Russia’s New ICBM Can Destroy Targets Flying Anywhere On The Planet

Russia’s New ICBM Can Destroy Targets Flying Anywhere On The Planet
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Russia is gearing up to test its newest Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in early 2016. It has developed a prototype of the nuclear-capable missile that will replace the RS-20V Voyevoda (NATO name: Satan). The Sarmat development is part of a government program to equip the country’s nuclear forces with modern ICBMs by 2020. Even though the prototype development has been delayed by a few months, Sarmat is set to enter service in late 2018.

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Russia shifts the test location

Sources familiar with the development told TASS news agency that its drop and flight tests will be conducted in spring or summer of 2016. The tests were initially supposed to be conducted from Baikonour in Kazakhstan. However, the Russian military officials have decided to transfer the test site to Plesetsk in Russia’s northwest. It has been in development since 2009.

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The RS-28 Sarmat will use the same silos that currently house the Satan missiles. Since the two missiles have different specifications, the silos need to be reconfigured before the tests can be conducted. Sources told TASS that the first drop test is planned for March 2016. The flight tests are expected to be held in July-August 2016. All the structural elements of the missile were built by Krasnoyarsk Machine Building Plant.

Sarmat can carry 10 individually targeted nuclear warheads

Russian deputy defense minister Yuri Borisov had previously said that the missile was capable of destroying targets flying across both the North and South Pole. Russia plans to develop several versions of Sarmat. According to NPO Mashinostroyeniya, the co-developer of Sarmat, the advanced version of the missile will weigh close to 100 tons. It will be large enough to carry 10 individually targeted nuclear warheads.

According to Yuri Borisov, the new ICBM’s range will be greater than 11,000 km. It is equipped with systems that can confuse enemy missile defense systems. Sarmat is a two-stage missile being developed under a highly classified project. Russia is undergoing a $400 billion military modernization plan. Earlier this year, President Vladimir Putin said Russian military will get at least 40 ICBMs by the end of 2015.

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  1. The author forgot to mention that earth’s circumference is slightly more than 40,000 km. Considering that the missile’s range is 11,000 km, even if we add 50% more to its range, from the point of launch radius, there will still be a lot of areas the missile can’t reach. Then there’s the fact that the curvature of the missile’s trajectory will be different from the curvature of earth, this missile will need a lot more range to hit targets “anywhere” on earth. It might be able to hit all targets of military value (e.g. NATO and the US mainland), but to state that it is capable of hitting targets “anywhere” on the planet is misleading (and make it the title of the article too).

  2. If it’s coming from a Russian writer such as a Polina or a Vikas it must be all Propaganda, lies news and made Stories all from RT tv news… Don’t bother reading

  3. Frank, nobody doubts US and Russia able to kill entire world.Point is different,try to understand. US anti-missile system drops efficiency if ICBMs coming from opposite directions just ’cause radars oriented wrong way.Its not one reason but on of them.So US have to invest more money to modify the system.

  4. Well what about the 10 nuclear subs carrying 22 tridents each with up to 8 war heads? That’s over 1,600 war heads positioned ALL over the world.

  5. You have US-protected right to have any opinion depends on your level of knowledge and IQ.Point is IT IS 100% TRUE.Up to you,sleep well.

  6. Let China & Russia build Big bombs, missiles, ships, planes, etc. It wont matter.
    You think ISIS is tough?
    Try rooting out county folk hold up in the smokey mountains or the back woods of Louisiana….
    You will definitely have a holy war on your hands.

  7. The U.S. was at one time the envy of the rest of the world. My family came here from the communist block in 1963 and we saw the working peoples values and work ethics. That was then, this is now.

  8. Maybe. But not in education, not in manufacturing, not in finance. We still have a gigantic military, misuse it and keep losing wars. As far as culture is concerned we were never in the top tier anyway. Worse even, our Democrats are now turning more socialist than the Frenchies. Just watch the next ten years.Too bad. I (gladly) left Europe 28 years ago for the US and I now feel sad to see what is happening to my new country. That being I believe that the monopoly we enjoyed was a bad thing. I hope we’ll react and be great again – with fierce competitors.

  9. I do not recall full scale nuclear detonation being done in the upper atmosphere recently, especially Oct 20th. I’ll bite though maybe I am wrong. Could you point me to your source of full scale nuclear detonation in the upper atmosphere. I’d like to educate myself more.

  10. They can’t build roads or feed their citizens…wasting resources on things like Olympics and useless weapons are all they CAN do.

  11. Agreed. The worst for it is Polin@. She is definitely a Russian propaganda mouthpiece. But if you type the authors names you will be moderated

  12. The U.S. and Russia have some really new and advanced weapon systems at this point. The one thing I do know for a fact and that is if we both only use a fraction of our nukes, mankind as we knew it will basically be destroyed along with just about every other living creature. So when the clock strikes midnight, that midnight will be everyones final one.

  13. For the love of everything holy. Atmospheric nuclear testing has not been properly done at higher elevations and was last known reported testing was done in the 50-60’s. What in the seven fcks are the Russians thinking even developing this. Rhetoric?

  14. The writer of this article and previous articles as well simply uses bait techniques to get you to click on his site and get money for it. Every other day I see crap like, “ten reasons to fear Chinas planes or, ten reasons China fears our F-22. It’s getting beyond pathetic and now trolls are in the scene instigating arguments and everything else.

  15. I RECALL some time back the US and the Russians had there nuclear missiles completely shut down by our big eyed friends as a warning to humanity NO -NO -NO look it up and no jack ass comments about this being BS–do your homework first and then comment,i think you will be shocked!—

  16. You gotta get to space to attack from space,,see what I’m saying.If we thought that they had any serious intent they never would get off the ground.Do you honestly think that any US program has ever been scrapped,including the “star wars:one?.

  17. Its not all Yanks.Most important think that entire US anti-missile system is oriented against attack from north pole.Point is new Russian missile is so long ranged that is able to go from any direction even from south one.

  18. So is this an anti-ballistic missile missile, or just a regular ballistic missile with 10 war heads. If it is ABBM, then how does it track targets if US has destroyed Russian satellites?

  19. The title of this story indicates that the missile can hit flying targets anywhere…….NO it can not! The writer of this article is foolish.

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