Russia Sends Troops To NATO Borders

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NATO says it will use “any means” necessary to protect itself from Russia as it deploys a significant number of troops and heavy military equipment to Russia’s borders.

American political analysts are concerned that such a move could unleash an all-out war involving NATO, the U.S. and Russia– the kind of war that “would probably spell, if not the end of humanity, the end of any possibility of a comfortable future for humanity,” said Don DeBar, a U.S. political analyst, during an interview with Press TV last week.

But NATO seems unwilling to accept the fact that such a move could provoke Russian President Vladimir Putin into responding with military means. And knowing his unpredictability and a history of attacking neighbors, the move is particularly alarming. The defense leadership of three NATO member states accused Putin of “unprecedented” aggression in Europe and warned that he is ready to risk it all in “a game without rules” against NATO.

With the Baltics being of particular concern for NATO, it recently sent additional troops to the region amid fears that Putin would invade the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. And with NATO’s 5th article saying that any attack on one member state means an attack on the entire alliance, the volatile situation in Europe could spiral into World War 3, as many experts have been warning about since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis.

Baltics prepared to use any means to defend their freedom

Juozas Olekas, the Lithuanian minister of defense, thanked the U.K. for deploying troops on the ground in his country. “We would like to live in peace with Russia as our neighbors, but it depends on Russia’s behavior,” Olekas told Daily Star Online.

He stated that Lithuania has significantly stepped up military spending and has already joined British forces in joint operations in the region. Meanwhile the military leadership of another Baltic state, Estonia, claimed they had seen a “constant build up” of Russian soldiers on NATO borders and stated that Putin’s recent actions are “unimaginable.” Even though the Baltic states believe that NATO’s military power is capable of deterring the Russian threat, an Estonian spokesman warned that “Putin may miscalculate the strength of NATO’s bonds.”

“Russia has shown its willingness to use military force against its close neighbors – in 2008 in Georgia and since 2014 in Ukraine,” the spokesman told Daily Star Online. “It’s clear that NATO cannot leave an obvious challenge to its security unattended.”

He also pointed out that Russia’s aggressive behavior is becoming increasingly harder to predict, which is why NATO must be prepared for all possible military scenarios. The spokesman also warned Putin that Estonia is prepared to use “any means to defend its freedom and independence.”

Putin is unpredictable and aggressive

Meanwhile the third Baltic state, Latvia, accuses Russia of undermining stability in the region by constantly violating neighboring countries’ territorial integrity and attempting to muster up support in the Baltics. Latvia is mostly concerned about Putin’s “unpredictability” because “Russia’s assertiveness and military power have grown during the last three to four years,” according to a Latvian government spokesman.

The Latvian government noted the alarming rate at which Russia has modernized its military infrastructure and boosted capabilities along European borders, which goes in line with the large increase in its defense spending. The Latvian spokesman also believes that “Russia is ready to continue the confrontation with the West and is ready to play the game without rules” and that “it applies not only to Ukraine, but also to the relations with the West.”

U.S., NATO vs. Russia war will be the end of humanity

ValueWalk reported on Sunday that the U.S. and its allies are actively preparing to fight a war with Russia, according to American political analyst Don DeBar. The expert believes that the West is not only preparing to fight Russia along the old battle lines but also at Russia’s door.

DeBar’s comments come after the U.S. announced plans to deploy some 4,000 troops close to Russia’s borders while Russia conducts its military operations in Syria, bombing U.S.-backed rebels. In Poland and the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, there will be roughly 800 to 1,000 soldiers stationed amid the coldest tensions between Moscow and Washington since the end of the Cold War.

Political experts – both American and Russian – believe that the move has a high chance of escalating the risk of a war in Europe and unleashing a military confrontation between the world’s two largest nuclear powers: the U.S. and Russia.

U.S. officials familiar with the decision to deploy some 4,000 NATO troops close to Russia’s borders say the move is supposed to send Russian President Vladimir Putin a clear message that NATO’s military presence is at his country’s door and that NATO troops are watching his every move, ready to respond.

“The problem is that most people in the country here [the U.S.] have no idea that this is going on,” DeBar said in an interview with Press TV. The analyst also added that the U.S. media intentionally ignores reports that “there is this army deployed to Russia’s borders with material and manpower.”

A possible war involving NATO, the U.S. and Russia “would probably spell, if not the end of humanity, the end of any possibility of a comfortable future for humanity,” DeBar concluded.

Putin: If NATO comes close, we will respond

Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Vladimir Putin, commented on NATO’s move to send troops close to Russia’s borders. Peskov said that Moscow had found out about NATO’s intentions a long time ago, which means the alliance has been discussing the move for a while now. But more alarmingly, Peskov said that the Kremlin “knows how to respond to NATO.” Meanwhile NATO spokesman Jerzy Biziewski recently revealed that NATO’s rapid deployment forces are set on high alert.

“This is NATO approaching our borders. This is not a new phenomenon. This is a phenomenon the danger of which we have been emphasizing for years from the point of view of its consequences,” Peskov said.

This summer, Putin said Moscow will be forced to direct its armed forces at any countries which might threaten Russia.


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Polina Tikhonova
Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.

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  1. The historical facts you are ignoring, or are ignorant of, are still there : since the revolution the west has been trying to undermine, break up and subjugate Russia. Look at what the Harvard’s team (following Chicago’s Friedmanites) tried to do to Russia in 1990’s :

    or at Zbig’s Grand Strategy and tell me those were the examples of “good will” and democracy. To have thoughtful discussion both sides need to have a solid, un-biased grasp on history. You seem to be ignoring the inconvenient facts though…

  2. Putin stated? This is not personal, politicians say all kinds of things. Putin is well known for being “special” sneaky, due to his training and work in KGB. To be honest – I can respect that, he has more real balls than most other politicians. I am simply saying – we don’t want Russians here. That is rather a shame, because all are Slavic and should all be together, but Russia didn’t do that in the past, to its own people or to its neighbours. You (russia) could have/could build a greater federation of Slavic nations, if you were perceived as being a friend, not a constant irritable, unpredictable, neighbour – because that is what we are actually. So in a perfect world we would all live in peace and it would be nice to see a union of all around, just…. well… you screwed it up in the past and you can’t expect that anyone wants Russia back. This is not meant as an insult to Russia – so don’t start ranting at me please – reply with thought if you feel like it :)

  3. Hey, Tim the PIG! Nothing intelligent to say, you dumb single IQ creature? That’s what I thought. Take your med and crawl under your filthy bed.


  5. Right, lol like the Spanish, Romanians, Italians, etc. will want to fight a war for the US, UK and Germany x’D

    Silly immature nerd.

  6. We know you are butthuggers thinking no one has idea where those B-2’s located and where they are going, plus hitching a ride to space station is getting downright embarrassing. Get lost, maggot!

  7. and morons hate…

  8. PNAC and Wolfowitz Doctrine escaped your attention ?

    Even puny Poland tried to invade Russia in the past, btw.

    Do tell us who is Russia encroaching upon ? Or you are just ignoring the developments of past 25 years – Putin and Lavrov have consistently stated that Russia has no designs on any country, so maybe YOU should just stfu and reflect on the VERY strange friendship and solidarity between the country you live in and Ukraine. Maybe you are truly ignorant of history, but they’ve been at each other’s throats (i.e. see here : . I guess neo-nazis of all kinds band together…

  9. are you forgetting Russia’s try with missiles in Cuba was in response to US’ Pershing missiles ? Selective memory ?

  10. Well stated, Kwaneayaw… I understand your point of view.

  11. Your language is nothing short of wallowing. Don’t forget we are living in a global community where people of all types and fashion may stubble upon your comments. You will be ashamed of your comments in the near future when you see the true colours of the ferocious prowling Bear becoming madder as the clock ticks.

  12. It will take decades – over 30 years – before Ukraine will have any chance to join the EU as a member state. First of all: the average per capita GDP in the western EU states is about $40’000. Per capita GDP in Ukraine is $2600. Which means Ukraine is worlds apart from the EU.Second, in order to join the EU, a country has to be financially in good standing. Ukraine is de facto bankrupt and will be paying off loans for decades if not generations. By now the Ukraine debt is some 150% of GDP. Given the low GDP, that means austerity for ever. And austerity means poverty for the people. Just go look at Greece. In order to become a member, a country’s economy has to be prosperous and in comparable GDP numbers. Membership in the EU requires joining the Eurozone. Now imagine Ukraine introducing the Euro when Ukraine products are not up to par with EU products. It means you will have to lower prices since you can’t lower the currency value. That will bring tourists and corporations to profit from low wage slave work while the Ukrainians remain dirt poor, way too poor to even visit the EU. $2600 – the average yearly income in Ukraine pays about 1 month of costs of living in the western EU countries. Then you will see that the EU will not be open for membership until the Ukraine economy has reached comparable GDP numbers, because otherwise the danger that Ukraine will have to be bailed out time and again is too large. So forget about membership in the EU, it may not happen during your lifetime. Ukrainians believed that association with the EU would be some kind of panacea for all ills. But Poroshenko/Yatsenyuk are in reality more corrupt than Yanukovich was. Yatsenyuk cashes millions of dollars from the US weapons donations while the rest of you don’t even have proper heat and hot water in your apartments. Better start to look out for the Ukraine people in Ukraine instead of thinking there is a quick fix in the EU. Merkel wanted Ukraine as a new export market. That now went sour because the US pushed Poroshenko into war on Donbas where all the heavy industry was – it is in ruins now. 25% of GDP down the drain and nothing to make up for it. Except that Monsanto may want to use Ukraine agricultural land for GMO test crops, thereby rendering the land infertile for at least a decade after they stop and poisoning the ground water and rivers with toxic chemicals, there won’t be much investment from the west in the near future. The western economy isn’t strong enough to support such investment and Ukraien too close to bankruptcy for the foreseeable future to make any investment profitable. Yanukovich realized that it wouldn’t work to associate with the EU and that accepting the Russian bailout offer plus new investment from Russia and China was in the true interest of Ukraine. It’s too late now. Ukraine destroyed itself.

    As to the Maidan thugs: a Polish former government official confirmed that the CIA trained Right Sector people in Poland.

  13. You are wrong and rewriting history does not change the facts.

    The Baltic states won their freedom after the disintegration of the Soviet Union and Putin wants to recreate the old Soviet Empire.

    Besides Georgia and Ukraine, there is Kalingrad and few other frozen conflicts in Europe and Russia has been responsible for all of the trouble spots.

    Russia does not need to be deterred, it needs to be wiped off of the face of this earth. I want to live and I am very afraid of a Nuclear war, but if Russia tries to go that route, the West might fair better.

    Millions of lives may be lost, but Russia will be totally decimated and cease to exist. Putin is a coward and he knows that the West is much more stronger and powerful than Russia. He will not dare to go nuclear, but will continue to suffer isolation on an ongoing basis. Russia deserves it.

    A word of advise: Don’t ever board a Russian airplane, they tend to fall from the sky too often.

  14. You are an idiot. Yanukovych didn’t steal anything. That is why Interpol removed him from the wanted list, dummy. Interpol stated that Kiev failed to prove the theft. Look no further than Porky and Yats for this money,Tovarisch. Read and you will have a pretty good chance to look smarter.

  15. Anyone who thinks that in case of war between NATO and Russia, 1800, 5000, or even 30,000 American and NATO troops in the border countries would stand any chance of a determined Russia from occupying these countries does not live in a fool’s paradise, that person is a fool. All we hear is Russia is doing this and that. Imagine the hysteria in the US medial and the war parties of the West if 50 Russian soldiers were found in Mexico training for war????????? Yet Russians are not supposed to respond to the systematic expansion of an enemy (NATO) alliance to it’s very door steps. Hypocrites are everywhere except in our own home. Our American leaders should be weary of the anti-Russian hysteria from Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. As a Great power, we should be greater in our worldview. We should avoid being led by a group of countries whose historic hatred for Russia has blinded them to the consequences of WWII for the very existence of humanity.

