U.S. Successfully Tests New Nuclear Gravity Bomb In Nevada

U.S. Successfully Tests New Nuclear Gravity Bomb In Nevada
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The newly upgraded B61-12 nuclear gravity bomb was successfully tested for the third time in the Nevada desert on October 20.

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After the light test, conducted by the U.S. Air Force and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA),  U.S. officials claimed that the launch proves Washington’s “continued commitment to security,” according to NNSA.

Updated nuclear bomb performs third successful test

This latest test took place at Tonopah Test Range in Nevada, although the bomb did not contain any enriched nuclear material. NNSA Deputy Administrator said that the the test “provides additional evidence of the nation’s continued commitment to our nation’s security and that of our allies and partners.”
“This demonstration of effective end-to-end system performance under representative delivery conditions marks another 2015 achievement in the development of the B61-12 Life Extension Program,” she added.

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When fully operational the B61-12 is a nuclear gravity bomb, although the test flight only employed “representative non-nuclear components but no highly enriched uranium or plutonium, consistent with test treaty obligations,” said a statement released on Monday.

Life Extension Program designed to maintain nuclear deterrent

The bomb was released by an F-15E warplane from Nellis Air Force base, and the B61-12 “demonstrated successful performance in a realistic guided flight environment.” “All scheduled activities occurred successfully” and “telemetry and video data were properly collected,” it continued.

Researchers performed the launch as part of the B61-12 Life Extension Program (LEP) which is designed to repair or replace existing components of U.S. nuclear weapons to “ensure the ability to meet military requirements.” Testing of the new bomb began in July, and October’s launch was the last of three tests.

According to the NNSA the LEP allows for the maintenance of a viable nuclear deterrent without developing new weapons or conducting live underground tests. The program was launched in February and could see the life of a weapon extended by 20-30 years.

Anti-proliferation advocates criticize new bomb

However the $8 billion upgrade program is not without its critics. Anti-proliferation advocates have accused U.S. officials of disguising the fact that they have built a new weapon, breaking President Obama’s promise not to construct new nuclear bombs. It is thought that the B61-12 will replace all earlier versions of the B61, including the B61-3, B61-4, B61-7, and B61-10.

The NNSA says that the new B61-12 has the same capabilities as previous versions of the bomb and will not be guided by GPS. The U.S. Congress established the NNSA in 2000 as a semi-autonomous agency within the U.S. Department of Energy, which has a mandate of “enhancing national security through the military application of nuclear science.”

The expensive upgrade has drawn criticism because the B61 is a “dumb” bomb that has no place in modern day U.S. or NATO nuclear doctrine. However one of the upgrades is a set of moving fins that allow the bomb to be guided more accurately to its target. The yield can also be adjusted before launch, which some argue make it more usable and therefore more dangerous.

Senior U.S. officials considered use of nuclear weapons in Iraq

It should never be a good idea to think of a nuclear bomb as usable, but some U.S. military officials certainly appear to see it as a positive. Former U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff General Norton Schwartz acknowledged that the changes could affect how leaders think about using the B61. “Without a doubt. Improved accuracy and lower yield is a desired military capability. Without a question,” he said.

Nuclear weapons were never meant to be used because of the huge, lasting damage that they would cause. If their use becomes a genuine consideration then the world is a far more dangerous place.

Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney ordered Colin Powell, then chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff, to assess how many tactical nuclear weapons it would take to destroy an armored division of Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard. According to a new biography of George W. Bush, Powell was uncomfortable ordering the analysis but he did it anyway.

The fact that senior U.S. figures seriously contemplated the use of nuclear weapons goes to show that newer more “usable” bombs may in fact may the world less safe. That is one of the major criticisms of the B61-12, which although it may not be an entirely new weapon, could cause a shift in attitude towards the use of nuclear weapons.

Non-proliferation advocates appear to have lost the fight to keep the B61-12 from being deployed, and now it must be hoped that future military officials are not tempted to use it.


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  1. No, I called you a a liar because that is what you are. I call you a liar because I DID look this stuff up, as I do with everything before I post online(because I run across liars like you all the time who pretend to know stuff, who pretend to be (insert x major here(where x equals any profession you can think of)). What is sad is that I called you out for what you are and you STILL persist, now THAT is sad.

    Okay, lets pretend(as you like to do) that you in fact a physics major….

    Okay, well then in that case you are just dead wrong. You need to go BACK to school and re-learn what you have forgotten.

    So in this case you are either a liar or a really slow learner. I can tell which of those is more pathetic.

  2. It is pretty sad that you would look upon the evidence I’ve stated, not look it up to fact check, and then call me a liar. Seriously, read up about what I have said, and learn something real for a change. Otherwise you are not worth my time.

  3. Physics major my ass! Whole villages had to be evacuated after our nuclear testing and its fallout and are still uninhabitable today because of the fallout that left particles on the ground that absolutely pollute the entire area with gamma radiation. You are not a physics major, you are just a liar, a pretender.

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  7. not so sure about that, even if pearl harbor, hiroshima and nagasaki is further off in our future again than it is in our more recent past.

  8. nope not even, mental hemorrhaging. not so sure about your, having a mental aneurysm though. but TheStory is already written, and G-D has not changed it yet.

  9. You aren’t saying it’s right then you make excuses for it.

    Japan was done after midway. We could have simply firebombed a few cities or leveled Tokyo, they woukd have given up. Or better yet we could have imposed a naval blockade and starved them out. All not very nice thing but better than using a nuke!

  10. Iran has never vowed to wipe anyone off the map. That is attributed to he former president of Iran and that is not what he said. Did you read the entire speech like I did? Do you know what he really said and meant by it….of course not.

    That said, you are telling me the US mission in WW2 was NOT to destroy Japan? That’s a new level of idiocy to me!

  11. Well first they have to try and build one, something all 16 US intelligence agencies, UK intelligence, Mossad and the head of the Israeli military say they aren’t doing and verified by the IAEA. They also then need to develop a delievery system.

    But other than that, yeah, you MIGHT be right.

    Oh and FYI it is hypocritical for the only country to ever use nukes to be the moral authority on nukes!

  12. You are right we can’t compare Iran to the US….Iran is not invading and destroying countries based on lies half way around the world and aren’t taking out leaders of other countries they don’t like.

    Great point!

  13. Well, Bush had his problems but Iraq was all but finished when Obama took office. We won, and then he gave it back to the savages. He won the war, but lost the peace because he didn’t want to have anyone there so all that blood and treasure was a waste of time thanks to Obama’s negligence. Reason we are still in Afganistan is due to the lackluster half hearted way we are doing that war. It would be nice if we could plan wars to last this long and wrap up neatly, but they don’t. We fought WWII over 70 yrs ago, and we still have a presence in those countries.


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  18. OK, that does it. You’re just full of s—, and I’d be a fool for continuing beyond this point.
    Bye. Have a wonderful life, somehow.
    No reply.

  19. I assume that by “gamma radiation” you mean “photonic radiation” (represented by the greek letter gamma). Yes, it is very destictive- but because it is made of high frequency photons ( ultraviolet, x-ray and gamma ray radiation) it is absorbed almost immediately by the atmosphere. This is why x-ray and gamma ray telescopes have to be launched into orbit in order to see anything, the radiation they are looking to detect is absorbed by the atmosphere within the first few meters.

    Radiation dating has nothing to do with any ‘baseline of neuclear tests.’ It is done by taking a sample of an object and looking at component elements that are undergoing radioactive decay. It uses the known half-life of the element to backtrack to the age at which it stopped introducing new radioactive material, such as the potassium 40 in our banana. It has nothing to do with neuclear weapons. If it did, we wouldn’t be able to date anything back before the first neuclear weapon test in the 1940’s.

    I feel that whatever sources you are using, or that what you have been taught is misleading you. I am a physics major, and this is all pretty basic science.

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    I guess we good both go on and on, and on and on…….

  22. So I forgot to add the ‘hypocrisy’. You’re still harping, (about nukes) and still show ZERO understanding both of deterrence, and why we used an atomic bomb first. Or the fact that we didn’t know what the effects would be until it was used!

