Tesla Model 3 To Feature New Tech: CTO

As Tesla continues preparations for a Model 3 release, the hierarchy of the company has been talking about the technology it will utilize. Tesla’s Chief Technology Officer, JB Straubel, recently revealed that the Model 3 will largely be based around completely new technology, as opposed to basing itself on the Model S sedan and the Model X SUV.

Tesla Model 3 To Feature New Tech: CTO

Model 3 presentation

Comments from this key figure within Tesla were made during a presentation at the University of Nevada, during which Straubel indicated that the Model 3 would feature entirely new motor and battery technology. This is certainly a departure from what was expected by experts, with many believing that the Model 3 would be particularly strongly based on the qualities and technology included in the Model S.

Strauber commented that Tesla will be “inventing a whole new platform” with the Model 3. he also confirmed that the prototype for this forthcoming vehicle features “a new battery architecture, it’s a new motor technology — brand new vehicle structure…so it’s a lot of work. This is something we started on even a few years ago. But it is a brand new vehicle — and it has to be.”

Despite the entirely new look to the Model 3, it is still expected that some of the basics of the existing Tesla interface will be utilized when the vehicle is released. But the evolution in functional technology included in the vehicle is certainly an exciting prospect, as it suggests that the Model 3 will be an entirely new vehicle, distinct and distinguishable from existing Tesla models.

One of the particularly obvious motivations for this decision will be the profitability of the Model 3. The vehicle is intended to be more affordable, and possibly also with a greater profit margin, than existing Tesla models, and this suggests that a new technology base is a necessity. It would simply be impossible to sell the Model 3 at the price that Tesla has stated it will retail at without creating an entirely new makeup for the vehicle.

Faster production

Straubel also had some good news for Tesla fans, with the executive suggesting that the company is progressing with the Model 3 faster than expected. “This is a sport utility vehicle that we’ve built on the same platform as Model S, so we were able to do it relatively quickly.” This would certainly be an improvement for Tesla, considering the  amount of delays that previously vehicles have been subjected to. One must, however, take this statement with a pinch of salt, as Tesla has repeatedly pushed delivery dates back in the past.

Meanwhile, more interesting news came to light regarding the Model 3 this week, as one of the prolific commentators at the Tesla Motors Club forums gave indication about pricing for the vehicle. Having questioned a Tesla representative at the recent NEC show in the UK, one forum dweller had apparently been provided some interesting information regarding what consumers can ultimately expect to pay for the Model 3.

Pricing info seeps out

The source of this rumor was a solar energy show, and it seems that the Tesla representative mooted a price tag of £25,000 for the Model 3 in the United Kingdom. When the individual in question asked if this was merely a rumor and whether it included government incentives, the rep reportedly stated that she was fully authorized to provide this price, and that the price quoted did not include such incentives.

For those people unfamiliar with the consumer marketplace in the United Kingdom, it is customary for most products to go on sale at higher price points than the United States. So considering that this figure would convert to a retail price of roughly $36,000 in the United States, it is possible that we could ultimately see the Model 3 sell at an even lower price point than this.

With news on the Model 3 accelerating, it is also notable that the corporation has confirmed a possible unveiling date for the Model 3 electric vehicle. Tesla suggested earlier this week that it is on track to deliver this more affordable vehicle in March, despite its existing focus on delivering and manufacturing around 20,000 of its pricier models.

A letter issued to shareholders indicated that the Model 3 will indeed be unveiled in late March 2016, with a middle-class target market that could consider the roughly $30,000 price point to be particularly attractive. Considering that the Model S retails at double this price, it is largely anticipated that this will become the biggest selling Tesla vehicle in the history of the corporation.

2017 release date

Of course, Tesla fans who are excitedly anticipating the release of the Model 3 shouldn’t get too feverish at this point in time. Although we will receive more details about the Model 3 in March, assuming that Tesla does indeed stick to this timeframe, a more likely release date will be at some point during 2017. The Model 3 car can’t go into production until Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory is up and running, and the factory still is not operational at the time of writing.

However, Tesla has reportedly accelerated plans to begin cell production at the Gigafactory by the end of 2016, which at least means that the company is ahead of its initial plans for vehicle.

The Model 3 is expected to be another high-performance physical from Tesla, with sources close to the company indicating a performance up to 60 mph similar to that of the BMW M3. This vehicle achieves 0 to 60 in around four seconds, which suggests that the Model 3 will be an extremely nifty road vehicle.

