Skype For Android Now Allows You To Save Video Messages

Skype was a pioneer in messaging and video chatting for quite some time but with all the other options out there these days has it playing catch-up.

Skype For Android Now Allows You To Save Video Messages

Skype’s evolution

Skype’s first public beta was released to the public in 2003. It went through acquisitions until finally becoming fully owned by Microsoft in a 2011 acquisition. At any given time, the company boasts 35 million people online be it on nearly any operating system for desktop or mobile. While there are a number of alternatives to Skype’s freemium model, Skype still has nearly 400 million users on a monthly basis..

Today saw Skype announce to the world, more specifically to Android users that it had released version 6.11 of its app which features a number of upgrades, perhaps the biggest being the ability to save video messages. That addition to the app is tremendously simple for users and couldn’t be easier to use assuming you have adequate storage space on your Android phone tablet..

Skype’s improvements to Android

“Sometimes the most precious memories are the everyday moments. And at Skype, we want to help people come together so they can share experiences wherever they are. Today, we’re excited to launch Skype 6.11 for Android, which brings new features that will help you share and keep those moments that matter,” Skype said in a blog post today.

With today’s update, users will also be given additional tools that should make the management of conversations easier for its users. If you were, for example, long tap a chat or contact in the Recent tab area, a toolbar will now pop up and give you the option of muting the conversation, marking it as read or simply deleting the conversation outright.

Today’s update also brings improved search capabilities to Android. For the first time the content of a conversation is searchable rather than just a search for names or contacts. Lastly, by simply going to your phone or tablet’s photo gallery you can share photo’s via Skype without having to begin in Skype.

As always, the Skype app is available for free in the Google Play Store assuming you have the storage space for the upgrade.