  23. No, that is a lie. Either you are bold faced lying or you are just ignorant. Potassium, in bananas, is indeed radioactive. However, it is a DIFFERENT KIND of radiation. The kind of radiation that the bombs put out is of the gamma variety and is very destructive. And yes, you can test pretty much every object on the surface of this planet and find radioactive isotopes which are left behind by our nuclear weapons, we have been using radioactive decay to date things using the dates of the detonations as a baseline for decades now. Did you know that each bomb has its own signature? Based on your comment I am guessing you didn’t, well, you do now.

  24. I never said we were going to wipe ourselves out. No, I never said that. I did elude however to the certainty that this world would be forever changed. You think living is hard now? Just wait. You want to unleash all of the nukes? Well, you haven’t see harsh living yet. What level of existence are you willing to live with? You willing to live on food rations? Potatoes 7 days a week? You ready to pop iodine tablets on a regular basis to counteract the effect of radiation sickness? You ready to wear hazmat suits just to go outside? You got a rad meter laying around the house? One for each member of the family?

    Surprisingly, we are rather strong against radiation. But we are not immune. And our environment, everything else around us, is not quite so resilient against radiation as we are. have you ever seen what plants look like in a radiation zone? You should google “pictures of effects of radiation on vegetables fukushima”. It may open your eyes a bit as to what our future will look like if continue down this path that leads to nuclear war.

  25. No, that is not true at all, not even remotely. You think if we use nukes over there that those nukes we use are going to be the only and last nukes to be used? Really? Use using nukes would open the door for every single country that has nukes and there are a lot of them by the way, to use them themselves. “If America can do it, so can we.” Americans will die, our own people will die.

    The problem with you people is that you cannot see into the future any past your nose. You want to react, but you don;t want to think about what happens afterwards. You just want to react for the sake of reacting so you can say you reacted.

    No, just no.

  26. This coming from the guy who appears to want to irradiate our planet further. How much planet wide radiation is enough for you? Does the human species have to be completely and utterly cancer ridden from birth to early death before you decide that maybe using nukes to solve our problems wan’t the greatest idea? Is that what it will take?

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  33. How many dollars that you will never use?

    If you have something, it tends eventually to be used.

    The deterrent is Mutually Assured Destruction. Seems like we could do better than that.

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    China = an OLD CIVILIZATION but now a BORN LOSER nation run by IDIOT LEADERS!

  36. Spin Digi – The Tonopah Test Range and all associated testing ranges in southern Nevada were never shut down. The officials simply have said less and less about them, Justifying the secrecy as essential to protect the liberties of the American society.

    Keep in mind that Weapons of Mass Destruction (MAD) operating under a strategy of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is a form of global terror, though it is not presented to the American people in such a way.

  37. it wasn’t nukes they were looking for, it was the wmd nerve gas and other chemical biological weapons we sold to them. we only recently found their stockpile out of usable shelf freshness date. it was a set up, we knew they had the nerve gas we sold to them somewhere to use against iran. russia gave to iran their wmd’s, and we gave to hussain their wmd’s after the shaw was displaced.

  38. THE G-D WHO tested them on sodam, gomorrah, hiroshima, and nagasaki. is more likely to test them, on san francisco and hollywood next.

    and i am willing to bet, that none of you know why?

  39. as a retired ex-scientist at a top secret nuclear reservation. i am not so sure, as to what i have contributed anymore.

  40. a nuclear trigger (atomic bomb), can be used to detonate deuterium. which can exceed the programmable, up to 50-kiloton emp super-densification range. there are ways to enhance, either the neutron generation or the emp capabilities of any nuclear weapon.

  41. every nation is brainwashed, according to their own diverse nations opposing untrue standards. russians, chinese, americans, etc, are taught with russian, chinese, american, and etc lies. but at least you, have enough brains to realize this. that even you, may even be seduced.

  42. you shall never prevent the physical plagues of war, as long as their are the mentally taught deniers of the truth. all physical war plagues, are the results of mentally errant diverse mentalities of taught untruths. diversity caused by propaganda, is directly mentally opposed to physical peace on earth. if you can never correct for the mental error, you shall never correct for the physical errors caused by errant mentality. the solution is not by guns, artillery, bombs or bullets but by what is errantly taught to this world as lying enemies of G-D.

  43. i think you are missing out, on why einstein said what he did by observation. and yes super-quick and delayed artillery shells, do have a deeper plowshare meaning than bullets plowing through your dirt.

  44. dude, you can’t just go around dropping nukes on everyone. Don’t you think you’re exaggerating a tad bit there when you say “all muslims”? I mean, if the Koran does say that, then that’s like saying every Christian who’s eaten shrimp is condemned to hell since the bible forbids it like 6 or so times.

  45. “you have just been called out”?
    “never answered my questions earlier”?
    — There’ve been none that this site has notified me of. It is probably defective.

    “blonde moments”?
    — Afraid I wouldn’t know, as I’ve never had one of those. Perhaps you can describe your last one for us?

    “brush up on your history”?
    — Just how young are you, anyway? Mentally or chronologically; either one will do. Because this remark reveals a breathtaking lack of awareness of world events.

  46. If you don’t know by now what Iran is, and has been, up to, you’re certainly beyond my, or anyone else’s, help.
    And if you want to draw some sort of moral equivalency between the U.S. and Iran, you might as well bow down right now to the Ayatollah.

  47. Well said. Are most Americans brain washed or is just an oppressive state. People don’t know that they are brain washed…. I may be brain washed myself, i just don’t know.

  48. Then you HAVE lost your mind. How old are you, anyway? I grew up in the era of ‘Duck and Cover,’ of CONOLRAD, of bomb shelters in my neighbors back yards, of CIVIL DEFENSE, of the Cuban Missile Crisis, of nuclear attack sirens being tested every Saturday, and of living in terror that one day we WOULD be attacked. I know of no one my age who wants to go back to that. Sure, YOU can “think” of all kinds of ways nuclear weapons would “need” to be deployed, and I – and those like me -who actually UNDERSTAND the horrific consequences of letting the nuclear genie out of the bottle cannot fathom ANYONE but a CRAZED LUNATIC wanting to. That is the kind of psycho-babble you hear coming from the hated NEOCONS, not men and women who want to live in a PEACEFUL world free from something which a mere MISTAKE could become our global doom.

  49. Intended to keep my name out your mouth- but apparently you’ve opened wide Bogart. There was a time Fedoras were worn by classy distinguished gentlemen – now its ..just guys like you.

  50. You can’t stop war with war. These bombs are designed to kill anything in it’s path. If you are saying bomb the countries where we think ISIS is, then we might as well bomb America too. There are plenty of terrorist hiding right in plain sight. It’s not the answer to wipe out innocent families and children who happen to live in a place we “believe” terrorists to be. Just know – the word terrorist is to create terror! We have to start within our own hearts to create peace and love. Terrorist can not wipe out an energy that is within each and every one of us.

    My question on these nuclear bomb developments by U.S. is – why do we think we have the right to do what we police the rest of the world to not do. Lest we forget that it was our very country that nuked another country. What other country has ever used a nuclear weapon to destroy a country?

    I’m also concerned because I live near this area they are testing the bomb in. It was my understanding that they shut down this operation years ago. Now we see that they have secretly been developing and testing right under our noses. Liars!!!

  51. Tommy- a capable man always has the means to protect himself and his family and would run only to fight another day- with or without guns we walk in peace ready for whatever. Besides- you wear a fedora dude- you cannot be taken seriously.

  52. I cannot imagine all the various scenarios in which nuclear weapons would need to be deployed. I do prefer whatever scenario that our country might face that we have best delivery mechanisms and use the minimum yield possible. Not doing so is the equivalent of going around bragging about how you will never develop cancer and when you do suddenly having to remove it with a machete because you never bother to develop the proper tools for the procedure. It is incredible easy for us to armchair QB from the sideline and complain about how we are developing tech that will most likely never see use but the people responsible for pulling the trigger will have to weigh the lives of several million people with their decisions and this option may give them the best outcome of several REALLY bad outcomes.

  53. And you know how to find them? A bomb like this wipes the slate clean. Yes u lose innocent ppl as well. But its a choice that has to be made for the future. Going on manhunts will not end this war.