  16. Phillip Reingold | Nov 4, 2015, 12:30 pm at 12:30 pm |

    Because the US doesn’t intend on invading Mexico while the Russia has shown the willingness to invade its neighbors (Ukraine and Georgia) and taking over parts of those country’s. Do you get it NOW!

  17. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria.

  18. TL;DR failtroll is fail.

  19. Deterrence that NATO is using is minimal at best. It does not call for Russia to move troops. NATO does not have the military presence to mount an invasion of Russia. NATO would have to go into a full build up and training of major forces. This takes a while.

  20. Russia nuclear arsenal is larger than the United States and it has grown since they left the proliferation treaty.

  21. Thanks you for the complement. I would like to know what NATO did to cause a troop movement. Russia is good for this sort of thing. Putin can not blame NATO for everything he does.

  22. Why are the US and NATO always the aggressor? How would the US feel if Russia stationed troops on the Mexican and Canadian border?

  23. Al len….Your reasoning doesnt align with the evidence. There are tapes and video with Nueland discussing who to appoint to run the Govt in Kiev. Your name calling shows your immaturity and your lack of any real argument.

  24. NATO puts military equipment and troops at Russia’s border and then claims that Putin is unpredictable and aggressive? Can anyone else see how stupid their propaganda sounds?

  25. What happened to Putin? He hasn’t said anything angry, threatening, or just plain stupid for few days now.

  26. Off you go now. Its bed time little boy.

  27. NATO= a puppet of the Empires $600 billion military industrial komplex. Nothing more. Nothing less. On On on planet dirtbag, then u die…. Circle up.

  28. This is the most ignorant repetition of propaganda I’ve ever seen. Funny how those that never experienced fascism feel SO free to sling the label around… Read up some history, fool. And don’t flaunt your ignorance.

  29. :-)
    al len’s comment, unfortunately, is right on the mark. Amazing that while denouncing the “Russian” propaganda the powers that be in US have saturated the masses so thoroughly while dumbing them down just as thoroughly that they parrot the revised “historical” drivel without bothering to know the real history…

  30. You look like just coming out of the Ho Chi Ming Trail, your mind does not work..Russia is in Easter Europe Moron learn your geography before writing stupid comments…My messiah is Jesus Christ not like your that most be Buddha….Hitler invade Russia not the other way around…..and If you think that Easter Europe like us think again….Moron!!!

  31. Regula
    And what are those trained Maidan thugs for? When the very reason of protest in Maidan is to join the European Union, nothing to do with militarization stupid! Can’t you have at least some common sense there? No, Yanukovych ransacked Ukraine with at least $70billion to his pocket for a 5 years short time in office with $32billion the time he left for Moscow leaving Kiev penniless!

    You’re the lying Russian maggot here pretending that Yanukovych is a good clean president! You obviously got indoctrinated by Moscow maggot brain! You think everything RT tells you are factual and real? Like the downing of MH17 where Kremlin released a satellite photo of a Ukrainian jet firing a missile on a commercial plane, turns out MH17 was shot down by a BUK, not an air-to-air missile! And you want to tell me Maidan protesters are CIA trained thugs? You moron, the people are only calling for economic membership with EU dickwit! Can’t you understand the real purpose of that event? Yet to you Maidan is a militarized encounter, well Yanukovych did used lethal force ordering his troops and snipers to fire on unarmed civilians. Ow yes, we saw what happened that day!

    100 dead and 1000 wounded protesters in Maidan!

    Yanukovych feared for his crimes and fled and future jail time that HE FLED! Nobody told him to go, but he run to hide behind his master, Putin’s fortress in Kremlin to hide!

    You stupid moron, you’re the lying propagandist here, maggot brain! And EU is now working with Kiev for economic relations and future membership moron! Now shove that to your filthy ugly face!

  32. I WAS going to say you were from the same group as the first responder to me here, but that would be insulting to autistics…

  33. Tyson
    “The coward is you” lol! No you’re the scared dog here, can’t you even read and understand your own post, what you’re intentionally trying to say? RUN FROM THE BEAR RUN COS IT WILL BITE BACK! Hey moron who is running away in fear of the bear here! And then you say “just leave Russia alone”? YOU COWARD! KNOW WHAT KIND OF A PERSON YOU ARE COWARD! GO RUN AND HIDE RUN YOU F–KING COWARD! RUN I SAY ROFL!

    Ow, you can’t think straight cos you’re in total panic from the attacking bear? Lmao, COWARD!

  34. Joseph Lankford | Nov 4, 2015, 7:39 am at 7:39 am |

    Russia should know by now u can’t just invade a country without a response from NATO. NATo doesn’t want another Nazi Germany situation were they invaded and nobody done nothing until it was to late. NATO just looking out for its members.

  35. NATO, please stop it? What do you want on Russian borders, Russia will destroy you and your allies. You want to end humanity on this earth? Peace be unto you.

  36. Name Calling truly shows ones intellect. I never claimed where MH17 original flight path started, only the fact that it was shot down over hostile territory which most commercial airliners avoid. You call people trolls yet speak of ” Igor Girkin just picked a plane overhead crossing” as if your propaganda means anything. Ever heard of Victory Nuland and the recording that were caught on tape? You know, the ones talking about overthrowing a deomcratic government? What Investigation? The made for media USA circuit? How do you know the picture was fake? Looked awfully dam real to me. But I guess you are one of those idiots that believe a plane can crash in PA, USA and leave not a trace of anything.. Only time it ever happened. Try using another brain cell, the one you used is toast.

  37. No the coward is you, when russia fires nukes up your warmongering a$$. Shut the fu** up and sit down keyboard warrior. Your head is so far up obama’s butt you cant think straight.

  38. You are really brainwashed. The fact that the US trained the Maidan thugs in Poland for years, that the US spent $5b since independence of Ukraine to destabilize Ukraine, first via color revolutions and then via Maidan coup is established beyond any doubt. The fact that the US through Victoria Nuland, deputy foreign secretary in charge of EU affairs handpicked Yanukovich for government is proven by a phone conversation between her and US ambassador to Ukraine, Pyatt. Ynaukovich had peace and an economy that worked considerably better than what you have got now in Ukraine. In addition, Yanukovich had lined up new investment in Ukraine by both Russia and China that would have increased the economy by 2%. Instead, your economy lost some 15% or more since the coup. Instead of negotiating a mutually agreeable solution with the Donbas protesters, Yanukovich and after him Poroshenko opted for a war which is in essence bankrupting Ukraine. You can’t even pay back Russia’s loan of Euros 3b anymore – which means bankruptcy. Yanukovich didn’t steal $32b – such an amount didn’t even exist in the coffers of Kiev. Yanukovich was clearly ousted and forced to flee for his life by CIA orchestrated thugs. Wake up and look in what poverty you now live! And don’t forget, the EU is already flooded with migrants from war torn countries – all wars started by the USA. There isn’t any room nor jobs for more migrants from impoverished Ukraine, even if the EU were to agree on visa free travel. The EU boat is full.

  39. privat opinion | Nov 4, 2015, 4:20 am at 4:20 am |

    This ukrainian autor, she is america’s propagandist,CIA propagandist, nothing more

  40. Russian idea of liberation – rape your grandmother and then “liberate” her to field to pick potatoes for mother Russia.

  41. Well, NATO is going to need more than 4,000 troops. So, we are ignoring puketin’s moves in the media, but it also sounds like our Commander in Chief is ignoring it too. puketin is the anti-Christ, he’s acting just like hitler, and we sit around picking our buts, and you can laugh at me all you want. Tag, you’re it, puketin. If our former Sec of State is carrying on with her love of Downtown Abbey during her job NOT, then we have cause for concern. A lukewarm response to russia, is dangerous. Alexander the Great in the movie (I’m not the Sec of State), his mother had a fascination for snakes. “Hesitate, and she will strike.” A russian ship with submersibles that can go deep into the ocean to cut Internet cables. Remember the movie, Predator? I’m not the Sec of State. “They did the same thing to Jim Hopper.” THEY did the same thing to Ukranie, and took a gigantic part of it in just days. Why can’t we elect Colin Powell for president? With Condolezza as our VP, or Sec. of Defense. She’s an expert on russia, and Colin Powell loathes puketin.

  42. Tyson
    Poke? The bear is bullying and land grabbing other properties. The proper way to handle a bear is cage it and from there slice it to pieces. But you say “leave Russia alone”? What the F–k is wrong with you!!! Leave Putin to landgrab for free? No, go shove Putin’s nuts you maggot brain! But I know you’re a coward, I can tell, so why don’t you call your mama and hide under her skirts. Sissy boy!

  43. John
    Obviously your version of this story is base on Kremlin’s bitter growling. The uprising in Maidan is due to Yanukovych unwillingness to join EU!. Why would US stage a coup when what Ukrainians are crying for is only joining an economic union? Only dumb morons like you Russian troll will claim CIA staged it, but for what! Viktor Yanukovych fled after killing 100 civilians and wounding a thousand more fearing for his crime and along the way stole $32billion of Ukraine’s money. If Viktor didn’t murder people in Maidan he need not flee, but your ignorance fails to see the whole picture and picks the Kremlin’s propaganda story instead. Moron, grow a brain! Yanukovych was not ousted, he fled!

  44. NATO is the one being the aggressor. Russia didn’t stage a coup in Kiev and plunge Ukraine into chaos or overthrow Qaddafi in Libya. It’s NATO country’s who are backing terrorist in Syria as well.

  45. Poke a bear and it will bite back (or even worse, maul you to death). What’s so unpredictable about that. Just leave Russia alone. Damn.

  46. I see nothing wrong with protecting one’s self or country from any aggressor. Given the current and recent records of Russia they command a defensive posture before hand.

  47. johnnie be good | Nov 4, 2015, 1:14 am at 1:14 am |


  48. johnnie be good | Nov 4, 2015, 1:11 am at 1:11 am |


  49. Polina Tikhonova sounds like an agitator.

  50. The Russians don’t have a lot of money to fight WW3 but they have the will and the balls; and the Russian people are used to the type of hardships that come with war—they will make big sacrifices for their country. None of this is true of any of the NATO member countries—especially western Europe and the USA. The US military has been seriously gutted during the past couple years and some of its best people have been forced out or into early retirement. If we had to fight another big war now we would be screwed. Who would willingly offer to fight to defend this country in such a war when so many American dudes are sissies who aren’t even sure if they want to be men? Its the same thing in Europe. Its all about sex, technology, and self. All that it would take to incapacitate and panic most westerners these days is to knock some cell phone towers offline or sabotage the power grids.

    The mistake that the West keeps making with Putin is that Western leaders assume him to be as stupid as they are. Putin is biding his time. The refugee/illegal immigration crisis and inevitable civil wars will bankrupt Europe, then the USA, and soon Canada. And when they are distracted with their domestic problems that’s when Putin will make his move. NATO will not do anything because they will look to Obama for leadership and Obama is very afraid of Putin.

  51. Putin is
    very deranged and dangerous. Only someone who is mentally unhinged would
    stir up so much trouble in so many places in the nuclear age. Hopefully his
    generals can have a coup and take him out

  52. You are right: it is a russophobia, but any phobia is a kind of paranoia. Did somebody find Russian submarine in Finland or Sweden water? Can you prove, that Russian bombers intruded any airspace? Flying along Baltic and Nordic airspace is not equal intruding into this airspace? Baltic and Nordic are Russian borders, not American ones. Can you compare, how many military bases outside of its own country has US, vs Russia? Can you compare military budget of US vs all other countries combined? Can you compare, how many people were killed in Iraq, Syria and Libya by all their legal presidents (AKA “dictators”), and how many people were killed there after US had decided to bring democracy? Who is “a lunatic, growling on everyone he can bark on to bully and abuse”?

