , I just forgot, and are guys are defending us and for are freedom. the word defense is used when you are been attacked. I’m little confused in here, didn’t we went to them?? so technically, they are on defense mode? hummmmm?

  194. It’s about time America flexes HIS Miliatry Might over the high seas, in space, on Land and in the air. Let anyone who has something to say, say it! Come and face it and lets show you what it means to sing red white and blue! Mother****uckers!

  195. Value Walk you blame the victim and not the aggressor. China is the aggressor and the provocateur here. China is provoking the confrontations with its unilateral taking and expansion. The US is doing the right thing.

  196. if they are bold enough, let them fire the first round and they will SEE who has the real alien technology to annihilate the other

  197. Is the writer insinuating that the US is afraid of nuclear china? She is asking if we would risk getting nuked on mainland because of Taiwan- Has china considered being nuked 70 times over because of some island, because of some Taiwan and because of some fishing? Bring it on. They think we are afraid of nuclear war? Bring it on and let’s just end it once and for all and see who will lose..I’m pissed of at these stupid, cyber theives, counterfeit manufacturers, bullying yellow faces. It was found out that most of the Chinese students who score high on SAT’s and attended HArvard never took the tests themselves! How was it found out, because they could not compete academically at Harvard. cheats and thieves.

  198. I agree with your post !It is not the 1st time this reporter has done this same type of crap with Russia just a few weeks ago!! She is biased and should only report for her perspective country which is not the US and I will not read her comments anymore!!

  199. Why does this reporter keep TRYING to instigate a war between China and the US just a few weeks ago she wrote a bit on why Russia should not be messed with! Stop Banging the drum,! All of your stuff is dreary And biased and sometimes stretching the truth a little, lets have some fair reporting next time please!

  200. The China bully the small country, they complain but China did not listen, The US join the bullied country and China Complain that US bully them. It’s a roller coaster.

  201. Want to play a game ? How about, Global Thermo-Nuclear War. The first nuclear strike on US soild would mean.. Power Out, Food Delivery stopped, no money at ATM’s, no internet and most importantly.. NO CELL PHONES…. OMG !

  202. We make the mistake of assuming that China is run by the Chinese people . It’s the CCP ( Chinese Communist Party ) That makes policy in China . The people have about as much power and authority in China as any other person in the world . China is run by an elite group of families all belonging to the communist party . That’s who stands to loose in a war with the US . And loose they would and eventually will . The new silk road project being Built by China and Pakistan is and offensive measure to open an avenue to the west and middle east for the people liberation army . Those ruling families in China have plans of their own for world conquest . They are willing to make slaves out of the rest of Asia to achieve that .

  203. Leave it to stupid reporters/media to perpetuate the notion that china would blow up the world with nukes because our ship passed by a man made islands! Yes! lets end it all now because the U.S. is legally with in its rights to cruise the planets oceans to make sure other nations do not threaten peace…..Doh!

  204. Confronting China now before it is too late is the best course of action while the communist nation is relatively weak. There is a good possibility that the chinese leadership will come to reason and behave accordingly. But, if out of fear, the US should wait later to confront the asian giant, then china will be emboldened and war will be the certain future. The best time to avoid war is today. Tomorow will be too late.


  206. China is wrong. China cannot build islands and claim them as their territory and claim the sea around them as sovereignty. China is also acting like a school bully. What Obama is doing is perhaps too little too late but now the United States should not let China behave like a bully. And the United States should take the lead in the United Nations and the International Court to look into this matter. To have Russia behave like bully is enough. China want to play in the international stage, Chinese should behave like civilized people that respect international law.

  207. Considering the source of the article and her background, your naive protestation about “freedom of expression” comes off as empty and childlike. It’s not “freedom of expression” or “dissenting opinions” when the bias and ulterior motives are so glaringly obvious as in this author’s propaganda piece thinly disguised as “opinion”.

