U.S. Appreciates Pakistan’s Efforts For Curbing Terrorism

U.S. Appreciates Pakistan’s Efforts For Curbing Terrorism
White House (Pete Souza) [Public domain]

According to a recent statement issued by the United States, the government of Nawaz Sharif has produced effective results in the war against terrorism by hitting militant hideouts nationwide. The current military operation, code-named Operation Zarb-e-Azb, has produced significant results which have been appreciated globally as Pakistani soldiers take the fight to the destabilizing elements in the country.

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While recognizing the efforts of Pakistan’s leadership and establishment, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, also a member of Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and Armed Services, expressed that the 2013 general elections of Pakistan have brought new vision in this fight and produced far more meaningful results than expected.

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Moreover, he pointed out that Pakistan is efficiently tackling terrorism through a wide range of mechanisms, especially in North Waziristan and other regions that have played host to militants for a long time. Terrorist organizations that seemed to have a carte blanche to do what they wanted a few years ago are now finding it really hard to spread their message of hate inside Pakistan as the military has successfully cut off the communication and logistic support these elements were receiving across the Durand Line.

Nawaz Sharif on a mission to eradicate terrorism

U.S. President Barack Obama personally admired Sharif’s efforts and acknowledged Pakistan’s role in the war against terrorism by eliminating Al-Qaeda and the hideouts of its allies from the country. Furthermore, Obama said that Pakistan’s security forces have sacrificed a lot in this war and that due to their efforts, militants are now demoralized and Americans feel safe in their homes today.

Islamabad has been fighting the war against terrorism with the U.S. since 2001. Despite being given limited aid as compared to the infrastructural damage, logistic support and financial losses it has sustained due to its unquestionably important role in the global war against terrorism, Pakistan has continued to play its role with honesty for the betterment of this region. The war which was imposed on Pakistan is entering its final phase, with major areas being declared clear and the rehabilitation process of IDPs is in process.

Around $10 billion was given to Pakistan in the form of economic and military aid by the U.S. from 2001 to 2010. The damages Pakistan has sustained in this war were in multiples of that amount but still they have produced the desired results, which is quite an astonishing feat, to say the least.

On the other hand, the world’s most advanced army with the latest technological gears and military spending of over $100 billion has struggled to diffuse the unrest in Afghanistan, as still many areas of the war-torn country are in the possession of militant organizations. That is one of the reasons Islamabad’s efforts in this war to save humanity have been warmly appreciated globally even though there are still detractors unwilling to admit to Pakistan’s achievements in the bloody war.

Just before Sharif’s visit to the United States, Vice President Joe Biden also appreciated the role of Pakistan in this war against terrorism and ensured that U.S. cooperation will continue until the end of this journey, which has seen its fair share of highs and lows. Moreover, he extolled Pakistan’s security forces, as they recaptured and cleared North Waziristan and the Shawal Valley region by securing the Durand Line rapidly in what is considered as one of the greatest achievements of the operation.

Operation  Zarb-e-Azab

Operation Zarb-e-Azab, which was launched in June 2014 under the command of General Raheel Sharif, has played a vital role in changing the image of Pakistan globally. It has not only eliminated the internal nests of militant organizations but has also increased the credibility of the government. Today, the West is admitting that Pakistan has adopted the right policies to tackle terrorism in the region.

In recent months, Sharif has received a lot of flak from the opposition for failing to cater for the country’s needs in an efficient manner, but it is safe to say that with the backing of the military, he has been able to successfully tackle the threat of terrorism inside the country with the support of General Raheel Sharif, who is considered to be one of the strongest decision makers in the country.

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  1. What matters is that Pakistan has to end terrorist hideouts for her own reasons and not let it be used against us. Attacks on other nations is an act of sabotage on Pakistan which these terrorists group carry out so
    that they may directly damage Pakistan reputation.