  54. In the U.S. such devices are referred to as a ‘nuclear deterrent.’ When an enemy has such devices we tend to refer to them as Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

    In this case when the B61-12 is used at it’s full 50-kiloton yield (energy output equivalent to 50,000 tons of TNT high explosive) it releases 3.33 times the energy of the bomb that the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima Japan. No matter what yield such devices are used at one of the radioactive waste products that they release into the atmosphere is significant quantities of plutonium-239.

    Well over a trillion dollars has been expended on the U.S. nuclear weapons system so there is an incentive to eventually use them for more than just saber rattling.

  55. Well use it instead of letter a group like iss make a country look so bad Another planed hit on USA soil like 911 is that whats going to happen

  56. Gravity bombs simply indicate the means of delivery not the means of detonation.

    unlike guided munitions, once a gravity bomb is released it is on its own.

  57. I really love science. These scientists, physicists, and engineers make life so exciting. They have made it so we can destroy everyone and everything many times over. And to put them on peacekeeper missiles. Priceless.

  58. With a bomb like that, it won’t be ISIS only. Yeah, do kill all them all and other militants. I’m for it all the way. But a bomb like that is not the way.
    I say castrate them first (slowly), cut of their limbs and feed it to the pigs.

  59. Honestly the world leaders need to get there s together. We know you dumb a can destroy the world like 100 times over. They act like teenagers, trying to prove whos holding the bigger stick.

  60. The stop trying to contribute here. No troops, no progress. Period. I don;t want to see them over there either, no more than you do. It is the only way to actually get the job done. We can drop all the bombs we want, as you have seen, it is not effective. Using nuclear weapons will also be ineffective. Sure, we may kill a bunch of them, but that does get rid of them all. In fact, it might actually galvanize them all around the world. Did you know that the “Nation of Islam” is over 3 billion strong? The “Nation of Islam” rivals, strongly, Christianity in the number of its followers. That is all over the world, in every country in ever corner of the world there are people are members of the “Nation of Islam”, that is what they call it by the way. You can’t nuke them all. Not without killing yourself, you live close to some yourself, you know.

    Then you have the countries that have nuclear weapons that are just waiting for the cherry to be popped. We use them, then Israel uses them then Russia uses them then everyone who has one uses theirs and now you have an insane mess where only a fraction of humanity survives the ensuing apocalypse.

    You people, why can’t you all see past your emotions? Use your logic and your reasoning. Your emotions lie to you and they are used against you as a weapon to get you to cow. As long as you rely on your emotions to make your decisions you are being controlled by someone, not you.

  61. Russia didn’t break it because it never signed it. the Treaty was between the USSR and the US, not Russia and the US. Russia was just another Soviet republic, not a country even.

  62. Actually we do. What you are talking about is a measured event.

    Of course, since detonating a nuke is forbidden, and nothing of the sort was done, no actual radiation was released.

  63. So….in other words, they got a big rock, spray painted the word “bomb” on the side of it and dropped it from a plane. Yup…..test successful. Gravity still works as a method to get a bomb from a plane overhead to the ground underneath.

    Byrne you get bonus stupid points for not knowing what anything you wrote about actually means.

  64. No wonder why the world climate change drastically, this is the main cause. And one more thing,the US always said peace with their human right but they invade Iraq for nuclear reason and now they tested nuclear. So where is the justice???? Who will punish USA for their arrogance.

  65. depleted uranium is made of uranium and metal.US army use that to destoryed the building in the war.but the uranium has radiation.so many people are sick.you can search in google.

  66. WTF! Why are we still making more powerful bombs? When will it stop. US is not the only country who can build them and only challenge others to an arms race. Will US be satisfied only if it can blow up the whole world with one bomb? Gee…..!

  67. Yes of course, because 9/11, France…etc was just a political move by a group of kumbya seeking peace activists just struggling to be understood, people like you amaze me with your naivety.

  68. Get ready for more cancer. You think blasting millions of rads of radiation into the environment just goes away? Wrong. You have no friggin’ clue what’s really going on, but then I guess you can’t be blamed when those in power keep you from the truth because they’re so greedy to maintain their power that they will kill you slowly to retain it in any way they can. No BS. Do you actually believe a disease like cancer is just something that happens out of the blue?? Really??

  69. And that doesn’t bother you, either! “JUST” testing a “nuclear delivery system” implies you’re going to possibly USE IT to “deliver” a NUKE somewhere. And, I don’t give a damn if it’s “small yield,” or not. ANY “yield” from a nuclear weapon is UNACCEPTABLE! Do you actually believe that the use of ANY nuclear device – small or large – would not precipitate an all out nuclear war? Once that genie is out, IT’S OUT. Have you lost your mind?

  70. bc of the civlians, most of whom are in raqqa against their will. Since the attacks, ISIS is expecting retaliation and is forbidding civilians from fleeing.

  71. That’s what we used to say about the communists during the cold war. Always gotta have some “side” against us to justify the expenditures on all this destructive crap.

  72. All Soverign are equals on the world stage, but I think that our power obviously has the US on top for pure killing power. The bad news is that the Chinese and Russians are closing in fast, and India and Pakistan also have some very formidable weapons to show. We need to find common ground in peace, not war, as more weapons only mean they will be used.

  73. they used the UN to so called authorize thier invasion of libya, if you know anything about the world and how it works, you know it wasnt about saving the libyan people, it was Kadafi thinking for himself and how to improve africa with the gold standard, gold dinars and silver coinage for the masses. Next thing you know, boom wham crash…..no more gov. here comes the jihadi army…..just stupid.

  74. There will never be peace without Jesus the Christ. The sooner we get it the sooner peace will come, but because of the demons like daesh and the doubters, things are going to get very ugly.

  75. Since this President has taken office the whole mideast (which was going towards more peaceful resolutions at the time) is at war. So, wahhhhht? Obama has started more wars, including isis, than any president. Through his inactions and weak leading from behind tactics, he has left a vacuum in the Mideast that radicals have been only too happy to fill. Yeah, Cheney is dangerous. At least he did it with congressional approval.


  77. The football and nuclear release are NOT always in the hands of whom ever is President.
    The football and Nuclear release are placed in the hands of someone in Government who can be trusted to use or not use it according to the orders of the majority of the Congress, Senate and Chiefs of Staff.
    An example is Richard Milhous Nixon who after a series of events was Not allowed to have Nuclear release ability.

    I doubt POTUS Obama or VPOTUS Biden have the ability or certification needed to give any launch orders.

  78. There worried about it being a “Dumb” bomb? Well when your effective destruction footprint is about 5 mi wide, I think you can be off a foot or two and still get your target, and it’s general neighborhood also.

  79. We are just testing a delivery system not the weapon itself. This is so that the weapon can be guided during free fall so that it lands on the correct target, say a tank battalion attacking an allied city instead of the allied city. Lastly this is a small yield tactical device not for city busters. Think of it as creating the nuclear version of scalpel instead of a machete.

  80. The Allied free world spends less on military than any other nations.
    American’s buy firearms because we like them for sport.
    We can protect ourselves a lot better than the Police who are not there to protect us are 30 minutes away and are there to write a report of what happened.
    The boogie man created himself, 9/11, Paris, The Russian airliner proves the boogieman is real.
    The world can wonder all it wants, who cares we got guns.

  81. They HAVE been rolled out, loaded up, delivered to the bad guys border, and kept there until the recall order was given. Many more times than you would be comfortable with.

  82. Who told you that we don’t have nukes pre-positioned overseas?

    Let’s just say, hypothetically, for the sake of argument, that some people believe that there could be great quantities of nukes, very near our enemies, and they might be very often dusted off to ensure they are ready to go with very little notice.

  83. Allied with most of the free world- yet spend more on military than all those nations combined. And the world wonders why Americans citizens hoard arms. We cannot protect ourselves from the self created boogie man.

  84. It is called a void. If we aren’t the leaders then who should it be? Iran? Russia? China? Korea? Who? If we aren’t the leader and police the world then that void will be filled by someone else.

  85. hmmmm. it is like an umbrella on a rainy day. We may not need it but it is nice to have just in case. It isn’t like we can go make one of these in a few hours. Its not like the world has gotten safer in the past 10 years.

  86. I love how people think we’re building NEW nukes, but we’re actually keeping the existing ones safe and functional, just coming up with better ways to deliver them. It’s like the Ford Crate motor… powerful, but you can stick it in a truck, or a minivan… Same system, different delivery method. I’m with you JungleTrunks… GO ARMY!