  208. We need to move forward regardless China’s response. Whatever country lets this confrontation passes by, that country ins consider loosing. If the US stops confronting China by patrolling the area, China will own the area and the US is done. Go home. If China should allow the US continues to patrol the area. The Islets may go to respective countries and that continues to be international water and air space. Push more. WW3 with China will be piece of cake.

  209. No war with China, lady. You can bet on that. We might have an economic war in the form of sanctions if China persists with its attitude.

  210. The US needs to stop playing Chinas BS game and call them on their BS. Park a god dam ship right off the island. If anyone does shit fucking kill them. If it starts a war then that is chinas problem and something the world can not back down from. You cant simply allow china to do whatever it wants. If we are going to allow them to do as they please then why dont we give up our countries and submit to chinese rule.

  211. this what the brain power of a community organizer from the hood is capable of he cant beat a bunch of towel heads running around the desert now he wants to antagonize china and Russia how would just love to drop a nuke on the boy and end it..he is the first sitting president to be at war the first day he got in to office and will still be at war the very last day he is in office

  212. So china is minding its own business by building islands in international water and claiming the water around them? then acting like they were attacked?

  213. China has no “sovereignty” in the middle of an ocean. China has no right to create sovereignty in the middle of an ocean. Everyone talks about how we should use our military. Stopping this blatant power play/land grab is the perfect way for us to leverage our power and influence. Does anyone in the US want to have a war with China? No, but China should not want a war with us.

    Given China’s evolving attitude and actions we are better served confronting them today.

  214. China isn’t going to start a war with the USA it knows it can’t win. :o)
    China’s navy is a collection of rust tubs. The only area that china has the numbers in is numbers of men and they are stuck in china..

  215. “China also says that U.S. provocations in the South China Sea threaten the safety of people living on the islands.” No, China! Building artificial islands in the territory that is clearly not yours is threating safety in the region and on those islands. Pack it up and go home!

  216. Most Chinese mainlander had been brainwashed for so many years, especially the younger generation! What gonna happen if everybody in red coomie China know the truth for the past 65 years since devil commie founded PRC? Mainland Chinese will rise up kick damn commie morons ass! The big mistake ever made by US was help red commie China joined WTO after 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre, money matters? Look what red commie china now, US should block everthing for red commie China just like US treat North Korea, damn commie morons will collaps and back to stone age no time, problem solved!

  217. Well the chinese better be ready to put up or stfu!! If we built up a man made island in interntional waters near shanghai then we can then say we own Shanghai?!! Where the hell do these arrogant asses come from? You want war? I’m a bleeding heart liberal and I’m down with this one. Bring on that Chinese made crap so we can smoke it.

  218. Exactly. Where are the authors and articles like this being published in China??? As if anyone in China could suggest their “glorious mighty military” might be biting off more than it can chew with just the U.S. Navy on its own, not to mention all the U.S. allies like Japan also. PRO-CHINA/RUSSIA PROPAGANDA ARTICLE.

  219. Nuclear wars were winnable when Mr. Reagan was President and they are winnable now. Then again, it all depends on your definition of victory. This old planet Earth must be getting tired of humans messing things up. Thankfully us mammals are subject to “behavioral sink” and the Earth will continue on without us after we have run our course.

  220. Liar! China has invaded India, Vietnam, and Tibet. The murderers of Tienanmen Square are subhuman savages, who see themselves as the rulers of the weaker peoples of this world.

  221. Actually dirty pussy, it is true. I was involved with that transfer and was overruled by my superiors in the DoD because direction came down from the White House for it to happen. One of my reasons for leaving the govt. Two of my superiors were transferred into new positions because they refused to go along. Their replacements , political appointees, did as were told regardless of the implications for our national defense. Now u libs want some more corrupt than her husband there. Speaks volumns about morals and values.

  222. The writer is a member of 50 cents that China paid for every word, a propaganda machine of Communist China. I know her. I meet her in many occasion.