Overall, 2015 has been an encouraging one for the electric car manufacturer, with Tesla recently delivering a record number of vehicles in excess of 11,500. With the company hoping to boost production server in Q4, delivering in the region of 19,000 vehicles by year end, the future of Tesla certainly appears to be healthy.

  • RM3

    Hey, I am only hoping for a spectacular day to happen when the Tesla Model 3 is released in the next coming yearr.

  • windbourne

    Powerwall? Yes.
    Piwerpacks? Slim chance, except for small businesses.

    Look up eos energy.

  • windbourne

    The seats are outsourced. They are in the process of pulling it in-house.

  • windbourne

    Considering that the neo-cons in mich are joining others, and trying to shut them down, little chance of bringing 10,000+ jobs to mich.

  • windbourne

    Then put your money where your mouth is and short them.
    However, I suspect that you are just a troll and have your money on Tesla, not against.

  • windbourne

    Actually, MS is fully profitable on its own. However, when you add the costs of in building out Superchargers, new sales stores and service centers, along with new models and lines, then and only then, is the car losing.

  • Ferdinand

    Geez,,just where would I get THAT idea….

    Technology | Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:09pm EDT Related: TECH
    “Tesla burns cash, loses more than $4,000 on every car sold”

    FORBES – Tech- 10 Stocks to Sell for 2016; AUG 10, 2015 @ 03:12 PM
    “Tesla Losing Tidy Sum Per Model S Sold”, by Brooke Crothers
    Tesla Motors is burning through cash as it makes increasingly hefty
    investments in its future. And a report claims it loses a large chunk of
    money per vehicle sold….Tesla is “losing” more than $4,000 per Model S sold.

    JALOPNIK: “Report: Tesla Loses $4000 On Every Car They Sell”
    ; Patrick George; Filed to: THE MORNING SHIFT8/10/15 9:35am
    “Tesla,most of whose cars are built to order directly, delivered 11,532 cars in the
    second period and said it had an operating loss of about $47 million, for an
    operating loss per car of about $4,000.”

  • Derp Derpson

    I dont understand why they would care about college students? I think the demand will be high enough that they wont need to attract much of anything.

  • Przemys?aw Lib

    Nah. March is for concept car showcase.

    Production in any capacity will start when gigafactory starts producing battery packs.

    Tesla can sell current capacity in much pricer S and X variants.

    Bigger margins is pure gibberish. S/X are luxury cars in higher market segments. No magic will make Tesla beat its ~25% in cheaper car!

  • FutureYou

    I’m not going to pretend to know what your finances are like, but I highly recommend against buying a new car right out of college. This is an attempt to talk to my past self, but I’m fairly certain it will fall on deaf ears if you’re anything like my past self. Go check out /r/personalfinance on Reddit to get advice on this topic, but basically you need to be looking into paying down all your debts quickly, ensuring you have an emergency fund saved up, getting your retirement accounts started (very important at an early age), and setting up a financial portfolio. Do your future self a huge favor and begrudgingly pass up this purchase.

  • Baseball11626

    As a heads up, it’s $35,000 not $25,000

  • MisterEman

    I call Troll!

  • MisterEman

    Thanks for stating the obvious, Al. But its a nominal cost – previously you could buy a Tesla without Supercharging and it would cost $2,000 to activate. Depending on what kind of car you drive and gas prices, that’s about 2-4 years of gas costs. Of course, you could buy a used Tesla that has Supercharging enabled and maybe avoid paying for the Supercharging, depending on your negotiating skills. But then you’d also give up the $7,500 tax credit you’re eligible for when buying a new one.
    I suppose with the same logic, one could say the “free” software upgrades are also “priced into the vehicle.” My Tesla does two dozen things it didn’t when I bought it. I’m not sure how those are priced. I know the Big 3 or Japanese and German car companies would have nickeled and dimed me to death for any new capabilities of similar scale, assuming they could figure out how to add them over the air.
    Too bad carbon emissions and air pollution aren’t priced into the fuel ice cars use. It certainly will be when things get bad enough. Maybe 3-5 years?
    To Ronnie: if the Model S is any indication, you’re gonna love the Model 3 when it comes out. Absolutely no regrets. You are right to be excited. Keep saving those shekels.

  • Ferdinand

    It is a loss.