  87. But until the masses DO change their thinking, how do you suppose we maintain it? Support your arguments with solid evidence. Go take that argument to ISIS and see how quickly they remove your head simply because of the fact that you have a “western” name. Peace is earned with the blood of those that fight for it…. and are strong enough to keep it. Go try and convince ISIS that anything other than their warped idiology is correct. They would like nothing more than for you to try. Then they’ll peal your skin like an orange, poor salt in your wounds, rape you, and then slowly cut your head off. Peace will not happen as long as people like that exist… How do you supposed we stop it? With bubble gum and bowling balls? Please.. .Support your position.

  88. JungleTrunks, you’re right on target. We have the strength, so others, like N.K. for example, rattle sabers but don’t have the balls to do anything else BECAUSE of our strength. Peace is ALWAYS kept in place through strength and is earned with blood. If the US removed it’s nuclear program, North Korea would attack South Korea VERY quickly. China wouldn’t stop them. Iran would block the straights and hold oil hostange. Russia would start marching across Eastern Europe again and instill the USSR again.

    If we didn’t STOP countries like NK and Iran from getting Nukes or building them, they would USE them. To NK we are a Zionist nation that needs to burn. When the towers came down people in Iran CHEERED! Without our military strength, we are a paper tiger. Our military equate to the claws of the tiger, but our nuclear deterrent is the mouth.

    Anyone who thinks that the US would remain a global superpower without a nuclear deterrent is grossly ignorant and uninformed.

  89. You two brains really think the US stopped at Nuclear weapons, LOOOOL, you cant imagine what weapons we have secretly made from black budget programs, fools……arguing over something that is much much more than you can imagine! Both are wrong and for reasons you haven’t comprehended yet! Wake up the worlds not all sunshine and rainbows, your lied too daily now.

  90. We hate war that’s why we are the best at it, If you make us fight we want to get it over with fast through overwhelming violence of action and tactics. Americans really only want to get back to enjoying life.America no better friend no worse enemy. Just ask those countries that have been both, we were at war with Germany and Japan firebombed one and nuked the other. now we are allies and will expend blood and treasure to defend them at a moments notice. We we almost had the same relationship with Russia until Putin messed it up.

  91. Well, I think we can both agree that we don’t see anywhere near eye to eye on this. I have more important things to do. I hope you do as well. Hava goodin’

  92. Now you change the subject because you have no more juice left in your ridiculous argument. And you concede your belief that the rest of the world would be at peace if it weren’t for U.S. imperialism or whatever other nonsense you want to blame the US for as the oppressor of other countries.

    The US has championed democracy globally, if not for us it frankly probably wouldn’t exist. We are not perfect, have made blunders, but over all we represent democracy for all countries no matter what religion they wish to practice.

    I’ll let someone else battle religion with you in another thread

  93. The US “upholds democracy” in countries where we can gain a monetary advantage and press our Christian beliefs on people who don’t want them.

  94. Show me where I ever said we should eliminate nuclear capability. I said we should not continue to develop new nuclear weapons. I’m sure we have plenty.

  95. No, we are less likely precisely because of our strength.

    You make no sense by implying we should eliminate nuclear capability in this country while 3rd world countries are racing towards the capability

  96. I’m saying I can deal with being called a delusional ideologue. I just said that the US is as capable of starting a nuclear war as any…

  97. Other countries may change in time but the logical course of action is that the US upholds democracy by representing strength until those nations with other motives evolve to the point where their own democracies take root. Until then you’re a fool to demand the U.S. not hold peace by remaining strong

  98. and if you think about it further, you could consider artillery shells as plow shears to till the dirt. “and they made their weapons, into plow shears to till the dirt”.

  99. Well you couldn’t “deal with that” earlier; by implying there’s moral equivalency between our nation and some of these 3rd world countries developing these weapons.

  100. I can deal with that. I’m sure that people also thought people like A. Einstein, Gallileo, A. Newton, etc. were “delusional ideologues” as well…..

  101. You’re missing reality.

    Just because nuclear weapons are capable of destroying the world does not imply how they would be used in extreme circumstances, nor do you address the MAD component that demonstrably holds countries with nuclear capability in check

  102. Not sure that you would want to rely on GPS in the event of nuclear war…

    …but I am pretty sure that it wouldn’t matter anyway at that point

  103. Keeping them updated ensures they work and remain stable. As decades roll by they degrade. You don’t understand that. That you conflate U.S> politicians as the same mindset as third world dictators and authoritarians says that you are a delusional ideologue

  104. No, I don’t and I realize these countries are dangerous….BUT I also don’t think we should continue to develop new nuclear weapons capable of destroying the world. We have just as many crazy politicians in the US capable of starting a nuclear was than any other country has.

  105. I believe that you are the “idiot” here. You and all others that think like you do are stuck in a circular paradigm that perpetuates hatred and violence. Only when the masses being to think about the world differently will peace ever be possible.

  106. So you consider N. Korea and the U.S. as equals? DO you consider the U.S. and, say, Iran as equals? If you don’t you’ve demonstrated why your question is nonsensical, alternatively you have no clue how the world works, that there really are people that would just as soon see you dead as promote democracy.

  107. ~After the light test, conducted by the U.S. Air Force and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), U.S. officials claimed that the launch proves Washington’s “continued commitment to security,”~

    Security lol

  108. I love how our nation continually tells other nations that they can’t possess or develop nukes but we continue to develop them ourselves. We should not be so hypocritical and lead by example…

  109. Dont be afraid.If and when the End comes,thats it.it will not be painful.just relax.after all,no human being will leave here for ever.

  110. You’re an idiot, probably groomed in your beliefs by far left nuts in our university system.

    The MAD concept has worked for decades. People like you believe that if we discard our nuclear weapons that everyone else will follow suit. And it’s no longer just Russia we’re not talking about, but third world nations that are gaining the ability to build these weapons.

    Why do you believe that places like N. Korea care about your humble peace on earth globalistic perspective? They can care less. Peace can only be maintained by having strength, there are plenty places that don’t want democracy.

  111. One big flaw in your argument is that while the US did use an atom bomb, we did NOT vow to wipe Japan off the map before doing so as Iran has done over and over again with Israel and the Great Satan. At the time our bomb was used it was an us or them situation. Has one been used since? 70 years and not a problem. Maybe Iran’s vow’s to wipe Israel off the map is all talk and bluster but is it worth finding out and risking being wrong? If your angry neighbor promised he wouldn’t shoot your family if you’d just let him have a gun would you trust him?

  112. Most people would believe that “fear” is the reason we still have these weapons but the truth is, …these weapons are the tools of fear used by the US military to intimidate other nations, The US is in a constant state of war so the US military industrial complex can maintain its solvency …at the expense of the American people.

  113. Conventional Explosives they are not, Jerry. The explosives used to encapsulate the Uranium or Plutonium cores are not Conventional. My post was meant to make people think. Your apparent foot in mouth should be seen by a doctor before it spreads to the other end of your anatomy. I’d be a little more careful about the name calling and your ability to greatly express your ignorance on any subject short of trash collecting as I am sure you are quite capable of that profession by the sounds of your ignorance.

  114. We are not building new bombs! The series of tests were to ascertain the effectiveness of existing weapons. That is: did the electronics, fuses and conventional explosive triggers still work as intended? Would these bombs actually explode if they were ever used? And a guidance package was added to increase the accuracy of the weapons, converting them from “dumb bombs” into all-weather “smart weapons”. (See: JDAM – Joint Direct Attack Munition)

  115. Enough said is right because you know you have just been called out on your stupidity. It’s ok Fred we all have our stupid moments, but really Fred you should brush up on your history , or just be prepared for people to start telling you of your blonde moments that you keep having:) And Fred you never answered my questions earlier:( I take it you don’t know:(
    Have a good day Fred, and this is nothing personal by the way Hope you have a good rest of the week bud.

  116. “Iran: Nuff said ”
    Yup I agree you are an idiot just saying Iran is argument enough huh?

    But thanks for agreeing that the US is the only country to use nuclear weapons on civilians….I find it hypocritical that we then say “Iran can’t get a nuke because they might use them” (even though they aren’t trying to get one)

    What if they built one then got attacked by Israel then used it to end the war would you say it was a good use?