  223. Again we have a Russian author trying to scare the US public into surrender. As with Imperial Japan in World War II, showing weakness will lead to a military attack by China and/or Russia, thinking a knock out punch, like the attack on Pearl Harbor, will bring them world domination. The resulting retaliatory destruction of Chinese and/or Russian cities will end any further threats, while there will be NO long lasting radiation or environmental damage, as proven by the complete rebuilding of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The talk of nuclear winter and long term radiation is simply Russian propaganda, picked up by cowardly pacifists and communist sympathizers in the US.
    Before the end of World War II, there were Americans that supported Hitler’s Germany, just as there are now treasonous vermin that support Russia and China, against their own country.

  224. not necessarily an FSB agent, but certainly in the propaganda wing of Russian state run media… I would wonder what her thoughts would be on US-Russian Cooperation in the Syria war, but im sure she thinks ISIS is US funded…

  225. Invaded Tibet in ’49, supported the North Korean invasion of South Korea, invaded Vietnam, and has had border conflicts with India and Russia. How many times has China attacked or started a war with another country? Quite a few, actually.

  226. When I typed her name and posted it
    There was a message that popped up…
    It says ” hold on this is waiting to get approved by value week


    You will find out that she is from Moscow , lives in Russia and writes so many ANTI- American articles… And spews out so much Anti-American garbage ..
    She is probably a Russian KBG agent … Follow her pattern and her writing for the next several day and see if there is any connection.. ITS SIMPLY TRASH….

    You will find out that she is from Moscow , lives in Russia and writes so many
    ANTI- American articles… And spews out so much Anti-American garbage ..
    She is probably a Russian KBG agent … Follow her pattern and her writing for the next several day and see if there is any connection.. ITS SIMPLY TRASH….

  229. Here we go again. A little “free” with the “facts,” aren’t we?
    Just can’t write anything without bringing in your political frustration, can you?

  230. Maybe Chinese leaders should be the ones asking themselves whether they want to risk nuclear annihilation over a couple of crappy islands they built illegally in international waters and / or those claimed by other nations with at least as much legitimacy as China. I guess I read too quickly and missed how China’s antics in the Spratly Islands relate to Taiwan, other than the fact that each Chinese abuse is likely to make the likelihood of a solution to the Taiwan problem acceptable to China smaller and smaller.

  231. what the f country did you come from maggot i think you got your story all mixed up go ahead go back to where you came from because your not wanted in this country you must be some kinda rag head thinking you can change the world . lmao you people that bad mouth america need to leave the country we are tired of you being here in the first place .

  232. At the top of all this. America’s rich class controls our politcal parties and our government. China’s rich and communist party controls China, right or wrong, when and if, they want to fight, the side that can get there fastest, with the mostest, stay the longest, an fight at night, will Win. Not the side, who may be right or wrong. Been that way, for only a thousand years. Well, maybe longer, got to include, the Romans.

  233. No that why all those who spew crap like this story, haven’t got clue on hat really happening. Nothing is going to happen in the South China Sea, China isn’t going to risk it

  234. i cant wait for china to get going they are going to make a big mistake and wake a sleeping giant but hey a sleeping giant needs to be waken every now and then and watch out !!!!

  235. I hope the people that write these articles and headlines don’t consider themselves “journalists” – because they’re not. Well, maybe in the sense of the National Enquirer they are.

  236. The world is dumping dollar and our economy isn’t any better since couples of years ago, hence no raise of interest rates; it’s just more of the same manipulation. When all this printed dollar comes back to US, it will tank and be worthless, with inflation going up to the roof.

  237. Was there ever a nuclear war between the US and USSR? The present saber rattling between US and China is nothing compared to what i’ve witnessed. These press boys have nothing better to do. Not before, not now. Complete bunch of bought-out (by defense department) lackeys.