  2. God knows why is US praising!!!! Whenever US praises Pakistan there is definitely some thing they are gona demand from Pakistan……. Lets hope for the best

  3. ‘The war which was imposed on Pakistan.’ This is how Pakistan would like to project itself as a victim. The Russians were in Afghanistan. Pakistan had no choice but to open up religious seminaries for all the young men especially in the Northern province. Saudi-Arabia, with its quest to promote pure 7th century theology, funneled billions of its unearned oil income. Pakistan, forever poor, welcomed the billions of dollars. With billions of dollars and the Taliban playing Pakistan’s proxy game and with American choice weapons, Pakistan was by then dwelling in 7th heaven. No one was around. Americas were busy shopping in their shopping malls celebrating the demise of communism. The vigor of Pakistan army, with drug business going under the radar, by then was at its peak. By then thoroughly corrupt, Pakistan army couldn’t have asked for more. It was, as the Americans say: ‘Winners take all.’ The rest of the armies of the world wish such an imposition.

  4. Pakistan is the crucible of terrorism. All the wanted terrorists in the world resided in Pakistan at one time or the other, including Osama. UN designated terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim, Mumbai terror mastermind Hafeez Sayeed enjoy the protection of the Pakistani army. Pakistan fighting terrorism is a JOKE!

  5. 90,000 Pakistani murdered, infrastructure destroyed and economy pre 911 described as an Asian tiger now in tatters.

    Pakistan has done a great job in destroying the terror backbone but alot of work remains.

    USA needs to be cognizant of the Indian hand in terror inside Pakistan.

    When America attacked Afghanistan India very quickly set up 6 consulates on the Pakistan and Afghan border.

    The question is if India was there as a stabilising power why set up 6 consulates facing the Pakistan border.

    Secondly between 2002 and 2007 as Pakistan once again opened it doors to millions of Afghan refugees. India through her long time ally and proxy The Northern Alliance hired Afghans to enter Pakistan as an incubation process to then recruit disillusioned Afghans and Pakistani Pashtuns to rise up. The result was the creation of The Tereek-e-Taliban whom the Indians quickly coined as Pakistani Taliban.

    With over 99000 Pakistani men women and children indiscriminately massacred the world owes a debt of gratitude to Pakistan.

    Beyond the propaganda and misinformation Pakistan has always been a true ally of USA. It was because of this alliance The communist soviet proxy India divided East and West Pakistan.

    To you the common folk conflict is informed as sectarian or a democratic struggle etc etc. Behind it is a geopolitical struggle between 2 powers using foreign lands as their proxy battle fields.

    Pakistanis loved USA and visa vi but the politics of economics shifts alliances and today an ally in Pakistan has been tossed aside and the Soviet era ally and anti US in that era India is seen vital to contain China.

    In this grand game of chess it is the innocent the poor paying the price of these modern Imperial proxy wars.

    Spare some positive thoughts for Pakistanis and Pakistan.

    A nation with 3 trillion untapped gold reserves unexcavated, largest coalfields in the world, uranium and producer of crops and livestock a rising young educated demographic. This is a nation you should work positively with to promote. The China Pakistan economic corridor or the Grand Silk Road also is positive for global manufacturers looking to outsource manufacturing and cut their supply time by building outlets along this corridors. Assist Pakistan in building industrial parks business parks. Pakistan has the world’s best labour in Punjab in Khyber Pakthunkwa in Azad Kashmir in Sindh in Balochistan. Historically strong labouring people who have proved their worth in Europe and US. It would be silly to ignore these opportunities in Pakistan.

    Pakistan has paid a huge price and was not an architect of extremism but a victim in which the USA has a responsibility to change the paradigms of this having left Pakistan in the 80s.

    Treat Pakistan as an equal do not support corrupt politicians who seek to line their politics by making the relationship transactional.

    Do not give up on Pakistan.

    Much love to the USA and the world from an Azad Kashmiri who has great hope for Pakistan

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