  117. That ‘idiocy’ you keep harping about, applies to YOU! You couldn’t be showing more lack of understanding of how deterrence works if your life depended on it!

  118. Actually you are saying the use of nuclear weapons was right by justifying it. There are some countries that have no business holding nuclear weapons….like say, ones that would use them? Hypocrite much?

    That said, Iran is not making a nuke! No proof of anything other than a legal civilian nuclear program.

  119. Well, I don’t doubt it, DMN, especially after the US ABROGATED its part of the ‘ABM’ treaty it signed with the Russians, DID NOT reduce its nuclear stock pile, DID NOT embrace Russia as an equal partner, DID NOT work to eradicate nuclear weapons world-wide, and has been HYPER-AGGRESSIVE in its meddling, intervention, and wars around the world. So, if they US doesn’t do it, why should anyone else? NATO should have been disbanded the minute the Soviet Union fell. The Russians dismantled the ‘Warsaw Pact,’ and NATO was specifically designed to thwart a Soviet attack into Europe. Since there is no ‘Soviet Union’ any longer, and Russia is neither a threat to Europe or the US, WHY is NATO still around and causing trouble?

  120. “provides additional evidence of the nation’s continued commitment to our nation’s security and that of our allies and partners” . BS. The only thing it provides is even more evidence of our unlimited hypocrisy. Our politicians have spent the last year blasting Russia for upgrading it’s nuclear arsenal, while we have been busily making certain the cold war can never end.

  121. Just as long as the United States makes sure that any adversary knows that the US can deliver nuclear weapons with 100% probability to any target the US chooses.

  122. Fred do you even know why we used nuclear weapons on Japan? Do you even know how many more American lives would have been lost if we would of tried landing troops on Japans homeland?
    Fred did you know Japan’s citizens would of fought to the death? I am not saying the use of nuclear weapons is right, but I can say I do not trust Iran holding nuclear weapons. There are just some countries that have no business holding nuclear weapons.

  123. Something to ponder on…..Try this…Everywhere in this article where it says, anything related to America, or the U.S…Replace that with Iran or North Korea. See if you feel the same way about this article…

  124. US: Nation that used nukes to end WWII; then never used them in the 45 yrs of the Cold War.
    Israel: Only nuke power in a region where it’s surrounded by mortal enemies who continuously vow genocide against it; yet has never used a nuke.
    Iran: ‘Nuff said.


  125. Yeah we tried that in Iraq…..how did that work out again?

    Stay out of other countries affairs. A civil war is Syria is not an american problem until we stick our nose in it!

  126. We fret about Iran building a nuclear weapon (even though there is no proof of it) while Israel tests a dirty nuclear bomb and the US (the only country in the world to use nuclear weapons on civilians) tests a new nuclear weapon….while lecturing the world about the dangers of Iran.


  127. These nuclear bombs are going to be used on you. How else do you think the apocalyptic two-thirds of mankind that are to be wiped out will occur?

  128. as long as I’m in the blast radius and die from the blaze of glory I’m good… If I have to live with radiation poisoning and suffer for however long before I finally die with an extra head, a tail and 27 fingers I’ll be super mad.

  129. Wow scary. I don’t think that our country should continue its involvement with nuclear weapons, particularly since we are trying to convince other countries not to develop them.
    On the other hand, it’s the enormous human population that is causing climate change and other damage to the planet. If the situation with nukes gets out of hand and kills off lots of humans, the planet might end up better off in the long run. (There might be no humans remaining to see it, but what the hey)

  130. You would have to somehow get rid of the knowledge of how to build them to be truly free of them.
    I know of no way of doing this, other than perhaps to use a bunch of them.

  131. We only have enough ABMs to shoot down a handful of ICBMs. This won’t work against the big boys (Russia, China, Pakistan, India), and in a few years NK will have enough to overwhelm our system.

  132. I believe he is referring to the situation in Iraq before the invasion. Saddam Hussein was (brutally) effective at keeping the Sunnis, Kurds, and Shiites subjugated.

  133. The US wouldn’t trust China and Russia to disarm even if they claimed they had. Likewise, Russia wouldn’t trust the US and China, and China wouldn’t trust the US and Russia. The rest of the world doesn’t trust any of those 3, so there will always be nuclear weapons. We should work to minimize the number, because nuclear warheads are terrible military weapons (because of MAD), but great terrorist weapons.

  134. Oh Idk maybe the fact that you just typed “how does this make us any better than North Korea?” and you don’t have a government official knocking on your door taking you away never to be thought of again.

  135. because we feed our people, mostly, compared to NK who starves their entire nation to fund a nuclear program and keep the top .0000001% of the people up in lofty ivory towers.

  136. ” … although the test flight only employed “representative non-nuclear components but no highly enriched uranium or plutonium,…”
    But the lead picture depicts an extremely large, possibly nuclear explosion.


  137. I know there is more to it, but I get this image of some old guy in a lab coat announcing, ” We tested the new gravity bomb. It was released from a plane and successfully fell.” LOL

  138. Isn’t it remarkable that all 7 billion of us are existentially threatened by a handful of “leaders” who may fight over issues that we aren’t involved with?

  139. Finally a sign of relief, because we have an approaching WWIII with this ISLAM, and there are 2 options to stop this breeding ground that is infiltrating civil and humane society, and that is a). All world powers, us, Russia, France, England, Germany, etc put a million man plus army together, each sending in 200 or 300k troops a piece into Syria and Iraq and flush out these barbarians, eliminate their communications, weapons we have given them, and not leave until we stabilize it and send the refugees back home to rebuild it. It would be led by all Nations leaders at one round table coordinating every move of this multi million man army.

    It’s either that or option b). drop one bomb to put them at ground zero, eradicating weapons, communications and all that are breeding this evil army and sending into the civilized world. It’s unfortunate innocent would die, but war in protecting humanity comes with a cost as we saw with Hitler. We woke up the world and the eyes of Japan, which is now a productive, civil society and contributor to world piece and human existence, and we must do the same with this new threat of evil that is massively growing from this breeding ground.

    Mankind can not and will not live in fear on this planet to those who want to eradicate civil society over their false ideology called Islam. If those two options aren’t’ used then mankind will continue to live in constant fear and become immune to moral and human ethics from the actions of these savages. Sometimes man has to do what is absolutely necessary in preserving the fibers of humanity, at all cost.
    In my opinion.

  140. and nuclear weapons will exist until humanity destroys itself, and the technology is lost.
    The world may reduce the number of bombs (though that is not the trend with India, Pakistan, and NK), but they will never go away completely.

  141. You’ve got to be kidding me! WHY are we testing NEW NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!!? Wasn’t the POINT to all those nuclear disarmament talks to REDUCE and eventually ERADICATE these damn things? Look, I’ve already experienced the threat of nuclear destruction ONCE in my lifetime, I don’t want to have to do it AGAIN, nor do I want my kids to have to go through that. What on Earth are the leaders of this nation smoking!?

  142. that’s true in the long run. I personally believed it prevented WW3 during the cold war. Of course had it gone hot, well all bets are off.

  143. You don’t have a clue about what you are talking about.
    Chernobyl affected the area around it no further. There was no radiation in any other countries around it you dimwit.

  144. Yeah! In the 70 years since the 2 atom bombings of Japan in WW2, they’ve been used ……… wait a minute, refresh my memory, I’m coming up blank here.

  145. With adjustable delivery systems.

    Yes they do exist. That is the 25 year difference in the US military technology as opposed to Russia’s lag in military technology development.

  146. Very misleading article.
    The author implies it is new, when really it’s just a variable size payload nuke that is dropped with minimal guidance.

  147. The article suggests that Cheney wanted to push the nuclear button. I think those statements were purposely misleading. At a minimum, the US would have tremendous damage to its relationships with allies and other countries if we had used the bomb in Iraq under the known circumstances.

  148. Russia has 524 armed and deployed nuclear warheads.
    The USA has 800 armed deployed nuclear warheads.

    Armed and deployed means that the numbers available to fight with at any moment.
    The USA has superior faster delivery systems. Meaning that there are at least 7 Nuclear armed nuclear powered submarines surrounding Russia at all times. Each sub has 16 missiles that are armed with multiple warheads. 3×16 = 48. 48 x 7 = 336 nuclear weapons that can be delivered in less than 10 minutes that doesn’t include the 464 air and land based missiles that will take at least 20 minutes to target.
    Both countries have thousands of war heads but they are not armed and ready to go.

