Tesla Reveals Model X ‘Configurator’ And Its Pricing

Tesla Reveals Model X ‘Configurator’ And Its Pricing
Blomst / Pixabay

Tesla Motors has finally revealed the pricing for its long-awaited crossover, the Model X. The electric-powered car with upward-opening second-row doors has been priced at $80,000 excluding delivery charges.

Tesla Model X vs. Model S

On Monday, the pricing was disclosed along with a “configurator” for buyers who preordered the car. Tesla’s Model S is $5,000 more than the lowest priced version of its flagship sedan, the Model S. Delivery charges add another $1,200.

In terms of performance, as the Model X is bigger, its base version will be marginally slower than the Model S. The Model X can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in 6 seconds compared to 5.2 seconds for the Model S. Also owing to its bigger size, its range will lower at 220 miles vs. 240 miles for the Model S. Despite these shortcomings, the Model X is much more desirable as it has many attractions, including rear doors that open upward and a panoramic windshield.

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