  • Alternatives

    Ok that’s and entirely false statement. Stop saying pipe dreams because now they are a reality. Imma need you to come back with more fact instead of opinion.

  • TheBigDG

    Sign me up!

  • Illuminati

    -Continuous improvement of the Model S: new sunroof, new seats, Autopilot, new design interface, etc.
    – Brand new paint shop in Fremont with 100 paint robots, 48 handling and 26 sealing robots.
    – Purchase of 500 new robots from Dürr Aktiengesellschaft, Germany, for the Assembly of the Model X.
    – Design and production of new PowerWall and PowerPack in the Fremont plant.
    – Construction of the Gigafactory near Sparks, Nevada.
    – Design of a new engine and a new batteries pack, which will equip the Model 3.
    – Expansion of the Superchargers network on 4 continents.
    – Opening of many Tesla Stores, and construction of many Services Center.
    – New assembly plant in Tilburg, Netherlands: 450 cars each week.
    – Acquisition of Riviera Tool & Die, Michigan.
    – Leasing of a 500,000 sq-ft manufacturing building that was formerly used by Solyndra.

    All this requires money.

    And money does not grow on trees.

    Tesla doesn’t “lose” $ 4,000 per vehicle. Tesla spends a lot of money in infrastructure that will enable it to expand, quickly, in order to maintain the lead he holds against its competitors. This is not a “loss” but an investment for the future.

  • Chris

    I hear Nevada might become a state soon. Too soon to tell though

  • Al_Loo_Minium

    I don’t know where you got the idea that the vehicle sells for a loss. It doesn’t. The company as a whole is running at a loss because of the huge investments in the gigafactory and future developments. Many companies run in the red for several years when they are new.

  • Distracted Driver

    Sounds like you are scared to lose more money on a short trade! Your statement is pretty stupid based on the fact that Musk is know for following through with crazy pipe dream ideas! Tool

  • Al Berard

    Ronnie , just to let you know the Supercharges are Not Free , Tesla car buyers pay for the use of them in advance . It’s priced in to the cars selling price .

  • RM3

    I hope their is a college discount for current students in school! Because the only way to attract young buyers, is with a good price tag to the car and good incentives. Because I am collecting up the money to buy one. I’ll be the first electric car driver in Iberia, Missouri aka Rock Town! I should have enough for when it comes out. $25,000 price tag. People will buy it at the right price.

    The Tesla Supercharger’s are awesome. In 15 seconds of charging, you receive one mile of power. In thirty minutes you get 120 miles. Free! Tesla Motors Is Are Future! The Tesla Model 3 has to be right, no issues, no problems, a car that is reliable. Im saving every penny of mine for the Tesla Model 3. I should have enough in two years.

  • Johnny Le

    Hmm, this is like asking a young marathon runner to partner with an old man on crushes to improve endurance.

  • michael lather

    You’re not very bright, are you? Tesla is going to keep production in areas that have lots of sunshine. Musk is big on solar, and wants to utilize the sun to power his factories. Detroit wont work for that. And adding seats that are heated, cooled, and powered will do nothing but suck life out of the battery.

  • Ferdinand

    Will it also sell for a huge loss per vehicle??….assuming it EVER becomes more than a pipe dream in Musk’s head.

  • Al Berard

    bigtruck , I’m hoping Tesla built the battery gigafactory in NV because of direct access to Lithium to supply the massive battery production that will start producing by late 2016 . I bought stock in a NV lithium mine company called Western Lithium and IF they sign a contract with Tesla it’s OH Happy Day for me.

  • bigtruckseriesreview .

    TESLA should bring manufacturing to DETROIT along with CHRYSLER and anyone else who wants to improve AMERICA.

    So far, it just looks like the Model 3 is gonna be a short Model S.

    I posted a P90D Ludicrous video and it’s gained 70,000+ views already. The interiors are still too bland. They need fancier seats with COOLING, HEATING, POWERED HEADRESTS and POWERED THIGH CUSHIONS.

    Outsource the 2015 C-class seats and you WIN.

  • Devin Serpa

    Yep and over a billion $ in orders, crazy.

  • Al Berard

    As upbeat this article sounds for Tesla EV’s I really think the Tesla Powerwall or Powerpack products will be a Huge hit and I have read that a section in the new gigafactory is set up to produce them Now and has been since September 2015 !