  149. I agree that the US should work silently on such things. But I think several other countries are highly motivated to overtake the US in military power no matter what.

  150. Articles like this remind me of a conversation I was in several years ago.
    After the fall of the Soviet Union, as events previously secret were revealed, there were articles in the paper about how the USSR had popped off a couple hundred H-bombs over the previous decades for the purpose of civil engineering. Mountain tops leveled for railways, rivers expanded into lakes for reservoirs, etc.
    A young new-hire engineer had this to contribute – “The reports are wrong. There has never been an actual explosion of an atomic bomb, they’re just theoretical. Everyone knows that.”
    He went on to explain that as a recent college graduate, he knew all about this (and everything else). “Everyone knows that if there was ever a real atom bomb exploded, it would be the end of all life on Earth. It’s never happened. And I can prove it!!” When challenged for proof, he came up with this: “We’re still alive, and since just one would end all life on Earth, that proves that there’s never been a real bomb!”.
    When we asked about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he predictably responded with a new-graduate-I-know-everything “Never heard of ’em. What’s your point?”.
    When the other half-dozen or so engineers persisted in the view that he was clueless, he literally broke into tears and ran from the room. I think he and the author of this article, Brendan Byrn, would get along wonderfully. They could even be legal in some states now.

  151. Brendan: “Nuclear weapons were never meant to be used because of the huge, lasting damage that they would cause. < Absolutely wrong in fact.

    The US, outmanned on every battlefield against China or Russia, has every intention of using nukes. Whenever there is a "total war" exercise, our side goes nuke first.

  152. I like how they show a massive nuclear explosion for the article, when the B61 is actually a “dummy” bomb…. it is only used for test purposes to see the characteristics of the flight after dropping from the wing, it cannot “explode” because it has no explosives.

  153. no kidding. I’m fairly certain that the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were “gravity” bombs”. They were dropped, they fell to earth they went “BOOM”. end of story.

  154. It’s no wonder the other countries of the world are looking to build bigger, badder, weapons. We talk about peace in one news release and then teh next 50 show our latest weapons. Our government should try the SHUT UP and work silently concept. You don’t have to tell the world what a badass you are just show them if push comes to shove.

  155. It would take a lot less than 3000 to cause that. A regional nuclear war between India and Pakistan of just 100 being used would have a devastating global impact.

  156. while i do think politicians are turds in a punch bowl, there are leaders out there who would be willing to use nukes. We need to be prepared to fight them.

  157. The US still has over 7500 nuclear warheads, and can’t even properly keep track of that many without losing just a few from time to time. Plus, we still have 1960’s 8-inch floppy disk drives in many of our ICBM bases that we rely on to launch them with, and a horrible problem with chain of command. Good thing that we have an entire FLEET of Ohio-class subs capable of launching up to 336 nuclear warheads each from over 6000 miles away from their targets though. We can at least all die knowing that the US could kick ass like John Wayne. That will be very important to all of us in the afterlife… if there is an afterlife.

  158. Kor K, you are a liar. Not 1 murder in 20 years? lmao. You have no idea. You actually believe that NK dictator? He has concentration camp. It is a regime that murders its own people.

  159. Radioactive fallout doesn’t pay attention to borders. Just look at Chernobyl. Detonate enough nuclear warheads and we’ll all enjoy the pleasures of nuclear winter and radioactive fallout. Even a nuclear war between Pakistan and India would kill off billions of people in other countries because of famine and radiation. Have fun with that.

  160. That’s strange because the works that would become the bible speak of the world as a sphere long before so called science did. The original creation stories (in Greek) say God created Adam & Eve to REPOPULATE the earth long before science spoke of previous extinctions. When Jesus was asked about how not to be deceived by the many false prophets who would come after Him, He said to test their works and to to see if they were of God or not – gee, is not testing the main basis for science. The Bible speaks of the world being created in 6 days, but then says a day with God is like a 1,000 years – meaning of course the creation of the world was a very long time in our eyes, but not in god’s eyes – Jewish literature uses the same term for past, present, and future, when it pertains to God because God exists outside of time.

    When your won science says that God exists you fail to believe it:

    Chandra Wickramasinghe, Applied Math Professor in Wales: “Statistical probability of forming even a single enzyme, the building block of the gene, which is in turn the building block of the cell, is 1 in 10 to 40,000th power. It would require more attempts for the formation of one enzyme than there are atoms in all the stars of all the galaxies in the entire known universe.”

    You have amazing faith in that somehow nothing created everything when your own science says it is not so.

  161. The US & Russia have a combined total of over 16,000 nuclear warheads already. It would only take detonating around 3000 of them (without even the need to launch them) to kill off our species because of the years of nuclear winter and massive amounts of radioactive fallout that would ensue. No wonder NASA is in such a hurry to get established on Mars.

  162. ‘Come up with a weapon that just kills the TERRORIST. ‘

    I had to fix your post by replacing politicians with terrorist. Makes more sense.

  163. Nuclear weapons are much like Lay’s potato chips, no leader on this planet will be content with firing off just one. Unfortunately, they exist and it costs lots and lots of money to keep them in their silos. Time will see someone, somewhere look upon these weapons and decide to unleash them. We looked at using them, as this mentioned, in Iraq. Just last week, Putin mentioned their possible use against ISIS. We are just itching to push that button, I’m afraid.

  164. You are a special kind of stupid and have absolutely zero idea what you are talking about. You could bring every nuke on the planet to the same spot and detonate them all, it still would not have one millionth of the power of the asteroid that killed the dinos.

  165. “New Nuclear Gravity Bomb” Are you kidding me with this! Did this guy look into this at all? There is no such thing.

  166. The article sure doesn’t match the headline or the picture. Even the article fails to mention the moratorium on exploding Nuclear Weapons. Pretty much drivle to get clicks.

  167. Many things found in nature ( like bananas and potatoes ) are inherently radioactive. The radiation exposure you get from eating a banana is much greater than the exposure you get from any amount of nuclear tests we have done in the past. The reason there is radiation in the amazon is from cosmic rays as well as naturally occuring Radon in the air, not because of any weapons test.

  168. Why test it in the Nevada desert??, why could it not be tested in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and a few more countries that need a spring clean.

  169. Whoever start using nuclear weapons should be regarded as terrorists. For obvious reason – it is a war against humanity. This article states that “Senior U.S. officials considered use of nuclear weapons in Iraq”. How dare even think to use nuke to such a week nation!

  170. Maybe I’m a little overboard but I am sick to death of Muslim’s. I don’t want to see troops on the ground however.

  171. Actually…They could be bombing the A-holes in Iraq and Syria with it right now…and I wouldn’t shed a tear for all the dead rats that turned belly up.

  172. Sure, nukes against a non-combatant nation. Ridiculous. Now, against Bin Laden, maybe. But Iraq? They were pacified by better men than Cheney and his monkey-puppet.

  173. Hydrogen bombs are also nuclear. And no, there is not that big of a difference. It is just the type of reaction. I suggest you look it up.

    Atomic bombs are also nuclear.

    Don’t worry you do not need to apologize. It is a common mistake. Many people are ignorant about nuclear weapons. Google is your friend.

  174. USe them in the Middle East? Why? When we could send 1,000,000 soldiers and the support they need to take care of it with little or no resistance. Why would one wish to further irradiate this planet even worse than we have already done when we still have other means we have not yet exhausted?

  175. Use them in the Middle East? Why? When we could send 1,000,000 soldiers and the support they need to take care of it with little or no resistance. Why would one wish to further irradiate this planet even worse than we have already done when we still have other means we have not yet exhausted?

  176. USe them in the Middle East? Why? When we could send 1,000,000 soldiers and the support they need to take care of it with little or no resistance. Why would one wish to further irradiate this planet even worse than we have already done when we still have other means we have not yet exhausted?