  53. They could get disassociated with Russia, but didn’t. Everyone wants to sit on two chairs with one azz. Just like Ukraine. They hate Russia, but about two million of them are right now in Russia, because the pay is better.

  54. Most of Russia’s neighbors joined nato because they wanted to be a completely disassociated with Russia.. that says something about Russia. And now Russia is offended.. alittle less mojo than Russia thought it had..

  55. jblsosixyi
    I’m sorry we’re no nuthuggers like you Russian trolls. Lol!

    B-2 is Russia’s worse nightmare. None of your sensors and radars can detect this tail-less plane having no radar and heat signature, no molecular disturbance, that all Russia can do is monitor visually by spy satellites, but when those bombers leave the airfield will disappear into thin air. This 21 B-2 bombers can deliver a first strike that will quickly put an end to Putin’s evil regime. And no nuclear exchange will ever happen, all but Moscow’s doom. You know this, I know so cos I have read this Russian military doctrine long before this crisis began. Russian generals expressing their biggest concerns with the US B-2s stealth capabilities. Idiot!

  56. “And knowing his unpredictability and a history of attacking neighbors, the move is particularly alarming. ” There is one thing for sure, NATO attacked enough neighbors and non neighbors, to predict that it will eventually attack Russia. Considering the fact that it encroached on Russia for past few decades.

  57. It’s time for NATO to back off. Putin is not a chump!! He is quite capable of starting WW III on steroids if he thinks it’s a self defense move to protect his beloved Russia,. The West is going nuts here.

  58. Full-Metal
    Wipe NATO out with what… verbal threats? lol Silly immature troll. You know the moment Russia touches one of NATO’s member, 3 million of its forces will enter Russia from all sides and if a nuclear attack is seen NATO’s 500 nuclear warhead along with US 7,000 nukes will erase Russia from the face of the Earth. Too bad everyone will get to survive except Russia after US and NATO began building missile defense system stationed in Spain, Romania and Poland. This European missile defense blanket will be fully operational by 2018. In the meantime Russia is doomed with its geographical curse having massive landmass with overstretch territorial monitoring fences and border defense you don’t know where the enemy will be coming from! Now lets see, who will be the first to go? Moron grow some brains before you brag on your idiocy to your doom.

  59. I love the drama Putin is stirring up with troop movements and military exercises! Putin is baiting NATO and Russia into a standoff. If Russia jumps first he is going to claim that self-defense. All the while instigating a fight because of an ego problem the is hurting his country more than helping it… and all the poor ignorant fools in Russia believing in Putin’s lies.. After the cold war the US really wanted to get along with the new Russia. Apparently the KGB educated Putin won’t let it go. The US problem with the Soviet union was communism now it’s fascism.

  60. Igor
    Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia although NATO members were never given NATO military support until Russia’s buzzing warplanes over their borders and the annexation of Crimea leading to the rise of Russophobia in both the Baltic and Nordic region. Then Putin threatens nuclear attack to Sweden and Finland if they join NATO. And you think we shouldn’t do drastic measures reinforcing NATO members bordering Russia? You Russian trolls are bunch of lying propagandists with your filthy sick pro-Putin gimmicks.

  61. fox rat
    Hurt your feelings and ego? You should believe the words I say cos that is how we the International community perceive Putin is, a derange lunatic. But of course to you brainwashed Soviets, Putin is a normal person and the rest of us are psychos! lol Delusional Russian trolls.

  62. More vodka I suppose.

  63. Yesterday’s German Nazis is today’s Russian fascists under Hitler-Putin the great. And they totally believe they can conquer the world. Already started with Ossetia and Crimea, good thing NATO is there to put some hedge, barbwire, resistance and monitoring forces to stop further Nazi-Russias aggression. Just know the evil regime is and not lose your way out.

  64. Ben
    Yesterday’s German Nazi’s is today’s Russian fascists under Hitler Putin the great. And they totally believe they can conquer the world. Already started with Ossetia and Crimea, good thing NATO is there to put some hedge, barbwire, resistance and monitoring forces to stop further Nazi Russias aggression. Just know the evil regime is and not lose your way out.

  65. Perfect idea John. What a grand idea. Russia is in financial trouble as it is so let them take a few unemployable in. See how that works

  66. Amen to that watchdog. You are absolutely right.

  67. Herman
    And you’re so smart you think your opinion will help balance world powers! You are as stupid as your messiah, Barrack Hussein Obama.

    Leaving Eastern Europe to Russia is a big mistake, a disaster like the one in WWII under Hitler moron! Learn from the mistakes of the past so you won’t repeat them stupid!

  68. Ramlakhan
    “Living truth and conscience”… Heeyaah and I’m the Messiah! Lol
    You Russian trolls will always resort to “I’m righteous” gimmicks after you are exposed with your delusional pro-Putin sentiments. Who are you kidding? Obviously you’re a Putin worshiper and a total loser. Try harder cos we already heard of those lines you maggots keep using to make yourselves look like saints? You savage Russian pigs!

  69. Gary
    Paranoid? No, this is RUSSOPHOBIA coming from Putin’s bullying tactics. Look at those bombers, Russian jets intruding English channel and along Baltic and Nordic airspace, and underwater incursions? Then the annexation of Crimea, the world is only responding to threats moron! Try harder cos by far we all know who the ravaging slum dog going berserk like a lunatic, growling on everyone he can bark on to bully and abuse. NATO is here to protect those weak small defenseless ex-Soviet satellites that Russia could abuse and invade easily after Georgia and Ukraine, and you owe stupid one, learn that evil will not reign in this world.

  70. What about our psychopath? they are more dangerous. New F g world order where a few dictate to the many. That what we stand for and we are will to start ww3 in order to achieve this. Yes our western leaders are the psychopaths.

  71. mijo
    And who wants to go live in barren land? lol Russia is kaput! Rofl!

  72. mijo
    You talk weird like a Siberian troll working in St. Petersburg Cyber Trolling Center! lol

  73. Sir, I am not a Russian troll neither a short tempered guy. In fact I am not in favour of any side but for the living truth and my conscience. if you cannot see what is unfolding before your very eyes I will still not be nasty or distasteful towards you.

  74. Ramlakhan
    Brrp brrp brrp plop plop plop fart fart fart talk to the hand Rofl!

    No you idiot! Putin’s military strategy in Syria is doomed to fail after uniting Assad’s enemy against him! It’s like asking every single person in the streets to fight you and mob you! Stupid, just look what ISIS just did, downed a Russian Metrojet Commercial plane. Now swallow that bitter loss cos more loses is to come after being such an arrogant misguided moron like you. You Russian trolls will reap what you sow.

  75. Yea pretty sure China wont stand by, they will help Russia as they are now in Syria!!!

  76. Flying Eagle
    Silly stupidity is the name of the game today people. Russian trolls still thriving to spew their usual lies of no basic common sense.

    MH17 is not from Kiev, the plane’s origin is from Amsterdam going to Malaysia crossing Ukraine airspace! There were a hundred flights that flew over Ukraine and Donetsk that day. MH17’s flight path is not unique or intentionally diverted! In fact upon the downing of MH-17 there was another commercial flight (Singapore Airline) that is just some kilometers away entering south of Donetsk airspace when the tragedy happened.

    Donetsk’s airspace is not a NO-FLY-ZONE but warnings where given to pilots facing risks in crossing Donetsk but this area was not declared a no-fly-zone for the fact that the pro-Russian rebels do not possess an airforce or any type of war plane. But due to lack of decent aerial monitoring radar system Igor Girkin just picked a plane overhead crossing “his airspace” and gave his BUK another try that has notoriously downed a couple of Ukrainian aircrafts in the last 3 months. We know cos he himself posted in his deleted account bragging to “not cross his airspace again”, and 30 minutes later deleted his whole account.

    Ukraine doesn’t have to install a BUK along Donetsk… Why? Because there is nothing to shoot at, pro-Russian rebels doesn’t have fighter jets or choppers. It was Russian jets usual incursions Kiev keeps crying foul, and we know Ukraine won’t shoot them down or Russia would retaliate and invade Kiev.

    You can’t twist this around Russian troll! Truth always prevails and the investigation pointed a BUK missile downed MH17 contrary to what Putin is calling accusing Kiev of a Ukrainian jet fighter firing a rocket on a Commercial plane caught in a Satellite feed! Lol Turns out that graphic picture is a fake evidence, a LIE! Stupid morons.

    And here is the list of fatalities and their nationalities.

    Australia……………. 27
    Belgium……………… 4
    Canada……………… 1
    Germany……………. 4
    Indonesia………….. 12
    Malaysia……………. 43
    Netherlands………. 193
    New Zealand………. 1
    Philippines………….. 3
    United Kingdom……10

    ……………………Total 298

  77. Yea Pretty sure America Gave all those Countries back and didn’t make them a part of America!!! Come on V1, Seriously, they are two totally different situations that ended up completely Different on every Country you mentioned and many more!!!
    But People see What they want to, Me, I prefer to use Facts and Common sense, and looking at Both sides of The situation, those Three things ALWAYS leads to the TRUTH!!!
    The only Land America Stole was From the Natives in America!!! Not that I Proud of That, But NO Nation or Country has been perfect 100% of the Time!!! But what Russia Did in Georgia and Crimea is beyond wrong!!! But your going to believe what you want too, Good Luck with that!!! GOD Bless You and Yours!!!

  78. Putin Torrente | Nov 3, 2015, 8:09 pm at 8:09 pm |

    Putin’s behavior although unpredictable; can be compared to a tiger that will attack when you turn you back and will stay still if you confront him face to face. Another comparison is to a high school bully; It will tell his country that the West is against him and then makes threats to smaller neighboring countries to prevent them from joint the NATO Alliance.
    What he is not telling anybody, is the real truth of what is in his mind; the vision he has for Russia to become The Great; most powerful and dominant country in the planet; and what he is been planning with his military leaders for years to accomplice his dream.
    Is now that we beginning to see the strategy taken place; face 1 Modernizing army, Face 2 Send thousands of army personal disguised as civilians to the target country Face 3 co-ordinate political De-stabilization; Face 4 send standard military reinforcement to back-up disguised civilian army under the excuse that they are called ( rebels ) or Russian citizens. Indeed they are Russian citizens and they work for the government since they are the real Russian army.



  81. He can go, but YOU NEVER!

  82. Um…who the F K is Dan DeBar?
    He also reported that Putin s his diapers, and that Russia is run by corrupt thugs

  83. My Grandma says “NATO and all West states has LAST chance to keep their mouth DOWN AND STEP BACK! This is NOT JOKE! WEST BLA,BLA..CANNOT HAVE VALUE, ANY MORE! TAKE SERIOUSLY! LATER WOULD BE SO LATE!” Old, mature woman,haha,haa!

  84. Daabu
    By 2016 Romania’s missile defense will be complete and 2018 Poland’s land-based Aegis ashore system will be fully operational with SM-3IIA, THAAD and Patriot missilies. Layers of anti-ballistic missile will stop Russia’s nuclear threats. But you don’t know this, right? Typical stupid Russian troll, your threats are worthless, most of Russia’s ICBMs are Soviet old, so unreliable it won’t even leave the ground! Rofl!

  85. ONN
    Calling names like “troll” is Harassment lol!
    Try harder dickwit, you don’t know what you’re blobbing here stupid! I know you’re no American to speak those bogus “USA law”! Rofl! Stop spewing lies Russian troll. Even EU want’s to get rid of trolls like you and anyone with IP coming from Russia is investigated and banned for being such nuisance trolls plaguing the net with pro-Putin propagandas pretending to be Americans or Westerners. lol Come on, you’re busted Russian troll!

  86. A 1%er or drone? Must be a Foxified nation member….

  87. InternetWeirdos | Nov 3, 2015, 7:13 pm at 7:13 pm |

    Wow this guys a loony toon.

  88. autisticseverywhere | Nov 3, 2015, 7:10 pm at 7:10 pm |

    Wow this guy is clearly a moron comparing those things.