  238. Look, we need to observe just a few facts. First, would the USA, use the first nuke, on China. NO, hell no. Why, America could defeat China, with the Navel and Air Force units, without ever needing nukes. All out combat, moving units over night, to the closest, runways, that’s all we need to do. Moving tankers to any runway close, once a wing of tankers are there, War over. America could have 1k aircraft in the air. China knows this, this would be like a good high school team, playing the Patriots. If China puts up 20 aircraft, their best aircraft, America could put up over 200, can their 20, beat 200. Are you kidding me. They aren’t idiots, what good would it do, to hit the States. One Trident sub, has 24 missiles, with depends on weight, 12 to 16, 100 kilatons warheads, each. What that means, their 20 largest cities, that the Trident missiles, could destroy China’s cities every year, for 24 years. I’m telling you military targets are one thing, civilian targets, are not even looked at. America will not kill the China people, just because we can. We are not taking sides, on whether, the claim on these islands, is legit. Freedom of the seas, is like our first Amendment. But to crater the runway, so no aircraft can use the island, would be just so simple, Just one, B-52 or F-15 Strike Eagle, could do it in one pass. And coming from the States. If a J-dam can hit any target, small as a tank, hitting a building, would be just over use. Remember, we did this over Iraq, for months, or until they ran out of targets. Plus Bagdad, had the world best, rings of defenses, all the new Russian SAM missiles. All this is because they see, Obama as weak, and can’t decide, on anything, or Obama is bating them, to fire, first.

  239. Which makes US look all the more dumber and stupid, for wasting trillions, losing thousands of American men and getting nothing in return! Tools like you should pay for it, you are the ones who bear responsibility for electing puppet driven gov’t in DC. I supported Ron Paul, one of the few decent men who were left in DC at a time.

  240. move back to Cuba Bozo China doesnt have the right to those areas it is far beyond any of chinas land. China is bullying the smaller nations and stealing their areas. GD Commie POS

  241. The US will not get scared by Chinese coercion. Obviously the US is not engage into any kind of provocation towards any country. The communist China is bluffing when it says threats of war, it’s part of their intimidation tactics. It’s not China’s territory to begin with and the freedom of navigation for all must be maintained and not be restricted by China. This 21st century 9-line claim of China should be abolished once and for all. It is the biggest theft attempted by a country and it should not succeed.

  242. What a load of krap! If China would stay within its borders instead of trying to claim the ocean by making artificial islands to build on, there wouldn’t be a problem in the first place! China is the aggressor here not the rest of the world that uses these shipping lanes!

  243. you are a coward and a traitor U have no business in this nation . Move to one of your BS communist countries u 5th columist. reality China doesnt own the South China Sea. China is being the bully trying to force the smaller weaker nations to submit to their lies. GTFO Douchbag

  244. what lies are those, 1. Syria has been a Russian problem from the beginning 2. The south China Sea is not china’s. 3. Iraq’s oil goes to China 4. The Ukraine is a independent country that’s wants to be free of Russia once and for all.

  245. the Chinese must ask themselves do they want nuclear annihilation.

    . China and its billion and a half population will be reduced to cinders within minutes if they are stupid enough to launch on the US. If Obama refused to respond a coup would occur where he would be deposed and china would be eliminated anyway. Our nuclear subs would respond immediately as would both our nuclear armed space plane and our land based bombers China would be history. Do the Chinese really want this. The Chinese really need to understand reality

  246. You are an idiot. You are not an American, you are a sheep that has been told to blindly follow the lies they feed you or they will call you unpatriotic. Read up the Bill of Rights and Constitution on Liberty and Freedom, which is not an excuse to starting wars and conflicts based on lies. It’s really very simple, follow the Golden Rule and don’t do onto others as you wouldn’t want done to you. We can provoke China in S. China sea and possibly get away with it, but don’t be crying and moaning when you see them by Alaska, Hawaii and West Coast California.

  247. Hey look, its another russian propaganda piece written by our favorite kremlin troll. she writes this crap everyday. if you type in jer first name, you will be sensored. thats how ridiculous this article is

  248. Well, we might as well get it going now while we still have some money. I think it will happen no matter what, China is picking the fight and has been for a long time, Russia is also doing the same and I believe they are both doing it in concert. It is the intention of both China and Russia to deny the United States access to multiple areas in the world and to expand their own power and influence for their benefit. Nothing abnormal here, it is the way of the world and typically ends in a war.