  177. Actually, no, we are not “just fine” Everything on this planet has been irradiated. It is on your clothes, in your lungs, your food, in your blood, it is all around you. You can go into the middle of the Amazon forest, where you can scream and nobody will hear you because there is not another human soul for tens of miles, pick up a rock and know for certain that it contains the same radiation that was put out from the nuclear tests we did back during the cold war. Our children, and our children’s children and so on for hundreds of thousands of years will also be tainted with that very same radiation.

    It is one thing to do something and know what it does and understand its repercussions. It is another to thing entirely to be like you and pretend that nothing is wrong, or just not know at all that something is wrong.

    That being said, I still see nuclear arms as a necessary evil today and also understand that there is a time and a place for everything, everything, even nuclear bombs. When is that time? We will know when that time comes, let us hope that time never comes and hope that if it does that we have the ability to make sure that it is indeed absolutely necessary and unavoidable. Nuclear weapons is a last resort, after we have sacrificed our blood and our treasure and there is nothing left to sacrifice should we ever even begin to think of using our nuclear arsenal. Anything short of a last resort and it will be too soon and unnecessary.

    USe them in the Middle East? Why? When we could send 1,000,000 soldiers and the support they need to take care of it with little or no resistance. Why would one wish to further irradiate this planet even worse than we have already done when we still have other means we have not yet exhausted?

  178. Proof the arms race is still alive and well. Make no mistake people, this was not to grab your attention here at home, this was to grab the attention of everyone else. And no doubt it did exactly that.

  179. It will definitely be considered if the American Taliban (GOP) come to power, more reason to keep this far away from the button.

  180. The main purpose….With present GPS guided you need a satellite or equipped AWAC planes flying for good guidance…..With these new ones it doesn’t matter if our satellites are knocked out…..We can still deliver to target…….

  181. We have tested over a thousand Nuclear weapons in the US alone, and we are just fine. One or two nukes at any given time would not cause any worldwide health problems.

  182. Oh look, more good white christians advocating nuclear bombs in the middle east. Such a shocker. As for you and your house, you will serve the lord? What kind of crap is this? Which lord are you serving by advocating the death and destruction of millions of innocent civilians? Your religion is no better than theirs if it allows you the freedom to imagine millions of burning brown babies and feel no guilt. Shame on all of you.

  183. Can we test the REAL BOMB at ISIS’s area, please? It has both benefits of STUDYING & the ISIS guys see their Allah SOONER, as their wish.

  184. very misleading if so. one might be inclined to think, from info in article, that a new way to split atom/produce nuclear explosion w/o radioactive material has been discovered. one not wise to the ways of tabloid trash, of course.

  185. I’m pretty sure the picture is from the earlier years of nuclear warfare technology. prolly a ’50’s above ground test of a hydrogen bomb. can anybody confirm?

  186. The only way to know they work is to test them. We have been running computer analysis. The tritium cylinders on the MERV system is said to be open to sabotage. These are on the subs and are not tested.

  187. No we won’t. With all of the money this country has coughed up for defense we better by God have the intelligence that let’s us know the very second a nuclear weapon is launched from anywhere in the world and the added capabilities of sending anti air-craft missile to blow these bombs up thousands of miles from American soil.

  188. We do not need any more nukes. Come up with a weapon that just kills the politicians. They are the ones that want to use the nukes and cause the problems in the first place. What is wrong with you people? If you want to die so bad just go in the den and blow your brains out. There is no need to take everyone else with you.

  189. Intimidating behavior of a weak man who wants to hide his fear under the guise deployment of the forces ! America ! you are PATHETIC !

  190. This new nuclear type bomb should have been tested in the city of Raqqa. We need to let these SOB’s know what we are capable of and just exactly what they are now facing. I’m sure both the U.S. and Russia have some small nuclear weapons and I can think of no better time to test out their ability to kill, maim and pass on the horrible effects of over exposure to radiation to future generation of these barbarians.

  191. On one side America is saying the whole world that nuclear weapon is dangerous for world, and on other side they are secretly building nukes, one day we are going to see these nukes will be used against america

  192. I
    The bible also mentions many men will be faint of heart, but psalms consul’s us to fix our faces as flint for the coming battle. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

  193. no hydrogen bombs, were used in japan. they were atomic bombs, that were used. aka; today nuclear triggers, for hydrogen bombs.

  194. Mr. Byrne, when he fell down that hole in restaurant work, must have become brain damaged towards the US. A lot of critical and unflattering articles seem directed at us and our military. I hope he now lives in Russia or China and now bakes either potatoes or noodles while frothing from his mouth.

  195. actually i, believe it was talking about the alleged as jews. and about six million, was about 1/3 of the jews on earth at the time. i am certain, HaMosheeach is already physically here. and is watching you all, until the time of appointment of the seventh day of rest for G-D. and HaMosheeach, shall be your G-d for the seventh day.

  196. The bombs dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki in 1945 were NOT hydrogen bombs. They were atomic bombs, which are far less powerful than a hydrogen bomb. Hydrogen bombs didn’t come until November 1, 1952, when an h-bomb dubbed “Ivy Mike” was dropped on the Eniwetok atoll, creating a mushroom cloud 8 miles across & 27 miles in height. The a-bombs dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki were far inferior in terms of sheer power to h-bombs.

  197. nothing safe about nukes they need to all be sent into the sun but we are destined to blow each other up thanks to crazy fanatics on this planet

  198. all wars since the 1900’s, have been fought with sticks and stones. if you think about it, rifles, cannons, and bullets, cannon shells, are sticks and stones.

  199. Yet another example of American hypocrisy. We don’t want anyone else to test nuclear bombs, but we have no problem with doing it ourselves.

  200. wow its so advanced because it has gravity in it! a unguided nuclear weapon was dropped from a plane that didnt have nuclear material in it is basically the just of it. so picture instead of the enola gay an f-15 eagle dropping a nuclear bomb with no core instead of an atom bomb with a core and thats what you got. cool story bro

  201. Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney ordered Colin Powell, then chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff, to assess how many tactical nuclear weapons it would take to destroy an armored division of Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard. According to a new biography of George W. Bush, Powell was uncomfortable ordering the analysis but he did it anyway.
    Powell was secretary of state under G.W. Bush. Not chairman of the joint chiefs. He held that position under G.H.W. Bush in the first gulf war. Cheney was sec. of defense then and the U.S. openly threatened to use nukes in response to Iraq using chemical or bio weapons and publicly stated that a plan for there use was in place if needed. This article makes it look like it’s some doctor strange love type deal. In reality it’s old news and at the time it was S.O.P. Ever hear the phrase “First option presented last one taken.”

  202. A NUCLEAR bomb has NEVER been used in anything other than a test! Two HYDROGEN bombs were dropped on Japan, big difference!

  203. Good grief, they tested the DELIVERY system not the warhead. CTBT test ban treaty signatories don’t test warheads and definitely not atmospheric tests. ValueWalk is run by window lickers…

  204. we used it before and will use it again for sure. only next time we shall expect to be hit by nukes as well. as it says…… you wish no bad stuffs to others that you don’t wish for yourselves!

  205. It would make a difference if your target was an underground bunker and you wanted to put it down the air-vent. This would also limit radiation on the surface area.

  206. I like how they stated that the bomb will not be guided by GPS.The military has a relatively new ground based positioning system that is more accurate than GPS and can be used globally.Since it is not reliant on satellites there is no worry of the system being taken off line by a robotic satellite killer.

  207. What bunch of hypocrites! This in the midst of telling, forcing, and dictating to the rest of the world to disarm their nukes! I hope Iran never disarms!

  208. The bible does mention that the clouds will roll away like scrolls and 1/3 of humanity will perish, before Jesus comes back. Sounds about right.

  209. Russia and China are both worried they may receive this same gravity bombs in the future. Valuewalk is China/Russia propaganda website run by Commies. And they’re dead scared of this newly tested nuclear bomb lol!

  210. LOL, the old nuclear weapons were built and designed as large as they were, because they couldn’t be sure where they would land. So they had to make the yields large enough to ensure that the target would be destroyed even if the weapon missed by a few miles. With precision you can scale back the yield to 5kt or possibly even smaller

  211. Test what? The US did not conduct a nuclear test, what they did was test the upgraded and improved electronics along with the conventional explosives used in nuclear weapons. There wasn’t any nuclear material in the device they tested, just the electronics and whatever they are using as the conventional initiator these days

  212. LOL that’s a joke right? Because they are upgrading the electronics and conventional explosives used in nuclear weapons you see it as the world spinning out of control? ROFLMAO, you really do need to get a grip and stop listening to the conspiracy morons.