  89. Dude your name is “kirkland sewell” go back to russia.

  90. Oh shut up you make 4 comments that are all useless.

  91. relentlesslycaring | Nov 3, 2015, 7:00 pm at 7:00 pm |

    End of humanity…I certainly hope not; I’m still trying to get my gutter and pool cage fixed up.

  92. To prevent a very hypothetical Russian invasion, those paranoid Baltic politicians voluntarily allowed NATO invasion.

  93. kirkland sewell | Nov 3, 2015, 6:35 pm at 6:35 pm |


  94. Michael Marino | Nov 3, 2015, 6:34 pm at 6:34 pm |


  95. Thomas Mclaughlin | Nov 3, 2015, 6:16 pm at 6:16 pm |

    if war comes than so be it. humanity can’t or wont try to live together in peace and prosperity.

  96. Russia sends troops to NATO border? What a header, really! That devious Russia – put it’s country so close to our multiple NATO bases! What a pathetic propaganda, indeed.

  97. Exactly what Russia’s missiles are intended to communicate to warmongers like you al len – Try us!!

    Ever hear the word deterrence, hint!

  98. This author needs to be bundled up and returned to her homeland. Seems as though she has one agenda, and that is to provoke fear in people.

  99. NATO and the West should not be afraid of a major war with Russia. In fact, if you don’t stand up to Putin, there is more chance for war. Fear and appeasement never work.

  100. There was no country of Yugoslavia in 1999. And you accuse others of being completely wrong.

    And, as is the way of the idiotic KremlinBot trolls, they completely ignore the years of war BEFORE the NATO bombing of Serbia, including the genocide in Bosnia.

  101. Political analysis from some Russian translator tart? The things that pass for news these days on the internet…

  102. So true, why would Kiev send a civilian airliner over a war zone and then classify all of the communications regarding that flight. They never released the recordings, did they?

  103. end humanity? I am part of humanity and you know what ur gunna find? ur gunna find that I DONT END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. what kind of madness is this,everyone needs to take a chill pill and mellow out!the survival of our species as a whole should come before anything else

  105. BS we send troops to Russia borders!!!!!…we have troops in 152 countries, Lets start bringing those troops home and save some money that we do not have!!!

  106. Ben TheKeeshond | Nov 3, 2015, 4:44 pm at 4:44 pm |

    As usual, I love to read about the comments and views left by many readers. As always, a lot of crazy people and no doubt some with intelligent ideas. However, most people are subjective to whichever side they are from. If we remember from history, not too long ago, the Nazis regime ruled Germany with the majority supports of the German people and started the war in Europe. Not that they were right, I am sure Germany back then saw things much different than that of the U.S. and England. As for now, the people from the opposite spectrum should observe both sides with an objective view. To love our own country is natural but to support every political and strategic agendas should not be absolute.

  107. The calling names (like troll ones) is a harassment accordingly with USA law. It is another extra confirmation of your “Extremely High” level of IQ, LOL. The knowledge of the law makes me always aware what I can deliver and what can’t to the public but it looks like it does not bother you at all. BTW, absence of a the Law knowledge does not release anyone from a liability/responsibility.

  108. Have you looked into histories of Poland and Ukraine (vis-a-vis being at each other’s throats AND Poland actually being crazy enough to attempt to invade Russia in the past) and the Baltic nations (vis-a-vis their glorification of German Nazis in the past and their own neo-nazis now ) ?
    I suggest you follow what Putin suggested a while back to Western journalists (none dared to take it up publicly) : map out all of US military bases around the world, amount of money spent by top 10-12 industrialized nations, compare them and then see the NATO’s (i.e. US’) progression to Russian borders since the “end” of the cold war on the same map. BTW, Russia, I believe , has 1 (ONE) military base outside its borders – in Syria. Then tell us who the aggressor is.

  109. pretty sure those same thoughts might be circling throughout the US, europe and israel if their governments want to send more citizens to die for things they themselves are not willing to die for — if the politicians, who vote for war, had to fight in it– there would be less of both– so send in the politicians; it’s a win/ win

  110. People of goodwill all over the world desire to peacefully and equitably co-exist with one another. Since neither any person nor any nation is an island unto him/herself/itself, each person and each nation need one another! It’s inconceivable to me that common sense is no more common. In 2008, 2014, 2015 certain countries have become aggressive towards other sovereign nations, thus violate international laws and pose serious risk to world order. I dare say the very survival of humanity is at risk due the unpredictability
    of some of these leaders. Therefore, I make the following suggestion: extend the knowledge and skills of making atomic bomb/nuclear bomb to Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, and any other
    nation threatened by the aggressive and unpredictable leaders of this world. The acquisition of nuclear bomb
    may make any would-be aggressor to think twice!!! It may be, just may be, all nation would choose to co-exist
    peaceful and harmoniously. The leaders can then devote all their efforts and energy to developing their nations and provide prosperity to all their citizens. Would that not be a good thing?

  111. Why do we take the risk of wars with Russia or any countries? If we think they are evil, are we willing to die with them together? In foreign affairs, especially during potential conflicts, we keep on talking alliances, implying that all other countries are our enemies. Why should countries be divided in such a way? If we treat them as enemies, they are likely to become enemies. Nobody likes enemies except our politicians.

  112. Chuck Friggin Norris | Nov 3, 2015, 4:06 pm at 4:06 pm |

    I dont think you understand how fission works. Oh, and the thermonukes? they use both fission and fusion, so they dont count for not making radioactive materials anyway. Anyhow, you are talking of tactical nukes, which are more than big enough to flatten entire cities. The only thing smaller than that is a briefcase nuke, and that obviously is not used on a missile, and can also practically flatten large portions of a city. Hell, a one pint mason jar with half an ounce of fissile uranium along with shielding and some other various parts could quickly start a chain reaction and blow up a huge swath of any town. THAT will take care of that stubborn stump in the back yard, and all the illegal immigrants to boot!

    Radiation from modern fission devices alone would prohibit any human existence for many years, not to mention when you drop bombs more than powerful enough to send ash up into the upper atmosphere. I also believe you do not realize that as soon as one nuke, even a tactical nuke is fired, thats it, the whole world unloads on itself, and bacterial life is extinguished. About the only thing that might survive is anything buried twenty miles underground, and the unlikely possibility that debris would be ejected from the atmosphere. Even if someone or something does survive, everything is sterilized, about the only thing that will live longer than you is the bacteria in your gut, which will feed off of you until there is nothing left, then they die. Then when aliens come here, they are going to break pieces of glass that formed from the dust of your bones and turn it into jewelry. The way I see it, I might be a thirty million dollar diamond come 2357830 C.E., I have a GREAT prospect for my future!

    In reality, the EXACT same thing that happened leading up to the first great war is occurring once again, and once again we will have the bloodiest war in all of human history, with the death toll hovering over seven billion. I dont think any aliens would want to know about us, let alone make contact with us. We still stone people for swearing, we still mutilate each other, we still cut newborn girl’s clitorises off, and we still circumcise men, hell, we still babble about a few worthless miles of land in some god forsaken, land mine ridden @##hole of the world. If I were an alien, I wouldve nuked all of you by now. If I were god, Id let all of you nuke yourselves, and start from scratch. Of course, he did say fire, didnt he? Of course, the muslims believe that the devil will come from the area between Iraq and Syria, and will do the same atrocities that ISIS has done.

    Of course, no one gives a rats @## anyway, cause all we are are specks of dust on a larger speck of dust circling a slightly larger speck of dust circling around a pin prick with a lot of other specks of sub atomic dust possibly circling and definitely flying away from a slightly larger pin prick we call the center of the universe, which said universe is practically the size of a drop of glass maybe 1mm in diameter, floating around in a place where nothing exists, where even the word nothing exists, where absolutely nothing can, does, or ever shall exist, where there is no thought, no soul, no mathematics, and absolutely not one bit of mathematical code we are written with called “the laws of the universe”. In my honest oppinion. If all we are is just a bunch of mathematical equations, we are either computer programs who actually do have a god, a god who could just as easily burn us all by formating his hard drive of all of his Sim City games; Or God is real and that the creation story, albeit not in complete chronological order, actually does resemble all we know about how the universe was made, and how we were made, and God is simply the best darn mathematician in the universe/universes and the void which separates them (which if you think of it, scientists cant explain why there was a golf ball of pure energy in a place where nothing can exist, that same ball started the big bang); Or we are just programming for some inter-dimensional reality television series. Either way, if you step back and look at it all, this planet has got to be the most entertaining one there is. “Tune in this Friday to channel 5,643,349.7 of quadrant 3, and watch and see if the puny humans blow themselves to bits! This has been KQTV of planet Whogivesaf, enjoy your totato chips, and get ready to use your remotes to vote for ‘god’s’ decision.

    Dark, aren’t I? Then again, youd have to have a sense of dark humor in the first place to come up with us, so…. ON WITH THE DARK, HUMOROUS RANT!!!!

  113. Even 2nd graders know that Russia isn’t surrounded by anyone, let alone NATO countries. Not even remotely close to the truth.

  114. You guys believe everything Putin tells you?

    “Russia behind the Headlines has published an interview with Gorbachev, who was Soviet president during the discussions and treaty negotiations concerning German reunification. The interviewer asked why Gorbachev did not “insist that the promises made to you [Gorbachev]—particularly U.S. Secretary of State James Baker’s promise that NATO would not expand into the East—be legally encoded?” Gorbachev replied: “The topic of ‘NATO expansion’ was not discussed at all, and it wasn’t brought up in those years. … Another issue we brought up was discussed: making sure that NATO’s military structures would not advance and that additional armed forces would not be deployed on the territory of the then-GDR after German reunification. Baker’s statement was made in that context… Everything that could have been and needed to be done to solidify that political obligation was done. And fulfilled.”

    Gorbachev continued that “The agreement on a final settlement with Germany said that no new military structures would be created in the eastern part of the country; no additional troops would be deployed; no weapons of mass destruction would be placed there. It has been obeyed all these years.” To be sure, the former Soviet president criticized NATO enlargement and called it a violation of the spirit of the assurances given Moscow in 1990, but he made clear there was NO PROMISE regarding broader enlargement.”

  115. To keep the peace, arm for war.

  116. NATO is an organization. There are two NATO member countries that border Russia with a whopping 250 kilometer border, out of the 58,000 kilometer land and water border that Russia has. During the Cold War, NATO countries shared a lot more border area with the Soviet Union than they do now. It’s only a talking point for clueless Russians when Putin proclaims that NATO is surrounding Russia. All you have to do is look at a map and it’s pretty obvious there’s no way in heck that is true, but I guess geography isn’t one of the Russian people’s strong points.

  117. Google ICBM and submarines. an ICBM can hit anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes as well as evade all air defense programs.

  118. Do some research Georgia was committing genocide that’s why Russia stepped in.

  119. Jeff, When US, Europe and Russia will split the world it will be easy to keep China and India under control. Philippines islands will be under Chinese control and North Korea will get nuked and reunite with South Korea. Don’t think that this will fix the worlds problem, we still be fighting over dumb things.

  120. Is there no one in Russia willing to take this psychopath out? Surely a few billionaires in Russia maybe? What good is having all that money when your friend Vlad is willing to take the world out?

  121. We started that riot to stick a U.S puppet into that position.

  122. Considering Nato promised not to be on the Russian border then goes and backs out of its promise.

  123. Tell that to the U.S. Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and more.

  124. That’s why there are sub’s and ICMB’s. The moment a launch is detected by satellite a counter launch is made.

  125. Idiotically you think that there would we a winner.

  126. I hope you don’t die immediately USA, I would like to imagine you and your loved ones be still alive on a magnificent and strong Nuclear Winter. And you watching how your spouse, and all your descendants dies one after another after suffering unbearable pain. That’s what you and all degenerate and stupid people like you deserve. Probably you declare yourself a good Christian, moron!

    By the way, you don’t deserve to use the username of USA, imbecile!

