Twitter To Lessen How Often Blue Dot Pokes You

Twitter issues a blue dot notification every time there is a new Moment. The notification was so annoying that the micro-blogging company has now assured users that they will get to see the blue dot notification less frequently.

Twitter DM

Moments app is great, but not its notifications

Twitter released Moments in October, allowing users to find the best tweets with just one click. The Moments feature works regardless of who the user is following. The feature keeps updating with recent stories, allowing users to go through the tweets related to popular topics such as Sports and Entertainment.

Soon after the roll-out, several users started complaining that the Moments tab continuously displayed a blue dot, which is very annoying. The blue dot indicates unread tweets, and each time Moments is refreshed, it shows up. Things should get a lot better as the company has addressed the situation to the benefit of its customers.

On Nov. 7, the company tweeted, “You Tweeted, we listened! Now the blue dot notification in Moments will appear less frequently.” How much less often the blue dot will be seen now still remains a question. There has been no further comment from the micro-blogging firm.

Twitter users not happy with the heart icon

Since the company was listening to the complaints, Twitter users seized the opportunity to complain of another dreaded feature. Besides the Moments issue, users are also unhappy with the new heart icon. The heart icon needs to be clicked in order to display liking for a particular tweet, and this did not go down well with several users.

Many users even insisted on bringing back the favorites button. One of the users said he did not feel a comfortable tapping a heart to like the tweet made by another man. One user even blasted Twitter, asking the company to get rid of the “tacky” heart icon. The user expressed his frustration through a tweet that turned out somewhat funny.

“@TwitterMoments Star not heart. We’re not preteen girls evaluating puppies,” the tweet said.

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