  213. Sorry, but unless they stop blowing up innocent people around the world, then eventually we will be forced to consider every option. The fact that you would rather have them blow up millions of innocents around the world, says a lot about you. Granted, there are a lot of other options we have try before ever thinking about the nuclear option, yet I am forced to point out that with the world starting to move away from fossil fuels, things will only get worse in those countries that depend entirely on oil for their national income.

    How is a country like Iran going to react when the world moves away from fossil fuels and their economy dies because it depends almost entirely on oil? How about Saudi Arabia? So far they have remained silent, but they are a massive supporter of radical islam. What are they going to do when their entire source of income dies? What are they going to do when nobody is buying oil anymore? Do you think the muslim clerics are going to sit around and talk about how great and perfect it is that the world has stopped exploiting their country? No, they are going to see that there is no more money and they will view it as economic war.

    So, at what point do you say enough is enough? At what point does it become worth the cost?

  214. The “top” spun straight and true: unwavering, never failing at its task to maintain its equilibrium through the years since 1945. Yes it wobbled a few times but regained its speed and stability several times. I fear that the “top” is wobbling and slowing its rotational stability. Perhaps this time, it will finally stall and slowly fall over. No hole will be deep enough to hide from what comes next………………….

  215. Perfected? No, we are a hell of a long way from perfected. Also, do you think that the only research we do is aimed at the military? No, we spend billions every year trying to find cures for things like cancer, diabetes, aids and even the common cold

  216. The simple solution is for the entire world to get rid of them, the problem is that countries like China, Russia, the US, and others will never give them up. The fact that you have them and lots of them, makes military action against you almost impossible

  217. Yahoo should not link to this Communist propaganda site. This site never offers news, only completely ridiculous articles that are based on what Putin tells them to write.

  218. You cant be more stupid . Use a nuclear bomb on Muslims because they are not behave like them should? How about use it on you, because you dont behave as a good human being. Shame on you.

  219. Our military has attempted to use nuclear weapons many times and only the civilian government stopped them. As far as not having atomic weapons located overseas, it is a simple matter to load them in America onto long range bombers and delver them anywhere in the world.

    With so many countries with nuclear weapons, what could go wrong?

  220. Do you really need a GPS guided nuke? It is not like a conventional weapon were several meters could make a difference. With a fireball that covers several miles I think a few feet off target is not going to make a big difference.

  221. Of course they have a serious meth problem. It is how they deal with the fact that they have an even more serious problem with food shortages. When you are on meth, you tend not to want to eat – which works out extremely well when your cupboards are empty, and even the roaches have left for fear of starvation.

  222. it’s so amazing how the press tries to make fools of us to promote their agenda…..
    They post a picture of the detonation of a nuclear weapon along with a story that has buried in it that this weapon contained no nuclear material. Basically it was the test of a conventional explosive that could be used to detonate a nuke.
    And as far as nukes getting sent to Iraq…. Nukes never went to Iraq, they were propositioned some distance away…. Their SOLE purpose was to let Sadam know that if he was dumb enough to use chemicals on our troops, he was going to get an advanced lesson in physics.
    Proving once again that nukes remain the deterrent they were always meant to be.
    Read the details in the article and stop being such suckers

  223. It’s all a dog and pony show, we have nukes but we can not secure our borders. Like NATO moving closer to Russian lines but their borders are being over ran by millions of illegal aliens. Like a cancer slowly it will be the death of Europe.

  224. “Civl war?” How about a war started by a guy, Kim Il-Sung, who was put into power by Stalin and then supported not only by Soviet combat personal (both pilots and ground “advisors”) but also by the Emperor Mao.

  225. A program of genocide against muslims would be a perfect use for adjustable nukes, people who behave like them should not be allowed to be part of out planet. As a bonus we would be bonding with Russia and France.

  226. You reduce the “output” of the secondary and perhaps the “pit” of the enhanced primary. Most of the yield of a Teller-Ulum device comes from fusion of the lithium deuteride and secondary fission of the tamper which is typically made form U238, not U239 or plutonium. . As low as the yield is on this weapon, it may also have a lead tamper instead of one made from uranium.

  227. “Evil in the World”? How many countries is the US bombing right now? 6 or 7 that we know about. Few weeks ago the US bombed a hospital. Don’t worry about Radical Islam, illegal aliens are killing thousands more than any Muslims. The government is pulling the wool our your eyes. They have you worried about China, Russia, ISIS, Alqaeda and the Taliban while illegal aliens kill thousands more.

  228. “Provides additional evidence of the nation’s continued commitment to
    our nation’s security and that of our allies and partners.” Invading nations that are not attacking you or plan to and bombing them for personal gain is not called “commitment to our nation’s security” US

  229. Broadcast the pictures all over I S I S. Drop flyers with this picture. Have Microsoft put it on the home screen. Blast the sound from loudspeakers attached to drones.

  230. Do you see the -12? Do you know what that means? 12th version. This one is a “dial a yield” weapon lie the earlier version, but it has significant;y lower yield because it doesn’t need as much yield because it is much more accurate. That is the other thing that some fear. Because it is some much more accurate and may be able to destroy the most heavily fortified bunkers, etc with “only” a 50 kt maximum yield, we might be more likely to use it.

  231. t
    In a World where Radical Islam is growing, Russia is back on the Map, and China is now an economic Juggernaut looking to take over Asia with expanded Military Might, is it so wrong that the US updates and reminds the World about a Nuclear Deterrent?
    The Evil in the World is Betting against US resolve and Betting for it’s Naivety and Blind Political Correctness.

  232. Chinkcom Toys. LOL. Listen up ChinkHuaHua, those ChinkCom toys ain’t going to do chit. China = an OLD CIVILIZATION but now a BORN LOSER nation run by IDIOT LEADERS!

  233. Good news for the next bunch of terrorists. U.S. generals look also very happy as usual. The question is who’ll use those «gravity» bombs first.

  234. and you’ve just given everyone in Nevada exponentially much higher odds of coming down with cancer. Awesome job! That will show them.

  235. We the people need this to keep others at bay, or they will walk all over us. I don’t like the idea of nukes but it is just the it is now.

  236. I think you misunderstood jdm61cc. What he actually meant was that they took the original corvette from the 50’s and added a GPS system in order to make it easier to guide it more accurately.

  237. Its a matter of international trust. Nobody trusts NK to have the responsibility. They dont feed their people. The last thing they need is a nuclear program. What they do need is social programs that will help the citizens of the country, but they have defied every call to take action and instead focus on building military gizmos and fireworks that go boom.

    North Korea has a methamphetamine problem as well. I’ve heard the addiction rate is as high as 90%. I dont think a single UN country would want a meth head to have access to a nuke, and quite honestly I would be surprised if NK experiences a nuclear accident if they do get far enough to make it go boom.

  238. Just when the US and Russia could have mended things between them and attacked together the enemy that’s threatening the world… Obama… the Nobel Peace Prize winner. More nukes to scare Russia.

  239. soo… a new version of something is not new. the 2016 corvette is the same as the original corvette from the 50’s. your laptop computer is the same as the one that took up an entire room during that era, just a different version… etc

  240. it is not a new nuclear weapon. it is a new version of one that has been around since the 60’s. The difference is that it has a new guidance package. As for the comment that it won’t use GPS, yeah right. The basis for the guidance package is the JDAM. Being is said to be creating the guidance package “based on its experience with the JDM. Not a dumb bomb by any means. One of the reasons that some are scared of it is that it has a circular euro probability of like 30 meters and with enhanced GPS augmented guidance, that number supposedly goes done to under 5 meter CEP.

  241. This article is BS We had NO NEED to use any nukes against Iraq! WHY DO THAT? Totally unnecessary. We cleaned their clocks with a fraction or what we had using conventional forces!!! This article is a lie designed to inflame passions of the anti nukes! Ignore this site please!

  242. Now you wonder why we are the only Nation on Earth with most cases of breast Cancer, lung Cancer, bone Cancer, brain cancer, blood cancer, and million of other rare cases of cancer.

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