  127. I just REPORTED that there is NO LONG TERM RADIATION DANGER, as proven by the complete rebuilding of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many people in these important war materials manufacturing cities died, and many suffered from after effects of impact with debris, burns, and radiation sickness.
    The US did not invite the attack on Pearl Harbor, nor was the Nanjing Massacre justified. Imperial Japan earned and deserved the payback that they received. You would think Putin would not be so quick to threaten a peace loving US with nuclear war, but this monster, who admires Stalin, threatens that he views nuclear weapons as weapons to be used, if his other weapons fail to win, which everyone clearly knows will be the case. Our only hope for peace is to convince Putin that we can and will end Russia as a nation, crushing most Russian nuclear weapons before they can be fired, if Putin leaves US with no other choice.

  128. Wow Just WoW…Are your Parents related Guy? you need to open your eyes and stop listening to Main Stream Media!!! Try researching History, First start with this story, no where does it say ANYTHING About Putting Nukes on the Russia’s Border!!!
    this Conversation is over, we humans can do a lot of Things But.. Fixing STUPID isn’t one of them!!!
    I think I lost two Brain cells Replying to your Post!!!
    Then again… If you really believe Russia Didn’t Annex Crimea And that this story said something about putting “Nukes on Russia’s Borders” Id really like to talk to you about Some Bridges I have for sale, also Miles of Ocean front Property in the Middle of the Mohave Desert, And also, I will Give you one heck of a deal on some Beach front Property on the Moon!!! Let me know!! Dumb A$$!!!

  129. I think he’s implying that Current Nuclear Warheads can be detonated high enough to maximize damage with only the shock-wave (which is how they’re currently used) that 99.9% of the fallout WON’T be created (as it comes from material being sucked or mostly being where the fissionable material was when detonated, which won’t be available if used in this manner) due to only the shock-wave coming into contact with the target.

    Don’t get him or me wrong, that 99.9% of fallout that isn’t created is the extremely short-lived (Relatively speaking, specifically, months to a year or 2 until long term exposure won’t kill you), while the 0.1% is the kind that won’t go away from thousands of years. This fallout would become lethal as it’s stirred up by storms or rivers into the drinking water, or concentrated higher up in the food chain (where Humans get the most concentrated dose) by a factor of 10 to a hundred on each step from the bacteria (say as a SIMPLE, FICTIONAL, EXAMPLE 1 rad) to the small fish (10 to 100 rads) to a big fish (100 to 10000 rads) to say the fisherman, who’d die.

  130. When NATO goes to the Russian borders, Russia comes to meet them. It is logical, says Dr. Spock….Don’t you agree? The fraction of the 1% has made a killing buying assets at fraction of the value or oligarchs just taking them over there then our working poor tax money and lives are spent to keep them, even at risk WW III, should the BIG shooting starts….Unnecessary greed and unneeded wealth/power concentration is at the heart of all this mess and potential for extinguishing planetary life….

  131. WHO IS NATO? An agreement between a Bully it’s puppets; or an agreement between the general public of all those nations? You got it right.. It’s an agreement between a Bully and the puppets of those so called presidents and primer ministers.

  132. old_programmer | Nov 3, 2015, 3:06 pm at 3:06 pm |

    That’s the way I interpreted it. Seems to be a common falsehood going around.

  133. James Sterling | Nov 3, 2015, 3:04 pm at 3:04 pm |

    are you insane? did you just argue that nuclear weapons don’t leave nuclear fallout?

  134. Richard Brahman | Nov 3, 2015, 3:01 pm at 3:01 pm |

    USA first broke the status quo, deploying heavy weapon in Baltic states; Russia responded.Russia has a full right to strengthen her borders

  135. Tomasz Romanowski | Nov 3, 2015, 3:00 pm at 3:00 pm |

    “Russia’s best hope is that some Russian official will execute Putin, just as Beria ended Stalin’s reign of terror.”

    The sad part is that.. contrary to the common sense Putin probably IS the best solution for Russia. History has consistently shown that, without a sadistic Tsar, who ruthlessly f…s the whole nation, Russia cannot function at all.

  136. I like your Theory, only your forgetting The most Populated Country in the World… China, What does China do in your Theory? Please do tell… im ready to sign on to your theory lol

  137. This is the ticket to heaven…don’t miss the chance

    Romans 10:9-10 New King James Version

    9 that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

  138. Dingle Stingle | Nov 3, 2015, 2:55 pm at 2:55 pm |

    Whoever is losing this next war will fire off every nuke they have. The rich and powerful don’t give two craps about the people. It’s never changed in 5000 years. Even the old days with the kings, the serfs and the nobles. I guess today the kings are the politicians, the nobles the large companies and the rest the serfs. Well I think the large companies are really the kings now and the government are the nobles.

  139. I don’t think anyone is scared. Just disappointed about childish behaviour.

  140. But then that blows out the rapture ..”pre-trib” concept…..maybe it is the Psalm 83 war…with Gog and Mogog into the trib….and we get to experience Psalm 83 ….uless they play with the big guns “nukes” that kinda ends it all….that is just not scriptural…YET

  141. How much does putin make from Gasprom? – personally?

  142. well then go on a shooting spree in Moscow. No one is stopping you! Just leave the rest of us to live in peace.

  143. Yes Russia does have the Right to defend their Country… But they DONT have the right to invade another country to expand their Country!!!

  144. Foxrat123 – I want a job please. – I am serious – this is fun!

  145. Dingle Stingle | Nov 3, 2015, 2:47 pm at 2:47 pm |

    I can’t wait for WW III. I’ve got my supplies ready and running from America as fast as I can. Just find a 3rd world country that nobody will nuke.

  146. Yes God bless Putin, like a disabled child – bless.

  147. Our government is trying their best to give the country away and Russia is the enemy?

  148. May all of Putin’s trolls, be struck down by God, and sent to burning in hell with Putin’s hero Stalin. Putin is a savage murderer and thief, who has lied to and stolen from the Russian people.
    Like the fools who voted for the liar Barack Hussein Obama, the fools in Russia continue to trust Putin to rebuild the former Soviet Empire. It is sad that the good people of Russia support a completely evil man, just as the German people supported Adolf Hitler, who brought complete ruin on the Germany that trusted him.

  149. Dingle Stingle | Nov 3, 2015, 2:46 pm at 2:46 pm |

    If Russia takes in these terrorists like Europe is doing I will lose all faith in the world. It’s clear the super rich control all of NATO. They are flooding in low wage workers to drive wages down in every good country in the world. I heard checker at normal stores in Norway make like 50k a year. That pisses off the ultra rich big time.

  150. IN the US if you have a cell phone, car and a few HDTVs you’re happy. With debt up to your neck. Government trying to flood the country with illegal aliens which means fewer jobs for citizens but there’s always welfare, until it runs out.

    Who’s mismanaged?

  151. Dingle Stingle | Nov 3, 2015, 2:44 pm at 2:44 pm |

    Go Russia. Make sure you kill all the blacks and beaners after you win please.

  152. I just said the same thing to my son-in-law….want peace carryng a white flag laced in nitro….total insanity…bad boys bad boys …whatcha goin to do bad boys….I can only imagine

    thank God there is a God – – – Matt 24:22 comes to mind……..
    “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.

  153. old_programmer | Nov 3, 2015, 2:42 pm at 2:42 pm |

    I wouldn’t bet on it. The USSR up until a few years before its demise firmly believed they could survive a nuclear war. That doctrine is still alive and well in Russia along with a first strike doctrine that was added last year or early this year.

  154. Turn on the news, Europe is being invaded now. In a few years there will not be a Europe. The illegal aliens will never stop coming.

  155. Putin hates NATO, like a rapist hates the ladies at the local women’s shelter. Putin claims to admire Joseph Stalin, who is considered by some to have murdered more people than any previous savage in history. Today, Putin purges the people of Crimea, just as was done by Stalin in the last Russian invasion of the Ukraine. As with Hitler, Putin will continue to advance with his military, until they are crushed. Putin uses terror, just like ISIS, threatening nuclear war, as if Russia might have hope of winning, which Russia does not have. Is Putin so insane that he would try to destroy a world that refuses to submit to him? The longer Putin stays in power the greater the chance that Putin will have a nuclear temper tantrum. If this happens, Russia must be completely destroyed as a harsh lesson to any who might consider similar threats and behavior.
    Russia’s best hope is that some Russian official will execute Putin, just as Beria ended Stalin’s reign of terror.

  156. This is also what happens when one side shows innate weakness of strength and will, the other more aggressive side will see it as a welcome mat, a license to get more aggressive. The US and NATO and the EU look like a scared little dogs with a big bark. The step down from the Mid-East by Obama, his childish attempts to imagine peace with his utopian views instead of with a strong military and foreign policy, his abandonment of long alliances in favor of radical uprisings in the “Arab Spring”, have led to Putin’s boldness as well. He must think he can push us around and we won’t have the balls to stop him, we’ll yell and scream and rattle sabres a lot, but nothing else. Weakness or the perception of it will always embolden a bully.

  157. old_programmer | Nov 3, 2015, 2:37 pm at 2:37 pm |

    There are no US nukes on Russia’s borders and haven’t been for years. The fact is the US was drawing down troops along with the rest of NATO after the fall of the USSR. That is up until Putin decided to start causing trouble by invading the former Soviet republics that are now Sovereign nations. Everything that is happening can be directly laid at the feet of Putin who continues to live on the past.

  158. Here’s an idea. Let’s pick a worthless piece of ground, move all those refugees onto it and then let Russia annex THAT.

  159. “NATO says it will use “any means” necessary to protect itself from Russia”

    But they won’t do anything to protect themselves against the illegal aliens who are over running their borders.

  160. “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
    — Albert Einstein

  161. Maciej Pietrusinski | Nov 3, 2015, 2:32 pm at 2:32 pm |

    Russia is a huge country with vast resources, but it’s mismanaged. With low quality of life, its people have little to be happy about, but the one thing that can surely unite the population (and distract them from every-day problems) is an outside threat. And nothing makes Russians more proud than the idea of invincibility, military might and geographical expansion.

  162. Check your brain in the back row of dusty filing cabinet in the basement of kgb toilet.

  163. Ignorance we can cure, but stupid is forever. Are Hiroshima and Nagasaki both uninhabitable since they are the only places in this world that were destroyed by nuclear weapons? Is it possible that Putin’s liars are using the morons in the press to frighten the US population into trying to stop the military from shooting back if Russia uses nuclear weapons first? If you were Putin, how much money would you be willing to spend if you could politically conquer the US by preventing self defense?
    It is insane to suggest to Putin, who has ordered the murders of his opponents, that we might not fight back if attacked with these scary “end of the world” nuclear weapons.

  164. disqus_UbnHGGIRjO | Nov 3, 2015, 2:30 pm at 2:30 pm |

    Put on there boots called a few FRIENDS, Because NATO is at your back door like a “Trojan Horse”

  165. Carl Sagan was such an extreme pacifist that he would have surrendered to Hitler in World War II, if he had the opportunity. Carl made up phony claims about the catastrophic results of nuclear war in a tragic attempt to frighten people into surrendering to Russia, if war seemed unavoidable, and to not shoot back if Russia attacked US cities with nuclear weapons. Carl was most famous for his nuclear winter fantasy, which was proven completely false when the massive fires burned in the Florida Everglades, which reporters correctly worried would produce the same conditions of smoke that would come from burning cities. The smoke triggered rain that helped quench the fires.
    The real facts are that when you melt down the fuel in a reactor and then allow this melted fuel to be vented out of the reactor, you have a massive spill of radioactive fuel.
    In the case of weapons, which are designed to completely burn the fuel, not one square inch of Hiroshima or Nagasaki are dangerous today. It is the shock wave that moves out from the center of the detonation that blows over anything in its path.
    Today’s smaller and more accurate US weapons produce much less collateral damage, destroying blocks of a city rather than 200 square miles per warhead, as was the case in the early 1970s.