  249. Your nothing but a little rooskie. China hasn’t any rights to the S. China Sea except for those granted under international law.
    If you were an American regardless of your views on Iraq you wouldn’t be supporting Chinese actions in the S. China Sea. Rooskie

  250. China must has its own long term agenda. Possibility that China’s long term goal is to take all the countries in Asia, make them be a part of China. The US is the only one who can stop China. Now is better than later when it is too late.

  251. Traitor, you gotta be kidding me. Because I don’t blindly buy the lies that our lobby controlled politicians use to meddle us into more pointless conflicts that bankrupt us and steal the future of our generations to come? Wake up! They used the WMD and democracy excuse to meddle us in Iraq and now another excuse to agitate China. If you actually do the research you will see that historically China has claims to that area, just like Jews have legitimate claims to Israel. Why would you not expect them to defend them?

  252. That’s a good contrast. Americans have been fooled by the lies of WMD and spreading democracy in ME to start illegals wars, and now the gov’t is using another seemingly innocent lie to potentially risk another needle country, but this time with a nation that can and will defend itself and has strong ties with Russia.

  253. China was prepared for USA’s Navy long before they started the manmade islands. Someone sold USA’s Navel sensitive information to a spy from DHS’s computer laptop in 2008.

  254. USA must not be allowed to use the excuse of freedom of navigation to start a war in ‘South China SEa the way USA used the excuse of WMD in the Middle East. USA will be shocked and awed it it tries. Ash Carter will be replaced just the way McArthur was replaced.

  255. Everyone knows how dishonest and puppet-like American media has become today. They have mastered the art of mixing lies with some truth, to peddle their self interested propaganda and fool American people. Every honest American leader today, including Trump, has called out American media on their dishonesty.

  256. Go feed on your GMOs sheeple and be quite. I AM an American, who doesn’t feed of propaganda plate like you. It is the sheeple like you that has brought America to what it is today: a puppet gov’t and prostitute to lobbyists and selfish interests.

  257. Listen up America….
    if china wants to steal the china seas then you just stay out of it!
    If you get involved then YOU will be the aggressor!
    and if china must start a nuclear war with you to steal whatever land or water it wants then YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE!
    Just let china take what it wants….
    and when china starts building islands off of your coast you had better do nothing, else YOU will be responsible for starting the big war!
    And the same goes for Russia!
    Russia can take whatever it wants any time it wants and if you try to stop them then YOU will be the AGGRESSOR!
    YOU will be responsible for starting WWIII!!
    And when china and Russia have carved the whole world up and swallowed every other nation you had just better sit there and watch….
    until it is YOUR turn to be divided and swallowed

  258. This is an example of US being the world bully. We accuse China of bullying but we have numerously started wars and conflicts illegally for our own interests in recent history and when other countries defend their interests we are playing the world police, please. Russia has already given us a dose of our own medicine in Syria and China will soon do the same, as we are bankrupting and soon won’t have money to even sail our ships anymore. Our leaders in DC have completely lost credibility due to lobbying and corruption.

  259. At the rate war mad US generals are spreading lies and causing trouble in China’s South China Sea, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, ….. WW III no doubt will dawn on US sooner than later, like magnet attracting nails. Damn.

  260. More like China is risking a war with the U.S, one that they will lose. Also, there’s no way any Chinese war with Taiwan will be short, even without U.S. intervention. Taiwan has some pretty serious firepower and a huge reserve military of over 1 million troops. All this on an island composed of huge cities and rain forests. Even if the Chinese managed to land troops on the island (and that’s a big if, especially when you consider that they will face sophisticated air defense systems, a small but potent Taiwanese navy and air force, a large amount of Taiwanese anti-ship missiles, and a final landing on beaches that have all been pre-sighted with artillery and mortars, and probably U.S. stealth submarines taking shots at their invasion force the entire time) they will then have to conquer the entire island while facing more than a million soldiers hiding in buildings and jungles taking shots at them with sniper guns, anti-tank missiles, and improvised explosives.

    Even if China managed to prevail under those circumstances (which is highly unlikely), they would lose so many troops, so much equipment, so much international prestige, so much economic clout that it would be a pyrrhic victory at best.