  166. Not even worth replying to.

  167. Well said.

  168. Don’t worry, they are just playing who has the bigger dick on head :)

  169. even Putin couldn’t spin that one :)

  170. To anyone out there who knows how to get a job doing this – as you can see, I’m good at it – contact me, I like to write:) Prefer USA/GB side – put money talks, Putin gawks :)

  171. Can I have a freelance job as a troll – I’m good at it – and a sucker for roubles. (I’m serious)

  172. If Putin is so paranoid, why doesn’t he ask to join NATO?

  173. Nice – but there is no agressor (except sh&^head putin) sounds like French for whore doesn’t it… hmm interesting.

  174. disqus_UbnHGGIRjO | Nov 3, 2015, 2:15 pm at 2:15 pm |

    Yah that’s why Nato is gearing up on the boarder because there afraid. LMFAO are you kidding me were do you get this info from ?

  175. Anyone who is Pro War over this is Insane, this isn’t Iraq or Afghanistan or Panama, this is millions of deaths, Radiation fallout, most of the surface uninhabitable and people dying for generations to come from Cancer. Fuking World including us are going NUTS!!!

  176. Tomasz Romanowski | Nov 3, 2015, 2:12 pm at 2:12 pm |

    Russians constantly yapping about “NATO expansion” like a broken record. Like they don’t know it’s the countries formerly occupied and abused by Russia, merely seeking protection from being invaded again. Yapping about “NATO expansion” is the only thing that Russia has left because, unfortunately for Russia, by joining NATO the Eastern European countries made it very difficult for Russia to re-invade them again.

  177. P.S. My friendly advice to Polina (the author): stick to
    translation, don’t get into politics.

  178. Tomasz Romanowski | Nov 3, 2015, 2:06 pm at 2:06 pm |

    An increased NATO presence is absolutely necessary. Russia is only using the NATO move an excuse to do what they would have done anyway, move their troops closer to the border as well. Without the NATO presence Russia would have invaded the Baltics a long time ago. And possibly Finland and Poland. Of course nobody wants war but unfortunately we are dealing with a lil psycho, full of inferiority complex, who believes that half the world belongs to him: Mother Russia.

  179. disqus_UbnHGGIRjO | Nov 3, 2015, 2:06 pm at 2:06 pm |

    Are you joking me the people of Ukraine had the government removed by standing up to an A HOLE LEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. Mobilisation means War

  181. I love it! First, NATO moved ITS borders all the way to
    Russian borders. Then, it complains that Russia moves its troops towards its
    own borders?! Is author trying to set here an example of “chutzpah”? Because I
    don’t see any other value in this article.

  182. I’m ready.

  183. Check your brain in the back row of dusty filing cabinet in the basement of kgb toilet.

  184. Your post confirms that you are a grade school dropout who is sneaking time on his mother’s computer.

  185. So you agree with my last post – good to hear :)

  186. You do mean “our country” don’t you “Tony”?

  187. Missiles read the facts – then get back to me. Terrorists – so russia is the first country to use this convenient word? Another russian first? I am not brainwashed. I have friends from Iraq, libya and syria, as well as friends from military. It is a mess. I notice you don’t mention Czeczenia…..why is that?

  188. No shit Sherlock with that intelligence you must be Russian.

  189. Do not forget your mother, father, sister and brother (all family) could be exterminated by this war. Are you ready???

  190. World Commenter I was being sarcastic with my comment to “redwhiteandblue.”

  191. Master Hamachi | Nov 3, 2015, 1:53 pm at 1:53 pm |

    Even if the US was the only side to launch their arsenal of 7500+ nuclear warheads every nation in the world would essentially come to an end because of the years of nuclear winter, and lethal radioactive fallout that would ensue. Plus, there would be dozens of catastrophic Chernobyl-style nuclear reactor meltdowns to add to that whole mess. NO ONE would survive. WWIII is essentially the end of mankind… period.

  192. he may be – aggression is both sides and theyboth making money from it, what better for “economy” than build things, then build weapons, blow things up, and rebuild them – everyone busy! haha :) – I know this and think (like you think) that is disgusting. I am simply saying that we (I live Poland) do not want russians here again, and we have very good reasons for this. We don’t hate russian people, we hate the system that enslaved people for years (sure capitalism does this too in a different way), that stole from this country. simply this. i don’t care who is wrong or right – just leave people in peace.

  193. Correct me, if I am wrong | Nov 3, 2015, 1:53 pm at 1:53 pm |

    On the one hand, stories about Russian imperial ambitions never give any reason why would Russia go into troubles of conquering Baltic countries or that cesspool, Ukraine. On the other hand, Cold War is such a good way of making living for so many politicians, military, and academic types in all military-industrial complex around the world that searching for logical reasons is like telling kids that candies are bad for their teeth.

  194. As an American I hope we do go to war. I hate Russia and all that it stands for. Lets go to war lets kill the Russians!! FOR AMERICA!!!


  196. Great news..

  197. You have a problem with identity! Check your brain- quick!



  200. We just need to make sure we nuke them off the map before they get a chance to fire on us. We are Americans so we probably won’t press the button until we’ve already been wiped off the map though…

  201. As you wish – I am not Troll btw. Romania is not Poland. I live in Poland for 11 years. I have plenty of facts. I am not a hater. I think that people – normal people like me (maybe you) can all get along. I am telling you a fact – Russian govt. is not welcome in Poland – and I told you the reasons. Normal people without stupid agenda are welcome everywhere amongst normal people. Is that so hard to understand and live? RUSSIA F*&^ED us in the past, they still have political agenda and spec. ops running – this is NOT WELCOME.

  202. He is very correct !!! He uses great common sense!

  203. You sound like a 1st grader, no pre-schooler

  204. So NATO’s bombs put next to Russia are “defense” but Russia’s military in it”s own country (not surrounding any NATO state) is”attack”? you’re brainwashed , you are lost. Afghanistan? you mean Russia fighting the Mujahideen terrorists in Afghanistan? and US baking up the terrorists to destroy Russia? Syria? you mean Russia fighting ISIS and terrorist rebels in Syria? and US BACKED terrorists? BRAINWASHED

  205. BINGO !!!

  206. Oswald Boelcke | Nov 3, 2015, 1:39 pm at 1:39 pm |

    Putin may be the King of the North foretold for the “end of days.” If so, so be it.

  207. And Smolensk was DEFINITELY Russian special operation, no doubt. (if you even know what that event was) – check it out. 100% special operation. Why won’t russia return the black box of the aeroplane to the country that owns it? Just one of many clues.

  208. I don’t believe in the ‘war for freedom” history shows all government leaders have bloody hands and hunger for money.

  209. He is very correct!

  210. Oswald Boelcke | Nov 3, 2015, 1:37 pm at 1:37 pm |

    So will you. I am more than prepared to meet my Maker. Make sure you are ready, too.

  211. NATO moves troops on their soil. Putin and the Russian generals throw a hissy fit.

  212. What did the last republican administration do when Putin invaded Georgia, parts of which he still occupies to this day?

  213. read last post. yes can put their missiles – so why are you complaining about nato troops in OUR borders? missiles in Karlingrad are attack, reaction to proposed DEFENCE shield on our borders. See the difference? Attack, defence. Iraq is seperate topic – and in fact I would be on your side on that, I think 9/11 was made up. When did Russia ever do that? err…. Afghanistan, Czeczenia, Ukraine, Syria – to name a few.

  214. THE BEST ADVICE TO RUSSIA- DO NOT BOW TO ANY ONE!!! You have the means, the tools, the people, the money, the weapons, the will, and the right to defend your country against any aggressor. GO FOR IT!

  215. We all be there Tony, soon or later ;)

  216. hahaha Anti-Russian and Repulican. hahaha Dumb!

  217. You have no facts you’re just a hater and an American troll. Russia isn’t threatening ANYONE today, no single Baltics country has a problem with Russia, i live in Romania, there’s not a damn thing Russia has with us or it’s even mentioned. You’re brainwashed

  218. Surround must mean something totally different in Russian than it does in just about every other language in the world. Might want to check out a map sometime, cure your ignorance. And last I heard, NATO has never threatened to attack Russia. It’s a defensive alliance, which is why all the eastern European countries that were occupied by Russia for decades couldn’t wait to join to prevent a recurrence. Smart decision, after seeing the events in Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.

  219. You sound like a sound 2nd grader!

  220. And you and your family will be 15 feet below the earth.

  221. Of the almost 20,000 kilometers of Russia’s land borders, NATO members share about 250 kilometers of that 20,000. That’s not counting the parts of Russia that border the Arctic and Pacific Oceans, which is another 38,000 kilometers. All of Putin’s whining about Russia being surrounded by NATO is just propaganda for the Russian masses, who apparently don’t have a firm grasp on geography.

  222. ALEXANDRU NEMOIANU | Nov 3, 2015, 1:30 pm at 1:30 pm |

    Russia moves troops to its own borders and so are aggressive.NATO moves troops near Russia borders and are peaceful and defensive.Is this moronic or what?

  223. Crimea was not annexed, they were given a free vote. the Ukraine crisis was started by US overthrowing it’s legal elected government , and the crisis is at it’s ending point. Georgia was in 2008. Are you saying because Russia had disputes with certain countries in the past NATO has a reason to surround t today and put it’s nukes on Russia’s border and threaten to attack it?
    Fine then Russia and Europe should corner US because they invaded Iraq and killed 1.2 million people, i repeat 1.2 million people.

  224. BEST ADVICE TO RUSSIA- DO NOT BOW TO ANY ONE!!! You have the means, the tools, the people, the money, the weapons, the will, and the right to defend your country against any aggressor. GO FOR IT !!!

  225. Nice friendly Mother Russia huh? give me a break. I live here, I know facts. get it?

  226. Galina Wingate | Nov 3, 2015, 1:26 pm at 1:26 pm |

    Yes. Russia is so aggressive. That is why the financed the coup in Ukraine and are in all of the other countries around there stirring the pot so ISIS can take over. OH NO! That’s the good ole “red, white & blue” doing that I forgot!

  227. Galina Wingate | Nov 3, 2015, 1:25 pm at 1:25 pm |

    Putin has a 89% approval rating according to an American polling company! Let’s get the truth out!!!

  228. Kaliningrad is Russia . Is Russia not allowed to put missiles in it’s own country?

    NATO surrounded them, should they not even get their military in their own borders? are you that brainwashed? What country exactly did they bully? do tell. Excluding the Ukraine crisis which is over. History? US invaded Iraq and killed 1.2 MILLION people. When did Russia ever do that ? You’re brainwshed

  229. “Russia never even implied interest in ….. any other country for that matter.” Are we living in the same world? What exactly do you call the annexation of Crimea, the 2008 Georgian invasion, and the current crisis in Eastern Ukraine?

  230. Galina Wingate | Nov 3, 2015, 1:24 pm at 1:24 pm |

    I stand with RUSSIA! Let’s get the truth out!!!

  231. Galina Wingate | Nov 3, 2015, 1:23 pm at 1:23 pm |

    Yes. This Russian troll born in Daytona Beach, FL has seen the light! Hallelujah! Let’s get the truth out!!!

  232. That is some fantasy you have there.

  233. Galina Wingate | Nov 3, 2015, 1:22 pm at 1:22 pm |


    Let’s get the truth out!!!

  234. Galina Wingate | Nov 3, 2015, 1:22 pm at 1:22 pm |

    WOW! You are so right! Let’s get the truth out!!!

  235. No interest in other countries? What about Georgia and Ukraine DA?

  236. Valera Gregorev | Nov 3, 2015, 1:20 pm at 1:20 pm |

    don’t worry you will get couple of hundreds nuclear bombs

  237. God bless America for bombing a hospital and killing 1.2 million in an illegal war in Iraq

  238. This article is a joke, Russia is not involved in any war or dispute with any country in the Baltics. NATO is putting it’s bombs on Russia’s border because “we assume Russia maybe might invade the Baltics one day”?. I live in Romania and there’s not a damn thing Russia has with us or it’s even thought about.