    It’s worth noting that the same RAND study that this highly biased author quoted as saying that the balance of military power had shifted in China’s favor also concluded that U.S. submarines alone would destroy at least 40% of China’s invasion force in the early days of the war. No nation could withstand those losses and then face what the Taiwanese have waiting for them.

    China’s quest to retake Taiwan by force is doomed, as is their quest to control the South China Sea. Their only option for rejoining with Taiwan is peaceful reunification, and the only way that’s ever going to happen is if mainland China reforms and become democratic and starts respecting human rights.

  261. Wow this site is great propaganda site for the PRC little yellow monkeys and their butt kissing Russian allies. The whole entire article is complete nonsense written by a Russian idiot

    “More U.S. “provocations” to take place in near future”
    There hasn’t been a first provocation. There was a U.S. destroyer exercising its rights of freedom of navigation under international law. I know , I know that’s something Chinese and Russians don’t respect unless it goes their way. Typical for bullies and criminals
    China hasn’t any rights to the S. China Sea except for those allowed under international law. You can disagree, argue, stomp your feet, whatever but that is the beginning, middle, and end of the debate.

  262. Wait a minute, how many times has China attacked or started a war with another country in comparison to US? You are just another sheelpe with his head in the sand. Go feed on your GMOs and be quiet.

  263. Just another example of the crap this chick writes. I have read some of her other war stories whether it be about Russia going to War with us or China. How many ads is she selling writing this crap?

  264. USA must not use the excuse of Freedom of navigation the way USA uses the excuse of WMD. Otherwise, USA will be shocked and awed.

  265. whats the point of a nuclear war? it will wipe both sides. instead war, if so, should be like back in the good ol’ days….a country invades the other blah blah blah

  266. Xi Ping is in Vietnam trying to tell Vietnam not to join USA to fight China in case of war . The real answer Vietnam wants is China to give back Vietnam Paracels and Spratlys Islands to Vietnam . Vietnam has learned well the lesson, when the US goes away, China will try to finish Vietnam again just like in 1979 . Vietnam only wants peace but Vietnam is not dumb to lay down their weapons.

  267. Our Oreo Cookie, homosexual and Muslim loving President will have us in a major war with China and probably Russia before he leaves office….

  268. China and Russia will both be removed from the earth if they do state nuclear war. The world might end but they will be gone as well.

  269. Most Americans don’t know and care about Taiwan. Also the U.S. DOES NOT have a defense treaty with Taiwan as America does with Japan or South Korea. The U.S. is basically obligated to sell weapons to Taiwan so that it can defend itself, nothing more.

  270. This is what happens when you have a weak, feckless, naive president, especially one who is so naive as to not understand that when you mess up and draw a redline, you better stand by it!

  271. The US can not be soft with bullies and aggressors. The islands belong to Vietnam and Phillipines which China occupies illegally by force . By any means possible, Vietnam needs to acquire nukes to be able to respond to any China offense in the near future .,

  272. If we are so concerned about expanding Chinese influence in that part of the ocean, which we SHOULD be, then perhaps the administration should have done more to prevent these islands from being built in the first place. As it is, Obama allowed it, and now has to deal with the territorial claims that rise from it. More world-class leadership.

  273. Author ignored the “no first use of nuke” policy of China. We won’t risk the nuke attack from China during the fight unless we use the nuke first. I don’t think we will use nuke during the South China Sea (SCS) local-fight. SCS dispute is not our problem (we only care about freedom of navigation, remember?)! We have been taking no position on the SCS dispute! By the way, we are much stronger in transitional weapons! The only catch is that SCS is far away from US and costs too much for us to join the fight in SCS. I am not sure that Philippine (or Vietnam) is willing to pay us to fight!!!

  274. I guess the Chinese are taking a page from the Russia play book by being the aggressor but when challenged, play the victim and threaten war.

  275. the article shows the writer has not learned anything in 7 years. it should be the other way around. China, with it’s delusional sovereignty, risk a nuclear war with the US.

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