  239. I’m thinking It’s a planned move by Europe Russia and the US. We know that mega rich people want to control human population. We all have problems with islamic radical’s (terrorists) in Europe, Russia the US and global economy is doomed.
    Solution: To stage a WW3 affect and start a pin point war. In “all out war” Europe will get rid of refugee’s, Britain will get rid of all the muslims in Britain. The US and Russia will wipe out all the middle east and drop a nuke in Africa by “accident” The land will be for grabs.
    After our government’s will kill everyone in the name of “freedom” they will sign a Peace Treaty calling it Peace & Security
    Benefits: Europe will re-write European borders and get rid of all the refugees as i mention above and all possible terrorist.
    The US will get rid of Saudi’s enemies and will have Europe’s loyalty for years to come.
    Russia most likely will get Ukraine back and ground zero Afghanistan rich with gold and minerals by doing US a favor Nuking Mexicans (no need to build that fence and fight illegal immigrants no more)
    There will be no more people shouting Allah-Snackbar while human rights will go on vacation.
    Human population will be under control, terrorism will be under control, economy will be under control, military contracts will go up, job rate will go up.
    Government on all sides will look like hero’s by stopping the war they started and their name’s will be in the history book as we all know (instagram)

  240. ?? So they haven’t moved attack missiles to Karlingrad? They didn’t destroy Polish plane in Smolensk with 200 top politicians and military? They don’t bully countries with gas pipeline? Despite that – you can understand from history, why no-one here wants anything to do with Russia – can you understand that?

  241. The day of reckoning is at hand. Vladimir Putin sudden and bold entrance into the middle east have drastically change the politics of the Arab world. The strongman will haunt and taunt world leaders as never before

  242. Russia should do this, Russia should do that…
    |ever thought Russia doesn’t care what others think they “should” do?
    US invaded tens of countries since WWII and marching it’s troops ion Russian borders so Russia has every right to prepare to defend itself!
    PS. Did You see Russian troops anywhere close to US shores?

  243. What have NATO done since the annexation Crimea to affect the prowling of the BEAR?

  244. We are talking about TODAY not world war 2 in 1945, TODAY Russia hasn’t done ANYTHING wrong to Poland or any other countries in the Baltics.

  245. What is NATO borders? You mean NATO is at Russia’s borders?

  246. Why You are so concerned?
    US “military developments” are much much greater. Are You worried about that as well? LOL

  247. Cuban Crisis? you mean when Russia moved missiles to be able to ATTACK a bigger area of USA? … err.. who caused that crisis. Actually I am not on any side, but I sure as hell am not on Russian side. Where I live was a disaster under Russia – sure there are problems and wrong people on “western side” but not as bad as russia, as proven by history. At least people here don’t have to leave their passports with police and queue for toilet paper and vinegar as it was under Russia, you idiot. as a TROLL you have access to internet – do all your comrades have this? What does your supervisor say if you don’t say what you are paid for?

  248. So let me get this straight NATO is putting it’s military and nuclear bombs in the Baltics and on Russia’s border because they assume Russia might invade them? Russia never even implied interest in anything involving the Baltics or any other country for that matter. And if Russia is putting it’s military on “NATO’s border” aka Russia they are “aggressive”?

  249. “liberated” – you mean snatched territory to make “buffer zone” and then stole and abused. By the way I am English – just happen to live in Poland. Oh and my grandfather is Russian.

  250. You meant under USSR control, right?
    Meaning under control of all the 15 USSR republics and that includes Ukraine and Baltic states.
    You surely didn’t know Russia emerged only in 1991.
    And yes, in 1967 Ukrainian tanks (not Russians) invaded Prague.
    10 million Ukrainians starved to death? Why don’t You blame it on Stalin, who was Georgian as well as his comrades who were in power at that time.
    And he starved to death Russians as well.

  251. It’s coming. It’s a good thing we in the USA will be safer than those in Europe. It is much easier for the USA to start trouble around the world being a continent away.

  252. Which is why Russia fears US development of Anti-Missile systems.

  253. Simon really? Russia was invaded from the West more than once and that includes Polish invasion!
    Soon You forgot it was Russia who liberated You fools from Hitler!

  254. We all know Kiev downed MH17.

  255. Is you rear getting stiff? Come for massage, we’ll B-2 it real good for ya

  256. The day of reckoning is at hand. Vladimir Putin sudden and bold entrance into the middle east have drastically change the politics of the Arab world. The strongman will haunt and taunt world leaders as never before.

  257. Obviously you lack an understanding of Baltic history. Russia is not an oppressed state, far from it. Though I think you need to improve your definition of words.

  258. never trust US, US can draw a picture of WMD and start wars LOL
    no, that’s not funny.
    US invaded and occupied tens of countries since WWII ended, killed over a million people…

  259. Russia didn’t want to join because obviously they don’t want to fight someone else’s wars!

  260. So what’s the going rate for trolls this year. I mean with the loss of oil revenue, you guys must be going overtime in order to make the same amount of money.

  261. I always bet boot

  262. jblsosixyi
    Too bad, you are totally surrounded, with no actual clue where US stealth bombers and fighters will first enter to drop nuclear cruise missiles to wipe out evil Putin regime from the face of the Earth, and you didn’t have a clue. Drop the act, we know you Russians are so afraid of B-2s crossing over your horizon to drop you your last stare into the blue skies.

    Two words, Russian troll… Two words. FIRST STRIKE!

  263. How, or is all yoru babble about is overwrought propaganda because you hate the guy in the white house.

  264. “NATO Borders” NATO is a COUNTRY?????

  265. No one wants to “conquer Russia” – where did you get that idea? At russian playschool or troll training?

  266. I never bet against the United States.

  267. Not that it is true – but you would post FEAR as something to be proud of? Are you sick in the head?

  268. Ridiculous. The US is sending troops to NATO nations that happen to be on Russia’s border due to provocative actions that Russia has taken against neighboring non-NATO nations, most prominently Ukraine. Putin is not an idiot. He will not get into a conventional war with the US. Furthermore, he will not get into a nuclear war because he is well versed in MAD. However, Putin knows President Obama is unwilling to stop Putin from invading any other nations around Russia that are “non-NATO” nations so he is going to take advantage of the current US administration while he can. On top of that, I’m sure he’s hoping another Democrat gets elected into office so that he can have another four years of Russian expansion via fear and military incursion. Putin is not stupid. He will avoid war with the Us and NATO at all cost.

  269. Ramlakhan
    Ye, with NATO’s 3 million active forces and Russia’s 700,000 troops? Lol Keep dreaming delusional fool! lol

  270. It’s better than supporting terrorists, Muhammad

  271. If Russia sends troops to NATO’s border that means they are sending troops to their own border. Obviously this means the Russians are coming to eat our children. Is that about right, Polina?

  272. ernest
    You go on living in your pathetic delusions, fascist Russian troll. You know where this crisis has stemmed, from annexing Crimea and stir uprising in East Ukraine. Stop pretending we don’t know this, how you Russian pigs infiltrate and sabotage peace between societies and ethnic differences! Who are you kidding here stupid! Russophobia is real because of your greed, maggots! Georgia was a tolerable crime, but not Ukraine. You know what’s gonna come to you if you touch one of NATO members. You know US can stage a FIRST STRIKE that can easily wipe out Moscow in one blow. Right, so much for your arrogance and blunder troll.

  273. Bunch of re-tar ds baltic states they think they can make difference in the world map producing shprot

  274. Russia sends troops to NATO borders? You mean Russia sends troops to Russia borders?

  275. Russia moves troops on its soil – NATO overweight generals get fat checks!

  276. Nato is clearly afraid of PUTIN.

  277. Two words, one begins with B and the other with S.

  278. Surround all you want – there will be no Sun shining for a long time, so better back off and read up on history about all who tried it before!

  279. You may want to surrender to Russia, but most of eastern Europe was under Russian control for at least 46 years and will not surrender without a fight. The Hungarians remember well the Russian tanks rolling in in 1954 and the Czechs and Slovaks remember the 1967 Russian tank invasion of Prague. Ukrainians will not easily forget the 8 to 10 MILLION Ukrainians starved to death in a man-made famine in 1932-33 to eliminate the peasants, villagers and towns people that were not “accepting” Communism and collectivization of agriculture.

  280. I bet you are a right winger. They love to bet against America unless they control everything.

  281. Tony Gotti
    Ow, look who’s talking. A Putin worshiper himself.

    We know how scared you Russian trolls are to fight NATO. We know, don’t worry, we know.

  282. And Russia will do it one more time if you continue worshiping NATO-US

  283. Russia’s economy must be doing very poorly indeed-

  284. Daatu
    Then try… We dare you!

  285. Better yet, may He take Putin to “heaven” now before it’s too late.

  286. Ramlakhan
    And what can Russia show? Its rusting 20,000 obsolete tanks for target practice? Ow, you think Russia can overwhelm NATO! lol Do you honestly think NATO is unprepared? Try harder Russian troll cos you might end up totally disappointed with your comrades.

  287. Russia and Putin understand MAD very well, that is why they conned Great Britain and the USA into disarming Ukraine of its nuclear arsenal before Russia started occupying and annexing portions of Ukraine. For MAD to work, however the Russians need to believe that nations will respond at a nuclear level if pushed to the brink of either falling under Russian subjugation or resisting with nuclear weapons. Putin sees the West as weak and thinks that he can incrementally take over Europe and the Middle East via economic control through energy, political control through fringe parties supported by Russia and in the “near abroad” with the declaration of “people’s Republics” supporting the poor ethnic Russians that are being mistreated.

  288. Putin vs obama…..mmmmmm…..I bet on Putin.

  289. Latvia is setting itself up for big a disappointment from Nato. Putin is not just ready yet to show the Baltic states that West has lost its will to stand up to wiles of the Kremlin.

  290. And God takes on Putin’s guilt in the downing of MH17 and stirring conflict in East Ukraine. Remember, an unrepentant sinner will burn.

  291. rat
    And God takes on Putin’s guilt in the downing of MH17 and stirring conflict in East Ukraine. Unrepentant sinner will burn in hell.

  292. We have lunatic Neocons!

  293. fox-rat
    Putin follower’s feeling is hurt. You Russians don’t scare the world with your bullying and nuke threats. We know how even scared you trolls are to face NATO.

  294. No one is saying that Russia cannot put bases where it wants, on its internationally recognized territory. Like the two (2) new bases that Russia is establishing just 20 kilometers form the Ukrainian border. But Russia should also realize that other countries HAVE THE RIGHT TO STATION THEOIR TROOPS WHERE THEY WANT WITHIN THEIR INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED TERRIORY!

  295. Simon you are ignorant fool, fool who believes everything and anything your government is telling you. During and after WW2 Brits and Americans developed 9 war plans to attack Soviet Union it’s been declassified not too long ago, google it. Remember Cuban crisis? What will happen if Russia in the name of freedom move military hardware to Cuba today to protect it’s allies from possible US aggression?
    What a fool you are.

  296. NATO is a defensive alliance and asked Russian in 1991 if Russia wanted to join. Russia said NO! NATO has not attacked Russian territory nor has NATO tried to provoke Russia, like Russia has tried to provoke NATO. Russian GRU crossing the Estonian border destroying a customs post and kidnapping the Estonian intelligence officer assigned to that customs post into Russia, is just one of many examples.
    NATO is not seeking a “victory” over Russia, but Russia is seeking a victory over NATO, that is the difference. Putin and Russia cannot accept that some of the nations they have subjugated for centuries are now free countries and want to get as far as possible out of the influence of Russia.

  297. God bless Putin!

  298. redwhiteandblue | Nov 3, 2015, 12:26 pm at 12:26 pm |

    Don’t be so dramatic. No surrender required, just an adult discussion.

  299. You are crazy! You sound like a psychopath!

  300. Oh ok – so therefore Russia can do whatever it want? say what?!

  301. russia threatened? has there ever ever EVER been talk of invading Russia? I think not! It is Russia who encroaches on borders and has a history of controlling baltic states and denying them right to independence. Russia is damn big, with lots of resources, grabbing more in antarctic for example – why can’t they just be happy with what they have, manage their country correctly and shut the F*(& up?

  302. Is everyone assuming that with nuclear disarmament that the concerned nations did as they were supposed to and destroyed all of the nukes stationed within them? What if one saved a nuke and decided to use it as a final defensive gesture after a Russian incursion?

  303. These fools have rediscovered the “Russia is a threat to humanity” cash cow. Russia is not a threat to anyone, but they are being threatened up
    close and personal by NATO and whoever pulls their strings. Big money
    is being made by promoting Russia as a threat. Get off Russia’s borders
    and every thing will settle down. You will never conquer Russia on the
    ground, but maybe with a color revolution.

  304. Agree – since when is putting a “shield” an aggressive act! It is like a bully in schoolyard saying that if someone trains to protect themselves from him, he will have to beat them before they manage. Pathetic politics :(

  305. nonense – noone wants to invade Russia, but Russia has a history of invading and occupying other countries – i live in Poland – I know what Russia did here! they raped the country for years, stole money meant for rebuilding Poland and diverted it to Russia, stole produce, were inefficient and bullies. Don’t you understand that countries around Russia don’t want Russia back? Isn’t Russia big enough already? If (I am guessing you are russian) your country were not so corrupt with putin himself stealing even from his own countrymen you have plenty of land and resources – why do you always want more more more?

  306. Russia cannot “wipe all NATO countries off the map” without SIGNIFICANT consequences to Russia. Some of these countries that have endured centuries of Russian occupation and subjugation will continue to fight a guerilla action, even if the conventional army is defeated. Russia would have to not just kill off the military, but illuminate the local populations like it did during WWII in many areas of Eastern Europe. Russia is not the monolith that Putin tries to project.

  307. ONN
    Look at yourself with your fake “moral” agenda responding to my first post insulting me of my IQ level, yet you think you’re a decent moral person. Can you point out where in my first post show a low IQ tenor? What I expound is fact. The balance of power between NATO and Putin is one-sided yet you insult me for that. Now you say I can’t have proper moral cue? Who do you think you are? If you can’t swallow facts try not to play smart cos you’re no better than anyone of us here, fake face Russian troll.

  308. Russia if it wanted to, would wipe all NATO countries off the map without the use of nuclear weapons, with the exception of the US, all this Russia bashing is dumb, I dont like Putin but Obama is no better and Bush was way worse, yet Americans still think they stand for “freedom and morality” when they dont even lead the world in either of those things, America is a dying empire and I hope its death throes dont envelope us all.

  309. The Baltics should stop fooling themselves by allowing US to make them provoke wars that US can never be fully involved. The only military assistance US will give if conflict breaks out is just the ones on the ground ,they will never come out fully knowing fully well it will change the direction and increase the danger of war if they directly involve. It is better the Baltics stop peddling propanganda about Russia and contain themselves for sake of peace.
    As for EU ,the europeans know very well they are disjointed ministure nations that nly few nukes will obliterate some entire nations,therefore they should not pride on joint effort of NATO because the existence of remaining nations makes no meaning the obliterated ones. They should be very careful. If US very far away is afraid of allowing the war of nukes with Russia ,how much more EU that is at the borders. I basically think it is more favourable for Russia when there is no victor ,that all dead because they are the one being oppressed and intimidated. NATO should be very careful and stop playing dirty games of assumed superiority.

  310. Another extra confirmation of absence of any morals . . .I am quite surprised you are familiar with “decency” word.. . .LOL Please be aware that in order to have any moral right to demand any decency from anyone you should demonstrate it yourself.

  311. We must surrender to Russian now. The entire world needs to surrender to Putin.

  312. Daabu
    And US only needed a few dozen ICBMs to eradicate 147million Russians while Russia needs more than they can handle to take on the world.

  313. That lowlife Putin is a nut case. His own inner circle should rid of this guy before he sends that country down the gutter.

  314. it is you that need to wake up.

  315. hello troll

  316. never trust Russia.

  317. ONN
    Nobody called you to post anything, not even to discuss things. So who told you we’re here to discuss issues when we know this article is pure propaganda gimmick. Can’t you sense the deep intent of this Russian troll girl writer? If you’re offended with my post, probably is you’re our typical Russian troll from Siberia. And please, shove your “eloquence” back to your throat, you’re no better person than anybody here in this comment section. If you have some decency? At least post your real self, real name and identity to show me you’re a real person, not some paid Russian troll from St. Petersburg Cyber Trolling Center.

  318. I like the poster on internet which showing Russia surrounded by NATO bases and it stays : “Look how close Russia put its border to our bases!” This article is repeated this poster.

  319. redwhiteandblue | Nov 3, 2015, 11:54 am at 11:54 am |

    If we have morons in our government, convinced that they can win a thermonuclear war with Russia, than our planet is doomed. Do not be naive, this war will not be limited to Europe only, it will come to our soil also. There come a point after which an advantage in number of weapons makes not difference and both sides have more than enough to make Earth look like Sun.
    God have mercy on our souls.

  320. michael
    You call that invasion? Ground troops where never sent into Yugoslavia. And that war came with ethnic cleansing that started and ended with pure aerial power. Invasion you say?

  321. It is so pathetic of al len not to possess any clue how to conduct a discussion without bringing your dirty words up here. Any interlocutor whose IQ level is even little bit higher than a ground level and who is familiar with SOME morals will not bring any misinformation to the public in offensive way. So please utilize your “eloquence” inside your family! Your photo proves that the face shows what is inside.

  322. al len’s – your logic doesn’t hold Since Russia has more in numbers of Nuclear Arsenal than US,

  323. Bill are you blind or just plain stupid!!

  324. What is the rule of war that we should be talking about? I understand that it is unfair and often crime for 2 or more individual to jointly confront one individual in a fight. But in this case multinationals comprising of US and EU are all the while itching to engage sle Russia in a war. Should that be seen as rule f war? Or do we have the west own rule of war that we shuld follow? It is a shame for NATO to continue to boast to the world about its strenght when actually it is just gangsterism which has no ethical status in the pride of achievements. Imagine what will happen if Russia and others decide to gang up and fight their enemy ,i am sure it is then the west will discover it to be inhuman and barbaric.

  325. NATO borders really? US provoking the bear, hope these idiots don’t try too hard. Estonia, Latvia etc cant bear the brunt of a Russian counter attack. Those who think US will rescue them are fools. US wont risk a nuclear war with Russia – the only country with capability to destroy US . All the morons who blabber US is the greatest military power don’t understand what a NUCLEAR ICBM with multiple independently targeted components can TOPOL/BULAVA/SATAN SS .

  326. It is presented as “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!” With ‘the only wise thing for NATO to do is to roll over and act dead.’ I believe that 1938 – 1939 does have some lessons for us in that regard.

  327. Troop movements are unimportant. The war we should be scared to fight will not be fought with toy soldiers, toy tanks and toy airplanes with toy bombs. Who cares what the leaders of the little doormat countries say ?
    They all take bribes from the US defense industry.

  328. P(o)lina is our favorite Russian propagandists paid by her excellency Putin the great himself. You know what comes after the paycheck.

  329. Hook an Jowl. Time to retreat!!! hahahaha Thank you Jesus for that prophecy tid bit.

  330. Its time now for NATO and the West to catch their breadth because Putin has stated hours ago that its okay for Assad to stay or leave which is a break in Putin’s armor. Putin has his plate full now, as the recent claim by IS having claimed responsibility for the takedown of the Russian passenger jet over Egypt’s territory which IS said was payback for Putin’s meddling in Assad’s War. NATO needs to back away from the Russian border to give Putin breathing room to avoid World War III by friendly fire, collateral damage, or an accidental trip wire explosion. . We’re smarter than that. We have been given everything. Let’s be thankful for that simple fact.

  331. According to the article some Baltics leaders states said the military developments in Russia over the past few years has been astronomical and worrisome , and the Russian spokesman has cleared the air that NATO encoachment to its borders has been going on for long not just starting today and therefore the reason for their (Russia) military preparations for encounter should no more be surprising.

  332. Umm, actually, NATO did invade a sovereign state: Yugoslavia, when it savagely and illegally bombed Serbia in 1999, stealing Kosovo to make Camp Bondsteel. Now Kosovo is the Islamic terrorist black hole of Europe. So everything you say is completely wrong.

  333. Did NATO do anything provocative yesterday to merit a troop movement to the boarder of Russia. Russia once again is moving troops across the boarder between Russia and Ukraine. Are we looking at the beginning of another attack against Ukraine in violation to the truce.
    Putin is once again fixing his gaze on a corridor through Mariupol to Crimea. Russia should stop sending troops in to attack Ukraine. This is why they have troops according to news this morning from Mariupol Ukraine.
    Russian propaganda in the morning is really not a good breakfast read. Putin needs to pull Russian Troops out of Ukraine. NATO was not making and aggressive moves at all. Least the Russian new say noting about troops being moved. It really make Putin out to be a deal breaker when he does this. Not only the cost for troops in Syria, but Still troops and equipment into the Ukrainian rebels, or should I say Russian Regular Troops.
    You are not accusing Putin of anything what is going on is a simple full out troop movement into Ukraine. It is just a fact. Europe has peaceably worked with Russia to stop the aggression by Putin. So far he does what he wants. All of the soldiers in Eastern Ukraine are regulars and mercenary’s. They are not Ukrainian to begin with.

  334. It is so pathetic of Putin to play tough while his tail is shove between his legs. He knows he can’t win a conventional and nuclear battle with the West. US and NATO both have nuclear capabilities while he is left the target of everyone. 29 nation against one? 700,000 Russian army against 3 million NATO forces coming from all corners of your borders? Who are you kidding!

  335. NATO didn’t invade another sovereign state, and then annex a portion of that sovereign state’s area. You can try to justify it by the propaganda you were told and that Russians living there requested that the Russian government step in for their security. These separatists have had no problem in fighting Ukraine so their needing Russia to come to their defense is nothing more than a manufactured lie.

    The bottom line is they have annexed land of another country and nobody believes the reasons for why they did it and no matter what there is no good reason for stealing another countries land no matter how you try to justify it.

  336. so this is not true??

  337. Of course, Putin is very unpredictable. The man is a lunatic insecure psychopath in need of ego-boosting sadistic wars! But of all things he’s dead scared of stepping into NATO territories or the entire Europe and North America will come down on you and tear you apart.

  338. Of course, Putin is very unpredictable. The man is a lunatic insecure psychopath in need of ego-boosting sadistic wars! But of all things he’s dead scared of stepping into NATO territories or all hell breaks loose!

  339. Putin Cat is right. Their is no rules in Wars! Muslims prove that.
    End the UN.

  340. “… history of attacking neighbors…” attacking Georgia and attacked NATO are 2 COMPLETELY different things….If Russia did attack a NATO member, the ENTIRE US Military would stop what it is doing, turn around and set their sights on Russia, and thats the last place anyone would want to be. Everyone knows the US has a military presence across the planet, but dont understand the significance of it. For all intents and purposes, we have Russia surrounded…

  341. Meanwhile, Barrack Obama says the World’s number 1 security threat is….. GLOBAL WARMING

  342. Russia sends troops to its borders near NATO states you mean? Idiot.

  343. Thank you for the Russian Propaganda piece.

  344. Gotta love the media…..making something out of nothing

  345. You mean, Russia sends troops to it’s own borders to counter NATO’s encroachment on Russia’s borders. Every nation on Earth has the sovereign right to do so when threatened as Russia is in this case.

  346. Uneducated statements, uninformed conclusions, this article is a joke.

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